1. C

    need to id ths symbol

    good aftenoon anyone help with idenifying this electrical dsign symbol circled in red
  2. C

    What is this symbol?

    Hi Please can anyone tell me what this symbol is
  3. R

    Help required please re PRT-E thermostat wiring symbol (difference between models and compatibility)

    Hi all, firstly I’m not in anyway qualified to do any electrical work but was just hoping for a quick piece of help In regard to trying to find a replacement for my non-functioning Uponor PRT-E digital thermostat which controls our underfloor heating. The model in question, the PRT-E is generic...
  4. M

    Hi I have to draw a lighting circuit that has a time clock in.... I cannot find the official symbol for the drawing anywhere . Can you help please ?

    Hi I have to draw a lighting circuit that has a time clock in.... I cannot find the official symbol for the drawing anywhere . Can you help please ? Source URL: Lighting Forum -
  5. Marcus Vaughan

    Anyone seen this symbol before?

    Logo in the bottom right corner - looks like I shouldn’t be installing them in a home. Also - 30 of them needed per lamp at 15w each - two lights (one already installed by customer) + other lights. It’s right up close to maximum demand - even with diversity..... Customer supplied lamps - time...
  6. Sambulance

    Does anyone know this design symbol?

    Can anyone tell me what this symbol represents? I'm assuming it's something to do with a wall light, possibly something to do with a vanity section as its in a changing room but I can't find the symbol anywhere. Cheers!
  7. J

    Help with electrical symbol

    Dear all I've come across this symbol on (most likely) korean electrical drawings, a wire(?) around other wires, sometimes connected to terminal, sometimes connected to ground. Upload the image directly to the thread: The most awesome images on the Internet - https://Upload the image directly to the Does anyone know what is this about...
  8. T

    Symbol on new lightbulb - Crossed through bulb?

    Hi, I bought some new lightbulbs the other day (photo attached). On the packaging is a symbol of a bulb in a house, crossed through. Please can anyone advise what the symbol means? Thanks in anticipation!
  9. Edtwozeronine

    Correct symbols for physics notation

    Our tutor wants us to use what looks like a Beta symbol for Tesla's, but in our official notes from city and guilds they want us to use a capital B. Another thing that I'm having trouble with is the proportional to symbol. What does it mean mathematically speaking? Is there a button for...
  10. A

    Old Double Insulated Appliances

    I am looking at a receiver/amplifier that was manufactured in the mid 1970s. It has a very solid all metal case. It is powered by a mains lead that has only two conductors, active and neutral. It does not have any Class II notation or symbol anywhere on the case. I am wondering whether the...
  11. i=p/u


    Yo elec tec bulbs and couplers. anyone done and jobs recently in fitting out shops with leds , do you think a 1200 x 300 led panel would replace a 2 x 35w t5 ? how accurate is the data sheets to actual installing them? if you can add to this post , be my guest . Ty from a well trained...
  12. matt1386

    Trainee - Advice please

    Hi all, sorry if this is in the wrong section, wasnt too sure where to post it Basically ive started college a few weeks late so im having to play catch up at home to get to where the rest of the class are at Ive come across a question on my work sheet which im not sure how to work out and...
  13. driverman

    MCB breaker markings reset or thrown away

    Hi Guys, Hopefully a quick question.......Breakers are marked by the manufacture symbol if they can be reset / reused or thrown away after a fault current. Where in BGB or OSG can I find the symbols? I've been looking. I'm sure they are in there somewhere. Thanks
  14. S

    Megger LCB2500/2

    I recall biff55 really rating his that he got off ebay, fair play. I got one years ago, seemed fine for a while, but then it wouldn't make loop measurements, kept coming up with the 'Noise' symbol and take an eternity to give a reading, if at all, which was basically a random number. I've got a...
  15. M

    megger 1552 sine wave symbol

    Don't know if any one can help here. Today whilst doing a Zs test my megger produced a weird symbol that looked a bit like a sine wave with a vertical line dissecting it at the top. It have the correct Zs result at the same time. But id never seen the symbol before Can't find anything about it...
  16. R

    Dead Testing Results

    Hello all, i have some dead testing to do, i just have a new megger Robin KMP3075DL and when using it in Insulation test mode (500v - 20Mohm) on 2.5 twin + earth as practice, i test between LINE and CPC and get the reading from the display (up arrow 1) so on my schedule of tests sheets what...
  17. Dic Penderyn

    Cable spec for a factory cooler!

    Howz it Lads & Ladettes! There's a huge project afoot! No cable spec yet! Would anyone have a incline to what cable size might be required for the following Cooler for a Diary Factory? · Model RTAC 250 HE · Power: 628 kW · Electrcial power unity: 253 kW · Power...
  18. mattyevz

    Price rewire 3 bed (customer to chase)

    Hi guys just woundering a fair price for the following 3 bed rewire (customer to chase walls) was thinking £2400? thanks guys Note: all accessories in standard plastic unless otherwise stated Electrical Supply · fit 17th edition consumer unit(customer supplied) ·...
  19. E

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) how will the JIB grade me?

    heres the list of quals i have: · City&Guilds 2391-10 Inspection, Testing and Certification of Electrical Installations · City&Guilds 2382-10 17th Edition Wiring Regulations · City&Guilds 2377-11 Management of Electrical Equipment Maintenance...
  20. S

    GS Solar UK - Thin film PV looking to for partners.

    Dear Forum members I would like today to introduce GS-Solar (UK) Company Ltd, amanufacturer of the revolutionary “Thin film” Solar PV modules. Our mothercompany, GS-Solar (China), is one of the largest producers of thin film solarmodules in the world; using our proprietary manufacturing...
  21. A

    Service Fuse Removal: Latest News from ESC

    (What else would I do with my Sunday afternoon.... :rolleyes:) Most of you will already have read this in this month's Switched On mag from the Electricity Safety Council, but for those who haven't, this is how the discussions between suppliers' and contractors' representatives are going...
  22. T

    What is the equivalent resistance of this network

    Two resistors, R1 and R2 are connected in parallel. R1 is 2kW, R2 is 4kW. What is the equivalent resistance of this network (answer rounded to nearest whole Ohm): Could you tell me how can you get the answer?
  23. T

    What is the voltage drop?

    Could you tell me what is the voltage drop across a 470W resistor conducting a current of 15mA? That is, if R = 470W and I =15mA, what is the value of V? Could you tell me how can you get the answer?
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