1. K

    Telephone Preference Service

    Anyone used them? I’m been driven insane with payment protection calls, up to three a day. I’ve registered with TPS in the hope they can get them stopped. They were recommended by Virgin Media.
  2. E

    The Solar PV Feed in Tariff is GENEROUS at 2012 prices!!!!

    There seems to be some misinformation in the mainstream media that the post cut tariff is no more or not worth considering. The truth is that returns are in the 10-12% region in the south of the UK and as good as they were for most of last year: Half price solar provides similar rates of return...
  3. E

    mem memera rcbo

    Need to fit 2 rcbo's in a men memera 2000 cu. Any ideas on a retrofit as apparently they are obsolete
  4. F

    Website update of FIT rates

    Is there any requirement within the code of practice to have the current FIT rates rather than the old 41.3p rate? Seems there are some websites that still list the old rate giving an unrealistic comparison. Now the new rate is "agreed" I would most bona fide companies would expect webpages to...
  5. K

    Domestic Old style porcelian fuses

    Hi all, I recently been to an installation where there was an old style porcelian fuse at the service head/cut out. Unlike ones I am familiair with this one was longer and thinner (visually looks more like a nail brush). Are these still suitable for continued service, or should this be...
  6. S

    Out of date books!!!

    What you guys doing with all your out of date books now?? I have loads like snags books and the yellow inspection books etc?? Really annoying that you buy them then they get updates weeks after!!
  7. lfcsparkycus

    advice on books

    i want to buy the electricians guide to building regs but not sure if it will be updated soon or is good for a while. am not working (still looking for employer so can do nvq, just incase anyone from cornwall is reading!) . dont want to waste the very little money i have, so want to make sure...
  8. SRE

    Delay on MCS Database

    Currently 5hr delay, probably longer as the week goes on. You'd have thought they would have got it sorted this time!
  9. Z


    My dimmer switch servicing six 12volt MR16 went. Pushed it in and nothing happened, no click. Replaced it with new component. Stil did not work. Replaced the two transformers. Still does not work. Any advice/tips before I call in an electrician?
  10. S

    best trade to get in to for the youth of today?

    like to see some honest opinions from sparks on which trade they think is going well at the moment (not many surely), but which they think is the most worth-while trade for youths of today? which trade they think will be going strong in the near future and be lots of demand for? my mind is set...
  11. S

    Dewalt woes

    Hi all I have problems with two of my dwalt tools Jigsaw -dw320k -I insert & secure the blade but every time I try to cut anything the blade flies out. Using Dewalt blades but can't seem to keep them in ? SDS Drill -dw005 -bought off eBay & received today -batteries seem to be holding 24v but...
  12. M

    Model EICR in OSG contains mistake(s)

    Just noticed that the model EICR in the OSG contains at least one mistake ... Nominal Frequency filled in as 150Hz ... I sense an IET corregendum on the way.
  13. R


    Iv just got my part P registration with Stroma. I have to do notifications online, Do i still need to fill out certificates and give to the customer or will stroma do this on my behalf? I was going to get some kewtech certs if i was ment to be issuing the certs? How does this work Im used to...
  14. B


    I know I am involved on other threads regarding this subject, but just wanted everyone to know that I have spoken to NICEIC technical. They have informed me that due to implementation problems regarding the new EICR. A new mandatory date of June 1st 2012 has now been set for the new (EICR)...
  15. G

    Back to work.?

    Hi all and happy new year so are you all back to work as of tomorrow (tues) and if so what rate you giving 43 or 21, or are the government appealing so that needs sorting out first.? thanks Grand
  16. mhar

    Initial assessment

    I am currently at school in year three of the 2330 and have just taken the 302 and 303 (I think) sections which I am confident about. Next steps will be the 17th Edition and the Inspection and Testing exam (obviously whilst still continuing with the 2330). I am intending to register (probably...
  17. J

    Solar suppliers

    Gents I am involved in the electrical wholesale industry, our particular branch got involved with the whole fit deadline rush, supplying our own stocks and also sourcing from other suppliers. Can I ask how you put up with the following issues? 1. Credit limits slashed overnight with no...
  18. S

    And we have the wind to deal with

    What a day. We had three jobs to complete as of this morning, one of them in a very windy Essex. One of the lads rang me mid morning to tell me that an extended roof ladder had blow off the roof and landed on a conservatory some way from where they were working. Two new toughened seal units now...
  19. N


    Had my assesment in early November completed with no n/c,now been 5 weeks and still not on mcs reg.Phoned Napit again(about 4th call) today to get relpy Oh someone filed it it wrong place will do it now and do a internal report into matter......AHHHHHHHHHHHH.....Still wont guarantee be done by...