1. K

    UK Replacing Night Storage heaters - advice please

    I rent out a flat in a small west London block built in 1990s. 2 storage heaters installed around 2005 now have stuck or broken switches so I'm looking for advice about replacement. One has both night and a daytime part, but the other seems to be only wired to the night meter with no other power...
  2. A

    Can anyone identify the make/model of this storage heater please?

    Hi All, after a bit of help and wondered if anyone can tell me if they know the make/model of this storage heater. Recently purchased a property and this storage heater does not work, so looking for parts to fix it or may replace. There is no manufacturers make or serial numbers I can see on the...
  3. J

    UK Do these storage heaters have asbestos in them?

    Morning, I’ve got a cheek making this this my first post but... Can anyone put a rough date these storage heaters? Specifically, do they look post-1974? They’ve been disconnected but I’m worried I’ll get face full of asbestos when I take them off the wall. They’re a Heatovent RAJ30 & a Creda...
  4. Z

    Storage heaters

    Hello all, I have a question regarding storage heaters. The new types that also need an off peak supply as well as a 24 hour supply. My first question is why do they need two supply's, and secondly can the storage heaters run only on a 24 hour supply since there is no off peak supply installed.
  5. happyhippydad

    Night storage heaters or electric heaters?

    I have a customer who wants to change her existing night storage heaters as they are around 20 years old and she fears they are no longer efficient. I'd like to get peoples views on if new electric radiators are likely to be more or less costly to run than night storage heaters? I realise this...
  6. J

    Storage heater local timer

    I have 2 storage heaters in the flat I let out (in London). They are 3.5KW As far as I am aware there has never been a separate off peak supply for these heaters. Around 5 years ago the heaters were replaced and one timer was fitted to each heater in place of the switch - the model was Timeguard...
  7. F

    UK Dimplex storage heater question.

    Can anyone point me in the direction of the reset switch on the Dimplex XL 12N series A? Thanks.
  8. K

    Storage heaters...dual supply and a new way to do it?

    Hello all, I will try and make this a painless as possible but grateful for anyones thoughts. I am currently contracted to install heaters for an eco company. These dimplex units require a permanent 24hr feed to operate the cpu and fan and a 20a dual feed for the heat fed from a second CU and...
  9. R

    Drill Biy Storage Box.

    I’m looking for a box that I could carry inside my Milwaukee Bag. As I have my SDS, Combi and Charger in there. This is the bag:
  10. wsoppitt

    Guys/girls hopefully you can help.i do lots of work for this guy that has just started setting up a group of containers as a self storage business.

    Guys / girls hopefully you can help. A guy I do some work for is in the process of setting up a container self storage business. There is 1 main gate, he wants the entry to be keyless (fob entry) and also wants it to connect to network for remote operation. Any recommendations for a good system...
  11. justcurioustwo

    Could electrolysis be an energy storage medium for our next energy future?

    Could electrolysis be an energy storage medium for our next energy future If we can decipher what causes a water molecule in saltwater to break apart, we can then re-unite the H2 and O releasing the heat in the reaction. How does DC current passing through saltwater cause this molecule to...
  12. D

    Storage heater not charging

    Hi all, hope someone can help or just shed some light. We recently moved into a property that uses storage heaters in the living room. Now it is getting cold we need to use them, however we discovered faults, electrician replaced a part and assured us everything was in order. Have serviced on...
  13. littlespark

    Feasibility of “reverse” storage heater?

    Ok. Just thinking out loud here. I’ve cut through from my house into the attached garage, and have the laundry machines out there and a spare freezer. Combo boiler already there. We are finding it really cold in there just now. Would it be possibly to connect up a storage heater on a timer...
  14. M

    Advice regarding storage heater

    I am refurbishing a modern flat that I have recently bought and it is all electric. All the old heating, which was a mix of convectors and a large storage heater have been scrapped. The storage heater is located in the lounge/dining area and I wish to replace it with a slightly larger unit to...
  15. K

    Storage heater Asbestos?

    Anyone know what model of simplex storage this is. I never got as far as taking the cover off yet to find a number inside. I have a suspicion it may contain asbestos. Hopefully someone on here might recognise it. Was thinking it might be a dsh or dsr model
  16. M

    how to use storage heater without activating the included convector heater?

    Dear all, I have 3 unidare storage heaters that I d like to use minimizing electrical expense and I m struggling to understand how they work. I ve called unidare phone with no success and asked 2 electricians that could not provide help, thus I thought maybe someone from here could help. the...
  17. P

    Storage heater tripping

    I went to a call regarding a dimplex storage heater not coming on during economy 7 hours. I did the basic tests and the storage heater is on an old board with cartridge fuses, and the fuse was fine and the FCU switch was also okay. I connected the heater to a 13 amp plug and every time it was...
  18. Energy Storage Train - A new kind of energy storage

    Energy Storage Train - A new kind of energy storage

    Frank Sesno reports on ARES, a new technology that uses weighted rail cars and gravity to try create an efficient solution to the intermittency of solar and ...
  19. P

    Peak Supply for Storage Heater

    Hello, I am replacing my old storage heaters (single supply). I have two choices either buy replacement ones which require only off-peak or buy the more modern type which require peak and off-peak supplies. I am wondering if an electrician will be able to create the new peak supply by running a...
  20. E

    Storage heaters

    Got a question regarding storage heaters and economy 7. Customer wants 7x storage heaters (Elnur Ecombi High Retention) installed in a HMO. Each room has its own 4 way consumer unit per room (basically small studio flats) the only thing is the storage heaters require a 24hour supply and economy...
  21. bigspark17

    De stratification fans in storage building.

