1. K

    new user apprentice - batten holder/line conductor termination??

    Hi all, this is my first post on here. I have searched the web but cant find a straight forwards answer (or an answer at all) for this question which is part of my c&g course. - how is pvc insulation protected against high temperature in batten holder type fittings? and also - why do the...
  2. M

    Domestic Shower draw string power supply

    My showers draw string power supplys cord has stopped working luckily in the on position I opened the casing up and when I looked inside the brown live wire had a green kind of mouldy looking end and the insulation of the wire was blistered. Is this the sign of something more sinister I have...
  3. B

    Caravan park installation

    Working in a caravan park as a full time electrician found that most of the hook up point in every single pitch got high Zs reading because of using two core SWA (average 1.7 ohms TNS earthing system). In some cases up to 31ohms because corroded SWA glands and broken SWA. if there's been used 3...
  4. M

    Commercial Mains on 3-phase DB

    Hi I am working in a hotel and I found that a 3-phase DB was fed by 2 seperate swa cables one containing the 3 phases and the other a seperate neutral and earth I know this is bad practice but can someone tell me why the NIC firm have picked this ad a fault I would not have done this myself it...
  5. G

    Faulty cu

    This was what I found when I was called to a shop for a report of a hissing noise coming from a cu a few years ago,as you can see from pic 1 problem was caused by an incorrectly installed snake,removed same and advised client not to connect anything to supply that was not to correct british...
  6. H

    Running cable in pvc conduit.

    Hi all, just a quick question as coming from forces where its all metal conduit I am coming to a part in my installation that is running in pvc conduit and I am using a 4 way conduit box now my question is these cables are running through box horizontally and vertically so can these cables just...
  7. D

    Commercial Pir coding

    any body got a reg to say SWA is not correctly terminated..! got a funny feeling there is no direct REG but im trawling through Selection and Errection chapter with no avail for a reg that i can utilise as a general purpose one!! if all else fails i will put down not terminated correctly IAW...
  8. D


    right im not hooked up with commrcial work but got a first attempt at it today. customer pretty clued up what he wants as been factory manager for decades and installed removed loads of equipment in his time, any how requires 1x 3P 63a Supply terminated in a 3 phase switch isolator...
  9. L

    Domestic Customer terminated contract before completion - any obligations re certification?

    A customer has terminated a job before completion. No disputes have been raised over the nature or quality of the work. The installation is not complete and has not been tested or certified. Do we ahve any further obligations in this respect? Thanks
  10. darkwood

    Socket earthing yeah or neah

    Doing a pir at mo and on checking the sockets (ring) noticed the earths had been terminated as a pair into the backbox with a 1.5mm tail to socket, ive knocked this as i see it as a weak link and requires the pair to terminate onto socket with tail link to the back box. Whats your feed back?
  11. Mark.W

    Interesting pics of the job I'm on

    Some pics of the job I'm on at the moment. Pic 1 - That cable is live and not terminated Pic 2 - This guy who did this is a pro..... Pic 3 - Another live cable not terminated Pic 4 - Need I say more Pic 5 - And all this under a broken roof!! Pic 6 - That nail is also live......
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