Aico 3000 Range
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  1. T

    Grid switches for kitchen appliances

    Evening all Just pricing a new build and they want a 4gang grid for the kitchen appliances. Am I correct in saying that if the switches are kept on the ring main and if I spur off each switch for an appliance and use an unswitched fuse spur unit behind each appliance that would be ok? It’s the...
  2. P

    RCD tripping when E7 switches on

    Firstly i'll point out that i'm the property owner and the installer of the majority of the electrical fittings in the building, including Main & E7 DB's. now the history lesson... sorry, but it is relevant property is 230 years old, I have owned it for 42 years. it was semi derelict at...
  3. B

    Spacing between clusters of sockets and switches

    Evening, is there a standard gap to put between clusters of sockets and light switches? Eg if you have a couple of double sockets, a tv socket and a lamp socket grouped together, how much of a gap would you put between them. Also if you had few light switches grouped together what sort of gap...
  4. G

    Shaver sockets and (unnecessary (?) isolation switches)

    Hi all, just a simple one, when fitting shaver sockets, (on lighting circuit) do you connect them via a switched fused spur, and if so why? (assuming mi's dont ask for one)
  5. L

    Energize a contactor/relay from multiple toggle (not momentary) switches?

    Is it possible to energize a contactor/relay from multiple toggle (not momentary) switches in a way similar to 3-way switches? If so, what components and setup would do that? The purpose is to control lighting from several sources and the reason for not using simple 3-way switches is that the...
  6. D

    Asbestos (AIB) behind light switches

    Hi, took off a light switch, saw something funny, stopped. Turns out it's AIB... brown asbetos, confirmed by asbetos chaps. It's a house built in 1968. Looked in other sockets and switches, can't see any there, alot are cemented in. These switches with the AIB are both on the joining wall of a...
  7. D

    Just designed and launched a range of Switches & Sockets

    Thanks to forum in the early days, and speaking to loads of local tradesmen I've launched 3 ranges of switches & sockets. Development cost was fairly significant in the tens of thousands £. All of you guys have very strong opinions on product after using it (why the hell's it like that?!), but...
  8. G

    Unknown Clipsal Dimmer Switches

    I have moved into a new house and switches are Clipsal dimmer switches, which I cannot find online, so assume they are end of life. See attached. They appear to be programmable, but how and for what, I do not know. So have the following questions: a) What model are they? b) Is there a manual...
  9. M

    UK push to break timed switches

    I am looking for a timing light switch with a difference. Most timing light switches are designed for “Press to Make” and have a mechanical timing device which switches OFF a light after a few minutes. I am looking for a timing switch which does the complete reverse. I am looking for a...
  10. M


    Hi. I bought some WIFI switches for my house recently. The have 1 red, 1 green, 1 black and one white and say they require a neutral. My switches all have 1 red, 2 black and 2 whites that are twisted and capped. Can I still use the WIFI switches that I bought? If so, how do i wire them? Thank...
  11. M

    Request advice: anti tilt switches

    Please: do the regulations say that heaters must have A-T switches? Maybe some types of heater? Thank you.
  12. J

    Push wire switches & sockets

    With push wire connector blocks, and mostly every light now coming with a push wire connector, is there switches and sockets with this built in ? Or can you see it being done in the future ? Or is there reasons why it cant be done? I had a look and cant see anything Just some tuesday night thoughts
  13. Michaelp

    Press Switches and Labeling

    Dont have the switches yet but iam searching and looking for ways to label them too.These switches will be used on a plc system. Ideally will be press/push 4 gang or more and if there is a light background option would be nice. I have use some touch switches but find them not so reliable.If you...
  14. S

    Complicated dual tariff arrangement with four main switches.

    Hi Folks I'm used to (and understand reasonably well) simple dual tariff arrangements with two main switches (either two separate consumer units or a duplex). But I occasionally come across, and am now quoting for changing consumer units for a more complex arrangement that I don't full...
  15. R

    Domestic Double dimmer switch - swapping round switches

    Hi all, I'm a bit of a novice when it comes to light switches but managed to wire a single normal switch a few years back so thought I'd be okay with tackling this job but in truth I can't work out where to start! The issue is that in our living room we have a double dimmer switch but the...
  16. T

    AM2 lighting circuit - confusion

    I know this has probably been asked a dozen times on this forum but I just want to make sure that I'm doing this the correct way before going into my exam. I got told that in the am2 I need to have neutrals at every switch in connecters. I have never done it this at work hence the confusion...
  17. C

    3 Gang and 2 Gang -2 way wall switches

    Hello Every one , I just joined. I am looking for help in wiring a 3 and 2 Gang- 2 way switch. I will be using the 3 gangs as 1 way switches, and a couple of the 2 Gangs a 2 way switches. Switches were imported from china, and came without any diagrams. I checked on the internet and found many...
  18. M

    Domestic Dimmer switches and LED Bulbs

    Hey folks, I just wanted to check something. I have 3 x 4W LED light bulbs on a 400W dimmer switch. I’ve read all this stuff about making sure the dimmer Wattage is right for the LED bulbs but it doesn’t say anything about the dimmer Watts being to high? Would this affect the Bulbs? They...
  19. The apprentice

    any advice on fireman switches

    hi there iam just looking for a little advice on fireman switches on how they are wired and how they disconnect power cant find anything so just a little post here thanks for your time
  20. B

    LED control with two switches/dimmers

    Hello, I want to install LED downlights controlled from two different dimmers/switches. So the plan is to have one of the following options have first switch as 2-way 400W dimmer switch like this, and second as 2-way smart on/off switch like this have both switches as 2-way 400W dimmer switches...
  21. AlmondSauce

    Dodgy Legrand switches

    We seem to have a spate of Legrand light switches in our house that have failed in a rather "interesting" (read: dangerous) way - the plastic switch covers seem to get loose over time and then eventually just fall off, exposing the live contacts underneath: I've since gone through and...
  22. T

    Multi way switching using only 1 way switches?

