1. KeenPensioner

    Quinetic switch on 2 plate system

    I understand how to fit a receiver and quinetic switch in a 3 plate system at the ceiling rose. Is there a way to do the same when the feed is taken to the switch (not enough room for receiver etc)?
  2. J

    UK Installing a sub main from existing TT system

    Hi all, I’m new here and after some advice on a sub main circuit I have a 3 core SWA feeding a log cabin from a house. The house has an existing TT system and I’m just wondering what the best way to supply the log cabin would be? What would I need up front to protect the SWA, I’m presuming a...
  3. J

    Advice on which door entry intercom system to choose

    Hi We're a block of flats about to purchase some new external doors, and an intercom. Up to this point in time we've not had an intercom, and our external doors don't even close properly let alone lock! We've decided that we'd like a video entry wired intercom, with the additional ability for...
  4. T

    Best Consumer Unit set up for TT system

    Hi all, I'm just wondering what is people's preferred choice of set up with regards to DB's for a TT system within a domestic setting. I know there's different views on this (Type S uprfront etc). Are most people installing dual rcd boards or DP Rcbo's? Just looking for some views on this. Many...
  5. S

    Information on a Norweb Smart Heat system

    Hi, i have recently bought a a house and has the Norweb Smart Heat System installed with an Apollo Injector. Never seen this system before, i am wanting to strip all this out as i will be installing central heating but would like to know how it works and what it actually does. Cheers
  6. S


    Hi Guys, been asked to replace the above control system as its is failing intermittently on individual heaters. Cant get a hold of CREDA (as I have been informed they are the company to ask) to give me advice on a direct replacement, so anyone have any experience on replacing this obsolete...
  7. T

    All in one system

    Good evening all Im after a system that has CCTV, Intruder alarm and door entry video system all in one, I want it to be app based Any products out there people know of? T
  8. Grangewood

    Inspecting and Certifying Fire Alarm System

    Good Morning .. I’m after some advice please. I have a contract with a company for Various Electrical Systems. The Company has an Old Style Automated Fire Alarm System installed around 2000 which I have examined, the System itself is in good order but fails by Current Standards. I did advise and...
  9. M

    Earthing system

    Whats this.?.Cable on the left is alluminium, right one is copper. A couple of strands has been taken out from copper neutral and connected to outer pipe of left cable and then to main earth terminal. Is it tns,tncs,tt?,no earth electrode anywhere found
  10. S

    TT system

    Hi guys the house I live in is a the earthing arrangement is a TT sytem were the meter is outside the house I opened up and saw there was no met terminal with no earth. I remember when the house was built there was an earth rod buried in the ground my question is was the earth suppose to be run...
  11. spud1

    What are the requirements for interfacing a new gas supply with a commercial buildings fire alarm system ?

    Hi Im working in a staffed residential home (for severe learning difficulties/disabilities residents) they have a new onsite tanked gas supply being installed to supply two domestic sized gas boilers in seperate locations, which will replace the existing big oil fired boiler. I need to clarify...
  12. Dartlec

    UK Click mode switches and new grid system are great

    First try using the new Click Mode switches today, and I love the way that every light switch is automatically a grid switch. That means you can buy a light switch and change the modules to whatever you like. I was fitting an outside light and was able to swap out one of the switches on a two...
  13. L

    Coding for lack of 30ma rcd protection - TT system

    I’ve had a disagreement with a colleague on this. Installation has 100ma rcd main switch. Some circuits (5) on this side and further 4 on the 30ma rcd side. what is the coding for this?
  14. richy3333

    System Q Wireless IPmitter

    Morning all. I have a need to link 2 buildings on a HIK POE CCTV network. They are only about 5-8m apart and have line of sight etc. I was looking at the System Q IPmitter and wondered if anyone else had used them? Are they any good or can someone recommend anything else? Thanks in advance.
  15. P

    How to connect my audio intercom phone to the new Home Video Intercom System ?

    Hello Can any one explain please how to connect Audio intercom phone ? Would it be possible or I need to buy video interface .
  16. S

    Earth Fault at 240V Single Phase System

    Hi... I am Shamsul from Malaysia I have a question regarding to earth fault current if occur inside 240V single phase customer house/building 1.May explain how the earth fault current flow route 2.If got local earthing was connected from ground to 11kV 3phase DEAD line, is it the fault current...
  17. J

    UK Type of Earthing System

    Am i right in saying this is a TNC-S earthing arrangement? The supply cable (which looks perished any advice on this welcome) comes from the wall in between the two houses (its a semi-detached). And no sign of it outside wall. So must be fed from underground. But there is a separate stranded...
  18. J

    Home Lighting Control System

    Hi, I’m an Electrician building my own home. Any of the lighting control systems seem to be huge money. I’m going to pick a system that I can add to overtime rather than splashing out all at once. The control units all seem to be around 8 outputs. So I’m thinking two of those for now. The...
  19. wsoppitt

    cheap / mid range burglar alarm system.

    Been asked to supply and fit a cheap / mid range burglar alarm system. remote keypad and 6 pir sensors , any suggestions for an easy to use system as client is elderly with limited hearing / sight. thanks all
  20. B

    Electrical sockets compromising tanking system?

    Hi We have had our single garage damp proofed (tanking system) it took a a good few months to work due to the amount of damp present(garage used to flood over time - back wall attaches to neighbours elevated garden 2/3 of the wall is agains ground). we’ve had the tanking done and it has...
  21. P

    Heating system wiring...

