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  1. D

    Surge protection Requirements

    Excuse the probably stupid question! I'm a bit out of date, so not yet up to speed on 18th edition. Been prepping for a domestic board change, but am confused about whether I need an SPD or not. Seeing as the majority of suppliers are selling their boards without the SPD, I'm assuming they're...
  2. S

    Can I omit the SPD on this rewire? + Rant

    I'm about to rewire an empty house, with no electronic equipment or anything else plugged in or installed. Does this mean I can omit installing an SPD because the value of the equipment that could be damaged is less than the price of installing the device? "For all other cases, a risk...
  3. L

    UK Are surge protection devices fitted before or after the main switch

    Are surge protection devices fitted before or after the main switch
  4. A

    Which surge protector.

    I know about type 1 and type 2 surge protectors,and which one to use. But what criteria dictates the rated amperage of the device. Are there any parameters to consider, other than the load I am trying to protect. Information on these devices is hard to come by. Any help appreciated. Thanks
  5. T

    18th edition surge protection

    Hi, School premisses officer here, wanting some advice. Each year we have to have a fixed wiring test on the 6 circuits 3 lighting, 3 power on our swimming pool area. Fed from a 3 phase board. I follow the regs a bit and have a keen interest Due to budgeting I wanted to know if when we get...
  6. N

    Surge protection

    Morning all, Quoting for a garage supply and I’m needing too add an additional 1 way board too supply it. Due to space in existing board. Is surge protection required for such a job if I don’t undertake the risk assessment? Or only required for board change and rewires? Thanks in advance
  7. FatAlan

    Anyone aware of any surge protection earring it’s keep last night?

    As title, bearing in mind the thunder and lightening last night. :)
  8. E

    Introduction to Surge Protection Devices

    Hi Guys just reading this link & thought someone might be interested Practical tips for installing surge protection devices in low voltage panel | EEP -...
  9. T

    Nearby motors damaging LED floodlights

    I do some electrical maintenance for a local church, the main hall is lit by around 12 LED floodlights, (they do look cheap) they seem to be constantly dying, they have asked if a wood work shop across the road could be causing this, with saws and other machinery constantly starting up, I’ve...
  10. spud1

    Surge Protection for off peak DB too?

    Hi guys, So I have a domestic scenario where off peak E7 storage heating is installed. Client has asked for a DB upgrade and has opted for surge protection. Currently they have separate ON and OFF peak Wylex fuse boards tailed individually from the origin, the meter is 2 metres away. If I...
  11. a-z electrics

    Surge Protection Devices for domestic - what do you think?

    Evening all, Just attended elex exeter and see there's a big push on these SPDs coming as standard now in domestic consumer units. Hager, Lewden and Contactum to name just 3. I have had at least 2 clients in the last few months whose appliances have been damaged by apparently surges on the...
  12. kingeri

    Domestic Surge protected FCU ...

    So I have been asked to provide surge protection to a group of sockets in a PC area within a house. The sockets (7 doubles) are presently supplied from an FCU off the ring final. An easy solution would be to replace the FCU with one with surge protection built in. Problem is, they don't seem...
  13. spud1

    To Surge protect or not Surge protect that is the Question!

    Hi, A wholesaler tried to tell me that Surge protection is now a requirement in DBs under 18th Regs today. Im pretty sure thats rubbish but just wanted to put it out there. I know alots been added on SP in the new Regs but Im pretty sure its still only risk assessment driven and not a...
  14. J

    Advice on surge protection

    I've got a fair bit of computer equipment at home which I need to protect as best I can. I use surge-protected extensions and these have been needed a couple of times. At least I think they have, the warning lights have come on, presumably because they've diverted a surge once too often. Is it...
  15. multimick

    extension leads with surge adaptors

    don't do much pa testing but noticed a couple of times these show reverse polarity on my megger pat 120 ,but test the pins for continuity and its ok on neutral and earth but no continuity on line,they all work ok ,is the electronics causing problems ?
  16. W

    Surge in houses ? Protection what

    hello I’ve been to a house where the lady is complaining her lamps keep blowing (yes they are cheap filament and halogen lamps that I’d normally say is the cause but I’ve also been a few doors down for the same problem from that family. The circuit tests fine and voltages and connections are...
  17. mattg4321

    Surge protection devices (SPD)

    Hi guys, hopefully someones going to be able to point me in the right direction here. We do a lot of work for a small retirement home locally that has recently decided to fit lightning protection. We've pretty much been strong armed into fitting SPD's on behalf of the lightning firm (LF). Being...
  18. Pete999

    Surge Protection Devices (SPDs)

    I used to fit these as a matter of course on my of the installations I did overseas, and understand that you can now get them to fit into a C/U if I'm not mistaken. Mrs Pete999 has been whinging about getting one fitted, now I want to fit one for whole house protection, not sure of what to get...
  19. J

    Need help regarding surge protection

    Hi there, I have recently had an issue where there was a power cut in the village we found out that a pylon had blown. When the power came back on it caused a surge around two properties that we own in the village causing the circuit boards on our boiler to blow and the till and boiler in our...
  20. L

    2013 Grenfell Power Surge

    Just been doing a bit of reading about the Grenfell tragedy. There are a few articles that mention an series of "Power Surges" in 2013 and briefly put it down to "Faulty Electrics in the building". What type of fault would cause this type of thing to happen? I always thought surges were very...
  21. TopDMC

