1. S

    Bronze screws in stainless steel

    I'm installing stainless steel sockets in my new house and I'm wanting some contrasting bronze screws. I've installed stainless steel screws into bronze fittings before, and I really like the contrast. However, I don't want the screws to be a dirty brass colour, I'm wanting a bright, shiny...
  2. Soulcraft Electric

    BISF (British Iron and Steel Federation) prefab houses and main bonding

    Carried out a couple of EICRs on BISF prefabs and on both there is no main bonding to the steel frame of the building. My scheme technical helpline advised that main bonding was not required. Just wondered what people's thoughts are here? These are NOT pictures of the actual lofts (the roof...
  3. Z

    Steel conduit used as CPC in flat, can’t find bonding, can’t find ring main CPC at C.U

    I’ve been asked to add a couple of extra points to the single ring main in a flat. Building fabric is concrete, all of the electrical installation is steel conduit buried in the concrete. I opened the consumer unit and could only see one CPC for a radial socket, as well as the main Earth. No...
  4. B

    Steel Conduit Bending Writen guide.

    Looking for writen guide to bending Conduit. All conduit bending guidance seems to be done through word of mouth. Looking for a writen guide even if ancient There must be something writen down with guidelines, angles etc. There seem to be US guides but nothing for the UK. Thanks.
  5. H

    How to test a circuits in steel conduit as the cpc

    Good evening I am currently a training to become an electrician. I do hold both initial verification and periodic testing qualifications however this is an issue I have never personally had to deal with and was never mentioned on any of my courses as often seems to be the case. Basically I am...
  6. J

    SWA - earthing the steel wire?

    Hi I’m new to the forum & just a DIY’er! I’m running a 15m length of 2.5mm 3 core (twin & earth) SWA to our decking at the back of the garden for a double socket. Must the steel wire armour be earthed using the banjo or is the CPC core sufficient? Thanks in advance! J
  7. Jay89

    Steel Conduit bender 20/25mm

    After a steel conduit 20/25mm bender with clamp and formers etc. Happy to collect if anyone has one available, just north of London.
  8. H


    Hi I have one of these that was installed years ago to feed a garden pond using pyrex, what function does it perform and should it be replaced?
  9. Deleted member 9648

    copper equivalent of steel

    Does anyone have the copper equivalent of a two core 16mm SWA to hand? Or the minimum SWA 2 core CSA in which the steel would be equivalent to a 10mm copper conductor? Don't have the info to hand. Thanks.....
  10. cprfenom

    extending the earthing arrangement for a steel framed commercial building under 18th edition

    Hi Guys, This is my situation: Existing brick building demolished and replaced with steel frame, steel panel clad warehouse/storage structure. Original building had two electrical supplies: 1 x 63A single phase and neutral via 3 core PVC SWA PVC 1 x 100A TPN via 4 core PVC SWA PVC plus equal...
  11. D

    Should a giant steel framed human aquarium be earth bonded?

    I have a large, portable steel framed tank. approx 6m x 2m x 2m. It is used for actors/models to perform in for a variety of productions. For many years now, I have had conflicting advice about whether or not it should be earth bonded. The initial response is "it's a giant steel structure, bond...
  12. R

    25mm galv conduit deta brand from tlc keeps bending with a flat back and wrinkles ?

    Iv used this bender for allot of 20mm galv jobs and its worked fine. Im currently doing a job that involves 25mm galv conduit so iv changed the former and steppes up the roller and arm into the appropriate holes. Every bend i do the conduit keeps showing small wrinkles at the start of the bend...
  13. N

    Steel Channelling vs PVC Channelling

    Sorry if this has been asked before, can't find it. Which one do you prefer using and why?
  14. DavidSpark

    Steel conduit - tips and tricks?

    Hello! Got a few jobs on the way that involve large amounts of conduit work. All surface mounted and will mostly be mounted externally around the building. I was just wondering if anyone has any good tips, tricks or good points to think about when doing it to be quicker and more efficient...
  15. S

    Induced Voltage LED / Steel Trunking

    Just fitted some 10 Low Bay Led all wired in steel trunking. Have just noticed my volt stick light up on 3 cables that are not even connected to anything. Gets volt meter out and I've got 38v on it. Seems a hell of a lot. Anyone else found this with LED power supplies
  16. D

    Running cable over steel beams below chipboard floor

    My builders have left a 20mm gap above the steel beams supporting the new first floor by setting the timber joists 20mm above them. Is it acceptable to run cables through the gap and over the beams? Cheers Dave
  17. andysparkfree

    95mm 4core SWA, just trying to go definitive on the steel to copper calculation

    good afternoon guys I have a 95mm 4 core swa to this new office build , thats fed via a new exterior mains panel located next to a new sub station. now all feed cables on this project have been designed by an independent company, and i currently have flagged up that i believe that using just...
  18. C

    Cannot Find Brushed Steel 45 Amp Cooker Control Unit - Vertical?

    Hi all, hope everyone is well. I'm looking for a replacement cooker control Unit similar to the one in the picture. I am after a brushed steel or satin one, but I cannot find one anywhere with these vertical dimensions. The tiles behind the socket have already been cut to fit this shape by a...
  19. J

    Conduit die set recommendations

    Hello, Can anyone recommend a good quality 20/25mm conduit die set? After looking online prices seem to vary quite dramatically. I Want something solid that will serve me for many years to come, Thanks Judd
  20. B

    Burying Galvanised Steel Conduit

    I was wondering if any of you have any experience burying galvanised steel conduit? My current plan is to make up the conduit, T-Wash it and give it a couple of coats of primer and hammerite before I sink it in the ground but I'm wondering if it will be enough? My Father has suggested covering...
  21. J

    Brushed Steel Screwless plate - which Brand?

