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  1. New dog-like robot from Boston Dynamics can open doors

    New dog-like robot from Boston Dynamics can open doors

    Ground-breaking robotics engineering and design company Boston Dynamics have released footage of the SpotMini, a dog-like robot that can open doors.
  2. R

    Electrician in awe.

    Electrician in awe of last electrician’s work -
  3. B

    snake oil wipes save electric

    Nearly posted this in the jokes thread But some folk have actually bought these. Its a wipe soaked in "snake oil" that you rub on the distribution board left to right and on the mcbs and it saves you lecky!!!!!!! by creating an electron vibrating alignment field. How do companys get away with...
  4. L

    SOLIC solar immersion controller

    Afternoon all, I've been looking at getting a solar immersion controller for my solar PV 3kWp array, and although the IMMERSUN and iBOOST look like the prime players, I'm keen to know whether any of you have had experience with the SOLIC unit? It appears to do the same job as the rest, looks...
  5. D

    Use of technology to learn the trade

    Hi folks, Has anyone seen or used any type of virtual reality technology whilst learning the trade? The reason i am asking is because i am acutely aware of the use of this type of technology for games consoles and pc games. This got me thinking more about the benefits of using this type of...
  6. B

    Really.. Wireless Light and Sockets

    Just been to a job were i have recently fitted a wireless alarm. He wants 2x new sockets and 2 x outside lights. Easy job to be fair.. Now the house has just been decorated which is when i point out where i will be chasing in order to conceal cables.. His reply is.. Chaseing.. Why would you...
  7. J

    The Benefits of Solar Energy Technology

    Many individuals are enthusiastic about the emerging solar energy technology, that provides a clean energy alternative approach to fossil fuel dependence, and the opportunities to obtain free energy are continually increasing. Photovoltaics are panels of material, which have the ability to...
  8. P

    PowerSines - Smart Voltage Optimisers - HELLO!

    I recently joined to stay up to date on the 'Engineers Side' of Electricity. PowerSines is a global developer, manufacturer and distributor of energy efficiency solutions for reducing electric consumption - using voltage regulation as the core technology. Our systems are installed in...
  9. infinity

    CPV panels

    As title states, has anyone installed CPV panels? I have a customer that wants them on his garage roof's, not even sure where to find them!
  10. V

    Solar PV Module Database

    Solar PV Module Database: - Useful for finding information on the Solar Panels different PV manufacturers produce and their specified efficiencies. Solarmodule - Suche in der Datenbank - Module von JA Solar PV Technology Sprechen die deutsch?
  11. V

    What Is The Best Technology Available To Monitor Solar PV Arrays?

    What Technology Is Currently Available To Monitor Solar PV Arrays? What Technology Is Currently Available To Monitor Domestic Solar Arrays That Isn't Dependent On the Inverter? Which systems allow monitoring via the web? Do these systems have annual costs or just "one off" meter installation...
  12. La Poste

    Blacklist of construction workers

    I've just found this in the Sunday papers, shocking really. "Police are linked to blacklist of construction workers Security services 'gave data to clandestine organisation funded by major names in building industry" Police are linked to blacklist of construction workers | Technology | The...
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