1. R

    Infra-red heaters or HHR Storage Heaters

    I own a top floor tenement flat that I used to live in and then rented out after I married. It is currently empty whilst some work is being done. When I lived there I quickly ripped out the large brown/beige storage heaters as they were truely awful in terms of running costs, providing heat when...
  2. W

    PV panels and battery storage

    Hi all - just a quick post to say thanks for this excellent resource and to ask a quick question! PV Panels and battery storage - is there any yearly checks that need to be carried out?
  3. S

    Storage combi wiring...

    Good evening Sparks and Sparkles, Has anyone got a wiring diagram for a storage combi boiler using a Hive (plumber says 1 channel...)... The make and model are for some reason a closely guarded secret... Many thanks
  4. Lost Girlfriend

    Storage solutions what works?

    Hi All, this forum was incredibly helpful when I last posted. I'm a girlfriend (hoping to level up soon) to a man who is just starting his electricians training. I posted before about gift ideas for him and you guys pulled it out the bag for me and gave me ideas that covered me for a few things...
  5. P

    Dimplex CXL24N - 3.4kW Storage Heater replacment

    Hi all, I have an Economy 7 storage heater Dimplex CXL24N - 3.4kW Storage Heater + Convector ( there not available anymore) that dos'nt work and needs replacing. What can I replace it with and does it have to be another storage heater or is there other alternatives ? Thanks
  6. J

    Advice needed about installing High Heat Retention storage units

    Firstly, thank you for taking the time to read this. I am not trained in electrics whatsoever, I am a just a home owner looking for advice. I have a flat that I would like to improve the EPC rating on. A QS has advised that I need to install High Heat Retention storage units and a dual...
  7. J

    Storage Heater with one dial

    Hi! A storage heater in my home has two switches on the wall, two on the heater and one dial. How do I operate the storage heater?
  8. M

    Can someone explain how these storage heaters were wired via the contactor?

    Been round to a house to quote to replace some storage heaters for new panel heaters and came across a strange (to me at least) way of wiring the old storage heaters via a contactor in the board, as usually I see their own off peak consumer unit which powers up at night via economy 7. From the...
  9. littlespark

    Storage heater teleswitch

    There was always talk of teleswitch transmitters being switched off. Does anyone know if that is a thing, or whether it’s been done? I was at a local holiday cottage on Monday, owner said 2 out of 3 heaters weren’t working. I found one burnt switch, which I replaced, but nothing wrong with...
  10. W

    UK Storage heater help needed

    Hi all, I'm looking for a bit of assistance please from those that know more about this stuff than I do. Currently in a rented flat and there's an old style Breda (beige /grey) storage heater in the living room with an input and out put dial. When I used the heater in the winter last year I'd...
  11. T

    Dimplex CXL 18 Storage Heater - Resistor Question

    Hi, I'm just a DIY're but I'm OK with basic electrics. Grateful if anyone could help me with the location of where the double resistor is wired to. I had to replace the control panel on the convector side of the heater and decided to also replace the elements as one had stopped working over...
  12. Bob Geldoff1234

    UK Help with replacement storage heaters

    I get asked quite a lot about replacing old storage heaters with something more economical and I don't know what to recommend. Some people ask for the economy 7 tarrif to be changed over to a permanent supply and to fit convector heaters. I cannot see how this can be more economical than the...
  13. O

    UK Storage heater rawl plugs

    Hi all, 37 years ago when I installed storage heaters for Norweb, believe it or not, we used fibre rawl plugs. If you know you know..chewed the end to splay it out...:) Fast forward 37 years and I'm about to replace an old Elnur for a new Creda heater. Does should a product still exist...
  14. Jurassicsparky

    Dimplex Duoheat problems

    Hi all. I have a customer, manager of a retirement home and he's having problems with the original heaters. The existing heating in the multi apartment building consists of Dimplex Duoheat storage heaters. They are starting to fail on a regular basis and the spare parts have been discontinued...
  15. woodster92

    Superdeal Meter: how do they work & best way to connect Solar & Battery storage

    I have a client on a Superdeal tariff from SSE, the Superdeal Meter has 3 sets of tails coming out of it feeding 3 DBs: (i) DB1 - the main board for the house, (ii) DB2 - a small board for all storage heaters and (iii) DB3 - an even smaller board for electric water heating. Very high electricity...
  16. C

    Reconnect old storage heater

    Hi. I'm having an issue with an old style storage heater. A workman disconnected the storage heater to lay new flooring under it . For some reason the installer removed the wiring completely, rather than keep it wired in . He then re wired as originally done. . Since then the heater...
  17. H

    For Sale Pylontech US2000 48V 2.4kWh Lithium Storage Solar Batterys(2)

    Due to an upgrade I need to find a new home, I'm offering for sale these Pylontech US2000 48V 2.4kWh Lithium Storage Solar Batterys(2) in superb condition Current Type: DC System Configuration: Hybrid Voltage: 45.1-50 V Brand: Pylontech Type: Battery Power Source: Solar Application: Back-up...
  18. C

    Dimplex Quantum Storage Heater - School Lock

    Hi all, I have a Dimplex Quantum Storage Heater displaying the message "school lock". None of the buttons are working as a result. Any ideas how to rectify this? Thanks!
  19. P

    Storage heater question.

    Hi. I've been asked to install a Dimplex qm150 storage heater for a customer. There is a suitable existing supply for the off peak element. Someone has installed a switched fused spur to supply the boost functionality. This has been taken from a nearby socket circuit. However the property has...
  20. Roger H

    Vermiculite board in storage heater

    Can I use Vermiculite board in storage heater for a repair for front board broken in move? Does not touch heater elements


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