testing and inspection

  1. B

    Can’t measure R1+R2, can I calculate it instead?

    Hi forum, A question about R1+R2 testing. I’m testing a lighting circuit. It’s an old circuit with old colours. In the control panel feeding the circuit there is no earth cable feeding the lighting circuit, only an earth cable bonding the control panel to the strands of the armoured cable...
  2. S

    Should i do 2392 or 2391 testing and inspection?

    So i've been doing electrics for several years now, and am going for my 18th edition this week. I'm 99% confident i'm going to pass it. After that i want to do a proper testing and inspection qualification. I've never done much testing but need to learn it for obvious reasons. I have Guidance...
  3. E

    EICR testing and inspection

    Before anyone asks I am a qualified spark.. been off the tools for years and getting back into it.. In regards to EICR’s it’s been a while.. Acceptable to add R1 R2 to Ze for ZS or do you all test all 3 anyway? I know it’s not acceptable to ZS and take off ZE to get R1 R2..
  4. BiddeldyBwah

    Get 18th, Get testing and inspection, go to work?

    Sat contemplating life as normal and started thinking about this. Anyone can do the 18th and the testing and inspection qualifications. So is it not theoretically possible to do those and simply specialise in testing and inspection? I mean why go through installation courses etc if you can...
  5. S

    How did i fail on zs in am2?

    Hi all, I done my am2 and passed everything except testing and inspect, i failed on Zs (earth fault loop impedence). It says I did not correctly obtain the value in accordance to guidance note 3, but I did zs=ze+r1+r2. Just wondering if anyone knows where I could have gone wrong?. Thanks.
  6. M

    Erroneous test during pre testing

    Hi, While doing the Erroneous test during my pre test I came across abit of a headache. When I was doing a lighting circuit it was coming in a short eg. 0.04ohms but once I disconnected an LED light in a bathroom it went away, same with socket circuits which had USB sockets connected on them, is...
  7. K

    Do i need to be under NAPIT / NIC to sign off EICR?

    Hi.. not posted on here much but im after a bit of advice. I have recently qualified 18th edition (level 3 electrotechnical EAL) Im looking into joining either NAPIT or NIC for the ease of contacting building control to sign jobs off. i then found out i will need the 2391 testing and inspection...
  8. S

    UK Initial Verification on large commercial sites

    I'm trying to gauge what the common industry practice is relating to Initial Verification on large commercial jobs. I've been working as a tester for the last few years in the South East, and when I test an installation, I'm expected to correct any minor faults, which I do. As any tester will...
  9. J

    Testing and Inspection Over Current Protection

    Hi. Silly Question, as a tester / inspector of an installation. How do i confirm that overload protection is satisfied for an existing circuit, or is it just assumed as long as Coordination (p89 18th Regs) is satisfied and the protective devices is of a EN BS device? Practically, how do i...
  10. D

    NAPIT Certification Scheme Starting up testing and inspection

    I am a new buisness,I have my full testing and inspection certs all my electrical certs .what do I need to do now so I can issue certification legally
  11. S

    Can I sign-off work?

    Can any qualified electrician sign off EICR and EIR. can you do this without being part of on of the electrical associations? Also I am in Scotland incase any differences apply Thanks
  12. M

    Legal advice Testing and Inspection

    Is it permitted to carry out a schedule of test results and sign EIC after completing all tasks of 2391 but not the online exam. I am working on a job 100 properties and testing them but have not passed final exam of course. Is this illegal ?
  13. T

    What kind of qualifications do you need to be able to work as an Electrician or be hired by a company?

    What kind of qualifications do you need to be able to work as an Electrician or be hired by a company? this could be from your personal experience what helped you get the job without the help of knowing someone who works for a particular trade. What would be the best route to be able to get...
  14. B

    Testing and inspection course

    Hi lads. I’m currently doing my apprenticeship with JTL, second year. So far I’m doing much better that I was expected from myself when started the course. I need a bit of an advice regarding my future and qualifications. If I feel capable of doing it, would it be a good idea to get testing and...
  15. J

    Testing and inspection on am2

    hi all, Have my am2 next week... just brushing up on a few things. Was looking for some advice on IR test on the whole consumer unit with a RCBO. Is it ok to just remove the fly leads from RCBO or is it ok to disconnect and test live to neutral, live to earth, earth to neutral etc from the...
  16. M

    testing and inspection periodic inspection silly question :s

    might be a silly question to ask just making sure i haven't got anything mixed up when carrying out a periodic do you give out a electrical installation condition report along with schedule of inspections and schedule of test results?? im doing my 2395 in a month just confused my self a bit
  17. E

    Testing and Inspection Courses

    Evening All, I Beleive this may have been touched on in the past but I'm going to bring it up anyway. A few things to discuss, Essentially NAPIT have been fine with me issuing certs for over 5 months now no Problem, however now they have decided that I am no longer competent enough (Somehow)...
  18. C

    Can you set up your own company without testing and inspection?

    I'm currently studying a full time degree yet I want to work part time for myself around my course. I was wondering if it is possible to set up a company without your testing and inspection Certs. Pretty sure one of my old bosses didn't have it but could certify work through elecsa? Is this...
  19. F

    2392 testing and inspection

    Dose anyone no is the 2392 testing and inspection course is still going or as it been scraped ?
  20. J

    testing and inspection

    hey, im attending a inspection and testing course next month, i do not do any domestic really as im more industrial but trying to study as much as i can beforehand so i have the best shot. at the moment im really confused as im reading about ze tests and as i understood it you do the main test...


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