1. A

    What is the panelboard capacity (V & A) for 7-eleven type convenience stores, w and w/o gas station?

    Would like to know typical voltage and amps for the main service of 7-eleven style stores, with and without accompanying gas station?
  2. S

    Mitsubishi colt

    Hi, my daughter has a mitsubishi colt 1.1 litre 56 plate. Her car beeps 3 times and then changes the radio station. This has baffled me. Does anybody have any ideas please. Thank you.
  3. D

    Parts for vintage service station lights..

    I have some vintage service station lights similar to the attached photo. However, they don't have any sockets, nor anyway to connect them to the conduit. I've been unable to locate these parts.
  4. C

    Electrics nearby dog washing station?

    Hi, We are extending our kitchen and putting a "dog washing station" in the corner of the room which is basically a small shower cubical with a bidet hose (hose is going to be plumbed in about 1M above the ground level) Do you know what the legal requirements would be in terms of electrics...
  5. UKMeterman

    Didcot power station 33KV incident 18/08/19

    Didcot power station cooling towers were demolished today, in the process there was damage to a 33KV substation. The strange thing is that there was signifcant flashover on the 33KV network causing alleged damage and injury to the public. Some videos here What do people think was the...
  6. M

    Electrician Electrical Tester wanted for our site near Kings Cross Station

    Morning all, We are currently looking for a 2391 gold card certified electrical tester who is available ASAP for our site near King Cross Station (wc1h) The project is a hotel fit out. Work hours 7.30am - 4.30pm with a 45min break. Around 2 weeks work. Day rate £220. If potentially...
  7. P

    Testing station and making it safer?

    Hi guys, We have a little test station at work for checking the operation of electrical safety brakes, clutches and electromagnetic coils. The 230 AC all feed into different rectifiers... 24vdc...104vdc.. 207vdc... It runs off a plug top, max current is about 6A but I'm wanting to make a bit...
  8. telectrix

    An Organised Computer Station.

    as tiltle
  9. B

    battery opperated soldering irons

    At the moment I use a gas powered iron for the occasional bit of soldering I need to do and an electric one if there is a lot or fine work.(usually means an extension or taking to workshop) Has anyone tried the battery version Toolstation: Cordless Soldering Iron 6W or similar thinking it...
  10. L

    Commercial Labelling

    Hi Regarding labeling of DB's. I have been informed that stickers are not to be used on DB units and that plastic/ traffolyte labels are to be screwed on. Are these regulations or just a preferred method. This was whilst working at a train station. Thanks in advance
  11. i=p/u

    Earthing panel on petrol station or not to earth it

    We installing this panel below on Monday in a petrol station. The swa is coming in the bottom so we need to cut out square and add paxlin plate to gland into as the petrol station is not connected to earth from submain, and on its own TT system..
  12. P

    Solar PV on a petrol station roof?

    Been asked to quote/design a system at a service station. One of our guys is going over for a site visit now and was just wondering if there's any restrictions regarding EX locations? Cheers
  13. D

    Start stop switch

    Hi, I currently have a rotary isolator feeding a start stop switch wich then goes on to feed a motor which drives a conveyor belt. The client has asked for an additional start stop unit unstalled close to the isolator. Is this possible if so how? Many thanks
  14. B

    crazy voltage

    testing sockets in a school classroom (new installation) and had a reading of 196volts. Went back an hour or so later and had 240 volts. Tested another circuit which was on the same phase and had 196 volts again. All phases to earth and neutral read 245v and fuse board. All I can think is a...
  15. M

    Copper Testing.......What is it or has the relevant person got it wrong?

    Been offered a PTS shift this Sunday to do some copper testing at a small train station near where I live. The only thing I can find on copper testing is what the doctor checks Does anyone have any idea or give me a heads up of what to expect? Or has the bloke got it completely...
  16. I

    Work in petrol stations.

    Hi guys I am meeting a client next week about some work in a petrol station and near the forecourt. I was wondering if anyone has a handy link to the appropriate regs. DSEAR, or any other appropriate regs. Thanks. Ian
  17. I

    Micro Pumping Station RCD?

    Hello, I've got to get power to a Flygt Micro 5G pumpng station. (1.1kw) so I'm going to run 1.5mm SWA out to it on a dedicated circuit. Do I need to RCD protect it?
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