1. littlespark

    Standard set up for emergency lighting

    Been a while since I installed emergency lights as new. Bit rusty. Now I’ve got a few rooms to wire in a building that are going to be rented out commercially. I’m upgrading the db, to allow for expansion when other rooms start being worked on. The customer just verbally told me what he...
  2. T

    Fitting SPD as standard

    Evening all Is anyone fitting surge as standard in domestic property’s? We are based down in Dorset which has 3 different flash density’s!! So I always base is on worse case with most of our stuff being in urban areas and always unable to confirm length of supply cable! My calc is usually...
  3. B

    Emergency lights or standard

    emergency lights not coming on when breaker is switched off, are these wired just for use as normal lights rather than emergency??? Sorry not done much emergency lights before
  4. S

    Radial vs Ring in a standard 3 bed

    Afternoon all. I normally cable my first fixes in a standard 3/4 bed as follows: Ring up Ring down Kitchen ring. I was at a trade show the other day and got talking to a few people and they said they only use a ring in the kitchen. Radials up and down. Got me think what’s the standard? I know...
  5. T

    Converting Tube Heater Socket into Mains Socket

    We have a working tube heater in a cupboard which we do not use. We would like to put a tumble dryer in the cupboard but there is no mains socket, as the tube heater is wired directly into mains, and controlled by a fused switch on the wall. Is it okay to simply swap the tube heater...
  6. M

    2 gang Smart switch replacing standard 2 gang

    Ok o noticed a question on here before I'm looking at replacing my porch and in doorway switch with a smart switch so it can be turned on by app when we are away from house and coming home...very dark doorway.. the light switch is wired over the live feeds .. And the switch I have purchased...
  7. K

    Changing an outside PIR light to a standard one

    As the title says changing light because my PIR one stopped working. On my new light I have a terminal for brown a blue an yellow and green. The wires coming out from switch is briwb , black, yellow and green and a gray one. They go to a double switch inside ,one for the light and one for...
  8. J

    Domestic When did neutral at the light switch become standard practice?

    Hello all, I am in the process of buying a house built in 2002 and I am trying to find out when it became standard practice to run neutral to light switches. The reason being I may look at having smart switched installed and having this already in place would make the job so much simpler. Thanks
  9. Electrical2go

    Keep your cool 5% off portable fans. (Plus your standard -5% as a forum member)

    Prices from £9.74 (inc forum discount) Hurry selling fast!
  10. Leesparkykent

    1mm or 1.5mm T&E for standard lighting circuit in your average house.

    Out of interest what's most commonly used?
  11. Alex-SL

    Is the IEC 60909 standard applicable for short circuit current calculations in UK?

    Hi. I would like to get a help from this forum electrical engineers. There is the international standard “IEC 60909” for calculations of symmetrical and asymmetrical short circuit currents. I need to calculate line-to-earth short circuit (circuit 0.4kV) by the software that uses calculation...
  12. einstein

    The difference between a registered scheme & standard bs7671 condition report

    Whats the merit between a niceic/napit/elecsa certificate vs a standard bs7671 certificate (available online) for a condition/periodic report? Why join a scheme when its not statutory?
  13. Sparky_marky2

    Non standard colour of conductors... your thoughts on this?

    My aunt and uncle came over today and we got on to the subject of electrics, he had a guy come over to one of his shops to add four new shop light fittings everything was fine and the certificates were issued, but one things my uncle said thats lingered is that the building being over 30 years...
  14. B

    Modern replacement for a standard tank and immersion heater

    I have a client who is using a hot water tank and standard 14in immersion heater element on a 13A fused spur for their hot water needs. It's running 24/7 relying on the immersion stat. There is no gas to the property (and no potential of getting it). Its a very large 5 bed farmhouse. What's the...
  15. N

    Economy 7 and standard supply in the same board

    Hi guys, I've had a look through the regs but can't see anything regarding this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Would it be ok to replace an old fuse board with a new 17th edition split load board bringing the economy 7 supply and circuits into one side whilst bringing the standard...
  16. D

    Photocell recommendations?

    Hi all, Can any of you recommend a photocell or some type of photocell cover that would prevent LED soffit lights triggering the photocell. The beam angle of the soffit lights is hitting the photocell and triggering it to go on and off when dark. Was going to move the photocell but then...
  17. C

    Using an outdoor light via normal 3 pin plug?

    Hi all, I'm not an electrician, I come here for advice. I wondered if it would be possible and safe to run a long, thick, armoured cable from my outdoor plug on my conservatory underground around 20 metres to power an outdoor light? Or would I need a full new circuit ran from my consumer unit...
  18. T

    Terry 18

    Hi all Not an electrician - I am trying to source a Chilton shaver socket (not the only one by my web search). Wondered if anyone had one to save me having to remove replace back box ? My con tact details are [email protected] Tel 01234 720667
  19. C

    Dali ballast fittings

    Hey , Just aquick enquirey regarding Dali ballast fittings. Can the control wiring be removed ,then this inturn would return the fitting to a standard light fitting controlled via a switch or would the fitting become redundant ????
  20. J

    smoke alarm grades new build.

