1. P

    Upgraded supply needed?

    Good Afternoon All, I hope I have posted this in the right sub-forum. In short, what would be the best way to work out if we need an upgraded KvA supply if we are creating a 9-bedroom shared home in an existing five-storey residential dwelling? Each bedroom has a small snack station (with a...
  2. D

    UK 3 Phase PME to domestic building?

    Good evening all.. I have recently installed a new 100amp 3 phase supply for a domestic premises with outhouses. The incoming 100 amp supply is PME and approx 30 metres from the main dwelling, a new metering cupboard was built for the new head and meter. I installed a small sub board and two...
  3. C

    Garage Power Supply Problem

    The power to my garage is supplied by a fused spur in the house. When switched on the fuse in the spur blows and the RCD trips! I found that a live wire had loosened and was hanging out of its connection! Could this be the cause of the problem?
  4. Dan Carroll

    Supply to outbuilding

    Hi team. A couple of questions for you. Just to explain as well. I've just completed the level 2 & 3 diploma, and I'm now trying to work out in the big wide world. All of this is in regards to a studio outbuilding. The outbuilding is located about 25 meters away from the house. It is fed...
  5. J

    Supply loft light from unused shower cable

    I was asked a question today if it would be possible to use an existing cable that was previously installed to supply a shower which has been taken out (6mm T+E) to feed a light in the loft. Initially I said no it wasn’t good practice to do this, but now I’m thinking as-long as the MCB is...
  6. J

    Electrical supply cable.

    Hello. Im in the process of making a cupboard for my consumer unit etc, and was wondering what the mains cable was wrapped in, and why. It looks like some sort of fabric. 1568748245
  7. Lucien Nunes

    Please can I have a 30 amp supply?

    As you will see from my avatar flag, I have left the country of happy socket-outlets (Denmark) in favour of the East and I'm now in that last bastion of the good old British 5A plug... India. The widespread use of low-rated S/O's (they are typically rated 10A here) means that many small final...
  8. J

    Relocating cooker supply

    I am currently training a electrician and after some advice. A family member is relocating there kitchen in there house which means they need there cooker supply relocated. What is the best around this...can it be junctioned rather than running a fresh? Thanks in advance ...
  9. P

    Peak Supply for Storage Heater

    Hello, I am replacing my old storage heaters (single supply). I have two choices either buy replacement ones which require only off-peak or buy the more modern type which require peak and off-peak supplies. I am wondering if an electrician will be able to create the new peak supply by running a...
  10. P

    Supply to apartments

    Hi all, Seeking some general advice. I’m planning to split a property in 5 apartments with their own fuseboxes and supply meters. However if i chose to revert the property back to run off one meter what would be the best way of doing this? I was thinking a main distribution box that supplies...
  11. G

    3 phase shared supply

    Hi all, Im looking for advice about a 3 phase supply. I have such a supply on my property but 2 of those phases are used by adjoining properties that are not mine. Firstly is this "normal"? Secondly is it possible for an increased power load supply in this case? I have contacted northern power...
  12. C

    Overhead property supply clearance requirements

    Hi, we have a single phase overhead supply to our property, and are constructing a garage with a corner near the center of the ~15m span. What is the minimum separation to the structure? Is it possible to secure the cable at the midway point on the new structure? Thanks!
  13. J

    3 phase supply

    Next month i will be working on a farm putting a new 3phase board in to supply welders, plasma cutters etc. 3 phase comes into electric shed (Tnc-s) and then supply into barn comes from 80A 3ph MCB with a 300 ma trip upfront. Supply enters barn and goes into an existing board with the earth path...
  14. C

    School block Swa supply

    What code would you give for a Swa supply 3p/N,95mm. Supplies remote school block,2 storey,no main earth conductor,using sheath,the main earth bonding originates from this Swa,for this block,@ Main Panel board,& is 16 mm The main earth @ origin is 120mm,Main bonding 50mm. Cheers
  15. T

    New UK Power Supply - Unbelievable quote

    I've been looking in to upgrading the mains supply to a large house that has since been split into 4 flats and add a new ryefield board etc. UK Power have confirmed we have a cable right outside in the footpath that can be used no problem. UK Power have also confirmed that we will have to dig...
  16. S

    Using a Chinese product on Uk power supply

    Hi, I've just purchased a new projector. It's a Chinese product (Xiaomi MJJGTYDS01FM Mijia Laser Projector TV 4K). It comes with a Chinese plug so I had to buy an adapter, on the adapter packaging it says to ensure the device is duel voltage. I'm not sure that the projector is, all it says on...
  17. P

    Domestic New electric supply - ADMDs in kVA - kVA load required

    Hi I'm applying for a new electric supply. UK Power Networks have requested an accurate breakdown of the "required kVA load". ALL ELECTRIC 2 BED FLAT. I have worked out my requirements as below in watts, but am struggling to convert to the "ADMDs in kVA" they require. Lights: 280w Sockets...
  18. Midwest

    Supply to 3 phase DB tripped

    As above, place I work at as maintenance, had supply tripped off at the weekend. Not some stuff I’m fully conversant with, so just seeking views here. 3 phase DB supplying power and lighting for rooms, using RCBO’s. Panel has this as main switch; The supply panel is this; From what I can...
  19. J

    Commercial TT supply with TNS sub mains

    Would like your opinions on the following setup. 300A 3 phase TT incoming supply feeding 15 units with 50A TNS obviously some link somewhere between Neutral and earth but haven't found it yet. I would think that each unit should be TT not TNS thoughts please
  20. B

    Domestic Fused Spur from supply

    Looking to wire an electrical fire (2Kw convector heater) which is fitted with LEDs (separate supply) can I use a single spur or would I have to have 2 separate spurs? Thanks in advance
  21. J

