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  1. C

    UK Need help switching out some 12v lighting

    Hi I am having a problem with my bedroom and bathroom lighting ,in my bedroom I have 2 downlighters that are switched from 2 dual pole switches at either on of the bedroom,these downlighters are 12v fed from a transformer in the loft ,I also have 1 mains light on my ceiling too,I'm wanting to...
  2. S

    2 way switching and Wi Fi switching

    At 1st fix stage. Customer has decided they want option for wifi switching. There's 2 way and intermediate switching involved that I was going to do conventionally with 3 core cable. Obviously now I'm going to provide a neutral at each "main" switch but what about the rest?
  3. B

    Solar Where to purchase 2 pole DC Contactors suitable for switching 20-25amp 600volt DC PV array preferably with 230volt AC coil.

    I am trying, with little success, to purchase 2 pole DC Contactors suitable for switching 20-25amp 600volt DC preferably with 230volt AC coil. I require these for switching the supply from PV array. If you are able to supply or suggest where I might be able to get them I would be most grateful...
  4. D

    Emergency Lighting contactor switch over

    Hi Everyone. Working on a self contained emergency lighting system. There are 70 emergency lights over 3 floors. The emergencies are wired on a separate circuit from the local lights but fed from the same DB. I require the supply for the self contained (batt back up) lights to disconnect...
  5. sythai

    Wireless/ App switching.... what do you recommend

    Hi All We've recently got a foot in the door with a decent garden company who are promising lots of work. There's been talk about wireless/ app controlled lighting, pumps etc. To be honest I've not been down this route just yet. Just seeing what makes any of use/ recommended please? Only...
  6. Electrical2go

    OLEV Grant switching to SMART Charging

    All government funded home chargepoints for electric vehicles must use innovative ‘smart’ technology from July 2019, the government announced on 14 December 2018, fulfilling the commitment in the Road to Zero Strategy published in 2018. This means chargepoints must be able to be remotely...
  7. P

    Switching of suspended dimmable led fittings

    Hi, I am installing 12 x suspended LED fittings in an office. They are on two switches. The fitting itself comes with a 5 core cable. How do I switch this. Do I need on/off and momentary switch or something else. See attached pic. Any ideas gratefully accepted.
  8. S

    RCD tripping when switching oven isolator off

    Hi all. I was called to a house recently where the occupier reported that when they turned the oven isolator off the RCD would trip. So I tried it and that's exactly what happened. There was nothing switched on on the oven at the time. When the oven is on it works fine. It is an integrated oven...
  9. S

    intermediate switching

    planning on having some two way switching put in but controlled from four places so will need to have intermediate switches I'm planning on controlling six rooms from different places inside a house so can turn downstairs room lights on from upstairs so not only two way switches but intermediate...
  10. T

    Multi way switching using only 1 way switches?

    Hi My bungalow hall lights can be turned on and off from 4 different switches. I was expecting these switches to be a mix of 3 way and intermediate switches, but all 4 of them are just 1 way switches. I now have a problem that my hall lights are permanently turned on, and none of the switches...
  11. S

    Headlights on Smartcar delay in switching on

    I recently purchased an old 2003 Smart Car as a 2nd run around car. I've noticed recently that some times when I turn the head lights to dipped or main beam there might be a long delay before they actually switch on. Some days it is instant and others I have this problem. Also the dash back...
  12. C

    Isolation and switching

    I have a question regarding isolation and switching arrangements. I want to work out what would work best within the regulations regarding splitting a new 200a TPN PME supply to serve flats above and a shop below. my initial thinking new 200a PME supply - Trunking above feeding a new ryefield...
  13. DIY Novice

    Terminating/blanking off 2 way switching

    Hi I have two light switches literary opposite each other operating the same two lights, as a wall has been removed between them, meaning one of those switches is no longer used, is obsolete and has been behind a picture which covered up the issue. However I now wish to use a lightwave light...
  14. N

    Domestic Smart Switching for the home.