    4 blown LED GU10s

    My daughter switched her bathroom lights on yesterday and the bathroom remained in darkness. I went over to have a look just now, assuming a fuse; but not the case. All four had blown together! Fittings are 4 x Aurora GU10 IP65 Fire Rated Bathroom LED Downlights Bulbs are FEIT...
  22. GMES

    Furse Surge Protection

    GMES submitted a new resource: Furse surge protection - Installation diagrams for various earthing systems Read more about this resource...
  23. yellowvanman

    PA Testing surge protection extension lead

    Try not to do PA Testing but had to do it today! Was doing the above today after a cottage got flooded. Lead didn't appear to be wet, but failed the insulation test @ 0.7Mohms, this was at a test voltage of 250V. Re-tried it with my installation tester at 100V and 50V and got the same...
  24. V

    Domestic Callout Today on a TT Install tripping RCD

    I got called out this evening to a tripping RCD on a TT install after a lightening strike in the area. Its quite an old CU with mcb's and a standalone 100ma RCD on the tails between the supply and the 100A DP main switch on the board. The RCD would switch on but as soon as the CU main switch is...
  25. P

    How surge protectors work

    I'm moving to France and I've been reading up on putting French plugs on UK appliances and I noted that it is not uncommon for the live and neutrals to be switched on sockets. I also read that power surges are more frequent here and surge protectors are a good idea for sensitive equipment...
  26. M

    Automatic transfer switch surge protector blown!

    Hi all I installed an 80kVa diesel generator set with automatic transfer switch awhile ago. All supplied by customer. Generator is second hand at 50 hours work and it turns out the ATS is too. All has been working fine for the last 6 months or so but recently the generator has been struggling...
  27. G

    3 phase surge protection

    I have a job coming up regarding the title, installing a surge protection unit to a main mccb panel, as far as I'm aware currently is that I will be using a spare way on the mccb panel to supply the surge unit, but that is as much information that I currently have, Anyone have similar...
  28. P

    impulse withstand voltage

    Can anyone tell me what the minimum impulse withstand voltage is for a 500AMP BS88 fuse. I can only find up to 400A. Please only reply with the answer and not any rhetorical questions please. This is concerning surge protection devices. Thanks.
  29. B

    Domestic surge protection

    Hi all what is the requirement for surge protection in a dwelling if rewiring or upgrading nowadays have not touched domestic for a long time and wondered what is required to comply with bs 7671 on his now?
  30. C

    Phone line hit by lightning

    Customer phoned on Friday looking for a few jobs done, he says his BT line has been struck by lightning twice this year wiping out phones and routers etc. Is there anything can be done to protect his gear other than maybe one of those surge protection extension thingys??
  31. A


    Hi there, looking to get back on the tools after a spell out of the industry due to looking after a family member. Just recieved the new regs book and just wondering if domestic installations apply to Surge protective devices or not? it seems to me that it does not in most cases, but just wanted...
  32. La Poste

    What do you think caused this fault?

    An electricity firm should "accept liability" for damage caused to 400 houses by a power surge in Blackburn, the town's MP has said. ENW said the power surge was caused by a cable fault on the electricity network in the area at 10:00 GMT on Tuesday. BBC News - Shear Brow power surge: Straw...
  33. G

    Is there such thing as a double socket with built in surge protector

    After a double socket with surge protection to be used to supply a pc. Can you get such a thing.
  34. 4

    domestic surge protection

    done a job lately for nedl, 200 houses in gateshead had a 500v power surge cos some thieving scrote robbed some copper from a sub that feeds the houses. people lost tv, computers, phone chargers, boilers etc anything with a circuit board. As we were testing the houses prior to the power going...
  35. L

    testing an extension lead with surge protection

    Just been doing some testing today including 6 brand new extension leads, first two tested ok 3rd one failed with low insulation resistance of around 0.250m ohms. It was then i noticed that this one had surge protection. Can anyone please explain why this would cause these results and how to get...
  36. L

    Domestic Updating my 1985 Fusebox

    Hi all,;) I have included a photo of my fuse box, as Im unsure of the type (name), Question is: Im aware there is no protection, with as it stands now, I understand I can just break away the front of the fuse casing to house larger fuses but with switches (if this right) and what are these...
  37. F

    Overvoltage detector and protection 220v

    Hi, I am looking for a device or way of protection single phase 220v equipment from overvoltage. There is a device AVS30 from www.sollatek.com that does this, however if the voltage is above 320v then the AVS30 is itself damaged. Is there something that would protect up to 400v. thanks John
  38. B

    Earthing network surge protector

    I have some apc network surge protectors which require connecting to earth. Is there any reason why I shouldn't wire a UK 3 pin plug with an earth wire only to connect to the surge protector?
  39. M

    Baffled and need help/advice

    Hi I know very little about electronics, it's never been my vocation. I know basics and that's it but I'm a bit baffled by something that happened the other day. If I sound like I'm waffling at any point then I apoligize in advance. I went to boot up my PC. Nothing happened, which I found...
  40. G

    Sensor, Relay and back EMF - 24VDC??

    Hi, I am using an ifm sensor to detect a product coming down the line in our factory. I have connected this sensor in such a way as to energise a 24VDC Relay. No PLC involved here. It does the job perfectly and I am happy with it. Anyhow, I was just wondering if I should be using a surge...
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