1. R

    Adding PylonTech batteries to a system with a PW2

    Good Evening All, I'm not an electrician but I'd like to pick the brains of those that are please. Note I intend getting a qualified electrician to do the installation work, this is not a DIY job. I have a SolarEdge based 10.7kW Solar PV system and a Tesla PW2 c/w Gateway and am export...
  2. T

    Van der valk rail system - good or not

    Has anyone used van der valk rail system - specifically pitched roof with their hooks & is it good? Thanks
  3. CCinPA`cr

    Visonic Powermax (Check system for troubles)

    Removed the associated phone-line. How do I permeably silence this message?
  4. J

    MCBs ADS in TT system

    Quick Question. Despite being 50 I am a newbie electrical installer. Preparing for my retirement from public service. Anyways - my Question. How the hell do MCBs work on a TT system. Say Ze is 33 Ohms with a 240 supply the PFC will be just over 7 Amps. How does that trip MCBs or is there were...
  5. newfutile

    Type of earthing system

    This states a SNE system, do I list this as a TN-S system. The heads look the same as the PME types. Our NICEIC area engineer was also not sure about this!
  6. S

    Suspected Broken PEN conductor on TNC-S system

    Hello everyone, I’m based in the ROI and live in a rural location. Yesterday evening my electricity supply started to switch on and off randomly. After waiting for the evening for it to come back on it still has not. I checked my neighbors who are on the same DSO as my house and they all have...
  7. T

    Grid Tied generator system

    Re:Grid tied System. Could someone advise please on the following. I wish to install a 3 phase (input) Grid Tied system to my home (2 - 5kw). My problem being that I'm told that a certified (SEG) Company needs to do the installation, although I know I'm capable of carrying out this job. Plus...
  8. HappyHippyDad

    Adding an earth rod IN ADDITION to a TN system

    I have just watched one of John Ward's interesting videos - It all makes sense apart from one of the final points involving adding an earth rod to an existing TN system. Not making a TT, but using the rod in addition to the TN system. This part is at 20 minutes and 8 seconds if you want to...
  9. N

    Older home with no grounding system and pool pump

    Installing a small above ground pool with a 1/2HP 120v pool pump. The house is older and has no grounding system that I can tell. Outlets are two prong. I know I need a gfci outlet to plug pump into but will this be safe and work as intended with no grounding system and only a hot and neutral...
  10. M

    The names of the parts for PLC System

    SNMP or Modbus TCP/RTU Protocols to connect the PLC to external HMI LCD HMI LCD with graphical representation & ability of issue control commmands power supply for all system components with backup batteries built in web browser (http/https) Different users' levels SNMP protocol Email...
  11. A

    Unexpected/weird On/Off switch behavior in 12v DC System

    Here's the setup: 400ah battery bank on 12v has a positive line that connects to a 400a fuse, then to a Blue Sea On/Off Switch, then to the positive Bus Bar, then to the Fuse Box, then to the Loads. Loads come back on the negative to the Fuse Box, then the negative Bus, which goes to the...
  12. D

    Cables run in Wolf Easi joist system

    Hi Guys Im wiring a domestic dwelling that has the Wolf Easi joist fitted. The central web is great is running services, but how do you fix cables running with and at the normal to the joists? My first thought was mini trunking say 100 by 100, then we should to do grouping calcs. Why trunking...
  13. fourtytwo

    Does anybody recognise this mounting system please ? SOLVED

    Does anybody recognise this rail profile please ? Its from an existing system I wish to extend. EDIT SOLVED....I think it's PV-EZrack pro series here
  14. J

    AM2 NET Marking System?

    Yo I recently sat my am2 this week and I am awaiting my results this week, just wondering how stringent NET are with the marking side of things, is each segment passed on a percentage (say 80%) or is a 100% required throughout. Thanks in advance ⚡️
  15. Chas70473

    Smart start system installation

    Hi I'm trying to install smart start system in my mazda6 2009 gh tamura. But can't understand wiring diagrams. Trying to find negative door lock,unlock door trigger and ground wire on bcm. Any help would be appreciated.
  16. G

    TT Eathing system to be installed

    Will a TT earthing system be complicated to fit to a block of 6 flats and 1 communal area And is it expensive UKPN have told me this is there preferred option rather than a new supply from the road which would be very expensive
  17. S

    Solic 200 alongside Battery system

    I've seen similar questions but not one that specifically answers my question. I have a Moixa battery system in my house that uses a clamp sensor on the live feed to use excess solar power to charge batteries, that's all fine of course. Problem is, and you may guess this, when I fit the...
  18. M

    Safe system of works around pv array

    Due to an incident of an induced voltage on the array framework and someone getting a shock what’s people safe system of works in place to minimise this happening ?
  19. timhoward

    Help with replacing Entryview 3

    I looked at an old ESP Entryview 3 Multi system this morning with a faulty monitor unit, doorbell in one flat not working. After connection check both ends, and swapping two ports didn't result in a doorbell working I gave up. As far as I can tell I haven't a hope of getting a compatible spare...
  20. timhoward

    IT system - how do RCD's ever work

    To avoid distracting another thread... @Julie helpfully said that an RCD can be used with an IT system to achieve disconnection after the second fault. I'm not understanding how. If both faults are between transformer and a load it just becomes a parallel path with negligible resistance, and...
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