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  1. B

    What would you give this if you had to test it?

    What would you give this if you had to test it?
  2. I

    UK Sign off

    I have been asked to get my attic conversion electric tested as a pat tester am I allowed to test and sign off.?
  3. B

    Tested a mobile home today and sometime you just wonder why!

    Tested mobile home today and you sometimes just wonder why
  4. Adrian kirkby

    Yet another newbie PAT Tested

    Hi, Passed my PAT test and have a new customer with 550 items to test. How do you guys go about testing everything? thinking back to my training they tell you you must test every socket on an extension lead and you must unscrew any plug that can be taken apart to check the fuse and the...
  5. V

    Rcbo test buttons not working - but works ok when tested

    Hi all Odd one today .. all 6 Hager rcbo's in a tn+n db have the test buttons not working.. But when tested with a multifunctiontester they react fine.. Now..I guess I'm going to have to fail them..even though they work fine. Hager technical say they have never heard of this. Db is in a plant...
  6. Zdb

    Type tested regulation number.

    Does anyone know the reg number that states that you can't mix protective devices? I have searched the forum but the search tool isn't great. Thanks
  7. C

    DB installed connected & tested

    Just your thoughts on this DB,it’s a Lewden type,I personally don’t like them. Bus bar,not ideal,main switch on right,space very tight to make connections,hate the rcbo’s,screws in front of each other,making it hard to retighten .
  8. P

    Need help on having a free standing LED Panel tested for faults.

    We currently have LED lighting panels that are used for photography and video lighting purposes. They are a stand alone electrical device with their own power pack and mains adapter. We want to have them tested by an electrician to see if they are safe, or if they have any problems. We are...
  9. K

    Fault on domestic home wiring

    110v from switch to switch (see attached picture), tn-cs system with 30mA RCD in Place, trips fine when tested at 100% and 500% customer complained of getting shocked when touching both switches at once but doesn’t trip with this fault, have a few theories, but any suggestions?
  10. T

    R1 R2 on Radial circuit

    Just installed a small length radial circuit. Total length from board no more than 2 meters. Halfway along is a FCU and a double socket at the end. Linked line and earth and tested at the socket and got a R1 R2 reading of 0.10 ohms,hit the switches to confirm polarity and the reading stays the...
  11. M

    Earth wire on domestic heating oil tank - various questions

    Hi all I had a new consumer unit fitted 3 - 4 years ago. I was never told that I had to periodically test the RCDs by pressing the T buttons. Still, you live and learn! Anyhow, it is a split unit. The left side tripped when I hit the button. But the right side didn't. Did a bit of reading but...
  12. M

    LED lighting swap in old warehouse.

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum and just wanted a bit of advise. I have a small NICEIC registered company and usually undertake small to medium sized commercial new builds which have been designed by others. I would then just test the job at the end as usual, no dramas. I have now got...
  13. G

    legal requirements

    Hi wanting advice on what I can legally carry out electrical with my qualification , I have my 2330 level 1.2.3 , and my 17th edition level 3 BS7671. I know I can't self certify ,just would like some clarity on what I can legal do , I'm doing minor works like installing new light fittings and...
  14. R

    Dead test fail?

    Evening all , Called out to short circuit on cooker circuit assumed that cupboard fitted above isolater switch screwed through cable , disconnected at switch then dead tested back to board Continuity l- cpc .22 l-n .16 n-cpc .22 Ir test l-n 999 l-...
  15. S

    Domestic testing

    hi all, in previous talks there has been confliction due to my lack of experience, however my latest experience has made me think! At a job doing none sparky work, when 2 sparkies arrive to fit new c/u!about 6 hours including bonding water & gas, testing all done @ c/u, no instruments removed...
  16. U

    Believe it or not, I joined to ask a question about a fuse....!!

    Dear Everyone. I myself am not an electrician, that's why I'm here. I've got a Baby Belling style cooker that rather spectacularly blew its plug fuse a couple of days ago - took out the entire plug circuit. I've got the plug sockets working again, but now of course I have no cooker! Is it...
  17. R

    Megger 1552 easy repair or is it time to buy a new test kit ?

    Hi all, just wondered if anyone has had a similar issue with their 1552 or 1553 Megger mft ? noticed the fault started just after I changed the batteries, fuse logo came up on screen so changed that, now it works, but when testing live circuits it completes the test, but then within a few...
  18. D

    5 year testing 20%

    Just a general question on testing when carrying out a fixed wire test of 20% would you fill in all circuits identified on the circuit chart and test the required 20% filling in the results as tested or would you only fill out the circuits that you have tested and fill in N/A for every...
  19. M

    Metrel MD9272 Leakage testing

    Hi, My new leakage tester arrived so I wanted to try it out, I connected it to the Line and Neutral meter tails and got a total leakage with all circuits on of 8.05 ma, I turned them all off and re-tested individually and found that the first floor ring final was giving the highest leakage of...
  20. L

    Periodic IR testing

    Hello all. When conducting IR tests on condition reports, with L-N connected together and testing to earth. What equipment have you found will still cause the readings to be 0.00?
  21. S

    Domestic Time delay RCD

    Hi People, Carrying out a EIC on a recent cu replacement on a TT system. 100 amp 100MA time delay RCD used up front but cert is asking for time delay in MS- how do i find this out? Thanks Adam
  22. andyb

    Interesting Fault

    Had a call out yesterday to a house where the rcd on a board supplying storage heaters would trip intermittently. When I arrived the rcd would not reset at all. The rcd was also the main switch for the board. Obviously an earth/neutral fault I thought, so with all the mcbs off and the the rcd...
  23. S

    Domestic RCD tripping at 6ma on ramp

    Hello, I am a diyer doing my own board change shortly (paying a premium for the honour to BC) and have a problem either with my tester or something else. Basically when i test the RCDs and the two RCBOs i have on the board they are tripping on ramp at crazy figures, 6ma on one RCD and 9ma on...
  24. happyhippydad

    Fault finding!!!!!!

