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  1. A

    Structural steel bonding clamps

    Hello All, I am working on a kitchen extension which has 3 Universal Beams bolted together which sit on block-work. There is no direct connection to earth. However when tested it has a path to MET of 2kOhm. As a result I plan to bond this steelwork. The design of the room means these beams...
  2. gazdkw82

    Any recommendations - structural engineer

    Can anyone reccomend a structural engineer around Leicestershire way? I need someone to do the calcs for RSJ's on a 2 storey and loft extension. I assume it would only need to be Leicestershire if a site visit was needed. Thanks
  3. SparkyChick

    Domestic remodel - Sanity check on a couple of things

    Hi all, Currently quoting for a fairly extensive remodel of a kitchen diner, and I have a couple of things I'd appreciate a sanity check on. 1. Structural steel bonding - My brain is telling me based on what I've read and understood that I don't need to bond the new structural steels. They...
  4. P

    Flush Solar PV on a Zinc Roof.

    I have had an enquiry about fitting Solar PV 'Flush' on a zinc roof. Has anyone had experience of this before. Thanks in advance Regards John Pym Solargold SW Ltd
  5. M

    Structural Engineer Recommendations

    Hi Guys, Can anyone recommend a reliable structural engineer to provide desktop structural reports for domestic solar installations? The engineer we have been using has become so unrelaible it is threatening to affect our customer service. Many thanks, Macca
  6. F

    Commercial roof survey

    Good day, I have been asked to quote for a 12kW system for a factory flat roof, (Concrete cast construction -like a bomb shelter! btw) i have used Brewsters for previous domestic desktop surveys, but they say they no longer accommodate commercial surveys, can anyone recommend firms please, I'm...
  7. S

    Exporting PME to outbuildings

    Hi all, Just wanted to run this past some people, its for a little job im doing (possibly by moonlight). The property has recently (yesterday) been converted to PME when the DNO changed the cut-out. It is a farm and ususally around here they will not give PME to farms. The old service was TNS...
  8. S

    MCS012 Draft

    Have I missed this - has it been finalised???
  9. yellowvanman

    Paying for structural assessments

    There is another thread talking about the need for structural assessments but how do you pay for them? Is the customer's deposit taken and a clause in the contract stipulates that if the structural survey fails (or re-enforcement is required but the customer doesn't want to do it) then the cost...
  10. N

    nic mcs pv installers

    i am a qualified electrician and solar pv installer my governing body is NIC and im mcs after completing a job today in torbay building control informed me that the nic is not part of the cps competent persons scheme alarmed i phoned NIC and after 6 different personnel i was spoken to by a...
  11. S

    Building Control

    That old chestnut again! My customer for the end of the week happens to be a councillor on the Planning Committee for her local authority. When she asked her BC whether she need BC or not they told her she had to pay £86 for it and have a letter from a structural engineer to confirm the...
  12. L

    Wind load calculations

    Hi, Does anyone use any software for wind load calculations. If so how do you use the information to ensure the additional wind load is ok for the structure. I have seen other people use structural engineers but does anyone do it themselves and how. It is ok to say a building (domestic) of...
  13. C

    Industrial Roof Fixing strategy

    We have not had any commercial projects yet but I have been asked by a family member about the fixing strategy to a modern commercial roof because they are considering it. The key thing is it is a big roof and the steels are 6m apart, what is the method for coping with this?
  14. SolarCity

    Informing Building Control

    I'm assuming that everyone does this, right? Well we have just been asked to pay £350 for building control approval while in the past we have never been charged. What are everyone else's experience of this? Like a pratt, I didn't include it on the contract that building control fees would be...
  15. I

    Part P assessment

    Hi Guys, I am just about to go self employed.I have been asked to do a job installing floodlights to illuminate a pub sign in their car park.Could I use this job as part of my assessment as it would probably be classed as commercial work.I am also considering installing an extra socket in my...
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