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  1. GS tech elec Ltd

    Other Fancy getting into smart systems?

    Hi all Hope we are all well. I run a electrical and smart building business in the South West but am looking to expand through the UK. We offer programmable systems, centralized lighting and custom home cinemas....to name a few services. I am now looking to work with sparks in other cities...
  2. J

    UK Can someone help me wire a new light fitting into an old house with old wiring systems.

    I’m a junior electrician, fresh out of college. I did some minor electrical work for a friend buI tried to put up a new chandelier I came across: Two Line wires (RED), going into one connector block Two Neutrals (BLACK), separated into different connector blocks - Two CPC wires, going into...
  3. S

    Recommended CCTV systems for domestic use

    Just a quick question, what CCTV do you recommend for use outside the home. There are so many out there and I want something decent quality to install for a customer. Also, how do you price for installing CCTV cameras. My customer wants 2 cameras. I don't want to supply something that has poor...
  4. J

    Looking for books that’s go into detail on heating systems especially S Plan and also wiring on commercial plots such as communial flats etc

    Looking for books that go into detail on heating systems especially S Plan and also wiring on commercial plots such as communial flats etc thanks in advance !
  5. H

    how many containment systems do you need to include in an NVQ 2357?

    Good evening, I am currently completing an NVQ 2357, I am doing this as an adult learner and I work in the trade. I am wondering for the NVQ how many different types of containment I need to give examples working with. I have examples of dado trunking, pvc conduit etc but lack industrial...
  6. P

    Suggestions for Cable or track lighting systems.?

    So someone has asked suggestions as how to upgrade lights in a small narrow kitchen in a new build. The kitchen has a low ceiling - albeit subjectively (the guy is 6'7" and at the moment only blocks the light from the one pendant where ever he is in the room). Obvious choice would have been...
  7. Lister1987

    Wanted Looking for a copy of Electrician's Guide to Fire Detection and Alarm Systems - Electrical Regulations (2nd Edition) - ISBN:9781849197632

    I'm after a copy of this book but everywhere i'm looking I can't find a single copy (new) and am seeing listings for £200+ for used copies. I understand it's a discontinued book and that the publication of the 3rd Edition has been pushed back to 2020 due to Grenfell Tower tragedy, which is...
  8. T

    Tips for an app about design and installation of photovoltaic systems.

    Hello: I am developing an app for design and installation of photovoltaic systems. I request advice to know what would be the most necessary functions in this app. Thanks
  9. Pete999

    Trainee Earthing systems explained

  10. okrobie

    Do hybrid auto inverters have any practical use for 110/220 volt systems?

    I haven't a clue what they are good for but they seem to be cheap at the junk yard (Around $15) so I'm wondering if they can be used with a battery bank as a UPS? Thanks, Jim
  11. D

    3 phase power

    I work in Broadcast television as a broadcast systems designer. I have seen in recent months a trend that is worrying (not sure if it is legal) that in a 19" rack there could be several phases wired to power distribution outlets (normally via IEC connectors) This means it is imperative that...
  12. B

    Alarm systems types

    Hi all, My boss has told me to set the system type of 2 smokes and a heat alarm as LD3+. Can anyone send me a link or reply with a description of what each grade of fire alarm system is? I always thought LD2 was smoke hall, smoke landing and heat alarm in kitchen, and LD3 was as above without...
  13. P

    smet2 meters are they compatible with solar and battery systems

    Recently ive heard of several complaints regarding the smet2 meters presently being installed in homes are not compatible with solar pv and battery systems leading to householders' being overcharged always thought the smet 2 would sort this out.
  14. M

    Assessment 615: Electrical Systems Design

    Hello :) I'm currently on my final assessment for 2365 after spending two years at college. I really want to complete the assessment in some design software rather than manually drawing. I found designspark which looked as if it could do what I want but doesn't seem to like importing...
  15. J

    Domestic Help on learning heating systems for domestic properties

    Could someone point me in the right direction for learning everything I need to know on heating systems throughout my apprenticeship I didn’t get to do a lot of it and would like to know my stuff . Thanks
  16. S

    Recommended CCTV systems

    Hi. One of my regular clients' father's house was broken into last night by an armed gang. They beat him up a bit and burgalled the house. Pretty shocking, four people smashed the rear patio door and simply ran in and terrorized the 2 occupants. As he was elderly I expect they cased the house...
  17. Ian B

    Domestic Suggestions for Lighting Control Systems

    I'm familiar with Lutron and similar high end systems, but wondered what contractors are using in the residential sector, for new smaller installations (maybe one or two rooms). For example, where a client has a mix of conventional circuits such as downlights, pendants, etc and would like basic...
  18. P

    Supplier for Bell Systems door entry system

    I am trying to find a supplier to supply a slightly customised Bell door entry system i.e. not exactly one of their standard kits. I used to deal directly with Bell whose sales dept is excellent but now they say they won't supply direct. I need a supplier who is at least capable of understanding...
  19. T

    BMS/electrical panel course!

    Afternoon all, Newbie here (so be gentle-lol) No doubt I am reviving an old timeless thread but am going to ask either way .... I am a commercial gas engineer by trade and quite a vast amount of my job consists of fault finding electrical panels/bms systems. Whilst I can slowly fumble my...
  20. FatAlan

    Domestic wiring systems. What would you do?

