1. T

    Best online tool supplier

    I have cancelled my Amazon Prime membership and will no longer be using them to buy tools or anything else online. I would like recommendations for a tool supplier, ideally UK based, that has a wide selection of products. Maybe someone with a loyalty scheme to incentivise repeat custom? I'm...
  2. S

    Hello, I need a new cooker, I would like the supplier to fit it as well, but they will only fit if it is safe to do so, is it possible to tell from a

    Hello all, I need a new cooker, the supplier will only fit it if it's safe to do so, is it possible to tell if it's safe to fit from my photo? Many thanks
  3. H

    UK Meter Exchange - What does my supplier want from an electrician?!

    I have been looking at replacing my current legacy meter to a more common Economy 7 one. I currently have a few storage heaters that are on the single CU with all other appliance in the house, and I have a single 5-port meter which controls the on/off for the heating circuit (alongside its duty...
  4. C

    Do you have to have a service supplier?

    As above, This is a vacant premises where the supplier is charging monthly even though no electricity is needed. They are refusing to cancel the supply. Is there a requirement to maintain a supplier on a connection, even if it's not in use? Many Thanks all
  5. M

    Commercial How do you manage your supplier prices and invoices

    Hi, I am curious to know how electrical contractors manage the prices they get from your suppliers. Everyone knows that if you stick with one wholesaler, you are likely to get your pants pulled down by pricing over one thing or another, you need to keep them on their toes, and to do that you...
  6. P

    Supplier for Bell Systems door entry system

    I am trying to find a supplier to supply a slightly customised Bell door entry system i.e. not exactly one of their standard kits. I used to deal directly with Bell whose sales dept is excellent but now they say they won't supply direct. I need a supplier who is at least capable of understanding...
  7. T

    ECIR requested by the supplier.

    I have an EICR to do. The customer has said the electricity supplier were due to replace the meter but have not reconnected the installation until they get a 'certificate to say its safe'. They have said they only require dead tests to be preformed (obviously) and no inspection of accessories is...
  8. Andy C

    Supplier issue? Advice needed please.

    The photo I have taken of a up and coming job shows a wish mash of cables. The old rewardable board is coming out and the client wants an updated dual RCD board replacing the existing one and the old board. I don't have a problem with that and have also advised re mains smoke detectors and...
  9. T

    Storage Yard Lighting - Supplier Reccomendations

    Hi guys, I've been asked to change an existing lighting setup in a large storage yard. Basically at the moment there are a number of lamp posts with a mixture of 250w and 400w metal halide lights (1 or 2 lights per post). I've been told from the main building contractor that the columns aren't...
  10. T

    Energy supplier refusing to connect up new PME supply?

    Afternoon all. Just had a weird one and was wondering if there was some regulation that I'm not aware of or if I've missed something stupid.... The DNO have brought in a new PME supply to a purpose built (permanent) shed in a field where there is going to be a new build domestic property later...
  11. UKMeterman

    Wanted supplier 15:5A wound primary Current Transformer

    Hi, I am looking for a 15:5A CT supplier, Farnell don't do them, any others? Thanks
  12. Dan

    Looking for an Electrical Supplier for a Forum Sponsor - Any contacts or suggestions?

    Hiya lads, hoping somebody can help. CEF appear to have disappeared off the face of the earth. After several attempts to try and get in touch with our contacts there we aren't getting any responses. So it looks like we've lost them as a sponsor for whatever reason. That leaves us with what...
  13. Gavin John Hyde

    Good supplier for testing kit wanted

    Had some testing kit stolen from van several weeks back, B**stards had literally ripped the side door off to get in whilst parked in B&Q car park. insurance has finally paid out. police done absolutely nothing. Since then been using borrowed stuff from mates. Will be spending several hundred...
  14. B

    Smart meter problem - outside UK

    Smart meter installed. The electricity supplier provides an hourly analysis of electricity consumption on their website. The hourly consumption (kwh), except for the odd anomaly, appears to reflect what is used, but the daily total (also kwh), which is used for billing, appears to be an entirely...
  15. rolyberkin

    DNO response to request for isolator

    My customer calls the DNO today to ask for an isolator (he wants want to do things properly and is worried about a fuse pull as he has a smart meter!?) he gets passed from pillar to post, in the end gets through to a department who state that they will not fit an isolator but will come and pull...
  16. H

    Faulty light, do I charge customer to replace

    Hi, I installed a security light 8mths ago, customer has informed me the light is only partially working. Customer wants a replacement or upgrade and he will pay cost of upgraded fitting. Where do I stand with this regards it being a manufactures Defect and not a fault of my installation...
  17. I

    Electric digital radiator doesn't heat up

    Hi, I bought new radiator form Bestelectricradiators - Slimline Digital 1250. I installed it on the wall, plug in the socket, set up the time and date, also I choose the temperature to be 21 degree on the manual mode, but it doesn't heat up. Am I doing something wrong or this radiator is...
  18. L

    Supplier INstalling New Meter

    Hi, I have been asked to test a property as the meter has been ripped out by the previous tenants and the supplier need dead test results before they install a new meter, Has anyone done this for a supplier and do they need a condition report or just a schedule of test results? Ive tried...
  19. H

    Domestic Pulling the Main Fuse (Poll)

    So, anonymous poll - who pulls the main fuse when required (ie CU change) and who get's the DNO/supplier/whoever in to sort it?
  20. S

    Commercial Unbalanced 3 Phase Loads

    Had an enquiry from a customer who recently moved premises to a similar sized building 100 meters from the old one. Their electricity bills trebled immediately. I have data logged 4 DBs for 2 weeks and nothing sticks out other than wildly unbalanced loads on 3 phase DBs i.e. L1=38A L2=18A L3=8A...
  21. sjhall

    All things Renewable

    Ground source heat pumps, solar panels, inverters, LEDs & more. Question for you lads in this part of the industry- do you buy off a wholesaler, or do you go direct to the manufacture. Brief background- I've just finished wiring a large factory and part of the deal was that I got one of the...
  22. S

    Domestic Advice for Moving Fuse Box and new Meter

    I have recently bought a 3 story house with a self-contained basement that I am wishing to rent out. The basement already has it's own gas supply and separate meter. In a wardrobe in the basement is the electricity meter and new separate fuse boxes for the main house and basement. If I rent...
  23. M

    Using a domestic EPC for a PV system connected to a communal supply only.

