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  1. S

    Industrial gas supply bonding.

    I've got to earth a new 50mm steel gas pipe. The pipe fitter didn't fit an earth stud to it and now he's gone. Am I just looking at a large earth strap or something else? Any ideas are welcome?
  2. M

    Oven supply question

    When our Victorian semi was tarted-up in the 1980s, the cooker circuit to the kitchen was ripped out but fortunately since we moved in in 2000 the oven we've been using (with the gas hob) has been OK on a 13A plug. That oven is now well past its best before, and the replacement the wife wants...
  3. Charlie_

    Concealed Power Supply

    I need to get a 110v supply from a wall, through a door frame and into the glass rebate of a door.. Has anybody successfully done this? I want it to be concealed so the little boxes with flexible conduit are no good. I’m thinking of using power transfer hinges. It’s to power smart glass in the...
  4. P

    New consumer unit, builder says upgrade supply

    Hi As part of a loft conversion to my 2 (now 3) floor flat in a Victorian Terraced house I have added about a dozen 2-gang sockets, a shaving socket, and about 16 downlights to my new floor, plus swapping four pendant lights for 16 downlights in the floor below. An electrician was installing a...
  5. Marcus Vaughan

    BS951 Bonding Clamp on the Incoming Supply

    Hi all, Just been to look at a job for a consumer unit changeout, checked the supply and, Not sure you can see it too well but TNS system with older earthing conductor in green kind of sweated onto intake (connection does not feel too good), but disconnected at the other end (goes into that...
  6. M

    Using one phase of three phase supply, will rcd work properly?

    I have a property abroad that has just been given a new supply by my local electrician . It has gone from six mm2 single phase supply to 10 mm2 three-phase supply it has a three-phase RCD unit and currently is only using one of three phases The other phases will come into use when the...
  7. C

    PME supply block of flats

    Hello Guys I have a 200a 3-phase supply PME bolted to a large ryefield panel, the ryefiled panel then supplies 14 flats within the same building. Each flat is supplied a 63a from ryefild via meters in the form of a 16mm 3core SWA cable. The furthest away is flat 14 at around 25 meters, seeing...
  8. J

    Which power cable do I use with a 1400w power supply?

    Hi, I bought a Bitmain Z11 ASIC miner and it is not supplied with the power cable and unfortunately I have minimal electrical qaulifications. The power supply for this machine is 1400 watts, has an input voltage of 176-264v 50/60Hz and is rated 15A MAX. Output is 12V - 115A MAX I thought about...
  9. B

    Query about 12 & 24 hour supply

    Hi I'm new here . I have a simple question please. At work we have *12 hour supply* and *24 hour supply* labels on some of the distribution boards. What is meant by this please???
  10. HRM-ELEC

    13amp Hot tub supply

    Hi, I've been asked to install 13amp supply for a hot tub around 30m from the house. Supply to property TN-C-S Plan is to run a 4mm 2 core swa from a 16 amp mcb in the CU to a IP66 RCD switched fused spur (Aprox 25m from house) Use the armour as the earth until it reaches the Rcd spur in...
  11. B

    3 phase of 2 phase supply

    Split phase supply L1+L2 on one phase and L3 on another, EB has 3 phase 4 wire incoming but they’ve been out to check and said it’s split phase, what would you put on certificate? 3 phase 4 wire or 2 phase 3 wire?
  12. L

    Submains in Agricultural Setting (PME Supply)

    So I have been asked to look at a job which includes providing 2 submains (one for a small dwelling, the other for a small workshop/garage). The supply at the farm is PME/TNCS from a pole mounted transformer. The back story; whilst waiting for planning permission for a dwelling the customer...
  13. Michael J

    Dual Tariff Supply where do you take the Ze

    Where do take the Ze on a dual tariff supply? At the 4 pole isolator (or do you change it to a circuit breaker)at the service head or in the consumer unit?If at the consumer unit which supply, the supply from isolator to consumer unit is a 16mm t&e. Your help will be greatly appreciated.
  14. alban moffitt

    options for workshop supply

    just wondering what people would think would be the best way of doing this. i have got to provide a supply up to a workshop in a garden (about 80 mtrs from the house). it will run underground all the way and then in the subfloor of the house that is currently being worked on all the way to the db.
  15. D

    How to prove a supply has been isolated, just throw a crowbar at it.

    Seriously just throw a crowbar at the incomer, what could possibly go wrong?
  16. C

    3 phase supply to single phases only 2 phases used

    I went to some holiday cottages today, the main supply in was 3 phase however only 2 of the phases were used. The L1, L2 and Neutral cables were wired into a three phase meter, then coming out was L1 and Neutral, L2 and Neutral to create two single phase supplies which were divided off using...
  17. L

    Domestic Shed Supply on TNCS/PME

    Hi, I know this is a very commonly debated topic, but I have never found a solution agreed by a majority. I am in the process of building a wooden shed, approximately 20metres from the house (up to 30 metre cable run to the CU and meter cut out). I have a PME/TNCS supply to the property and no...
  18. S

    Supply and final circuits for stables.

    Hi all, just looking for advice prior to a potential upcoming project supply stables for horses. The supply characteristics into the main house is TNCS and the stables are located approx 40m away from the building. I am thinking of putting a 1w non-rcd protected consumer unit at supply end...
  19. A

    distribution power supply advice aprreciated

    I am hoping someone will have the knowledge, I have a pole in my garden to which I would like to take a 60amp supply to a new build plot. The supply is an 11kv supply 0.05 cu cable, over a distance of 120meters and currently supplies 3 properties,does it have the capacity to take a 60amp supply...
  20. littlespark

    Anyone installed a supply for a domestic sauna?

    One of my neighbours asked me to price a supply out to a sauna they are putting in their garden. Wants it done by the 16th when its getting delivered, and im on holiday for a week... So this is my job for the 15th when I come back. Not had time to get BBB out and do the calcs, 4 - 5 Person...
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