    I have to install roughly 150 points at a large property. The client is style conscious and wants to install Brushed Steel / Chrome / Nickel Flat plate sockets and switches. Is BG Nexus a good and sturdy brand? Not shoddy quality like LAP which keep falling off / failing. Mainly worked with MK...
  22. HumbleWorker 91RT

    Anyone have or regularly use a Mini lathe for steel or wood?

    Yo guys, More than likely some of the older boys (naming no names) may have used a lathe once or twice, for machining little parts and bits and bobs on your home projects? Looking at broadening my horizons and add some feathers to a pretty bald cap. Cheers, HW
  23. Strima

    CSA and resistance of 20 & 25mm Steel Conduit

    Can anyone point me in the right direction to find out the CSA and resistance of 20 & 25mm steel conduit? It's for part of my 2396 project where I'm using the conduit as CPC, I'm happy enough with the calculations I just need some numbers to work with. I've tried various manufacturers websites...
  24. W

    Stainless Steel 20mm Conduit

    Hello, Got some stainless conduit to do in the next few weeks, I was wondering anyone with experience with this... I mean have you used your normal stock and die for threading? Maybe a fresh die if its getting a bit old in the tooth? Plenty of cutting compound of course, was just wondering...
  25. T

    steel tails for new consumer unit

    is acceptable to use the existing steel tails when fitting a new cu? (provided all of the test reults are ok)
  26. SparkyChick

    Domestic remodel - Sanity check on a couple of things

    Hi all, Currently quoting for a fairly extensive remodel of a kitchen diner, and I have a couple of things I'd appreciate a sanity check on. 1. Structural steel bonding - My brain is telling me based on what I've read and understood that I don't need to bond the new structural steels. They...
  27. W

    New to site, looking for advice on supply to steel container .

    Hi, Everyone and thanks for the welcome from Dan. I had originally been asked to install a light in a small steel container, used as a tool store at a commercial premises. The container is situated outside, mounted on wooden sleepers on a concrete base. Its sandwiched between to large wooden...
  28. JohnnyRingmain

    Wiring a container

    I've got 4 containers, each needs a 6ft light and a switch wiring which is no problem. But I'm having trouble working out the best way to gain access to run the cables. These are bare containers used for storage of materials so no wood or anything to actually fix the lights too either. Has...
  29. R

    can steel wool start an electrical fire?

    Hi, I've just mouse-proofed a victorian house internally, using steel wool to seal all possible gaps throughout the house. However I've been advised this can be dangerous as any exposed electrical terminals can ignite steel wool and start it burning. I've tested this myself (9 volt battery and...
  30. T

    Getting up floorboards with no marks?

    As a matter of interest, I was mulling about a tool that could lift floorboards with no marks. I wonder if anyone on here has any method/tool to do so. Having lifted, no doubt, hundreds of floorboards over the years I can certainly get pretty well any board up without breakage. However I cannot...
  31. Rocboni

    Earthing and bonding

    Copied this from trainee section to see if I can get an answer, it is talked about a lot on the forum but reading through the old posts I can't determine whether I'm right or wrong. What I'm looking to understand is sub main earthing conductors. Is what I am saying right? So a sub main to an...
  32. G

    Hardend steel, what cutter?

    HI all, got 15 x downlights to install in a soffet, its got wood under it and also about 3mm steel plate above, my usual ck or starret cutter wont even touch it, ive have drilled one out with a series of holes but it was a nightmare, any hardened cutters out there that might do the job? CHeers...
  33. O

    Flood light - fixing it up a tree!

    Looking for some sensible suggestions for fixing a LED floodlight with PIR up a tree! I'd rather not be using 3" nails in the trunk! Thanks all
  34. sythai

    Where can I get some of these?

    Hi Chaps Been googling away but can't find what I'm looking for :-( I'm hoping someone could advise please, ideally online somewhere? I've eventually run out of my supply of P-clip/ loops 'not too sure of the technical name.' (should be a jpeg attached. hopefully it worked) My local...
  35. C

    Existing Swa

    Relocating workshop to a new position,this requires Swa supply to be jointed to new position. The original swa is a 10mm 4 core,using sheath as cpc,we are extending this. It's also a 3phase /N supply. I'm ok with this,but the problem I see is the main earth bonding requirements,spoken about...
  36. Wes1000

    Home automation system enclosures

    hi guys, I'm looking for someone with some experience with home automation systems to give some advice on the enclosures. I haven't fitted any before and wondered if they, when fitted in to a din rail enclosure/cabinet, would fall under the catch all of 'switch gear' and have to be fitted in a...
  37. J

    concealed cables to D.B.

    Hi All.. Situation: Full rewire of a house, The distribution board is located in the garrage on the adjacent wall back to back with the house.. The roof level of the garage is below the ceiling of the joists so can't break threw at high level It's my intention to run the cables down/up the...
  38. W

    Where can I buy trendy looking 4 gang floor socket box?

    Looking to move our TV and the myriad of accompanying boxes and cables that comes with it from the corner of our lounge, as that's where the sockets are now, into the area around the middle of the our bay window. I'm looking for a, trendy brushed whatever, 4 gang socket box. Any idea as to...
  39. S

    Domestic Suggestions for mounting

    Hi guys, I need some suggestions. I have a job next weekend in which the customer has asked for outdoor sockets to be mounted on a steel fixing coming from the ground and I'm stumped with what to use? Any help?
  40. D

    Flexicon LFHU25B-25M Flexible Conduit - upto 7 drums

    We have for sale 7 drums which were bought for a job but never used due to the client changing their mind on what was needed. We're looking for £60 per drum assuming collection by the buyer from Rugby but we can quote for delivery. Please contact me if of interest. This is what the...
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