1. T

    Texecom alarm panel tamper light on and sounding off randomly

    Hi I wonder if anyone might have any ideas on the following. Random alarm triggering in small office. Two PIR detectors and two reed relays on two doors. The firm who put the alarm in have sent an engineer to inspect. The result being; There is nothing wrong with the system! I have been asked...
  2. E

    Galaxy Alarm Tamper Keypad

    Hi there. I have a honewell galaxy alarm. I am in engineer mode but when I enter the engineer code and press esc, it says checking for tampers. It then says Tamper Keypad 0 and I cannot get rid of this. It then returns to engineer mode again. It’s so frustrating!!! please, can anyone help...
  3. J

    intruder alarm tamper fault!

    Got myself a tamper fault on intruder alarm I installed on a refurb job I have been doing is only my 2nd wired system I have installed and had no issues on my 1st one! so would appriaciate any insights..... system is: Accenta Mini G4 Alarm Panel + LCD Keypad - 8SP399A -...
  4. yellowvanman

    Alarm sounds when deactivated

    Don't normally deal with alarms but a customer has asked me for advice and consequently I come here! Old system (circ 1980s) occasionally alarm goes off during the day when its been de-activated, type in their code and it stops and everything OK until the next time. Happening more regularly...
  5. G

    Honeywell Accenta G4 PIR wiring

    Hi, can anyone help. I am trying to install a Honeywell Accenta G4 with new PIR sensors. I am struggling to get the new PIR sensors to work correctly. The new sensors I have are IS3016 Passive Infrared Motion sensors. When I have wired previous PIR sensors, they have had 6 wires -ve +ve...
  6. Leesparkykent

    Texecom premier elite compatibility

    Doing an unoccupied rewire on a house for a builder and part of that was running the cables in for a intruder alarm. finished of the snagging today and the customer has asked if I would mind fitting the alarm as they've been let down by the person who was supposed to do it. I had a look at the...
  7. Hellmooth

    Need help with alarm system!

    Hi guys, I've got an alarm panel at a job I'm doing, not sure what it is as don't really do much alarm work, I've attached pics though. I have a pir that I need taken out of the system, just wondering if anyone can help me out with how best to do it? I have pics of the panel, the manual and...
  8. T

    Domestic Honeywell ADE Optima Compact G4 will Not Set

    Hi Everyone I hope you can help me on this issue. I installed the above panel in my partners house and it has been working fine for 8 months until last night. She tried to set the system rom rkp and it just goes to unset on the LCD Display then back to day date and time display On the panel...
  9. A

    Veritas 8 intermittent tamper alarm

    Hi, I have an intermittent problem with my Veritas 8 system - the internal sounder goes off every now and then and the tamper light flashes red. I can reset it and the tamper light & sounder go off and the system functions normally for a while - sometimes for just minutes before the fault...
  10. H

    Alarm Systems

    I fancy reading a little on alarm systems - anyone recommend a good book that will teach me the basics?
  11. uksparks

    Pyronix alarm triggers

    Hi, I have and regularly install Castle Enforcer alarms by Pyronix. i have a question and hoping someone may know. how can I trigger an input from a third party device, so for example how can I close a relay on another device or put a 12v feed in to an input on my alarm? i want to be able to...
  12. L

    intruder alarm problems

    Hi I have been doing my first intruder alarm its a honywell accenta gen4 mini. I am only using 2x pir sensors 1 panic alarm, 1 key pad, and 1 sounder. The first pir is above the entry/exit door so I am not using any door contacts. once I set the system the pir's are picking up movement but not...
  13. M

    removing alarm sensor

    Hi guys. Just a quick one. Doing the electrical work on an extension and they used to have a garden shed with an alarm sensor in it. I want to remove the sensor from the system but wondering what's the correct way to do it. The sensor has a +,-, tamper and N.C in it. So do I just bridge out that...
  14. D

    Simple Tamper Alarm box lashup

    Hi Im attempting to quickly knock up a temporary alarm using an external alarm box (no control box) with a tamper loop wire wrapped around some kit I will be using a external sounder, long length of multicore cable and a 12v power supply. the box is a XS3D terminals..... ST- strobe TMPR...
  15. L

