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  1. simpson93

    Wireless garden speaker system.

    Evening all, I’m looking for some advice/recommendations. Ive been asked to put 2/4 speakers in a garden as an afterthought. no route into the house to connect to an amp and so im after a Bluetooth controlled amp that could control 4 speakers, or 2 if not possible. any recommendations?
  2. T

    TT system testing

    Hi everyone. A recent install I've done on a tt system is giving me a reading of 93.3ohms as a Ze reading. When I then test from my circuits inside I'm getting readings like 106.3 for a socket circuit supplied from 32 amp type b mcb (which should be no higher than 1.10 ohms in bs7671) anyone...
  3. Vortigern

    What fire alarm system do you recommend

    Just wonder if there are any recommendations for a fire alarm system. A simple system conventional. It is a building (mosque) quite small as it goes around 100 sq m. 10 smokes one heat for kitchen. Three break glass, two sounders. So quite a small system. I have arranged the wiring for sounders...
  4. G

    Electrical system design 615 level 3 help!!!

    Hello everyone I am doing my level 3 electrical system design project 615 and I need some help with design current etc. at the moment all the colleges are closed so i am unable to find any help from teachers. i would really appreciate if someone show me the right path how to calculate it.
  5. M

    TT system

    Evening gentlemen, TT System, previous spark fitted new metal CU. I’ve got an outbuilding to wire, it’s fed by a 10mm swa. I’m going to be putting in a time delayed 100ma RCD before the main CU. The swa feed to the outbuilding cu will be fed via a switched fuse. My question is, do I split the...
  6. T

    TT System RCBOs/RCD

    Hi All Trying to do some digging on TT systems. With regards to TT systems, I have had different views/opinions on this stating that TT installations should have double pole RCD when it comes out of the meter so the installation is protected by RCD before tails enter in consumer unit. I also...
  7. D

    Transistor H-bridge system for a conveyor motor with speed control property's

    Hey, I've been asked a question 'what are operational systems on Transistor H-bridge system for a conveyor motor with speed control property's'. I know that system I've put below would work for a lower voltage application, I just cant seem to find any information on high voltage applications. I...
  8. P

    UK Earthing system

    Can somebody tell me what type of earth and where is it connected to ground. Can I have an independent earth bonded to ground for my Amateur radio equipment? Will this earth need to be connected to the domestic earth, if so can it be connected via an RF choke to prevent feed back to domestic...
  9. W

    Quinetic /kinetic

    Where to purchase quinetic / kinetic system in new zealand,tried google and trademe no luck,Cheers wezel
  10. N

    USA 277 Volt lighting. Y system. I have a string of lights out in a hallway.

    277 volt Y system lighting circuit. A string of lights out in a hallway. Have 277 to ground on both my hot and my neutral. Have only 15 volts between my 277 hot and 277 neutral. This was discovered Friday afternoon, Co. does not pay OT so its my unwanted challenge for Monday. Will look at prints...
  11. T

    Fire system installation training

    Hi all, I'm looking for some help with regards to Fire system installation training. I'm currently working with a friend of mine installing addressable fire systems. I come from a mostly house bashing background but looking to add more strings to my bow. Basically I'm looking for any suggestions...
  12. L


  13. S

    UK Alarm

    Hi all, I’ve just wired an alarm system for my house but don’t have a clue which alarm system to fit in terms of brand. Need some recommendations please?
  14. M

    Earth fault on a TN-S system

    So here is the situation 22kV/415V delta-star transformer with neutral point earthed on secondary Downstream breaker of transformer 630A with earth fault setting 0.2xIn @ 100ms This supplues a number of outgoing loads with respective 50A breakers which only have thermal and magnetic settings. An...
  15. Z

    Are my x2 2.5sqmm cables suitable for a 5kW E/W system?

    Hey guys, Firstly just to say that the PV system is being installed by a certified company/electrician, so this query is just to satisfy my own curiousity really. Also I’m based in Ireland and I know our regs will be slightly different. As I was slowly renovating my house I had in mind that I...
  16. M

    Turn on central heating when no wifi with Nest system ?

    Hi, My daughter's wifi has gone down, all of south west London Virgin users have no wifi for past 3 days due to someone cutting a cable. She has just moved into a house with Nest installed and is using underfloor heating to get heat. Does anyone know how to manually turn on the heating with...
  17. C

    Ship Power System

    Is the neutral distributed (or earthed for that matter) on a ship? I keep seeing this:
  18. C

    Earthing neutral in a multi source system

    This has me clueless. Why must the neutral be unearthed at the transformer and generator and only allowed earthing at the switch-gear? I can't see any reason because the neutral will normally not be carrying any current and thus no parallel current paths would form.
  19. M

    Weathercall system.

    Can anyone tell me how the Scottish power weathercall system works, and how would I know that it is still working.
  20. R

    Wiring a 2 port valve on a hive system

    Good afternoon Im in need of some assistance on a job. A new central heating system is being installed (previously storage heating) and the customer has purchased a hive multizone kit. She wants to control her heating up stairs and downstairs seperate so would need zones valves installed. I...
  21. B

    'Flatmate' door entry system

    hi guys. i recently bought a flat that is ex council, 6 flats in the block and has a very old looking door entry system called 'flatmate' thats all that is on the internal box inside, it has a open, talk, and a on/off button for privacy, It is a 6 wire system. green, blue, orange, orange...
  22. F

    Basic Home CCTV System

    Hi all, I'm looking to install a basic (2 or 3 camera) home CCTV system. Having done some research I gather a lot of the wireless systems aren't the best and can be very expensive for what they are. Therefore I'm looking to install one (possible two) camera on the from of my property on the...
  23. happysteve

    Is there a standard battery for alarm system contol panels?