    Hi, I am pricing for a new build property and the schedule of works shows the system as Provide and install an automatic fire detection and alarm system inaccordance with BS 5839: Part 1 to L3 standard. Electrician to provideon completion a wiring certificate...
  21. sparky1508

    Switching non timer extraction fan

    Hi, Can't seem to find anything in the regs but I have been asked to fit an extractor fan in a small cupboard containing some IT equipment which gets quite warm and it's just to dissipate heat out of the cupboard. My question is, as it's a fan without run on timer I am using T&E to power it...
  22. C

    Industrial Compex Exia and ip washers

    Hi there i am looking for a question answered regarding Ip washers on Exia equipment, the equipment is rated at Exia iic T6 ip rating of Ip68 intrinsically safe in zone 2 with an Exde Hawke cable gland on the cable Ip rated at Ip66/67, does this still require an Ip washer as the minimum Ip...
  23. A

    Multi-Gang Intermediate Switches

    I need to convert a landing light so that it can be switched from four locations (from the current two), so I'll need some intermediate switches. However, the new locations already have switches for other lights so that means that multi-gang switches will ideally be needed. I will definitely...
  24. J

    Impact vs combi drill for drilling holes

    Who uses impacts to drill holes though wood rather than standard drills Ect, I've just started and think there amazing. Anyone see any pros cons from using an impact instead of a standard drill?
  25. S

    Domestic Time delay RCD

    Hi People, Carrying out a EIC on a recent cu replacement on a TT system. 100 amp 100MA time delay RCD used up front but cert is asking for time delay in MS- how do i find this out? Thanks Adam
  26. P

    13 Amp Plugs Without Fuses

    Hi Guys What determines whether a moulded 13 Amp plug requires to be fused? I have in my hand a cable for a 72 watt transformer. one end of the lead has a physically very small moulded unfused 13 plug which is stamped 10A 250VAC. The other end is terminated with a standard moulded female (2.5...
  27. vxwestie

    waterproof switch replacement for standard 2way

    Any one come across a waterproof IP65 or similar replacement for a standard 2way switch in a 35mm recessed back box? Ive been looking around but have come up blank. Its a finished and tiled internal wall, and furniture makes its unacceotable to have the added depth of a surface IP switch.
  28. G

    Data point as phone point

    Can I use a standard data module as a phone point ? Cheers
  29. J

    Please help me how to read schematic of diagram ACB?

    Please help me how to read this schematic diagram of ACB at the attach file below. VA1-TATL-00100-E-M7-DSD-0001
  30. Q

    cat6 to outbuilding

    I'm pricing a job whereby the client wants wired internet to a remote office about 40mtrs from the house. I'll be running external grade cat6 to the office through the garden. Question is do I need to install a joint box at the house and run standard cat6 from there to the router or can I take...
  31. C

    Commercial (RAMS) Risk assessment and method statements, HR

    Hi Does anybody know of any decent risk assessment and method statement software, generic stuff that you can alter for task specific. Also if it incorporates HR stuff even better... :computer: Theres a few ive seen online but expensive and i dont want to buy with out maybe a referral Thanks...
  32. S

    Emergency Test Switches

    Hi, I don't have a load of experience with emergency lighting. Can anyone tell me if in an environment with maintained emergency lights it is normal for the key switch to only cut the permanent live, leaving the switched lives on?? I thought it should cut both, but today was working on an...
  33. DaveyD


    Hi everyone. Im an electrician but I don't install PV I am doing some works and changing a cu. The customer already has pv fitted. There is no room to add a separate board and they have put a 16a mcb on the rcd side if the 16th edition board. TNC-S earthing arrangement. The cable is buried...
  34. P

    regarding supply for a fire panel.

    hi guys, I hope im in the right place to ask these questions. (im a newbie to forums) I have been asked to fit a double pole isolator from a dedicated supply so a fire company can fit a fire alarm system. would this be certified on a regular EIC or would I have to use a some other...
  35. B

    BS EN 61243-3 2010 Voltage Indicators

    Might be panicking a bit here but, have been looking at getting a proving unit and noticed a few Martindale packages come with the voltage indicator and they have this message in the write-up which states ; Martindale VI13800 Voltage Indicator The new VI13800 is identical to the industry...
  36. infinity

    LED Tube light

    Im looking for an LED tube light, complete fitting, 5Ft. Has anyone used any they can recommend? And rough price? I have seen the JCC one, looks quite good at £70 roughly is pricey, i need to change about 50 fittings for these in a storage warehouse.
  37. R

    techincal knowledge needed

    Hi am an electrician with the following dilemma. I've installed 9 dimmable led's on a led dimmer but the minimum load of the dimmer is 60 watts. The lamps are 4.5 watts and only have a total load of 40.5watts When I dim them down they do so far then they begin to flicker. But when i install a...
  38. B

    Any one know how to wire a 2 way key switch?

    Any one know how to wire a 2 way key switch? A diagram would be ideal. Thanks.
  39. H

    Has any one ever seen this before? Unknown Plug and Socket - 500V, 63/75A rated

    Has anyone got any info on this plug/socket make and brand? I;m just curious as i have not seen them before... one give away marking is that M type symbol that is on both plug and socket. Photo Album - Upload the image directly to the thread thanks for any help Charles.
  40. J

    MCS assesment

    I have been asked by niceic assessor how I confirm the materials from my wholesaler are MCS compliant...Any ideas?? It's a simple question but I'm stumped
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