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  1. nicnic66

    Hot tub supply design?

    Is a hot tub classed as a 'water heater thermostatically controlled' according to table 3.2?
  2. P

    garage supply

    HI Could anybody please advise me or show me a wiring diagram for a supply into a separate garage. I have a distribution box for garage but it came with no diagram or instructions. Not sure what latest regs are as I retired a few years ago. I attach a picture of unit I have and any help would be...
  3. J

    Splitting aerial cable to supply another room

    Evening all Customer asked me if she can have an additional aerial point for her bedroom. Thing is her property is ground floor of two story house so no real possibility of access to loft to run new cable via amplifier. She currently has tv point in living room have contemplated splitting this...
  4. T

    Need help matching power supply to LED project.

    Hello, I am an artist in Portland Oregon and I need to power an array of 3 watt cob leds (9-12vdc 260-280ma) They need to be strung in strands of 8 (12 total strands) 96 total leds. I would like to run them a little underpowered to reduce the heat and...
  5. A

    Sunbed Supply

    Upright Sunbed. 63A supply in 16mm SWA 63A type C MCB to deal with initial inrush of current. 100mA RCD was recommended by manufacturer As 30mA Would cause nuisance tripping. Maximum earth fault loop impedance value for 63A type C MCB is 0.27. Ze is 0.21 How do I meet this value? Is there...
  6. J

    3Ph supply to sub panel

    Hello all, after some advice please. I have got a small job installing some 16a commando sockets in a farm workshop. The workshop has a 3ph sub DB on the wall which is fed from the main DB on the other side of the wall, about 25m away. The sub DB is supplied from two lots of 6mm2 twin in 25mm...
  7. T

    Portakabin supply

    Morning all, Had a request to install a power supply to a temporary cabin which will have basic utilities like a heater, lighting and a socket. I have no details yet of the actual cabin so will need to get this information, what would you suggest for the circuits at the cabin end, an MCB...
  8. P

    Wiring car stereo to power supply

    Hello all, I hope I've found the right forum to post in... I am trying to put my old stereo in my new van. The one part I am a bit apprehensive about Is powering the thing up. I have two leads that I believe need power, one that says 12v ignition switched and one that says lighting or...
  9. W

    240v light fitting with 24v bulb and supply?

    Hi, If i had a 240v rated garden post light, powered it with 24v and used an e27 24v bulb, would it work? I want 5 garden posts, and there's a nice one for 14 quid but it's 240v. thanks if you can help :)
  10. E

    3 phase supply to garage cable spec

    Hi - first post, so I hope I get the tone right. I do pay professionals to do the work, but have a technical background and like to understand what's being proposed and why. My house has a 3 phase supply. Everything in the house runs off a single phase. We've just had a 7kW car charging point...
  11. L

    UK 3 phase supply earth concern

    Hi all, Background- I rent commercial premises for a small cabinetmaking business. Lots of 3 phase machines and 240v circuits. The site is on a farm where the main supply enters the landlords unit to a distribution board where it is then split to various rented units. That board looks like...
  12. S

    summerhouse/shed supply earthing

    Hi guys, widely covered topic but still a lot a mixed opinions/interpretations. I have scoured the BS7671, on site guide and the internet is search of anything black and white. I'm not looking for somebody to tell me how to do anything, just some experienced opinions on what appears to be a...
  13. M

    6kw sauna sharing cooker supply is it even a possibility??

    Right this maybe a completely stupid idea....but, guy wants a 6kw pre built sauna in back garden. The fuseboard million miles to back of house so wiring new circuit would be a nightmare. But he does have a cooker supply right near back door of garden. I know it's deemed good practice to have...
  14. A

    Domestic Dno supply running through house

    Hi all, have been to a bungalow (well half bungalow half building site at the moment) and the main supply is in the middle of the basement. The dno supply is coming from above so is hidden in a wall and then I can see it going through the loft to outside. It's a good 8 meter run. Has anyone come...
  15. J

    Fitting a new Cooker Hood, moving the supply socket, and chased cables

    We have had a new cooker hood delivered, we needed to unbox it and get it hung to free up space. The new hood is a different design to the old one, and when mounted at the min. height above the hob, it covers the existing supply socket (hidden behind the hood's chimney). So, the supply socket...
  16. D

    UK Terminating parallel supply

    Need to use a pair of 6mm T&E in parallel to run an 10.8kW electric shower. Both same length and same route, will be joined to a single 10mm at the load end, and protected accordingly. Can anyone recommend a terminal box which I can use for this? I don't fancy putting a pair of 6mm into one...
  17. M

    Identifying a neutral supply problem?

    Had a call today. Property has 400v 3 phase used to be old commercial unit but changed to residential. He's been in process of moving in but within day or two appliances starting to burn out. He's father had reported testing some sockets and voltages varied at times when other...
  18. James

    3 phase alternate supply

    I don't normally get involved with domestic work but this job is for a family member so I cant Simpley say no. the house is a large property with a 3 phase 100A supply. I think the earthing is TT but not 100% sure of that yet. customer has bought a 12.5Kva generator to use as a backup supply...
  19. S

    Supply to flats

    So I'm confused... this is a supply cupboard for 6 flats. My understanding is that the red cut outs are supposed to be links.. but some have a "80A FUSE" label on them. Also, if they are links, where is the service fuse? And if I assume they are 80A fuses, the 100A crabtree fuse above looks...
  20. P

    Upgrades to fuse board supply

    Alright folks. Just wantin to run something by you all. Have been in a property to wire a bathroom and do a fuse board upgrade. The existing fuse board is in a cupboard upstairs, connected to the cut out outside by a 16mm twin and earth and seperate 10mm cpc, approximately 12 metres of cable...
  21. D

    3Phase wiring into single phase supply

    I'm looking to install a traditional coffee machine which has total power 3300w and the wiring supplied with it is brown L1, black L2, grey L3 & Neutal with earth. How would this need to wired to operate on a single phase 16Amp supply?
  22. J

    Can you supply a cooker extract hood off a cooker switch?