    (Domestic) I don't touch alarms, out of my area of expertise. However, while doing other electrical work, quite often I'll switch off the circuit (or board) and the alarm will go off, always due to the fact that the backup battery in the control panel is dead. Restore power, alarm stops. My...
  24. B

    Max Zs TN system can’t achieve

    Sorry further on from last post, TNS system, Zs can’t be achieved on final circuits, getting 1.08 Zs on a B63 0.69 but protected by 167 ohms, poor design cable runs are too long and R1+R2 proves this, now I’ve spoke with my boss about what to record in Max Zs is it 0.69 or 167 ohms as all...
  25. A

    Integration of Solar system with multiple utility company's sources in a home

    I have installed 4kw (5kva) solar system at my home. I have 3 phase supply (3 single phase meters instead of one 3 phase connection, i.e 3 separate phases and 3 neutrals, These neutrals are combined at source end of utility company) from the utility company. when I shifted load of one kwh meter...
  26. bigspark17

    Access keypad system

    I have been asked to install a keypad access system in a commercial property, this will be a simple one door install. The property does have a fire alarm does this system need to be interfaced to the fire alarm...
  27. B

    TNS system Max Zs exceeded

    Local caravan site, 16/2C swa out have 3 or 4 Electric points with 2 x 16amp sockets on one circuit protected by B63 MCB now, TNS system Main RCD 100/300 mA protecting MCBs, now I’m testing and getting Max Zs of 0.99 when permitted is 0.69 so pointlet de rating to 50 amp, I don’t like the idea...
  28. P


    Dear Friends, I hope i will find some solution with you. I have installed a system with Goodwe inverter GW10k-ET, hybrid it has 9.3 kwp modules and 6.4 High voltage BYD battery box. This is the situation: We turn on the whole system, everything works perfectly, now we want to simulate a...
  29. B

    No zone valves on my system

    I have oil heat with 3 zones/3 thermostats (basement, 1st/2nd floor) using baseboards. The 3 thermostats are 110v line voltage units that operate the 3 circulator pumps. There are no zone valves on this system. I would like to install 3 Nest thermostats to replace these old line voltage units...
  30. S

    TT System Consumer unit/RCD Arrangments

    HI All, Wondering what the best configuration is for a Consumer unit replacement on a TT system. is a 30ma Split load board with a 100ma time delayed RCD as the main switch suitable in todays standards? do you completely remove the red double pole main switch and replace with a double pole...
  31. R

    Domestic Automatic Transfer Switch and earthing system installation advice

    Hi, I am planning to install a hybrid solar/wind power system. When it comes to 230V AC, I'd like to supply power to a home circuit with mainly LED lighting, It will draw probably never more than a few hundred watts. This circuit is connected on the main breaker panel to a 10A breaker,one pole...
  32. happyhippydad

    Would I still need a gland for the tails and earth on this TT system?

    The installation is TT. The meter box has been moved by the DNO. The tails will now be >3m so I will be fitting a switch fuse. I was planning on removing the DP switch in the switch fuse and replacing with a 100mA S type RCD. I would have put one in place of the main switch in the CU so this...
  33. S

    Electrician Looking for an electrician in East London to update Helvar system

    Looking for someone to update Helvar system in East London.
  34. B


    Got a question (this job is done), Mains is TNS, now there is an SWA from mains that feeds a panel, now I’ve tested this site a few times and readings vary for some reason, now to be safe feeding a new panel which will be outside then to some outdoor sockets, the panel (with upfront RCD) is fine...
  35. Gavin John Hyde

    Smart lighting garden system

    got a job coming up, need to control 4 lots of lights on a garden, will have 4 zones aroind koi pond and decking etc... First thought was a wise systemWise system but customer wants an app for it on his phone. Anybody got suggestions for a decent wireless control system that has a phone app...
  36. B

    solar pannel nickel-iron system question!?

    Ok, so I am a little stuck on one thing for a while now. For a nickel-iron battery bank of 24 volts, each cell is 1.2 volts and has a charging voltage of 1.65, so 33 volts is needed when for optimum charge. The 24 volt, 100Ah battery bank requires a optimal charge rate at c/4 (25 amps for a 100...
  37. M

    Alarm system Arictech CD34 - mobile (SIM) alarm transmission

    Hello, I have an ARITECH alarm system CD 34 with currently an alarm transmission using fixed telephone line (RD6201) and voice extension (4 audio messages broadcast when the connection is established). Question: I would like to delete the fixed line (terrestrial) and use a SIM card transmission...
  38. N

    Grade D fire detection system annual certs?

    HMO property wants an annual periodic inspection cert for a grade D mains linked smoke alarm system. Far as I'm aware only installation and commisioning grade D fire detection system certs exists, and it's not actually recommended to give out annual periodics for these grade D smokes? Wiring...
  39. S

    Previously working PV/Battery system starting popping RCBO when SMETS2 meter fitted

    We had a PV/battery system was fitted in late May, and measurements showed it was working very well, but then a few weeks ago the old meter (electronic box about the size of a large cigarette packet) was replaced with a SMET2 meter and everything went down hill! When the PV system was working...
  40. C

    Integrating Generator with Solar PV System

    We installed a 14.7 kW solar PV system and are now installing a 22 kW whole house backup generator. The solar panels and SolarEdge inverter are on our barn, because its roof had the best sun exposure. The panels on roof of the barn connect to the inverted inside the barn, which connects to a...
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