    My house is totally gutted and I’ll be doing a complete rewire. I’m more than likely just going to do a conventional rewire but with all the smart systems etc that are out there part of me is inclined to go in that direction just to get the experience of installing such things. As I’m over 50...
  21. Rob Argent

    Security Systems Engineer

    Hello Ladies, Gentleman, Fellow Sparks, I'm Rob Argent, New to the site, Former 15th edition electrician now last 18 years Integrated Security Engineer (MD) for Comstation Security Systems. Im based in Mid Kent and want to be a valuable asset to your tool box with anything regarding Alarms -...
  22. Aaron t

    Level 3 nvq extended diploma in electrical/electronic engineering (manufacturing control systems equ

    Hi can anyone help i have just completed an advanced apprenticeship in Level 3 electrical/electronic i have gained a level 3 btec diploma and Level 3 nvq extended diploma in electrical/electronic engineering (manufacturing control systems equipment) i also have my level 3 in electrical...
  23. David M

    Commercial/Industrial Monitored Security Systems

    Hi Folks, Does anybody here work for or can recommend a reputable security supply & installation company? I'm looking for a reputable company that can install a complete monitored system including door access, cctv and intruder alarm. It is for a large company based in Stoke on Trent...
  24. Amar

    8 bedroom 8 bathroom property

    Hi Everyone, Just joined the forum today, hoping to pick your brains now and again as I've been watching as a guest for a while and found it to be a friendly and knowledgeable place to be! I'm an Electrician myself and run a electrical and building contractors within the west midlands. As the...
  25. C

    Looking for control system design engineers

    Hello all, I'm looking for a self employed / semi-retired control system designers to work with us on some on going projects. Until this time I have been doing the designing and programming work but due to a major increase in our workload I need someone who can visit sites & get to work...
  26. L

    Security alarm GSM card?

    Hello Ive been asked to install a security alarm with a GSM card built in. Had a look at the premises and there is no BT point available. Haven't installed one with a GSM card before does anyone have any preferences on alarms and GSM cards? Its a warehouse 30m in length 15m width.
  27. C

    fire alarm

    Just wondering how you guys are getting around installing fire alarm systems. We used to Cable & connect,with the older systems,analogue,now it's all addressable we can't strip out or reconnect new detectors without calling a specialist. They come along,charge what they want,after you've done...
  28. EMMEC

    EMM Electrical Contractors LTD

    We carry out all electrical work from electrical inspections, testing and reports, to complete system design and installation, intruder alarm systems and emergency lighting systems. We are experts at working in varied environments including schools, Sports/ Leisure Centres, Public houses, retail...
  29. Lou

    Hughes Group

    At Hughes Group electrical, we pride ourselves on the excellent service we offer our clients in providing everything required in residential and commercial properties. All work is carried out by qualified electricians and guaranteed to BS7671 standards. Electrical Safety Electrical Testing...
  30. H

    Books for Fire Stuff

    Anyone got any book recommendations to learn a bit about all the commercial type fire systems and their appropriate standards. Don't fancy pulling out a small fortune for BS5839
  31. B

    House to House Intercom System

    Hi Guys, I've never installed intercom systems before but it is something I have been approached about. The customer lives on a plot of land with her elderly dad living in a separate house on the same plot of land. They would like a handset in the dads bedroom and a handset in the customers...
  32. C


    Hello guys I have a new house installation job coming up in which Lutron series 4 has been specified. If anyone has any experience with this system is it really as plug and play as the manufacturer says? Looks like quite an interesting Job, I am quite familiar with commercial systems like...
  33. M


    Quick introduction. 28 yr old qualified spark with the boring PAT qualification test and inspect, design and verification, compex 08 and 09. Think That's it. moved into the switchgear side of the industry 3 years back building switchgear parking elsewhere like distribution systems changeover...
  34. Sintra

    Electrician Electricians Jobs SW6 - Electricians needed London SW6

    2 x electricians required for high end commercial project near Earls Court. Would prefer self employed but PAYE can be considered. This work will last for 6 months for the right people. Must have completed a full apprenticeship and hold a valid ECS or CSCS card. C&G 2391 would be desirable...
  35. S

    Extra Training Courses

    Hi Guys, Looking for some input as wanting expand my knowledge, understanding and more important training with certification in the following areas to be able to expand my company and my own skill sets. Doesn't give a good company image advertising work with out the correct certification just...
  36. Lou

    Roberts Electrical N.W Ltd

    Here at Roberts Electrical, our team of electricians take their work very seriously and as one of North Wales leading electrical contractors we are happy to provide a range of services, both domestic and commercial, including New installations, Rewires, Security systems, Home Alarms, Domestic &...
  37. P

    danfoss 3020p replacement

    anyone replaced a danfoss 3020p programmer? ive been given a Honeywell st9400a to change to, only worried about the water only and water and heating settings, will the new programmer still work on heating only
  38. Lou

    Scott Clarke Electrical

    Scott Clark Electrical is your local electrician, based in North Newbald but covering the whole of East Riding, we offer a professional service from many years experience. We are NAPIT Part P approved and are members of the Trust Mark, for reassurance of the quality of our advice and...
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