    Any recommendations on smart switching for the home? Would like it Alexa compatible.
  15. B

    Domestic Solar Panel Switching - Help Please

    Hi all I've just joined, I'm not an electrician. What I'm asking is probably simple but I believe in not messing about with something you don't know about. I have an engineering background and appreciation of electrics. I have two banks each of eight solar panels, one bank on each side of my...
  16. Pip

    Domestic Manual switching to over ride PIR Flood

    Hi Guys, Have a client who has a light unit with a built in PIR at the entrance to his property, Electric gates, Cameras etc. PIR has packed up so light now useless. The unit has a switched live to the lamps so bypassing the PIR, panic mode really as there are other floods on the same circuit...
  17. J

    EICR isolation & switching

    Can anyone clarify why isolation and switching are excluded from the inspection schedule on EICR model forms, but included in 'guidance for inspectors'?
  18. DaveChase

    2 way switching configuration HELP

    Good evening All, After perusing the forum as a visitor for a while I have now found the need to ask you ladies and gents for your help and advice. I have a customer with 2 way switching controlling the 1st floor landing light, it consists of a 2 gang switch downstairs (hallway & landing) and...
  19. R

    Light Switching Query!

    Hi I have a pendant light fitting and two spots. I want them operated off a double light switch. An electrician has installed a single cable out the top of the light switch as first fix which appears to be a 3 core and earth (see photo) when I was expecting to see two cables coming out of the...
  20. J

    Light bulb not switching off

    I've fitted a new bulb on our landing -- 60W LED GLS. It won't switch off, but just dims down a bit. Comes back to full brightness when switched on. (In other words, it's always 'on' even when the switch is 'off'.) Have I used the wrong bulb type? Is there a permanent trickle to this light...
  21. G

    2 way switching wiring issue

    I’ve got Hall/landing 2 way switching. Both switches recently replaced. I have a red cable on the 3 core that was initially in the common up and down. However the upstairs landing would only switch on/off from the bottom switch and then it didn’t switch on or off at all. Taking the red out of...
  22. S

    Advice on LED inductive voltage preventing LEDs switching off

    Hi, I'm looking for some advice on LEDs that glow when switched off in a multi-switch circuit. Last month I replaced our old CFL lamps with multiple LED G9 'chandeliers'. The living room has a dimmer switch and the 20-odd LEDs all work fine. However the hallway has 3 ceiling fixtures, with...
  23. T

    So how do I get my business name at the top of the page like ergelectrics then

    So I suppose I have to sponsor the forum. But maybe it is not the best place to advertise for electricians an electricians forum?
  24. a-z electrics

    2 dimmers on 2 way switching

    I know you're only supposed to put one dimmer switch on a 2 way lighting setup but what would happen if you put 2 on, one at each switch position? A client wanted an led dimmer each end of the dining room. It's going to use 10 led candle bulbs 4W each on two chandeliers .. I advised him not to...
  25. D

    Stair Lighting unusual switching

    Hi all. I'm currently renovating a house and have one particular requirement I'd like, if possible, sme suggestions. One of the things I would like to do is put in stair edge lighting. I have found some nice ULV LED spots that I want to put into the stringer on the wall side. Now this is only...
  26. Kg03mry

    2 way switching help needed after burst pipe.

    Hi all So we had a major flood a few mornings ago. The issues have now been fixed however some light switches needed to be replaced because they got drenched. We have two way switching for our landing light (one single switch at the top of the stairs, and a two gang at the bottom that controls...
  27. Z

    Switch is switching the wrong light

    I have been asked about a switch unit in a hall which has a switch for the hall and another for an outside light. After changing this switch to a sensor switch everything is working fine apart from when hall light is switched on it switches the bedroom light on as well.
  28. Leesparkykent

    Fibaro relay and two way switching.

