1. V

    surge protection for heating system

    last week, houses in the road had a power cut one evening, although we hadn't at that stage...then, in bed near midnight, we were dozing, then heard a loud pop in the up and smelt a very strong electrical burning smell (we were also then without power), it was coming from the...
  2. Subpra

    Need help about Surge Protective Device

    Recently I have installed Type 2 Surge Protective Device SPD 20 to 40kA, Type1+2, Phase + Neutral + Earth (2 Pole 275 Volt AC) (Uc-275VAC, In-20KA, Imax-40KA, Up ≤ 1.5 KV) after 64A DP MCB at home MDB. The home lode is around 1.75KW. We have 220 VAC main line here. At the evening of 3rd day...
  3. U

    PAT FAIL HELP - 19" Rack Mounted Surge Protected Power Strip

    Hi All, My colleague and I are currently doing PAT/ISITEE Testing, and we've hit a snag with a bit of equipment - we've got 19" Racks for our equipment that each have a Surge Protected Extension Lead mounted into them, they're Class I, and we test them on 250V. Earth Cont. and IEC Cont. are...
  4. saucyjack

    Surge Protective Devices

    Hi guys, could someone help with the following please? The scenario is: Domestic property supplied via three phase (with a 3P main DB, NO SPD). Tails split via henley blocks, and a second single phase DB installed; this DB has an SPD for it and it's circuits. Now, normally with a single phase...
  5. K

    Surge Protection Solar

    Ok, installing a new CU with type 2 SP. The installation has an existing PV 6 panels protected by a 16a MCB at the fuse board. TBH I don't really get too involved with PV systems. But is there anything I am required to to, with regards of further upstream SPs AC and DC side. It doesn't look like...
  6. bigspark17

    3 phase surge on reenergising panel board

    Hi all.. Bit of a nightmare afternoon,, testing a caravan park TP&N panel board IR testing while board isolated before returning power (merlin gerin panel board) over the next 30 mins customers on park are reporting loud bangs inside some of there vans, boilers and electric fireplaces (with...
  7. lbohen

    Does My Tenant's Sub-panel Need a Surge Protector?

    Our farm has a main 200 amp panel in the barn which services the barn, an addition to the barn with an apartment, an herb-gardening facility, and our house. The 200 amp panel has a whole house surge protector on it. My herb-gardening tenant installed a sub-panel from the 200 amp panel, so she...
  8. Shafiq Azmi

    Why MCB and Fuse cant protect Voltage Surge?

    Hi Everyone, I got some Power Module damaged cause by Voltage Surge. My device protected by 25A MCB and Fuse. Why my device still damage although its already have the protection? Any other way to prevent this from happening again?
  9. G

    Surge on community center with flat

    Hi all, got a community center job and the want surge protection, 3ohase in phase for community center and phase for the flat upstairs, question is, do fit surge at the incomming covering both installs or fotfor community center and inenfornflne for the flat ?
  10. The apprentice

    Surge protection/ark fault detection

    Hi there just a few questions I have to do an install of a small ware house that was built in 2021 January (finished) client that is going into the warehouse specialises in laboratory. Now he has a lot of 3 phase machinery like mixers and small hoists which are all 3 phase the building adjacent...
  11. M

    Electrical surge on caravan site

    Hello, not sure if this is allowed but here goes, I was recently staying on a caravan park along with many others, (touring caravan not static) on the morning of June 8 The shower block and laundrette on site adjacent to our caravans lost its electrics, when the site fixed it 7 caravans...
  12. timhoward

    Can a surge physically damage an LCD screen telly

    I got called to a site this morning. It has an overhead supply with a substation on the site. Last night there was a power outage for about 2 seconds. I could find no real evidence of anything beyond this, nothing tripped or blew anywhere, and the only evidence was the usual aftermaths of losing...
  13. R

    Surge protection devices

    Hi Guys Hoping for a straight forward answer. Please can someone tell me if SPD's are mandatory in domestic dwellings at the moment (Amd1) and are they going to be mandatory with AMD2. Thanks
  14. D

    BG Surge Protective Device

    Is there a reason why these surge protective devices come with 2 neutral links?
  15. I

    Surge - Commercial - When is an SPD required?

    Can anyone advise when SPDs are required to be installed on commercial properties? I'll always install them on a full rewire of a commercial property or if I need to install a new DB, I'll make sure to fit one with an SPD installed. What about if its a large store, 36 to 72 way existing board...
  16. Daniel DD

    Surge Arrester Installation and External Short Circuit Protection Device

    BACKGROUND I live in a small town where it is difficult to find ceritified electricians. In fact, electrician certification is not common for residential installations. I did find some experienced electricians but I don't think they are certified and know best practices in the installation. I...
  17. Pretty Mouth

    RCD tripping, could a surge protected extension lead be responsible?

    I had a fault finding job on Thursday, intermittent RCD tripping. 2 actually, there was a 30mA RCD upstream, and a 30mA RCBO protecting the problem socket circuit, and either one could trip. I had limited time to work on it, but had eliminated everything obvious through testing, and was...
  18. P

    Mains cable surge impedance

    A short while back @marconi asked for the surge impedance of some 25mm SWA, so here are some related measurement results. For those who don't recognise the term, "surge impedance" is the same as "characteristic impedance" as in the 50 ohm cox cable you see advertised. It can best be explained...
  19. A

    Deep power surge last night I noticed, could this be the cause?

    Last night while laying down, I heard my air purifier and a little fan that was going almost cut off from a power surge but then it went back to functioning normal. It did it once more about 1 minute later and then I never heard it again the reset of the night. Also yesterday when I got home...
  20. S

    3phase surge suppressor connected to a single phase utility supply.

    I am using a 3 phase 4 wire surge suppressor on a single phase 240V mains. Is it still okay or will it have some back feed impact on the mains system?


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