    Disconnecting Internal Siren from Galaxy 2-20 Panel

    Hi all, I wish to disconnect an internal alarm siren but I am not sure how to go about doing it. You will see from a previous post that i've dabbled with the alarm before. It belongs to my parents and to reassure you, I have my 17th Edition, Part P and 2392 Inspection and Testing, although I...
  16. L


    Hello, I am just about to fit my new alarm and just one little thing is bugging me. The tamper circuit. Firstly I am having 2 Door Contacts, 3 PIR's 1 Keypad and 1 Live Bell box. Now I know about the Bell Box and Keypad tamper but I am not sure about the PIR and contact? I will be running each...
  17. S

    Domestic tamper fault on Optima Compact

    Hi. I've tried to fit an Optima Compact alarm panel with built in key pad. Upon energising there is a tamper fault. I've removed all zones & linked them out but still no joy. This is the reason I hate doing alarms & will avoid in the future! Any ideas please??:devil:
  18. C

    Alarm help please?

    Hi all,I have a problem with my alarm - am I allowed to ask? I noticed the alarms forum is locked to me presumably so I don't use it to learn how to disable alarms, but can I use this forum at all to ask for help with mine please?It's a Optima XL 4
  19. P

    Veritas 8 alarm system locked up

    Hi I have a Veritas 8 alarm system with an additional Veritas R8 keypad. The system appears to be locked with the following symptoms. Main box shows tamper light – red, unset light – green and power light green. When the alarm is set, here, then the exit buzzer continues forever, and thus no...
  20. C

    Accenta Min G4 with AG6 problem bell

    Hello, I'm new here and after some advice. I'm installing an Accenta Mini G4 Alarm with Honeywell AG6 Bell (SAB). I tested the system with a battery only and everything seemed to be working fine - once I fixed a fault on one of the RKPs. My problem is now I've connected to the mains and apply...
  21. H

    Texecom Premier Alarm

    Hi, short off it is my sister has bought a texecom wired alarm and wants me to fit it and to be honest I did a course about a year and a half ago on alarm installation but since then cause I was an electrician in the army and for past year been doing domestic electrician with elecsa, I haven't...
  22. J

    Galaxy 144 alarm system

    Hi all I have a Honeywell galaxy 3-144c main alarm board and want to connect an external sounder and strobe unit to it, The sounder has the following connections : V+ V- Sw- R- St- But the panel has nothing that matches these ? Can anyone help? Thanks Jack
  23. S

    alarm sound bomb

    hi guys, thought i would ask you novices!!! ive got 4xgroundfloor apartments with alarms and above each front door got a 6core alarm cable for a sound bomb whats the connections is it just 12v & 0v normally would fit a bell siren but cant in a groundfloor communal area.
  24. i=p/u


    interlogix im trying to work out at moment they have packk of 4k7 resistors looks real technical.... these will be linked to videphones aswell anyway we were asked to pull the cables for these alarms its came now where ive staqrted fitting out, well im mounting everything but im sure they will...
  25. S

    alarm going off in middle of night?

    A woman phoned me the other day saying that her alarm went off in the middle of the night when it was not even set. Any ideas?
  26. L

    Scantronic 9448+ Style burglar alarm

    Hi guys, I'm just after a wee bit of help if at all possible. Regarding the Scantronic 9448+ Style burglar alarm - I'm trying to add a door contact in a shed to an already functioning home burglar alarm. I've managed to download the installation manual from the internet (attached) but even...
  27. N

    Newbie user - alarm wiring

    All, I am obliged to wire in a new alarm sounder. The old one was wired (with six core cable) thus: Grey: Negative - Strobe trigger Blue: Negative siren trigger Black: Zero V - Supply hold off port 1 Red: Positive - Supply hold off port 2 Orange cable and yellow cable: A/T Return...
  28. G

    Frozen burglar alarms

    All the burglar alarms in the close where I live are being affected by the recent freezing weather. When the temperatures have been getting into the minuses the burglar alarm boxes on the outside of the houses have started to tweet. Last night the alarms started going off at about 9pm and they...
  29. W

    House Alarm keeps going off

    My Mothers house alarm keeps randomly going off, sometimes in the early hours of the night, and on the panel it always shows Tamper lit up. Whats wrong with it and what can i do? im not familiar with alarm panels much so only sensible answers please. The Panel is an OPTIMA XM6 with 6 zones...
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