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  1. L

    Motor starter inspection

    We have a motor starter for a 1.5kw motor that have both been out of service for around 5 years. We plan on bringing this motor and starter back into service. My question is, is there an official checklist with certification to a standard such as bs7671? For this fitness for service inspection...
  2. J

    building control question.

    hi all I am an electrician and just started doing work for myself, I have been installing solar subcontracting so have not needed part p as the company I work for is. I have all qualifications apprenticeship and testing 2391, solar and more and am to the 17th edition wiring regulations. I...
  3. Z

    SMA & Phono Solar vs Sunlink & Aurora

    Hello, I am in the process of getting quotes for a home installation The two I have narrowed it down to (i.e. cheapest, but maybe not necessarily best!) are: A: 16 x 240W Phono Solar monocrystalline panels and an SMA 4000TL inverter B: 16 X 240W Sunlink Maximum Power Polycrystalline...
  4. E

    MCS Accreditation

    Hi Everyone, We have started this thread to give everyone an area to discuss MCS Certification and any issues or questions associated with it. Easy MCS are the UK's leading MCS Specialists and we are happy to help and advise if anyone has any queries. Many Thanks
  5. K

    " Heads Up " on electrium breakers !!

    Hi folks, Had a call out this afternoon to a domestic property fitted 18 months ago with a replacment c.u. and sub main to garage from dedicated breaker in the same c.u. Db1 was wylex 6 way c.u.with 100 amp incomer, sub was 6mmt+e from main box on 32 amp rcbo, TT earetrhing and Ra was 17.8...
  6. A

    Commercial Looking for work in surrey

    I am 16 years old who has just been accepted onto an Electrician Installation Programme at Guildford College starting in September on a day release. I am looking for full time electrician mate position. I don't really have much experience yet but I am available immediately If you...
  7. M

    Harmony Halo Corridor Dim Led lighting

    Just wondering if anyone here has ever installed these lights? We are having a bit of bother with them at work. The lights themselves have a number of functions. They have jumper settings which can alter the brightness of the tube and how long it stays illuminated for. The fittings also...
  8. K

    Fire Rated SP&N Distribution Boards

    Does anyone know of any manufactures that produce fire rated boards? Its for 110v DC emergency lighting. Cheers
  9. K

    Jib grading

    HI there, I know most people have heard this question so many times before but I’ve searched and there are so many different answers to this question. I want to know what Grading I will be given once I have finished my 2356 NVQ Level 3 I put myself through college and wasn’t under a...
  10. Test-Meter

    iPhone users

    Has anyone else being effected by apples incompetence? I woke up late again! It's a massive slap in the face the third time since the iPhone 4's release! In order of appearance: 1. Reception issues (Aerial fault) 2. Phone lock (Can be bypassed) 3. Alarm clock (Not updated) The way to fix...
  11. R

    Voltage drop

    Iv been calculation voltage drop. Could some see if what im doing is correct. So from looking in the regs i have found that your aloud 6.9v voltage drop for lights and 11.5v for sockets etc. S i take it that i need to go buy the 6.9 v as i have lights??? Im intending on feeding a new board...
  12. P

    The worse money you have worked for?

    What is the worse rate you have worked for ph? Mines is £12ph starting monday, Testing and inspecting and providing my own transport working for the council through a agency. Gutt'd
  13. S

    Voltage Drop

    Hi all, I've got a job to do regarding an outside supply to a summer house. The easiest route is to pick power up from a car porch. This small board is fed from the house on 2.5mm, which is approx 15m from the main board. Unfortunately the cable is under a driveway and simply installing a...
  14. H

    SWA sizes confused

    hi guys and girls sorry to have to ask this and i know when i get the answer i will kick myself but i am getting confused over SWA cable sizes. i need to upgrade a garage and am looking to put in 6mm instead of the current 2.5 and want to use swa. i have been able to fined 6mm swa which i...
  15. S

    Getting Ze with Fluke 1652

    Hi all, can i asked the question to make sure i'm doing this correctly. Using a Fluke 1652 I'm testing for the Ze. i've got the tester on the LOOP setting with L-PE selected. LEADS - RED - INCOMING L GREEN - DISCONNECTED INCOMMING EARTH BLUE - INCOMMING N Is this correct? All my college...
  16. S

    2392 testing

    Hi all, Just preparing for my 2392 practical exam. I seem to be confusing myself and my brain is going blank when I’m trying to get prep notes together!! Please could you read through my notes below and let me know if I have messed something up! Cheers * attached *
  17. C

    Another one to add to the books

    Hi all, Just a little post to introduce myself. My name is Chris and im from the mighty Bristol. I am afraid that at the moment I am in need of all your help. The main reason why I joined is to ask you all the best way to become an electrician because I know there are a various number of...
  18. E


    Hi there Sorry if this has been up, I did search but nothing come up, Just been looking on their website and was thinking some of the courses looked good for me. I have done a city and guilds 2330 level 2 and never had the chance to get an apprentice or work I have my E.C.S certificate...
  19. MarkRibbands

    Connecting/commoning RCBO Functional Earths. What do you do?

    What do you do with those untidy functional earth wires, especially if you have a lot of RCBOs in one board? I suppose one is supposed to take each lead to the same terminal as the circuit’s CPC. But that can mean trying to reliably fit a skinny bit of stranded flex behind maybe a 6mm earth...
  20. B

    Using Type C MCB in domestic propertys

    Hi guys and girls. I am an assistant Electrical Design Consultant and wanted to ask your opinions on a job i have been asked to look at! We have been asked to look into a latent defect, were a Electrical contractor has installed Type C MCB on the lighting circuit in a number of domestic...
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