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  1. telectrix

    oldies still can do it

    just had to share this. proves that us coffin dodgers won't lie down: 1573339321 and this one has some nice Totty.....
  2. S

    Electric heater disconnected but still makes “click” noise

    I opened the circuit breaker to my 240vac electric heater. It still makes a “click” noise every so often like it’s trying to turn on. No heat come out. There is no thermostat. I’m confused. Help resolving this issue would be greattt.. thanks
  3. happyhippydad

    Would I still need a gland for the tails and earth on this TT system?

    The installation is TT. The meter box has been moved by the DNO. The tails will now be >3m so I will be fitting a switch fuse. I was planning on removing the DP switch in the switch fuse and replacing with a 100mA S type RCD. I would have put one in place of the main switch in the CU so this...
  4. J

    Is a guard dog still tax deductible?

    Any accounting genius tell me if I can offset a guard dog against tax ??
  5. G

    Old git still training

    Hi guys hope everyone is good Wonder if anyone can offer any advice on the 7232 course if use done the course or any advice about it please ? I've got a reasonable amount of experience and can carry out majority of testing and done electrical work for several years of which I normally have...
  6. G

    Electrician The old one still learning

    Hi guys me again still learning at 54. Just doing some testing at home to get my head around things Testing end to end of rfc and getting different readings on end to end of phase and end to end of neutrals. Am I correct to be thinking a bad connection on an outlet somewhere as rfc wired in...
  7. J

    Domestic Changed socket but still no power

    My Fridge Freezer power was lost so I first changed the fuse, then I tried plugging it into another circuit which worked. I bought a new electrical socket, but still no power from that socket? Any ideas? There's been no tripping of RCD or any other electrical issues.
  8. happyhippydad

    testing to see if I can still post threads

    Just installed an ad blocker and tried to post something and I couldn't, so having a practise thread......
  9. M

    Is Megger 1502/2 still actual?

    Hi there everybody. I have a question. I have a Megger 1502/2 . Is it still good for testing electrial installations in Uk or is too old?
  10. J


    Hi guys Had a touch on a recent install wholesalers cocked up and I’m now in possession of a brand new silk boxed SCHENIDER 315a switch fuse and an extension box to suit also shneider free delivery or collection southampton looking for £1300 the trade price is just shy of 2k so a steal
  11. Baddegg

    Probably old hat to you lot but this stuff still fascinates me...

    Went to have a look at changing an mcb to rcbo today for another Bathroom fitter and was presented with this lot,it’s had solar panels (that’s the mcb with the interesting bus bar link) and also a new boiler fitted in the last year, second pic is where the main bond was shortened to provide (I’m...
  12. littlespark

    Old equipment still in service

    I'm sure this subject is on a sticky thread somewhere, so apologies. Got asked to look at a shower that was tripping the MCB as soon as isolator turned on. House is rented, so tenant just wanted advice for a pint. Took me 2 minutes to tell him to get landlord to have it replaced. I took the...
  13. H

    Can I drill anywhere on this wall?

    Hello clever people Hope you can help. We have our consumer box in our downstairs toilet, right in the top corner. I want to put up a small shelf above the sink, a mirror and a toilet roll holder on the same wall, but I'm worried about wires when drilling holes. I do have one of those live wire...
  14. Cupa

    RCD in consumer unit keeps popping, replaced with new one, still same issue

    Morning guys! Over the weekend I noticed that the 80a RCD in my consumer unit kept tripping. The house doesn't have anything particularly power hungry - no air con, no DIY tools. It even trips in the middle of the night sometimes (I know so because the house alarm has a little fit when it...
  15. B

    Isolated Board but still live

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated on this. Visited a job the other day where the light circuit had blown at the board. We Isolated the mains and tested but neutral bar remained live. Found that a rogue twin and earth with its neutral was on the bar and was live however the line conductor...
  16. Bob Geldoff1234

    Would you replace a 25 year old fire alarm panel if still working?

    Have there been any major changes in fire alarm systems in the past 25 years? The reason i ask is i have just had a customer on the phone that is saying that the company who service the fire alarm system for a church hall says that the panel must be replaced as it's 25 years old. Now as far as...
  17. P

    New to forum and still learning

    im new to the forum. Just to say hi. I'm a spark trained late, started college at night for 3 years at 27 and did my nvq 3 at 30. Did few years with a couple firms including Mitie on some big projects to get plenty of experience before going self employed 12 years ago and developing a small...
  18. J

    Dangerous? Plug switched off at wall but still powering things!

    Hi all, I'm new here but wondering if anyone could tell me if I have a dangerous situation or not? I have a double power socket attached to the wall that I've turned off...however it's still powering my phone charger...So whether it's on or off at the wall it makes no difference. Only one side...
  19. Pete999

    Pete's Videos I learnt this trick from a Chippy when Jesus was still an Apprentice

    Electrical Wholesalers Northampton - Midshires Electrical Wholesalers - https://www.midselec.co.uk/
  20. NeilOrme

    Display drops out on SMA 3000TL-US, but inverter still outputs

    My newest inverter has a strange issue - the display quits but the inverter still works. I verified the voltage/amperage when display was out, and it's still working. This doesn't seem to affect production, but the intermittent lack of a display is of concern. Also, the "today's output" is...
  21. G

    What should I do with this wiring? Still live!

