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  1. T

    New Member

    Greetings to all the Brethren from sunny Glasgow
  2. S

    UK Sunny Boy Inverter

    I have "grid failure, check fuse, 801" on my sunny boy inverter. I want to switch it all off and switch it back on again but cannot remember in which order I do this. There is a red knob to the left "solo pv system" and a black knob to the right "pv array". Which knob do I turn off first...
  3. jakobw

    SolarEdge Auto-Transformer W/ Sunny Island 6048

    Hi all, First major post here. Have a question for any of you that have experience with SolarEdge systems and specifically their SEAUTO-TX-5000 Auto-Transformer. I'm needing an Auto-Transformer to go between a single 120V Sunny Island 6048 and a 240V Sunny Boy 6000US. Typically I would look to...
  4. J

    Increase power consumption on sunny days

    Hello- I have a recent solar panel installation at my home in Rio de Janeiro Brazil. Specs: 9.6kWp, 24x 400W panels (Canadian Solar), 8.2kW inverter (Fronius 8.2-1). I have installed a Schneider Electric IEM3255 smart meter which measures power in/out of my house along with the built-in...
  5. S

    Hello from sunny Nottingham, seeking unpaid work experience.

    Yeah right.. it's grey and miserable, as always :sweatsmile: Anyway.. Hello ladies and gents. I'm new to the forum and extremely new to the industry. I'm currently doing the C&G 2365 level 2 and due to start the level 3 next month. I'm wondering if anybody in or around the Nottingham area...
  6. S

    Sma sunny boy 2000hf stopped working

    Hi there, I have noticed that my solar system has not shown any reading since December 18th. I have tried turning the system off and on but still not working. The system is a sma sunny boy 2000hf with 8 x hyundai 250w panels. The sunny boy is about 6 years old and has never given me a problem...
  7. Eco Chap

    Storing Battery Storage Systems safely

    Hi all, apologies if this has been covered before, had a search but didn't come up with anything. Score is were installing a Sunny Island unit next month on a pre existing pv system. I'm happy with the installation as far as the Sunny Island go's and confident SMA service can help out with any...
  8. V

    SMA Sunny Boy Smart Energy Wins Intersolar Award 2013

    Sunny Boy Smart Energy from SMA Distinguished With the Intersolar AWARD 2013 From The Idea To The Implementation: From the Idea to the Implementation: The Sunny Boy Smart Energy | Sunny. The SMA Corporate Blog SMA's New Solar Inverter Incorporates Battery Energy Storage...
  9. R

    Solar Fox Monitoring

    Has anyone had experiance with solar fox monitoring, or any other kind, i am using a sunny webox and a solar fox display, but im struggling to link the webbox to the solar fox, any ideas.
  10. R

    Fuse sizing

  11. E

    Sma sunny boy 4000tl for sale

    I have a new in the box sma sunny boy 4000tl with a sunnybeam. When i do get installs i use solar edge so if your looking for a sma sunny boy 4000tl If your intrested in buying it i want 900 for them both Saves you about £250 - £280 Willing to drop off if your within a hour n half from me
  12. W

    SMA Network Mode

    If you have 2 SMA inverters on netID 2 and they show as Master and Slave and you wanted them set up as Independent Inverters on their own net ID how would you go about doing this. Looking through SMA documents they suggest that if you power up 2 inverters on the same netid they automatically...
  13. O

    Sunny Boy 4000TL Multi Function Relay

    I am about to replace my 3Kw Immersion Heater with a 1.5Kw. Please see the attached PDF I intend to control it with the multi function relay in the Sunny Boy turning on at 1800w. The default setting for self consumption is 1500w The other settings I am considering altering are the default 30mins...
  14. S

    Geo Solar PV

    where can i get one of these monitors guys - I'm not an electrician and don't have access to wholesalers etc - I've spoken to the manufacturers and they don't sell to the general public. so anyone know where i can get one? many thanks
  15. D

    Cheap sunny boy 4000tl-20 on ebay. finishes in 15 mins!

    Sma Sunny Boy Invertor 4000TL-20 | eBay currently £920 nothing to do with me, but if it ends near this price a bargain surely? It ended at £1020. Does this mean the end of the recent price hikes and cashing in??
  16. B

    4kwp system and 3 phase supply??

    How can i fit a 4kw system to a domestic property with a 3 phase supply? All 3 phases are being used.If i install onto 1 phase only ,then potentially the owner will only recieve a third of the electric supplied by the pv.Is it permissable to install onto 1 phase only ? Is there a 3 phase...
  17. B

    Smart Control of appliances with Solar PV & Bluetooth

    :cool4: Does anyone have any experiences (or know of any websites - I've drawn a blank) - about using the bluetooth data available from some inverters (mine is a Sunny Boy 4000TL with a 3.9kw system) to make semi intelligent decisions to control x 10 modules and turn on home appliances, such as...
  18. S

    PV panel choice

    Hi I'd be grateful for any advice on which PV array to go with. I have narrowed down the multitude of choices to two Sanyo HIT and Sunlink PV 1. 16 x Sanyo 250w panels HIT 240N with a SSMA Sunny Boy inverter and Sunny Beam monitor Cost £13500 2. 16 x Sunlink PV 245w panels with a...
  19. SolarCity

    Dual MPP tracker inverter - two different panels?

    My colleague asked me earlier if it was possible to fit different panels to an inverter that had a two MPP trackers - for example a string of 10 Sharp 185s on one MPP tracker and another string of 7 Sharp 245s on another? I didn't know so I thought I'd ask on a forum where someone probably does.
  20. J

    SMA Sunny Beam - System Search Failed

    Hi there, I have just fitted a Sunny Boy 1700 with a Sunny Beam to monitor it however whenever I do a system search it comes up with "The System Search Failed" This seems to be before it has even finished doing a search! Any body else had this problem and if so how did you resolve it? :frown2:
  21. W

    Interlocking pv with onsite generator?

    Hi Has anyone installed a pv system where a back up generator is also onsite? How do you install the pv alongside the generator, does it have to be interlocked so when the gen starts the pv can not operate? Wozzit
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