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  1. Gavin John Hyde

    Smart lighting garden system

    got a job coming up, need to control 4 lots of lights on a garden, will have 4 zones aroind koi pond and decking etc... First thought was a wise systemWise system but customer wants an app for it on his phone. Anybody got suggestions for a decent wireless control system that has a phone app...
  2. B

    solar pannel nickel-iron system question!?

    Ok, so I am a little stuck on one thing for a while now. For a nickel-iron battery bank of 24 volts, each cell is 1.2 volts and has a charging voltage of 1.65, so 33 volts is needed when for optimum charge. The 24 volt, 100Ah battery bank requires a optimal charge rate at c/4 (25 amps for a 100...
  3. M

    Alarm system Arictech CD34 - mobile (SIM) alarm transmission

    Hello, I have an ARITECH alarm system CD 34 with currently an alarm transmission using fixed telephone line (RD6201) and voice extension (4 audio messages broadcast when the connection is established). Question: I would like to delete the fixed line (terrestrial) and use a SIM card transmission...
  4. N

    Grade D fire detection system annual certs?

    HMO property wants an annual periodic inspection cert for a grade D mains linked smoke alarm system. Far as I'm aware only installation and commisioning grade D fire detection system certs exists, and it's not actually recommended to give out annual periodics for these grade D smokes? Wiring...
  5. S

    Previously working PV/Battery system starting popping RCBO when SMETS2 meter fitted

    We had a PV/battery system was fitted in late May, and measurements showed it was working very well, but then a few weeks ago the old meter (electronic box about the size of a large cigarette packet) was replaced with a SMET2 meter and everything went down hill! When the PV system was working...
  6. C

    Integrating Generator with Solar PV System

    We installed a 14.7 kW solar PV system and are now installing a 22 kW whole house backup generator. The solar panels and SolarEdge inverter are on our barn, because its roof had the best sun exposure. The panels on roof of the barn connect to the inverted inside the barn, which connects to a...
  7. C

    138/240Y System

    How would everyone feel about a 240Y system in a building with everything connected Line-Line? I personally like (want) this system. No TN-C, TN-C-S vs TN-S debate. No earthing/bonding debates of how to keep the neutrals separate in a multi source or generator system. No fire or shock risk...
  8. S

    DOL Starter / automatic dust extraction system

    Could I use a DOL Starter circuit to create an automatic extraction system? I was thinking that I could replace the start button and simply wire in a socket instead. So hypothetically if I plugged in and switched on an electric palm sander, it would start up my dust extraction systems (via the...
  9. F

    Vesda Xtralis air aspirating system

    Hello, please i have an issue with the Vesda Xtralis air aspirating system. The system is connected to the central FACP. And formerly coming on alarm fault and fire alarm. But i was able to solve the problem by servicing devices connected to it and changing the resistors. Now the fault was...
  10. F

    System fault on panel 001 short/ circuit

    Please how do i start to check for system fault on panel short circuit. I was able to solve this problem before but now it's taking like forever and am getting frustrated please help. I am working on a Esser IQ 8000 control FACP.
  11. M

    earthing system?

    having a slight disagreement with a maintenance guy on a job im testing... just a bit of banter, but can any confirm this earthing system..?!
  12. Z

    Aillos central venting system

    Has anyone come across one of these, I have one gone down in a flat can't find any dealers etc. Thanks for any help
  13. S

    Adding PV diverter to battery system - using delay switch??

    I am trying to add an Apollo Gem diverter to my battery grid tied system (Victron ESS). It is not going to work because both systems are fighting for the surplus solar power to either charge the battery or divert to immersion. If I add a delay timer switch in the immersion circuit so the load to...
  14. D

    Domestic Earthing a PV system question

    I am fitting up a small PV system on a porch roof using a small (Plug in Solar) 4 panel rig just would like to know if its lightning earth grounding wire can be threaded under tiles to emerge as required at its brackets (to be neater), or would it need to be topside. Figure there are rules for...
  15. C

    Protection on Tncs / tt system

    Pme Swa sub main supplying external tennis courts. Because of cable size,tt system will be installed. The original Pme supply comes from main distribution area,from a Bill Switchfuse isolator,63 amps. The new tt system is ze 13 ohms,the Pme earthing system is 0.35 ohnms. No connection to the Pme...
  16. J

    L1 Smoke alarm / Fire alarm system

    Can anyone tell me - is there a difference between an L1 fire alarm system and an L1 smoke alarm system?
  17. W

    12V solar powered UV disinfection system

    Hi everyone, I am currently undergoing a small DIY project to make a solar-powered UV disinfection system. The 2 loads I have are a small 4LPM 12v DC pump and a 24V 10W UV lamp. My system consists of a 50W 12V solar panel which is connected to a 3A charge controller, A 12v 14AH battery, a...
  18. C

    Hospital Emergency Power System

    Anyone have a one line diagram of a typical UK or EU hospital? How are the emergency branches divided per code? How many ATSs? What is typical?
  19. salvatore8916

    Fuses and Cables for solar system

    Hallo, I am new in the solar panel tech and I have no experience in make any system. I just got a small house in a garden (10square meters) and I got the following system: 1 solar panel Renology 100W (12V) 1 Inverter (Pure sine wave) 2000W ( Inverter DC12V to AC 220V Converter) 1 EPever MPPT...
  20. D

    Optima alarm system problem

    I have an Optima alarm which went off yesterday without any known reason when I have tried to reset it nothing at all is working. The internal battery hasn’t been replaced for a number of years, could it be that this needs replacing and if so, is that all? Thanks
  21. R

    Issues with old-school sixties system

    Hoping someone can advise on this - driving my classic today, 2 years after rebuild including complete rewire and has done 4,000 miles with no trouble. The car has a typical sixties oil-filled coil, distributor, points replaced with aftermarket module, new AGM battery, new leads everywhere etc...
  22. happyhippydad

    Cable size and how to earth this system?