    Outbuilding or garage supply

    To supply power to new garage 20 meters at bottom of garden from main house. Plan to run a three core 4mm SWA to garage, fit a metal clad two way dB with 30ma RCD in garage. Using one off the three cores together with the armour as cpc. At the house end terminate swa in An adaptable box...
  22. J

    Outside garage supply

    To supply power to new garage 20 meters at bottom of garden from main house. Plan to run a three core 4mm SWA to garage, fit a metal clad two way dB with 30ma RCD in garage. Using one off the three cores together with the armour as cpc. At the house end terminate swa in An adaptable box...
  23. R

    supply cable sizing

    Hi ,I have a wood cabin outside 70mtrs from house incoming supply, I was thinking of using a 35mm 2core pvc/swa, as I think a TT system would be appropriate for the cabin, owing to the distance away from house load would be allowing for diversity would be 51amps, seems a lot but it will be a...
  24. T

    Suggestions for supply to meters.

    Scene; Existing supply
  25. dc-electrix

    New DNO Supply help sizing

    Hi all, I have become involved in getting a new supply laid into a block of flats. It was originally a house and was subdivided into flats >20yrs ago. Whoever did this used the existing 100A incomer and had 6x 80A BS1361 DNO fuses fitted which feed 4mm MICC submains. How the DNO p,ut 80A fuses...
  26. S

    Industrial gas supply bonding.

    I've got to earth a new 50mm steel gas pipe. The pipe fitter didn't fit an earth stud to it and now he's gone. Am I just looking at a large earth strap or something else? Any ideas are welcome?
  27. M

    Oven supply question

    When our Victorian semi was tarted-up in the 1980s, the cooker circuit to the kitchen was ripped out but fortunately since we moved in in 2000 the oven we've been using (with the gas hob) has been OK on a 13A plug. That oven is now well past its best before, and the replacement the wife wants...
  28. Charlie_

    Concealed Power Supply

    I need to get a 110v supply from a wall, through a door frame and into the glass rebate of a door.. Has anybody successfully done this? I want it to be concealed so the little boxes with flexible conduit are no good. I’m thinking of using power transfer hinges. It’s to power smart glass in the...
  29. P

    New consumer unit, builder says upgrade supply

    Hi As part of a loft conversion to my 2 (now 3) floor flat in a Victorian Terraced house I have added about a dozen 2-gang sockets, a shaving socket, and about 16 downlights to my new floor, plus swapping four pendant lights for 16 downlights in the floor below. An electrician was installing a...
  30. Marcus Vaughan

    BS951 Bonding Clamp on the Incoming Supply

    Hi all, Just been to look at a job for a consumer unit changeout, checked the supply and, Not sure you can see it too well but TNS system with older earthing conductor in green kind of sweated onto intake (connection does not feel too good), but disconnected at the other end (goes into that...
  31. M

    Using one phase of three phase supply, will rcd work properly?

    I have a property abroad that has just been given a new supply by my local electrician . It has gone from six mm2 single phase supply to 10 mm2 three-phase supply it has a three-phase RCD unit and currently is only using one of three phases The other phases will come into use when the...
  32. C

    PME supply block of flats

    Hello Guys I have a 200a 3-phase supply PME bolted to a large ryefield panel, the ryefiled panel then supplies 14 flats within the same building. Each flat is supplied a 63a from ryefild via meters in the form of a 16mm 3core SWA cable. The furthest away is flat 14 at around 25 meters, seeing...
  33. J

    Which power cable do I use with a 1400w power supply?

    Hi, I bought a Bitmain Z11 ASIC miner and it is not supplied with the power cable and unfortunately I have minimal electrical qaulifications. The power supply for this machine is 1400 watts, has an input voltage of 176-264v 50/60Hz and is rated 15A MAX. Output is 12V - 115A MAX I thought about...
  34. B

    Query about 12 & 24 hour supply

    Hi I'm new here . I have a simple question please. At work we have *12 hour supply* and *24 hour supply* labels on some of the distribution boards. What is meant by this please???
  35. HRM-ELEC

    13amp Hot tub supply

    Hi, I've been asked to install 13amp supply for a hot tub around 30m from the house. Supply to property TN-C-S Plan is to run a 4mm 2 core swa from a 16 amp mcb in the CU to a IP66 RCD switched fused spur (Aprox 25m from house) Use the armour as the earth until it reaches the Rcd spur in...
  36. B

    3 phase of 2 phase supply

    Split phase supply L1+L2 on one phase and L3 on another, EB has 3 phase 4 wire incoming but they’ve been out to check and said it’s split phase, what would you put on certificate? 3 phase 4 wire or 2 phase 3 wire?
  37. L

    Submains in Agricultural Setting (PME Supply)

    So I have been asked to look at a job which includes providing 2 submains (one for a small dwelling, the other for a small workshop/garage). The supply at the farm is PME/TNCS from a pole mounted transformer. The back story; whilst waiting for planning permission for a dwelling the customer...
  38. Michael J

    Dual Tariff Supply where do you take the Ze

    Where do take the Ze on a dual tariff supply? At the 4 pole isolator (or do you change it to a circuit breaker)at the service head or in the consumer unit?If at the consumer unit which supply, the supply from isolator to consumer unit is a 16mm t&e. Your help will be greatly appreciated.
  39. alban moffitt

    options for workshop supply

    just wondering what people would think would be the best way of doing this. i have got to provide a supply up to a workshop in a garden (about 80 mtrs from the house). it will run underground all the way and then in the subfloor of the house that is currently being worked on all the way to the db.
  40. D

    How to prove a supply has been isolated, just throw a crowbar at it.

    Seriously just throw a crowbar at the incomer, what could possibly go wrong?
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