1. J

    Max zs mccbs/ACB TNS/TT Systems

    Hi might be a stupid question but somone might have the answers. TNS systems and TT where the Ze of the installation is a lot higher than a Ze <0.35 of a TNCS system, how do you comply max Zs of a MCCB in a panel board disconnection time of 5s? Most data manufacturers instruction give really...
  2. FelimDoyle

    Do the forums cover electrical systems in the UK, Ireland and EU countries?

    Do the forums cover electrical systems in the UK, Ireland and EU countries or are they only for US/Canada/North America?
  3. S

    Rako lighting systems

    Any of you guys and girls out there work on Rako lighting systems?
  4. HappyHippyDad

    Understanding wiring for wet underfloor heating systems.

    Up until now I have steered clear of heating systems. I now have quite a bit of work with a builder and will be expected to deal with the electrical aspects of any heating systems installed. In a few months I will be doing the electrical work for a 2 zone underfloor heating system from a...
  5. C

    Heating systems with air source

    Hello , I’m trying to further my knowledge into UFH/Rad/HW valves heating systems with air source pumps. What is normally needed outside with the unit itself? Do people use a multi core cable to come out of the isolator? Also, where and what cables are needed to manifolds etc? I...
  6. B

    Lightning Protection systems T&I

    Hi All I am seeking a 1 day Lightning protection system inspection and test course in the east Anglia, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire area. A google search gives me few a far between courses and dates. Any help with find training specialists or courses would be a great help. Thank you
  7. T

    Addressable fire systems

    Hi all, I'm looking for some help & advice understanding addressable fire systems. I'm helping a small team out pulling in enhanced FP for a fire install. I've done a little bit of addressable fire stuff before, but not much. I'm just looking for info with regards to Interfaces, power supplies...
  8. R

    ungrounded 3 phase systems

    hello. looking for advice on working on a 3 ph, 3 wire 480 delta that i believe fits the definition of a corner grounded delta. the title of the thread is appropriate because theres only 3 wires marked for each phase and no neutral going into the customers main disconnect switch which powers a...
  9. Algarve Sparky

    Cu fire suppression systems

    Anyone had experience of this company and their cu fire suppression tubes ? https://www.------------/watch/?v=1778333502225904
  10. S

    EICR 100ma RCD TT systems

    Good Morning all , Carrying out an EICR yesterday on a domestic property TT system , which is not a system I frequently work on. My question is that I have a Plastic CU, All circuits protected by RCBO’s, Satisfactory main protective bonding in place & A Good ZE / PFC well within the limits of a...
  11. L

    Mixing TT and TNCS supply systems

    Was informed of this incident last week. A row of period houses in an older part of the city. All on TT earthing. One gets rewired. TNCS is obligatory for all new installations. DNO suffers a neutral break close to the trafo. All 23 houses now divert their neutral current back through the...
  12. Marvo

    Automotive Control Systems 2005

    Marvo submitted a new resource: Automotive Control Systems 2005 - Automotive Control Systems 2005 Read more about this resource...
  13. L

    Any Installers only use texecom systems ?

    Its an area I might venture into . And I find I like to use one brand for things as you get to know them better and the jobs work out better for both parties etc .I hear excellent feedback about Texecom .
  14. B

    Dental surgeries that need extraction systems to help reducing "fallow" time.

    Hello All, I would like to say hello . I am looking for leads into Dental surgeries that need extraction systems to help reducing "fallow" time.
  15. L

    Shower shock in TT systems

    Do you encounter many issues with homeowners experiencing "tingling" from electric showers in homes with a TT supply system? Reason I ask is because everytime we respond to this issue it always turns out to be a result of a plumber replacing copper with Qualpex or the service provider replacing...
  16. P

    Expanding electrical knowledge on CCTV, fire, door entry, smart lighting/power & Industrial systems

    So I've just recently qualified from my apprenticeship and I'm looking to expand my knowledge on a few different systems such as: A) CCTV B) Fire alarm systems C) Door entry systems D) Smart systems E) Industrial equipment Not working at the moment and not so eager to get back on site so soon...
  17. R

    Bringing commercial lighting systems up to current standard

    Hi, I'm new here and this is my first post, so excuse any forthcoming rookie errors. I am from the UK with an electrical engineering background, coming from the heavy industry sector (mainly power stations). I recently took on the role of estimator/operations manager for a small electrical...
  18. Q

    TT systems and eicrs ?

    Evening all If you were to carry out an eicr and you came across a TT system what is the procedure and required tests....I can see how you would get a Ze reading etc but how in an existing installation do you get the earth road resistance I can imagine that rods might be next to...
  19. samsingh

    Conveyor systems

    Hi, I have a new Job starting tomorrow on Conveyor Systems its my first time working on them. I was just wondering if anyone on here can tell me exactly what to expect with the install of Conveyors on A distribution Warehouse. I have an idea of what to expect but if someone has previously...
  20. Lister1987

    Wanting to get my head around fire detection and alarm systems...

    Can anyone recommend any good links, books, materials (Aside from bs 5839-1) for getting an understanding and looking into how these systems are devised, wired, maintained and such like? I know there was the IET Electricians Guide to Fire Detection and Alarm Systems - 2nd Edition, however I...


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