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  1. CopiamElectrical

    30mA Type A RCD Protection for EV Charger? Y/N? (TESLA Gen3)

    Afternoon everyone, I have a quick question about the Tesla Gen 3 Wall Charger? Does it require Type A 30MA RCD protection or not. Only because the Wall Connector features built-in RCD Type A + DC 6mA. I know we should be installing Type A 30mA protection however we also work with what the...
  2. Y

    Tesla Powerwall/Gateway

    So the gateway that comes with the Tesla Powerwall is just a big contactor in which the meter and load tails connect into, there is also an option to use circuit breakers within to supply the battery themselves if no space in the existing fuseboard. My question is that although Tesla say this is...
  3. A

    Tesla Gen 3 wall charger commissioning

    Hi all, I've installed a Tesla Gen 3 wall charger supplied by my client. For your information, the place that I installed is in a block of flat basement where the Meter room is. After some researching, I've fitted a Proteus board fitted with SPD and PEN fault detection device. All dead test...
  4. James

    Tesla Truck is here 1kv battery 1Mw charging!!

    Have a look at this, some serious design gone in to it, it will be interesting to see how it affects the truck market.
  5. M


    Hello guys. I need to install a Tesla charger 3 gen for Tesla Y. My Client has 1 phase installation. I will install CU with SPD and PME fault detector. Could you please tell me what size of cable I should use for this charger point? Thanks for any advice.
  6. R

    Tesla Gen 3 EV charger

    Has anyone installed the Gen 3 Tesla EV charger. Is an RCD required at the supply as it says it has a type A one built into the unit. Also can anyone recommend a good Open pen detection device?
  7. sythai

    Tesla equipment advice..?

    Hi Guys On my list is sorting this right old mess out, along with a DB upgrade. Question is anything I need to aware about with this Tesla set up, guessing some sort battery set up 🤔 (not come across one yet) So I dont blow myself up and/ or mess up any of it up💥💥 Thanks Sy
  8. johnglasto

    ASHP and Tesla battery

    I have a 11kw Air source heat pump heating our UFH. We're looking to fit a Tesla Pwerwall battery and have been advised that we should install a sort starter to avoid spikes when the ASHP starts up which could cause the battery to shut down. Does anyone have experience with such a situation...
  9. C

    Tesla EV charger on new distribution board

    Hi all, Will have to apologise for asking basic questions but would rather be sure. I have got an EV charger circuit to be fit in an upgrade consumer unit. The wall connector features built-in RCD Type A + DC 6mA so it is not required to install RCD type B. The board will be 100A main...
  10. T

    Does Tesla Power Wall receive DC from the panels?

    Hi, Does the Tesla Power Wall receive DC from the solar panels? Or does the solar panels' DC get converter to AC by an inverter on the roof, and then the AC goes to the Tesla Power Wall?
  11. marconi


    Nikola Tesla - https://www.biography.com/inventor/nikola-tesla
  12. Gavin John Hyde

    Rolec and Tesla issues

    I install a lot of EV Chargers from several different manufacturers. Got a problem that is baffling me though. Fitted a Rolec unit yesterday, standard 32 Amp Type 2 Tethered non smart one as its not OLEV eligible. Customer has a Tesla S. Overnight it didn't charge. When we plug the tethered lead...
  13. Pete999

    Nikola Tesla "my inventions"

    Just got hold of a copy of his Autobiography (courtesy Camerabloke) not a big book and an easy read, seems he was a very complex person as well as being in my mind a genius. Worth a read.
  14. N

    Tesla Project

    Very good! I would like to tell you about a really interesting project that I have seen there on the web. The project goes more or less in the construction of machines that can work with free energy; some time ago, the Tesla company wanted and tried to build machines that were able to use free...
  15. S

    Tesla Thoughts on Powerbank

    and there new range of solar tiles, worth a punt or not as there is no info floating around?
  16. O

    Tesla Power Wall ....

    I was in Cambridge yesterday and Tesla had a unit in the main precinct where they had a couple of their cars and the Power Wall unit ...... Anyone got any experience with this technology? To me it seems a fairly good idea, to charge a battery and use it "later" Any views?
  17. Strima

    Tesla Fire, wouldn't want to be trapped in one...

    So there's a slight risk that a Tesla may catch fire if you crash. Who would have thought that lithium ion batteries would be so sensitive to impacts... :rolleyes: Terrifying Tesla video shows unstoppable electric car inferno that took 35 firefighters to extinguish -...
  18. E

    Electrician TBuild your own Tesla Generator

    Why is this site advertising Tesla generator when we all know it is a conn ?
  19. H

    Tesla Powerwalls

    I've got a keen eye on Tesla Powerwalls, and I think there'll be a future in it. I think I'll be trying to get sorted as a certified installer. However, does anyone know of the current savings of using one? I know they are traditionally designed for use with solar systems, but surely it could be...
  20. dansk

    Tesla Solar Roof

    seen this? Tesla Energy | Tesla - https://www.tesla.com/energy/?utm_campaign=GL_Energy_102816&utm_source=Twitter&utm_medium=social couldn't belive it at first, how realistic the tiles look, and new storage solution to power a house for the day.
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