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  1. C

    Single Phase AC MOTOR stuck

    I am trying to fix a single phase ac motor but need some help. When powered on and put off load, motor humms but doesnt rotate, its sort of magnetically locked because even trying to rotate by hand it very hard to turn (motor was removed from housing and therefore I have stator and rotor...
  2. A

    Cat 6 wire stuck in my wall

    Hi everyone I need some professional advice. I was running cat 6 wire trough my walls when suddenly my fishing wire got disconnected. The wire got disconnected around 10 cm from the outlet it was supposed to come out of. What do I do? I think the wire I at the red line (as seen in the picture...
  3. E

    Easy Question - Stuck for 2 days

    Installed a ceiling fan where no pre existing fixture existing. I got a 14/3 wire and wired it from fan assembly to the light switch through the attic. I want the fan light on a dimmer switch and the fan motor on a separate switch. I worked on this all day and was completely stumped on the...
  4. barninks

    Stuck lift

    Afternoon An old lift has gone down but wont come back up :) Basically there is a lift, made by Evans Lifts Ltd Leicster, probably 1960's era im guessing it is a goods lift and has a sliding lattice door that you have to pull across before it will move from one floor to another. Someone was...
  5. R

    Bayonet bulb base stuck in light fixture

    So I was changing a lightbulb with a wide bayonet base to it. The actual glass bulb itself has come away completely, but the bayonet base and contact wires are still stuck in the light. How do I remove this?
  6. ferg

    Fog light stuck on.

    I managed to damage the socket on my tow bar.. and by damage I mean it fell off. :( Now my fog light is stuck on. Not ideal when I have to drive to and from work in the dark. Toyota Hiace 2011. Any and all suggestions that don't involve me turning back the clock to before I reversed into a...
  7. D

    Set screw for ground wire stuck in breaker box

    I am a DIY'r. The last house I was in I tore down almost the entire house, room by room, to bare studs. Then rewired, reinsulated, drywalled, etc. We had the power lines buried and ran into a different part of the house when we had our basement replaced. I installed the new breaker box and...
  8. C

    Stuck where to go now?!

    I am 18 years old , completed my level 2 & 3 electrical installation city and guilds. I do not know what to do now as I can’t get an apprenticeship because I’ve done all of the theory side but have no experience. So I am just wondering how I can get experience so I can start building my...
  9. pirate

    Stuck in a lift, again...

    I am bored tonight, so i would love to hear from you all. You are stuck in a lift. The engineers are working on it. You will be there for 2 hours. Who would you choose as your companion for that duration? And why? And...there is no CCTV in there! To narrow the field a bit, you cannot choose...
  10. T

    Roller Shutter stuck in the half way position

    Hello All, just posted the same in the introductions forum but thought you more experienced guys may give me some assistance. Appreciating this may not be electrical specific, last evening my roller shutter (patio door type) stuck in the halfway position. The switches are buzzing when operated...
  11. R

    Stuck with this can't find the reg

    Any circuit or equipment vulnerable to a particular test should be identified by A. The Provision of legible diagram or chart B. visual inspectionion C manufacturers warning notice D. The inventory of the building
  12. E

    a summer project to get stuck into

  13. pirate

    Stuck in a lift? Who would be your choice of companion?

    OK, I'm at a bit of a loose end today, and so here is a new thread for you all to chip in with your suggestions... I imagine the lift is stuck between floors, and it will be at least an hour before you are "rescued". You may choose companions for (almost) any reason, but bear in mind the forum...
  14. D

    Newbie: stuck fitting a new ceiling rose

    Hello everyone, Just came across this forum looking online for help with what I thought would be a simple job and has now turned into a nightmare. I'm fitting a new ceiling rose and I'm confused with the wiring - esp. the loop part. In essence how do I get these wires in the right places on this...
  15. C

    Stuck on L3 section of work relating to fault diagnosis and rectification

    Good evening, Got stuck on a section of my written work which we have been instructed to complete but as I haven't experienced these scenarios yet am struggling a little bit and haven't had much luck researching through notes/ handouts and guidance notes. People on here have been very helpful...
  16. LWS_Electrical

    Light switch stuck to wall

    Hi all, What would you code a light switch that has no box whatsoever? it literally is stuck to the surface of the wall. It seems that it was once installed correctly but then the owners insulated the house with celotex and a plaster skim and instead of cutting in a new box they just pulled the...
  17. E

    No reverse on drill, can this cause problems?

    I have been given a brand new Bosch GBH 4 DFE drill and noticed that it doesn't have a reverse gear. Does anyone else use this drill or one similar. A friend of mine was saying it could cause problems as if the bit got stuck in whatever I was drilling (wood, masonary etc) there would be no way...
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