    Does anyone have any experience of this ever being acceptable? The situation is a PV system is to be installed on a block of flats. My client has been told by an energy supplier, via an installer that a domestic EPC for a flat is acceptable to go with a fit application where the PV is to be...
  24. O

    Customer dispute with supplier

    So, I've got a customer, who according to their supplier, owes them £1700. Given they use about 7-10 units per day this seems more than a little odd, but the supplier doesn't seem to want to know. They hadn't had an "actual" reading for 2 years, nor had the client given one. So what can they...
  25. S

    Macintosh derby main fuses

    Im preparing a house Ive rewired for an niceic assesment. The supply requires upgrading from 60 to 80amp. Ive dpoken to the distributing comany who say it can be done. Should I get my supplier ti do this or can i do it myself. Would thry also reconect the tails for me to the new Cu. Im guessing...
  26. L

    Domestic main cut out fuse

    How do you pull out the fuse your self, I've phoned for permission to cut seal and got refused by dno and then went to the supplier they said I can as long as I test and leave certificate for them I'm really confused about changing a consumer unit and pulling the fuse. Help would be very greatful.
  27. S

    Domestic Cost of 200m Wavcon 95 underground? DNO needed?

    Hi, We are planning to put a small house on our smallholding. We will need a power feed from the transformer/pole on our land next to the road. It has been suggested that 'Wavcon 95' cable might be used ... whatever that is! If we put a distribution box & meters next to the transformer, will...
  28. J

    Can anyone confirm who is responsible for replacing the meter back board?

    Hi, Can anyone confirm who is responsible for replacing the meter back board. Have situation, where BG removed the meter (arrears), from a backboard riddled with woodworm/rot, which then disintegrated, wth the cutout no longer secured to the board. BG attend to replace the meter but cant fit as...
  29. N6rul

    Commercial 3 phase

    Hello guys, please can someone help, I have been asked to install a three phase point in an restaurant for a chip fryer and an oven, they have not yet purchased the equipment. So I cannot calculate the the right breaker for the job, can please someone advise what breaker would be sufficient? Thanks
  30. L

    Domestic Need help with supply fuse

    That's a picture of the supply fuse coming into the house i'm working on, all I need to do is change the Db, easy enough, all happy with that. Only question is how do I isolate the Db and make it safe to work on? the fuse in tagged in so can't be removed without cutting the tags but I'm not sure...
  31. SolarCity

    Black framed 190-195-200w panel

    Can anybody recommend a supplier of a black framed panel - around the 190-200w size? Any help would be appreciated.
  32. D

    Domestic Getting Contractor switches fitted - Northernpowergrid area

    If you ask the DNO (Northern Powergrid) about contractor switches they'll send you to Meterplus (a division of NPower) and Meterplus will want to extract £82 plus VAT from your pocket. However if you find the supplier is NPower or British Gas your in luck. First find the supplier by...
  33. D

    Contractor Switches - Free !

    First find out who the supplier is at Homepage If you then phone Northern Powergrid you'll be pointed from the DNO (monopoly) to Meterplus a division of NPower and told the cost is above £82 +VAT However if the supplier is found to be NPower - all your customer has to do is just phone...
  34. F

    URGENT EON - not long excepting non EON customers FIT

    Cant believe it one of my customers has contacted me in a state of shock after submitting his EON fit on Friday, EON has come back to him to say they are only excepting EON FIT applications from existing EON customers. I guess there is time for my customer to reapply but with the deadline...
  35. S

    DNO or Supplier?

    Hi, Working in West London I'm getting the runaround by London Power Networks (DNO) and Eon (Supplier). I'm working on a house split into two flats. The suppy is a TNS into 2 1361's. The first fuseholder has one live and 2 neutrals one to the downstairs meter and one to a sealed enclosure...
  36. S

    Meter to main fuse

    Hi guys, is there a reg for how close meters have to be to the main fuse (bs1361)? Thanks
  37. T

    SSEG/FIT Form Sent To DNO Or Energy Supplier?

    Just question on whether the customer sends the SSEG/FIT claim form that the DNO use or the one their enegery supplier as so both have application forms or do they send both or not matter? The DNO for my area says they notify the Supplier on their website, hence another reason why asking on...
  38. P

    steca invertor not working

    proud moment of switch on went down like a damp match this pm. Steca invertor should be showing flashing or constant LED neither showing. I am puzzled have changed the polarity of invertor. Supplier says that sometimes the invertor takes time to fire up. It is is very overcast outside so he...
  39. B

    Anyone have Schuco Type 61 clips for Sharp panels in stock

    I need: 30 x SCH-272897 mid clips 12 x SCH-272896 end clip for a job underway using Sharp panels. Anchors and rails already up. My usual supplier has a delivery date for the clips which has been moving to the right daily. Anyone know of a supplier that has them in stock now? Regards Bruce
  40. S

    G9 LED BUlbs

    Can any one recommend me a good led g9 bulb?
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