    Evening chaps, On a new build this week first fixing, the heating system is giving me a headache, Downstairs has wet UFH with a thermostat in every room (7 in total) I have the omnie stats and wiring centre which is fine with but upstairs is all rads with only one stat in the hall upstairs. Also...
  22. A

    Is that a disconnected grounding system

    Hi guys, First of all I wanna say I'm not an electrician, so my knowledge is extremely limited, so sorry in advance if I say something stupid… :p And English is not my first language, so again, if I call some part with the wrong name, please just let me know I made a mistake, thanks! The...
  23. S

    UK Electric supply to new shed.. The main property is TT earth system.

    I propose to use a redundant shower supply that terminates in the attic. This will be connected to swa 4mm 3 core cable and run 45m to a new shed with a separate consumer unit with rcd and 1 6a and 1 20a breaker. I'm not proposing to have any high consumption equipment in the shed. My questions...
  24. Siviwe Nkosana

    How to install an earthing system

    How can i wire an earthing system if I am installing a single phase panel board? Basically what/which type of earthing do you recommend?
  25. mak

    Solar 2 gang 1 way ligths on 12v system

    This is what I want, 2 lights operating on the same 12v circuit individually. Will it work? Because there are two paths when both lights are turned on? My brain is scrambled.
  26. D

    UK Need to work on my home alarm system

    Hi all, I'd be most grateful for any advice please. We have a G3 alarm with an Accenta remote control panel. I'm doing some renovation work and need to extend some of the alarm wiring and, while I'm at it, replace the well-worn keypad. My question is this: can I work on the main control...
  27. simpson93

    Wireless garden speaker system.

    Evening all, I’m looking for some advice/recommendations. Ive been asked to put 2/4 speakers in a garden as an afterthought. no route into the house to connect to an amp and so im after a Bluetooth controlled amp that could control 4 speakers, or 2 if not possible. any recommendations?
  28. T

    TT system testing

    Hi everyone. A recent install I've done on a tt system is giving me a reading of 93.3ohms as a Ze reading. When I then test from my circuits inside I'm getting readings like 106.3 for a socket circuit supplied from 32 amp type b mcb (which should be no higher than 1.10 ohms in bs7671) anyone...
  29. Vortigern

    What fire alarm system do you recommend

    Just wonder if there are any recommendations for a fire alarm system. A simple system conventional. It is a building (mosque) quite small as it goes around 100 sq m. 10 smokes one heat for kitchen. Three break glass, two sounders. So quite a small system. I have arranged the wiring for sounders...
  30. G

    Electrical system design 615 level 3 help!!!

    Hello everyone I am doing my level 3 electrical system design project 615 and I need some help with design current etc. at the moment all the colleges are closed so i am unable to find any help from teachers. i would really appreciate if someone show me the right path how to calculate it.
  31. M

    TT system

    Evening gentlemen, TT System, previous spark fitted new metal CU. I’ve got an outbuilding to wire, it’s fed by a 10mm swa. I’m going to be putting in a time delayed 100ma RCD before the main CU. The swa feed to the outbuilding cu will be fed via a switched fuse. My question is, do I split the...
  32. T

    TT System RCBOs/RCD

    Hi All Trying to do some digging on TT systems. With regards to TT systems, I have had different views/opinions on this stating that TT installations should have double pole RCD when it comes out of the meter so the installation is protected by RCD before tails enter in consumer unit. I also...
  33. D

    Transistor H-bridge system for a conveyor motor with speed control property's

    Hey, I've been asked a question 'what are operational systems on Transistor H-bridge system for a conveyor motor with speed control property's'. I know that system I've put below would work for a lower voltage application, I just cant seem to find any information on high voltage applications. I...
  34. P

    UK Earthing system

    Can somebody tell me what type of earth and where is it connected to ground. Can I have an independent earth bonded to ground for my Amateur radio equipment? Will this earth need to be connected to the domestic earth, if so can it be connected via an RF choke to prevent feed back to domestic...
  35. W

    Quinetic /kinetic

    Where to purchase quinetic / kinetic system in new zealand,tried google and trademe no luck,Cheers wezel
  36. N

    USA 277 Volt lighting. Y system. I have a string of lights out in a hallway.

    277 volt Y system lighting circuit. A string of lights out in a hallway. Have 277 to ground on both my hot and my neutral. Have only 15 volts between my 277 hot and 277 neutral. This was discovered Friday afternoon, Co. does not pay OT so its my unwanted challenge for Monday. Will look at prints...
  37. T

    Fire system installation training

    Hi all, I'm looking for some help with regards to Fire system installation training. I'm currently working with a friend of mine installing addressable fire systems. I come from a mostly house bashing background but looking to add more strings to my bow. Basically I'm looking for any suggestions...
  38. L


  39. S

    UK Alarm

    Hi all, I’ve just wired an alarm system for my house but don’t have a clue which alarm system to fit in terms of brand. Need some recommendations please?
  40. M

    Earth fault on a TN-S system

    So here is the situation 22kV/415V delta-star transformer with neutral point earthed on secondary Downstream breaker of transformer 630A with earth fault setting 0.2xIn @ 100ms This supplues a number of outgoing loads with respective 50A breakers which only have thermal and magnetic settings. An...