    Hi My bungalow hall lights can be turned on and off from 4 different switches. I was expecting these switches to be a mix of 3 way and intermediate switches, but all 4 of them are just 1 way switches. I now have a problem that my hall lights are permanently turned on, and none of the switches...
  23. G

    Replacement Switches for Memera 3 Board

    Good afternoon all I have a friend whose flat has a Memera 3 consumer board, which has the push-button test MCBs. One of them does not trip when when the button is pressed, so obviously I wish to replace this for her. However, it seems to be difficult to get hold of these now. I wonder if...
  24. M

    Replacing Pneumatic old time switches with electronic

    Hello, I wanted to get an electrician to replace 3 x pneumatic time lag switches with electronic types. Currently there are 2 lights and 3 switches...If you press more than one pneumatic switch the light stays on until the last switch runs out. I wanted to buy the switches for the electrician...
  25. happyhippydad

    Why are 'most' LED dimmer switches limited to 10 led's?

    As in the title. The varilight V-pro and MK intelligent dimmer both say they can dim up to a maximum of 10 LED's. Why can they dim no more, even if the maximum wattage is not reached? I can find no explanation on their sites. Zano produce a dimmer which can dim a much higher amount of LED's...
  26. D

    Re using Bakelite switches

    Evening All Just quoting for a re-wire and the customer has asked if he can keep his original bakelite switches, not sure about this but guessing he can't as they don't conform to current BSEN. Can anyone point me the right direction?? Cheers in advance
  27. J

    Domestic Wireless lighting without wired switches

    Hello, I bought my house last year and had a look in the consumer unit before I bought it and it had a dual RCD board and all PVC cable inside including a periodic inspection report that said it was compliant. However when I came to remove some pendants to replace fittings I realised all the...
  28. M

    Electric roller shutters - 2 new switches don’t work the single shutters from 2 switches.

    In my house in Spain, I have just replaced 2 switches that controlled a single motorised shutter (the pair of switches in photos - NB, shutters are the middle of the cluster, other 2 being, 2-pin socket and a light switch) on a bed headboard that controlled a motorised window shutter. The...
  29. M

    Lighting switches to smart..

    Ok after pulling two switches off the wall in my lounge I have come to the conclusion I might be able to remove one of them.. I have one two gang and one old dimmer .. wanting to either replace 2 gang with a smart 2 gang . Or replace dimmer with singal smart . Looking at the switches I have...
  30. J

    Oven and hob cable size and isolating switches

    Thanks for adding me to the forum. I have done quite a bit of electrical work around the house adding sockets, and at our current house I put in some new ring mains and lighting circuits, all subject to third party certification and with the new consumer unit installed by a qualified...
  31. J

    internal house hallway, 2 way lighting, customer wants to retain 2 way light switches but add aPIR

    Hi Guys, customer's house hall has 2 way light switched circuit, I have been asked to add a separate PIR to the existing light circuit to allow the lights to come on when PIR is activated, he wants to retain the existing 2 way switches as overall on/ off control when required independent of...
  32. Struan Clark

    Indoor Light switches with 40mm instead of 60mm

    Hi, Does anyone know if i can still get indoor light switches with the older style 40mm between screws istead of the more standard 60mm between screws? Ive been looking for a while and cant find any, the house was build in the 30's im guessing that was the standard back then. Cheers
  33. J

    24V contact(component) that switches 230V

    Hi there everyone, I'm pretty much electrical noob so long story short- I would like to know, if there is a component that is powered by 24V and it sets (contact) 230V on and off. For example: I have a motor that needs 230V and this 24V component is connected between power supply and motor. I...
  34. B

    Wireless switches and reciever

    best wireless switches with receivers?
  35. R

    Use of 20AX switches in spurs off ring main

    I bought a number of 20AX grid switches with printed labels on them e.g. washing machine. These were to put an isolator above the work top for a 13A switched socket under the work top in the utility room. Electrician says no as the spur will be off a 32A ring the switch must be capable of the...
  36. S

    Totally confused - converting dimmers to switches

    I have a double dimmer socket in my lounge, one operates ceiling lights, the other wall lights. The dimmers have both stopped dimming so I'm changing them to a double switch. Having removed the socket I can't make any sense of the wiring. There are 2 cables entering the box; one (left) has...
  37. E

    Advice on wires and switches

    Hi I've moved into a house recently the past owner is no longer alive to assist with my query. I have attached pics of a box of wires in one bedroom which is attached to the pic of switches and two grey boxes which also have switches on. On the white switches there is text which...
  38. M

    Domestic Help With Wiring 3 Switches To One Extractor Fan

    I live in a flat in Leeds and am needing some advice. I have one extractor fan that connects to two bathrooms (Call them A and B). The switching on of a light for either should turn the fan on. Also in the kitchen there is a switch incase we need to turn it on there too. There is a ceiling...
  39. A

    Trouble changing light switches

    Hi guys. I'm having trouble changing my light switches. There are 2 sockets next to each other that power 2 separate lights. One has 3 wires but the second has no neutral wire. I can get the first switch to work but not the second
  40. Wiring addict

    2gang 2way switches for two independent lights

    I have double/dual/2gang 2way switch to control two lights. The scenerio Room has two doors one light is 4ft fluorescent and other right is installed just outside the door as security light it is oval bulkhead light. No matter which door i enter i want to turn/off the 2 lights independently of...
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