    Any one familiar with these and fitted any recently.? Looking for reputable brands and ideas on there control. Warehouse is used for individual self contained storage units.
  22. haptism

    Are modern storage heaters more efficient than old ones

    Would a brand new storage heater would be any more efficient than an older (circa 1970's) model ? I have not looked at any to compare as yet, but as they both heat up concrete blocks cant really see much difference tbh, anyone know ?
  23. Charlie_

    Storage Heater Recommendations?

    As part of a conversion from a town house to a kind of HMO I have been asked to quote for all electric heating + electric showers (5). Qualifies for ‘comfy heat tariff’. I have put forms in to upgrade from 1 to 3 phase. I’m looking at the Dimplex Quantum range, because it’s a brand with a good...
  24. J

    SSE DNO 4kw Solar Panels with battery storage, zero export

    Hi, I'm looking to expand our current grid-tied solar from 2kw to 4kw, add some battery storage and do zero export. Has anyone done this? Did SSE accept it? Any advice on equipment? Thanks all
  25. rolyberkin

    Replacement for Storage Heaters

    After some recommendations for a replacement for a 2.5kw storage heater, was thinking along the lines of an oil filled rad, any recommendations?
  26. Rupert Young

    DIY van racking using Tamstrut slotted channel

    sick of arriving on site only to realize I hadn't foreseen the need for something I hadn't packed the night before, after looking around at products like Bott Smartvan decided to do my own using unistrut, fatmax pro organisers, vanvault slider, euroboxes and Milwaukee Packout, added some LED...
  27. L

    Storage Heater- ASBESTOS????

    Hi, I’ve been asked to replace some old storage heaters from a flat - they seem very old and I’m a bit worried they contain asbestos. I couldn’t find any make or model numbers on them. I’ve attached photos , it’s a long shot but if any storage rad experts out there and knows please help.
  28. robbacrap

    Advice on mystery old storage heater

    Hi everyone, we have in our rented flat a quite old storage heater. Up to now we only used it when required without using the "storage" feature, as we are unable to understand how the input/output controls work. It does definitely work when we turn the switch on, but it seem we cannot regulate...
  29. Barnaby Stedman

    Tool storage?..............................................

    Hello all I have a very comprehensive kit of electrical tools, including brands such as knipex, wera and wiha, and all different size tools. However, my storage seems very muddled and split up. What do the pros do to store their tools? any suggestions?
  30. James Harrison

    Electrician Unidare Storage Heater with Under floor air flow broken

    Hi, I'm trying to help my elderly dad who has a Unidare Storgae system with underfloor air circulation. The motor appears to have stopped working. Can anyone help. I'm in Winchester, Hampshire. Many thanks in advance.
  31. UKMeterman

    Electrician 2x Storage heaters supply and fit didcot

    Hi, I am looking for either replacement front covers for a dimplex CLX24 C series or supply and fit of a new storage heater and a similar smaller one. 1 st floor flat didcot, also swap over a few socket outlets to look modern. Any interest?
  32. D

    Dimplex Quantum storage heaters

    Hi all, Does anyone have experience with working on this model ? Had a job today to inspect one that wasn’t heating up. Ive worked on hundreds of storage heaters over last few years and never had problem fault finding and repairing, but this one got the better of me today ! Never worked on this...
  33. S

    Storage Heaters input timer

    Hi Any Storage heater experts out there? I have been asked to identify suitable storage heaters for a single metered supply but with night discount. I've identified two possibles; Elnur HHR & Dimplex Quantum. Interested to know your opinions and help me out with a related question; Elnur gives...
  34. happyhippydad

    Night storage heater, how easy to remove bricks?

    I need to get a night storage heater up the stairs. I was planning to get a helper but I just wondered how easy is it to take the bricks out? Is it just a few screws on the front cover or is it more time consuming? Its one of the older types if that's any help at all. I haven't got a picture...
  35. J

    creda storage heater

    have creda bathroom storeage heater last week put in a new thermal fuse it worked for 4 days then stopped checked meter cuboard and nothing tripped please help thanks jim
  36. Michael Russell

    Should I get Electric Storage Heaters?

    I have just bought a 1 bedroom flat in Cambridge. It's all electric, gas is not an option for me - no gas to building at all. The flat comes with an economy 7 meter and old storage heaters that I will need to replace as they smell and look awful. So do I stick and buy modern storage heaters or...
  37. G

    logging the electrical supply to my storage radiators

    I have recently moved into the house with storage radiators, economy 10 and dynamic teleswitching (DTS) My supplier is nPower (!) I am trying to assertain switch on and off times for the heaters, especially for the extra 3hr boost. Apart from staying up and watching the heaters, is there a...
  38. F

    Domestic Advice for outdoor conduit and spare cable storage

    Hi all, I'm looking to install three IP cameras around my house and I already have CAT6 cable run from inside the house to three points on the outside of the house near where I plan to put the cameras. I only need to run the CAT6 cable to the camera locations as it will be used for data and...
  39. M

    Caught out with new storage heaters...

    During a flat renovation i removed and skipped a very old and battered storage heater and ordered one of the new super expensive (customer nearly had a heart attack) storage heaters, assuming it would go right in place. Only discovered earlier they need a dual ----ing feed!! Its not really...
  40. 123

    Power Tool Battery Storage - Stealthmounts

    Has anyone used anything like this? They look quite handy for storing battery's safely in the van.