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  1. P

    LED'S keep tripping the RCD when switched off?

    Hi everyone, I have recently replaced 10 old strip lights in a church hall with new LED strip lights. I ran an insulation test and all seemed good. I switched them on and all seemed good. I had a call from the vicar to say that they are not working so went back to site to find the MCB had...
  2. W

    Volts drop when 2.5kW (ish) load switched on

    hi This is just a starter because I haven't done any measurements yet (I was a guest there) and what I can do will be restricted as this has never been thought to be a problem by the owner who is a relative, but I'm more concerned than he is by what I've seen. Background: modern hugely...
  3. M

    Do I Connect Clean Earth On Metal Switched Socket

    I’m replacing old plastic light switches and sockets for metal ones. I’ve gone with BG Nexus range but I’m a little confused as to whether or not I need to connect a wire to the clean earth connection. Looking at the wiring diagram it is not used. I know I need to run a fly lead from the switch...
  4. M

    Washing Machine and Dishwasher turning off and on when both switched on at the same time

    I have a Dishwasher and Washing Machine (both several years old) both plugged into a 4 way gang. They are on a 16Amp RCD with other appliances also on the same circuit. When both are turned on at about the same time, about 5 mins after turning on they will both turn off completely, as if they...
  5. M

    Led light goes dim when switched off

    I recently purchased a 20 watt led floodlight from b&q to put above my shed door.. Live, neutral and earth all wired up properly to the junction box. I switch the liget on and everything works fine but when I switch it off the light doesn't not extinguish it just goes dim so obviously it's...
  6. E

    Is brown tape on switched live a legal requirement?

    Hi all, I've had a complete rewire in my house as part of a renovation. I've noticed two things that I wonder if they are in line with regs: 1) the electrician has not put the little bit of brown tape over the blue or black wires that are switched live. Is the brown tape just best practice or...
  7. Richard Cook

    Dishwasher needing switched off at wall to ‘reset’ before each cycle?

    I’ve got a dishwasher from IKEA (integrated into unit) and it’s under 2 years old. For the best part of since I’ve had it... when I go to turn it on it will beep (as if it’s picking up on the pressing) but it won’t show anything on the display etc. I have to switch it off at the wall and wait...
  8. J

    Switched FCU with LED indicator

    Hello all, Im looking advice. I'm a diy'er. I have just replaced an old double socket and switched fcu with new stainless steel ones. My previous fcu would have the neon light lit, when switched on. My new one has the led lit when either switched on or off. It's lap brand from the screw fix...
  9. T

    Kitchen appliances - grid or switched sockets

    Currently pricing up new electrics for a new kitchen. I am not a spark nor do I intend on doing the work - I am simply saving some time and money by speccing exactly what I want prior to getting quotes. I have the following appliances on dedicated circuits: Fridge freezer (fed from B20 MCB on...
  10. M

    Outside Led flood light has started to have a strobe effect when switched on

    Hi I have an led flood light just above the door on my shed. I went out to the shed tonight and as I switched on the LED flood light I noticed that it was acting out a strobe light effect. I switched it off then on again and it was strobing again... Anyone ever experienced this before and if so...
  11. DRM

    Spotlights tripping MCB when switched on

    Hello, my mate’s asked me to look at his spotlights in the kitchen because they were temperamental for a few months going off for hours at a time then coming back on and now they just trip the MCB as soon as switched on. They’re 12v spots. They were on a dimmer switch so I changed that first to...
  12. S

    Switched Neutrals or not

    This question is purely out of interest, I'm a substation apprentice while we do some LV installation work its not much and no design work fitting only. But today I've been helping a sparkie friend do some work(just attaching conduit to wall no actually wiring) for local community group. So...
  13. E

    Niche Lights -flashing like a strobe when switched on - guess needs replacing?

    Hi We have two alcoves with a downward niche light in each. About 4 years old. Pic attached. Both operate from one switch. One light is flashing like a strobe when switched on - guess needs replacing? Appears to be a solid unit rather than containing a bulb that can be replaced. No obvious way...
  14. FatAlan

    Dimmers on two way switched lighting circuits?

    I've installed a number of dimmable LED downlights switched two ways. They're switched by one dimmer and a standard rocker. When they are switched on with the dimmer the lights operate normally and can be dimmed however they seem to override the other switch which will not switch the lights off...
  15. W

    13A switched Sockets with USB, Do the USB sockets work when switches are off?

    Hi Are the USB sockets permanently powered irrespective of whether the switch is on? Anyone done any power measurements on one when nothing is plugged into the usb? Can they withstand insulation resistance tests? (if so up to what voltage?)
  16. J

    Weird IR results? At a Switched Fcu in RFC

    So I am doing an insulation resistance test on a new flat and I get a dodgy L-E reading on the IR. I won't go above 20Meg and it fluctuates. Identified where the problem is and its a switched spur. When cables are removed all test +299 including the load which is 2 sockets. When all are put back...
  17. P

    One Light Flickers When Another Is Switched Off

    Hi, as the title suggests i have recently replaced a circular fluorescent ceiling light in my bedroom, however the problem is this.... Whenever we turn the fluorescence ceiling light in my bedroom off the wall lights in my living room flicker once, literally just one flicker. No other lights in...
  18. C


    Hi Guys, I am currently getting a kitchen overhaul and want to install some unit/kick-board lights. I want to be able to control the unit lights with the light-switch which controls the down-lights in the kitchen ceiling. I have swapped the switch out for a double switch. The lights have came...
  19. Michaelwgroves

    Boiler Fused Connection Unit location

    I need to wire a new system boiler, the obvious place to put the supply is with the control unit which powers the boiler. But should the FCU be next to the boiler in the same way any isolation switch would be located close the load. This would still power control unit, but also need cable coming...
  20. Ian1981

    Earthing arrangements of switched alternative generator sets

    Regulation 551. suggests that when supplying earthing for a switched alternative generator that fault protection should not rely upon the TN building supply earthing ie an earth electrode would need to be installed for the generator. My question is should the electrode also be connected...
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