    Morning.... I have a friend of a friend who is just looking for some advice regarding his 12V solar set up. It's a metal shed approx 5m x 3m. My 2 questions are: 1. Does the cable joining each of the 5 batteries have to be 50mm as well as the cable from battery to 3kW inverter? I'm sure it...
  23. 1

    Max Zs @ 80% TN-C-S System

    Morning all, I'm currently finishing off my Lvl 3 C+G and I just need to finish off my design spreadsheet then I'll have completed it. I've one last column to fill in "Max Zs @80%" the design is based on a hotel using a TN-C-S supply. I'm just wanting to know where I can find this information...
  24. D

    Domestic New small solar system advice needed

    Hi all, just got hold of 2 12v 98amh deep charge batteries could someone advice the cheapest way to complete solar system. I want to use it at my allotment to power mist spray bench, grow lights in greenhouse a small water pump and possibly lights and stuff in shed. I assume the batteries would...
  25. E

    Earthing System Query

    Hi, just a quick question... I’m at the stage now where I’m being pretty nosey at other people’s consumer units/supply set ups etc to further improve my understanding and recognition of the different earthing systems found in domestic properties. The image below was taken at a member of my...
  26. mhar

    TT system eic minor point

    New circuits. Ra of 229 Ohms therefore the rcds are for fault protection by design. Zdb of 0.29 (10mm gas bond) so are the rcds classed as additional protection?
  27. Michael J

    The maximum value for Zs on a TT system is 50/I delta. So for a 30mA RCd is 1667 ohms

    why is this not the case if the final circuits on a TN-S or TN-C-S system are protected by a RCD? Funny what you think of when you can’t sleep
  28. P

    TT system - Reg 411.5.1

    Just looking at the second part of this reg with the statement " The neutral point or the midpoint of the power supply system shall be earthed. If the neutral point or midpoint is not available or not accessible, a line conductor shall be earthed" My question is... I assume they are talking...
  29. S

    Domestic How to connect a single zone manifold into a multi-manifold system

    Hi Guys, I have a multi-manifold underfloor heating system. The multi-zone manifolds all operate nicely turning things on and off as appropriate according to the main timer and the zone thermostats. The single zone doesn't listen to the thermostat and only obeys the central timer (ie on or...
  30. A

    Domestic Simple domestic CCTV system

    Hello, New member here, I have been on plumbers forum for a while and viewed this forum plenty of times. Just looking for a bit of advice on a CCTV system. We have had a few thefts in the area recently and I am looking at fitting one. Probably looking at about 4 cameras as we live in a semi...
  31. Bobby34

    TT system, RCD or RCBO

    At the risk of asking a silly question could someone advise me on the following: Client has a TT system with only half the circuits covered by an RCD, they want a light adding on a light circuit thats currently not covered by the rcd. Now with half circuits not going to meet the disconnection...
  32. rolyberkin

    Advice on X Vision HD IP CCTV system

    I have an Xvision XRN 1609 system with six cameras, I have feeds coming from all six cameras to the NVR which I can view live time on the monitor, in the recording screen it looks like all six are feeding into the disc, however if I try to view three of the cameras all I get is a black screen...
  33. P

    supply to a shed on a tns system

    Hi everyone I have a question I have been asked to look at a job this week and I am a bit puzzled. A chap I know has a shed connected to His down stairs ring to a garden shed via a 2 core swa cable. Its connected to the rear of a outside socket the armour of the swa is connected to the cpc at...
  34. B

    Max Zdb TNS system help

    TNS system Ze is 0.3 ohms all good now sub mains is fed from this but I’m getting 3.15 ohms still should be under 0.8 ohms? Thanks
  35. B

    Caravan site readings on TT system

    Hi, have a distribution unit which feeds some caravan boxes TT system, it has upfront 300mA RCD and double pole 60898, now I’ve been sent to re gland as the disconnect times wasn’t met, but I’m getting readings of 0.30 ohms when max is either TT 167 ohms or if you go by MCB then 0.59? But the...
  36. R

    Supply to summer house TT system

    Hi all , this is my first post , i’m a qualified electrician but I spend my whole time sub contracting to a factory installing and moving machinery so i’m a bit out of touch ( although taking the 18th on may 3rd ) with domestic work! A friend has asked for a supply to his summer house so I took...
  37. S

    Advice on a door entry product to integrate with PAC system

    I am struggling to find a product on the market for this specific problem I have and thought its worth having a shot at asking here. I have a lot of experience working with PAC systems (networked and stand alone) as my company has many properties using door entry systems. I however need to...
  38. V

    rcd on a 2 phase system

    hi on an installation i am about to work on it is a 2 phase system, L1 phase has been split between 2 cutout fuses so L1, L1, L2, N & TT earth if a 4 pole time delay rcd is used as the incomer will the rcd work correctly under fault condition, and also will the test button work as normal...
  39. F

    Domestic Ze measurement with a PV system connected?

    Hi, I’m new to this site and wanted some advice on the following, I have a db with a 4kw PV system feed into it via a 16A cb. Gn3 tells me that a generating set which can feed in in parallel to a dB will effect the ze measurement. How can I carry out the ze, pefc and pssc test with this system...
  40. Y

    Grounding an off grid system

    Hi System is victron quattro 10000 va inverter, 150 /70 mppt victron cc and 12 victron 100 Ah 12.8 V lifepo4 batteries wired as 51.2v 300 ah bank. Should I ground battery minus, cc chassis and inverter chassis seperately with own ground rod or should I wire to ground bus bar in main...
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