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  1. M

    Would any one be willing to fill out a simple survey

    hi all I was wondering if members would be willing to help a piece of research on the subject of the state of electrical systems . Training, and inspection and testing I would be great full if you would send me an email address I can send the link to , it is on the survey site SurveyMonkey ...
  2. C

    How to: Accurately quantity survey commercial/industrial works?

    Hello everyone, I've been an electrician for some time now & have worked in B.M.S, commercial, industrial & domestic environments at some level or another over the years. I am once again self employed (which I do prefer due to the earning potential) & expect to bag a significant job late next...
  3. PE Magazine

    PE Magazine - 2018/19 Reader Survey - Win a PS4!

    Good afternoon EF members, Professional Electrician & Installer is committed to providing you with the very best monthly magazine in the electrical industry. We want to ensure that our content continues to meet the needs and expectations of UK electricians. In order to keep furnishing you with...
  4. PJElectricalSW

    Electric Under Floor Heating Survey

    Hello everyone I wondered if you would be able to help me with a project at the moment, I am looking for information about your experience with electric UFH. I am not going to lie to you, I do work for a UFH company so you will you will be helping me massively with my current project. I would...
  5. J

    electricians required for dissertation survey

    Mornin all, i don't know if this is the correct place to be asking but here goes, As apart of my uni project i am sending out a survey. If you work in the construction industry and have a few spare minutes could you complete it please. I have contacted all the lads i used to work with but i've...
  6. J

    Pre work/site survey sheet template

    Hi all Can anyone point me in the direction of some site survey/pre-work survey sheet templates (Excel format?) for gathering info at quote stage? Thanks J
  7. Dan

    Building services sector backs new health survey

    Industry bodies give support to new BESA, ECA, and CBH survey Read the full news article
  8. Dan

    ECA launches updated building services survey

    Leading trade association partners with Scolmore on new sector business survey Read the full news article
  9. Dan

    Last chance to complete building services BIM survey

    Survey backed by the building services engineering sector set to close shortly Read the full news article
  10. Dan

    Building services sector backs new BIM survey

    Array of industry bodies lend support to ECA survey Read the full news article
  11. Dan

    Major new survey on building services 'BIM readiness'

    ECA and partners launch industry-wide survey Read the full news article
  12. O

    So who filled thisin?

    I did and thought "what a daft survey" Take our short survey...
  13. D

    Out side light Circuit

    I have a potential job coming up which is it put in a number of LED lights in a garden. The supply I think could be coming from the distribution board to feed the lights in the garden. Is there another way The supply to lighting circuit can be done or taken from. not compromising on safety
  14. F

    Commercial roof survey

    Good day, I have been asked to quote for a 12kW system for a factory flat roof, (Concrete cast construction -like a bomb shelter! btw) i have used Brewsters for previous domestic desktop surveys, but they say they no longer accommodate commercial surveys, can anyone recommend firms please, I'm...
  15. M

    Softboard ceilings

    I've just had a look at pricing a rewire, house is probably over 100 years old and has rubber coated wiring in use from whenever it was modernised. The ceilings are boarded with a soft, cardboardy board that has a bumpy surface and the joins are taped (none of it skimmed) full room lengths in a...
  16. A

    PV design training

    Can anyone recommend any good training providers and courses that teach how to survey potential sites and design PV installations?
  17. R

    Emergency light testing

    Hi guys, hoping for a bit on clarification and advice. Been asked to carry out eml testing over various office sites including plant rooms etc. age of installations varying from 5 - 20 year checking the info available on BS5266 2011 am I right in thinking that as a part of our test we now need...
  18. H

    Solar plant

    Hi everyone, I need a solar plant project on-grid with autocad thanks.
  19. W

    Survey of Solar Energy for dissertation student! PLEASE HELP!

    Hi, My name is Will Sargeant and I am a 3rd year geography student at the University of Birmingham. I am completing a dissertation on Solar Energy, and am looking to post a survey on the subject, for completion by forum users. Please advise me if this will be possible Many thanks, Will...
  20. D

    Survey reveals how to find new work

    Survey reveals how to find new work | Professional Electrician & Installer Nothing new but might be of interest to some, we all wonder don't we?
  21. P

    Rough jobs

    Today moved 4 panels for company that had loads of work in the november madness!! well starters WRONG mid and END clamps (too small) cannot tighten to correct torque! (will defo move in couple of yrs) also brackets fixed with 1 screw ! cables and mc4 connectors laying on roof in full view ...
  22. N

    NAPIT Certification Scheme Napit

    Had my assesment in early November completed with no n/c,now been 5 weeks and still not on mcs reg.Phoned Napit again(about 4th call) today to get relpy Oh someone filed it it wrong place will do it now and do a internal report into matter......AHHHHHHHHHHHH.....Still wont guarantee be done by...
  23. K

    Trade mags

    Afternoon all, I just pased the 2399-11 and I'm left with more questions than answers :( Anyone know of any trade magazines for products/jobs etc. Any trade shows coming up? Is the InstallerLive at the NEC a little too plumber based. Lastly, how the heck do I learn to do an energy efficiency...
  24. R

    Another customer rescued

    Today I rescued another customer from the clutches of an overcharging, smooth talking, pressure sales bunch of *astards... £13,000 for a 2.3kWp system, took the deposit, didn't provide a SAP calc, no cost benefit analysis, no site survey, no record of the panels or inverter to be used...
  25. Y

    British Photovoltaic Association (BPVA)

    Is anyone out there a member of the BPVA? I have received a survey request offering half price memebership. £500 instead of £1000. Sounds a bit steep to me are they a genuine representative body. Apologies if you have seen this in a non PV section of the forum already.
  26. yellowvanman

    Paying for structural assessments

    There is another thread talking about the need for structural assessments but how do you pay for them? Is the customer's deposit taken and a clause in the contract stipulates that if the structural survey fails (or re-enforcement is required but the customer doesn't want to do it) then the cost...
  27. PeakSteve

    Solar surveying tools?

    I'm new to pv (done training, but not yet done an installation). Can anyone recommend tools, or a supplier, who deals with sun path surveying tools (I'm wondering if an old-fashioned sextant would be a useful purchase)? Any other advice or info would also be welcomed. Thanks and regards to all...
  28. S

    Pre-work survey sheet

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a pre-work survey sheet, template, so I can record test results such as Ze, Bonding, PFC etc for when doing cu changes etc, many thanks.
  29. S

    Part P, we want your feedback!

    So who got the NICEIC Part P survey via email? I read last year that the government were looking at Part P amongst other building regulations mainly because of the rants on the website that was set up to have your say on what laws should go or be amended. What's everyones thoughts on Part P...
  30. G

    Giving customer quotes

    As MCS accredited installers how do you guys give your prospective customers a price do you give them a price there and then or do you carry out your site survey then come away and do all your SAP calcs etc and get back within in a day or so. Whats best ?
  31. S

    boiler control pricing??

    AS title really what price do you guys charge for wiring boiler controls? y plan? s plan? existing wiring needing altering?
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