    Hello all.. I have a problem with a tripping RCBO and it has me stumped! Yesterday I fitted 10 RCBO's into a CU which currently had an RCD main switch. This was a sub circuit from a house CU which feeds various circuits for a cattery. 4 of the RCBO's are for the cattery pens. Pens 1,2,3 and 4...
  25. P

    Testing IEC Extensions

    Hi all and thank you for letting me join the forum !! I do a bit of Pat testing at my work and have been asked to test some of the leads that attach to the IEC leads with the plug on(I.e. to make them longer). As these haven't got their own plugs do they have to be tested as surely they are only...
  26. happyhippydad

    What was the fault??

    I have been fault finding today. The problem was fairly common. 3 switches (on different landings) switching one light, so 2 2way switches and an intermediate. The problem was that sometimes each of the switches worked and sometimes they didn't, so sometimes you have to go back upstairs and...
  27. Jay Sparks

    Testing you install???

    Hi Guys & Gals, Its been a long time since I've posted a new thread but I heard something the other day and just felt I needed to ask this question. For those of you that work on heavy commercial and/or industrial, either as a maintenance spark or sub contractor, do you inspect, test and...
  28. happyhippydad

    What could cause my voltage to drop to 28V??

    Evening all.. I have just tested a cable that I had put in place myself for a smoke detector and I am only getting 28V L-N. I am getting 240V L-E. When I first put it in it tested 240V. Since then the builder has been in and put the ceiling up, I'm not saying this is the cause but this is the...
  29. J

    Strange Low Voltage Readings

    Hi guys I've been doing a partial rewire. And I have taken a feed from a light that is fed, to feed a switch in a new extension. I wired up the lights and switch in the new extension but the light would not turn on. I measured the voltage at the light that's not powering up L-N and I'm only...
  30. V


    Had a really weird situation today. Having installed all the wiring and new consumer unit for a full rewire, I today came to test the last circuit which was the downstairs lights. Tested continuity which was fine as was insulation resistance, upon testing for loop impedance, I got a low voltage...
  31. E

    Commercial Different standards different trades

    Hello Sparks I feel a can of worms about to be opened. I am in the lift trade. Electricians are responsible up to the lift isolator and we are responsible for all electrical works on our side, which include shaft, motor room and car lighting and what we term small power (sockets in shaft...
  32. J

    intermittent RCD tripping.....

    Morning. Recently went to a job with what is a glorified shed, although fully insulated plastered, water tight etc, with a db installed within the unit. Small ring main and four down lights. The SWA supplying the 'shed' running back to the garage, on a 40a mcb protected by a 63a 30ma rcd...
  33. D

    RCD Tripping

    Hello, I understand there are other topic with similar problems but I thought I would start a topic with my specific problem. The RCD in our fuse box trips random when a laptop is plugged in and the switch is turned on even before the laptop is turned on, this only happens randomly and not...
  34. L

    RCD 0.0s??

    Hi all, Just back from an EICR where one of the RCDS was testing out at 0.0ms for the 1/2, 1 and 5 tests both ways, not had this problem before, can anyone shed any light? Thanks in advance, Loops
  35. S

    Domestic RCBO timing too high

    Hi All just done a c/u change fitted with 8 RCBO's and when testing the trip times 2 of the RCBO times were too high (40a 30ma =40.8 ms . 32a 30ma = >40 ms )on X5 ? changed the 2 x trips and retest exactly the same times ?! disconnect the circuits and retest trip times perfect, ok so retest...
  36. M

    Testing a UPS system??

    Looking for a bit if info and advice? Firstly like to say I have never tested on of these systems before but have been asked to do a job with one installed? Am I right in saying that I need the correct software on a laptop to start with??
  37. T


    I am only a trainee ( so don't bite too much) a friend of mine called out british gas to fix his boiler.. Whilst he was there he checked the electrics.. Said the earth loop was greater than 200 ohms on the ring main and they should get a spark out asap.. So he asked could i pop down and and have...
  38. D

    Rcd not tripping

    I'm stumped, fitted new cu in one bed house today RCD would not trip using test button or on test. The only time it trips is when a load is put onto socket circuit, or the socket on the cooker isolator, no faults have been found during testing. Its a TNC-S system ze of 0.16ohms IR of >999 on...
  39. gnuuser

    bm500a megger

    an old navy buddy of mine (visiting relatives in china) sent me an szbj bm500a megger to try out it didnt cost him much it has a digital meter and scales from 250 volts to 1000 volts tested it with 4 different precision resistors and actually got accurate readings of the values. Id have to do a...
  40. S

    rcbo tripping times

    Hi all help please,I tested a6 amp rcbo30ma at board with out load connected the rcd results are 310ms at times 1 and 50ms at times5 so I changed it thinking it was faulty tested new 1I fitted got same results I then rcd tested another rcbo in the board another lighting circuit results are fine...
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