    Not used to domestic installations so I'm unaware of many of the regs. Can you spur off the cooker switch to feed an oven extract hood? TIA
  23. B

    2 phase supply EICR

    Hi, doing a EICR wanted to know how you guys write up the circuit numbers, say for instance I have a 4 pole RCD and 4 circuits, but I only have 2 phases so the RCD has a neutral L1 and L2 but no L3 Would you write it as L1-2/0 L1/1 L2/1 L1/2 L2/2 Thanks
  24. K

    Storage heaters...dual supply and a new way to do it?

    Hello all, I will try and make this a painless as possible but grateful for anyones thoughts. I am currently contracted to install heaters for an eco company. These dimplex units require a permanent 24hr feed to operate the cpu and fan and a 20a dual feed for the heat fed from a second CU and...
  25. T

    Advice needed please: Upgrade factory supply from 100A/3ph to 400A/3ph

    Have a quote from UKPN - £10K (with us doing the trench and duct work on our property). Actually could be worse I know, but as the substation is literally across the road it is still quite pricey. UKPN refers to ICPs who can also do the work. Is it worth worth trying any of these, in which case...
  26. dlt27

    LED Strip lighting supply cable

    Hi all, probably being really thick so apologies if I am! Just wondered why led strip comes with such a thin supply cable? For eg 10m x 9.6w = 96w \ 12v = 8 A. So ideally not accounting for volt drop etc a minimum of 1.0mm csa needed. Why does most led strip come with a supply cable of maximum...
  27. J

    UK Garage supply

    Hi, I just recently bought a house and the garage has a supply coming from the house CU via a 40amp MCB which runs into a IP66 rated 13 amp double socket in the garage, I'm almost certain the cable size is 4mm (SWA cable). Ive just recently finished an electrical engineering apprentership...
  28. D

    supply to brick lights from mains electric gate?

    Hi all I have only recently qualified and would appreciate some advice re wiring PIR brick lights and surface mounted PIR lights on two electric gate posts on either side of sliding gate. My question is can I break into the incoming 230V supply to the gate controller if I use a fcu for lights...
  29. E

    Supply cable info

    Hi all, Apologies for possibly a basic question. I’ve just gotten a job as a ‘maintenance man’ for a local housing company, my role is pretty basic mostly joinery, decorating works. Don’t worry, the nearest I’ll get to doing anything with electrics is changing lamps. But I’m hoping to start...
  30. B

    LED power supply blowing LED controller

    Hi, I bought an LED bundle online. It comprises of; LED AC to DC psu 12A 15V LED controller wifi 15m LED strip (5m x 3) 3 way splitter When ever I plug the LED controller to the psu it blows, circuit board fried on the controller. The controller input read 5-24V. I have used a multimeter...
  31. M

    Bad/Old Outlet killing my PC Power Supply?

    Hi, my pc started turning off randomly like 1 month ago, Me and a expert in PC's found out that it was the Power Supply, it was a generic one of 500W (it came free with the case we bought for the PC) A day ago, we bought a new Power Supply, a ThermalTake SmartSeries 700W, it worked fine all...
  32. M

    Power supply for doors

    30 magnets (doors NC) is connected to an I/O device in a cabinet. Will a 10A power supply to the cabinet be enough, when each is drawing 95mA. Or should one get a bigger power supply to be safe?
  33. Vortigern

    SWA supply cables between buildings will not disconnect in required time

    Doing calcs on swa supply to building as sub main from main three phase squard D board for single phase supply off of TN-S supply. I used cable mate from jarsoft and looked up various tables for disconnection times. In all case scenarios it tells me it will not disconnect within the required...
  34. littlespark

    Old old old supply fuse

    Another one of those old ex council houses. Customer wants a new CU, old fuseboard with a nasty blown out fuseholder.... I’ve asked her to contact her supplier and have an isolator fitted first. Out of interest, how would one go about pulling the fuse on this? Supply cable comes from...
  35. J

    Shed electrical supply

    I am going to help my father in law with getting power to his shed, but have very rarely done domestic electrical work, mainly industrial. Going the whole SWA straight from the DB to a new DB in the shed route isn’t really feasible due to distant location of DB and pricing of materials etc...
  36. S

    Western Power massive supply fee

    I have applied for a 15kva single phase supply on my site. There is a 11kV 3 phase service in the verge. The soil is light/sandy with crops/grass. Western Power have quoted £27,000 for a pole mounted transformer installation saying that I need to dig 135m for 3x70mm2 earth for the 11kV and 120m...
  37. H

    PME? Questionable incoming supply

    So i went to start a job on saturday and i came across this. It is a single core pyro with an earth tail pot, ignore the henley block in the trunking as that is obviously just to extend the pyro but what they have done is come out of the ryefield into the meter with the phase conductor then with...
  38. S

    Strange N-E fault on armoured cable supply to sub-main

    I've installed a garage consumer unit sub-main to an outbuilding in 16mm 3 core armoured, the insulation tests all come back fine - +800Mohms on a 500 volt test but when I power up the installation I get 90 volts leaking to Earth from Neutral and i'm not sure why. The Garage RCD also doesn't...
  39. I

    Domestic Power Shower Installation

    Hey, What's the standard way a power shower is installed, I've done electric showers but not power shower before. Also is a fan mandatory in a bathroom
  40. S

    UK Does this need replacing

    hi need some advice does this supply head need changed because it looks vintage also are these meters even to be used anymore ?
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