    Any one used one before? Picked up a job with a complete cockup on the wiring of the switching. Basically it boils down that I don't have enough cores to get the two way working...after a bit of googling I found this Vesternet APNT-92 - 2-Way Lighting using Fibaro Relays | Home Automation...
  29. C

    Strappers issue switching

    Afternoon people.. Could someone figure out if there is a way for me to connect this up applying to the regs so that I don’t need to pull another strapper over to the other switch. At one switch I have.. 1x feed from DB 1x Switch line to pendant 1x switch line to 5 amp sockets 1x 3 core +...
  30. Spike1947

    Switching off Light affecting TV signal !

    Hi Strange thing happening with next door Neighbours TV , when they switch off their Kitchen ELV(12V) down lighters x6 the TV screen goes blank for a second then comes back on , it is if the signal goes ( Sky Box ) then comes back on , the TV itself stays on . I just do not have any idea of...
  31. RWJ

    Thinking of switching from NIC to ECA or Napit

    We do mainly industrial and commercial work with a small bit of (landlord) residential. After some recent negative comments from potential customers regarding NICEIC electricians I was thinking of jumping ship to ECA or Napit. OK I know ECA are now the same as NIC but there name doesn't seem...
  32. Gazthesparky

    Switching arrangement in bedroom

    I am renovating my own house at the moment and want to bounce an idea off of you all I need to wire a socket high level on the wall at the bottom of the bed for a tv on the wall. I want to be able to switch this off as the tv has an anoying led that lights up the room. Im going to install a...
  33. N

    Printer not switching on unless fuse is flipped

    Good evening all. Despite of being utterly ignorant on the subject, I have an issue which tickled my curiosity and would like some assistance to understand. I have a printer (although I'm pretty sure it doesn't matter what appliance it is) that, sometimes, doesn't switch on. After numerous...
  34. marconi

    Zellweger mains signalling for switching off peak loads

    I thought folk might be interested in the Zellweger mains signalling system which I discovered yesterday. My sister wanted to know if she had economy 7 electricity in her rented home. She described to me the intake which as well as the cutout, meter and CU included a 'small black shoebox'...
  35. E

    Switching bathroom extractor fan with microwave detector.

    Hi all.... Quick question for you, what are your thoughts on the above? I am looking for an alternate way to operate a bathroom extractor fan (don't want it on with the lights and don't want extra pull cords etc) - I propose to fit an inline fan in the loft, switched with a microwave sensor...
  36. AceRimmer

    Wireless switching advice

    Hi everyone looking for a bit of advice.A friends mum wants to add a wirless 2 way switch to an existing 1 way light ( nice wallpaper not wanting to chase walls) . I can get to the joint box but just not to sure what wirless switching is available and any good for job. Any advice...
  37. E

    Heating switching on regardless

    I have a Fully pumped S plan with two zone valves HW & CH, when the programmer is off, the room stat is turned down as far as it will go the heating still comes on, I'm assuming the CH 2 port valve is faulty and must be letting voltage through to the pump/ boiler. I have two valves a drayton...
  38. S

    Non maintained EM switching

    Hi All I was replacing some faulty fluorescent lights yesterday when I cam across one with an emergency light attached to it. It was non maintained as once I had isolated power it switched on. When I cam across this light I could see it was an afterthought as the original light was wired in old...
  39. N

    Quick Help! Switch only switching one spotlight off!

    I'm changing 4 spotlights over to LED and the spotlight which has all the switch wiring in is the only one switching on/off at the switch. I have identified the switched live but I am obviously missing something as the other 3 are permently on and will not be switched off at the switch. Any...
  40. A

    Espresso Machine with Neutral Switching?

    Hi, I recently purchased an espresso machine that the previous owner said he couldnt remember how to wire after taking it apart for cleaning. So after a few days of not finding much relevant information on the machine or the control board, I spent the next few looking at datasheets and visual...
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