    Hi all, We are due to have out stairs and landing plastered and while prepping today (removing handrail, etc) I also removed an old electrical shower switch box. We had our bathroom done last year and they removed the old electric shower and put in a mains shower but the old switch box remained...
  22. P

    Upgrading power to garage

    Hi there please excuse my newbieness. I'd just like a bit of advice with regards to upgrading the power in my garage if possible before I contact a local electrician, or if it is something I'm allowed to still alter myself. I had power installed in my garage a couple of years ago, when to be...
  23. D

    Electrical level 3 courses

    Hello there I'm currently doing my level 2 electrical 2 nights a week at college I was wondering if anyone's ever done the level 3 but with the home schooling. I like the idea of doing it at home because of the flexibility I.e I can work later and I don't have to always rush back to get back...
  24. D

    New member for new career

    Hi guys, my names dean from Southend. I'm looking to build a career as an electrician after being a stay at home dad for a few years. My wife and I are due our second child and wants to spend more time at home with the kids this time round so it gives me a chance to learn a trade and build a...
  25. MerlinGremlin

    2396 course Advice and Pointers

    I've signed myself up for the 2396 course in May and was hoping any of you on here who have done it could offer any advice or pointers and what the project is like and what's the best way to deal with it. Any advice muchly appreciated, thanks.
  26. D

    Removal of panels - Small job, anyone?

    Hi, Is there a Solar electrician/installer available to help out for this small cash job, please? I'm after 2Kw worth (9 from memory) panels and their supporting frames to be uninstalled/removed from a north facing side roof in London E13. Pretty flexible with dates, still nothing planned as...
  27. N

    Completing Zs box on schedule of test results

    When unable to carry out a Zs test on a lighting circuit (large/heavy chandelier type lighting), then the R1+R2 + Ze measurements are instead used and this is noted, but is it the norm to still write this value in the Zs box on the schedule of test results or just in the notes. I ask because...
  28. T

    Spare exam success 2394/5

    Hi I have a spare Exam success Inspection and testing 2394 and 2395 you can have. First to pm an address to send it to gets it. Bear in mind although it may be a good primer I was warned the structure of the questions etc. may not be what you will encounter in the exam!
  29. A

    Max Zs table

    hi folks, does anyone have a copy or link to the most recent maz zs tables? ive only got green book and know they've been updated, was it 10% extra roughly. i used to have a link saved on my phone but i must have deleted it by mistake, thanks.
  30. FatAlan

    British made tools

    Ok folks. Are there any good makes of tools manufactured in the U.K? Would be good to get a feel for what might still be left out there. I suspect that what few companies that are left may be selling in name only with manufacturing being done on the cheap in China. Anyone aware of any small...
  31. M

    Old Sparky introduction.

    Hi, just registered on this forum. I have been in the electrical/security industry since leaving school in 1980. Served my time at a medium sized electrical/security firm in West Yorkshire, then went self employed in 1986 right up to present. I was NICEIC from 1989 - 2002, but had moved most of...
  32. V

    Solar PV Industry??

    Hi Gents, I worked in the Solar industry from 2010-2013 in the UK which had its ups and downs especially after the first tariff change. Since early 2013 I've been working in Australia still doing Solar, which seems to ahead of the UK market. I've had the chance to work on some great projects...
  33. Midwest

    F1 Season 2017

    Much like last years thread, testing still ahead, but I wonder whether this years cars will make things more interesting, all will it still be the procession behind the Mercedes's two cars, with the rest, best of the rest? For some reason, contentiously, I've decided on Sky Q to see F1 in ultra...
  34. D

    Best Screwdrivers available?

    Time to renew some of my Screwdrivers again. The set I'm currently using are Wera which for comfort of use I quite like, problem is 2 of the Pz head drivers have shattered now whilst I've been using them. Looking for recommendations for the best make out there. Begin.:thumbsup:
  35. @

    Only 1 light working upstairs

    Hi please can someone tell me why I only have one light working upstairs. All lights downstairs are working! I have checked if the fuse boarded is tripped but it is not. Please can someone provide some insight. Cheers
  36. S

    Electricians Mate Electrician/electricians mate needed london

    Electrician/ mate needed north London and Watford areas. Immediate start
  37. L

    Electricians Mate Electricians mate required, casual basis, Uckfield area.

    Need someone to help me out on a variety of jobs, mostly commercial and landlord work. Please send me an email with a brief CV. [email protected]
  38. E

    Home Test Rig for Domestic Installer. Apols in advance for the length of this one...

    As I lack practical experience and recently failed to impress NICEIC into Registering me, I thought I could build my own test rig then test the hell out of it and try to develop fault-finding skills before paying for another assessment. My rig is deliberately non-logical - eg I have a switch on...
  39. R

    Wylex fuseboard history....

    Evening all Could anyone tell me a rough timeline on old Wylex fuseboards.... The brown ones, the wooden base ones, the ones with the insulated backs... the cream coloured ones... any info would be appreciated Thanks
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