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  1. NDG Elecs

    Talking light fittings...

    Yep, you read that right! I met two talking light fittings today! You couldn't have a convo with them or nowt though! They were brought over from Afghanistan via China. Loads of LEDs and Bluetooth connected. Each one had three speakers in them. I was fixing the dodgy connections as they both...
  2. Spoon

    Dilemma. Talking to women...

    Just seen this and I thought I'd give it a bash.. (No funny comments) But being shy I was wondering what to chat about.. I really like comp games so I thought of asking: When you are playing '7 Days to Die' do you prefer exploding the zombies heads with a baseball bat or using the shotgun??? I'm...
  3. S

    Signing off work.

    Got into a discussions with one of the sparks in the wholesalers today. We were talking about the scams (SELECT, NICEIC, etc) and I was discussing how pointless they are... The lad I was talking to says he's never been part of any registered scheme. He completed his apprenticeship and went...
  4. S

    Industrial 110 vac Generator

    Evening All, I have to supply 3 x 110v ac circuits ,lights , sockets , and 20 amp extractor fan, from a 240v ac supply, using c form sockets from a generator. My question is , is there a 25 kva generator out there that has RCD rated and mcb protection for a 6amp , 16 amp , 20...
  5. S

    Outdoor 32A 3ph sockets

    Hi guys hope you can help! This might be a stupid question but in your opinions do 32A 3ph IP67 sockets to feed some outdoor jet wash units at a car wash require RCD protection? Doing a quote for a bloke who's shall we say a bit "careful" with his money. The integrated ones are about £300...
  6. Dean Williams

    EICR Limitations

    Just had a meeting today with Peter Lee Williams, NICEIC assessor for my promotion to QS. amongst other things he said that one of the limitations for eicr's should be that portable appliances have not been tested. just wondering what everyone's thoughts are. I thought it was unnecessary.
  7. kingeri

    RCD cop-out

    Was talking with a fellow spark (young chap) tonight and he was telling me about many times he couldn't achieve satisfactory Zs so he just doesn't bother cos the circuit is RCD protected. I said that the RCD is a secondary line of defense....the MCB should still bloody work (in fact it should...
  8. S

    enhanced section D installation project

    Lookin for help, its the approved installation project for becoming approved electrician. Car workshop, with 20 booths, canteen, office. That much work hard too explain it really lookin for somone that has done it doing it for help
  9. L

    Hi all hav'rt been on here for ages, hows work

    well hows work out there for you all, it's bad here ( lincolnshire) ,i still car't get a break in your industry,so i have move to to anythink to get work , any way ,Iam just set up a website, plus printing my flyers of now , any other idea's ?? plus if there is a sparky in need of a hand for...
  10. G

    TN-S and RCD's

    Just done a load of inspections on a caravan park where the entire distribution system is TN-S. Problem is that quite a few of the Ze's are above 0.8 ohms stipulated as maximum. The question is, does the use of RCD's mitigate the above parameter readings? or will they have to get the Ze's...
  11. Dan

    Update Windows

    Please update your Windows. There are a couple of important updates out, plus a better IE, and if you have it, a service pack update for Office. update - Bing
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