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  1. robertl

    Industrial Single phase power all thats avaiable for new workshop build

    Hello Everyone, new to the forum and looking for some advice on a new workshop, i'll explain. I am planning on building a metal / woodworking workshop (mainly aluminium and stainless steel) for boat work, refurbishment and boat building. I am a marine engineer to trade and i am planning on...
  2. buzzlightyear

    wow , thats a good vehicle to be in

    after seeing the duke being in that smash ,you would think he would stick to the horse and cart job like Steptoe and son ,I know he at the age you need to retire from driving at 100 year old ,but god bless him . could you imagined the face of the protection officer explaining to the queen. the...
  3. T

    To go central lighting or nnot - thats the question?

    Hi everyone - firstly a happy, and hopefully prosperous new year to all. I thought I would start the year on a thread that that’s been around before but usually leads to more questions than answers - central (and maybe in future) smart lighting. I have a new build to rewire which is a big...
  4. littlespark

    "Electricity - Thats witchcraft!"

    I like little jobs like this. Old school friend texts me, "could you fit a couple of metal switches for me please" He's quite handy with DIY, and old cars, but says himself he's no electrician. "Its witchcraft!" Good to see a do-it-yourself-er NOT attempting electrical work when they're not...
  5. E

    so thats my logbook handed in

    im going to be one of you big boys, just awaiting my FICA date, one thing im wondering though is will i need to instantly go to a refresher course for the 18th edition coming out?
  6. haptism

    BS 1361 50A ZS

    Anyone know the ZS for an 1361 or BS 88-3 50A fuse. All the tables I find have n/a. I phoned the maker and was told there are no listed ZS' for a 50A and to take the difference between the next closest sizes (45A & 60), surley thats not proportional ?
  7. G

    Isolate Light to find Live Plug

    I Went to isolate light & found this. This has been rectified. What further action would you take?
  8. Pat H

    Best tester for new electrician

    Just finishing training and about to take exams. Have years of experience but formalising for part P. So whats the best low cost starting out it. I'd love a megger 1720 but can't stretch to that. So what do people suggest?
  9. Hellmooth

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Sold my soul to the Niceic

    As the title suggests, I have started the process of registering with the NIC, £540 worse off so far, let the fun begin!
  10. happyhippydad

    Is this work notifiable?

    Morning.... I usually have a very clear idea over what is notifiable and what is not, but I'm not sure with this one! If a consumer unit is fed from the main consumer unit, is the change of just the 2nd CU notifiable? I realise the 'new' part P states 'change of consumer unit' as notifiable...
  11. B


    Been to do EICR for a letting agent tonight which i do a few for, turns up and the owner has had the painters in.. Well I explain the test and code 1's are serious faults like live cables Etc.. You mean like this as she pulls the kitchen draw out.. The kitchen ring main cut to power a light in...
  12. D

    main switch

    is it ok to use a rcd as a main switch
  13. B

    Does anyone know of a cable identification guide?

    Just wondered if there is a guide out there to identify csa of cable by visual inspection? I have read about confusion re tails eg 16mm or 25mm. or twin and earth etc?
  14. E

    Is it worth Taking on more work and expanding business in these hard times

    Evening all, As the title suggests, is it worth taking on extra work and trying to expand or is better to play safe? ? At the moment I don't have the worry of competing with others as I only have myself to worry about and don't have to come up with wages at the end of every week. What are...
  15. TheSilverSpider

    Chelmsford CITY??- then WHY no training centres here!!!

    O great, Chelmsford has got it's CITY-status in 2012, but there are no Electrical / Electricians training centres in the whole of this big town - sorry CITY. I've searched, but can only find the closest being HARLOW where there are two on the same industrial estate - funny that is. 45mins on...
  16. sparkless

    bad work

    went to a job today, didn't know where to start. all they wanted was a new socket or two, but after I saw this work I couldn't leave site without rectifying. trouble is how to get paid for extra work. I am a small business, not the electrical police. so I doubt I will get paid for making...
  17. N

    Prices per circuit

    Hi guys, for youse guys out there that price testing work, how much do you charge per circuit? i think to charch £15 - £20 per circuit but a company from down south has started to steal some of our work with £7.50 per circuit, our gaffer has started to price jobs at £7.49 per circuit just so we...
  18. L


    Ive been asked if I can do the a very simple job for someone, all it is is to change the faceplates from plastic to chrome on the following 8 x double sockets 1 x single 5 x dimmer switches 1 x normal switch 5 x switched fused spurs 1 x aerial socket 1 x telephone how much would you charge...
  19. J

    Another sad reason Part P just doesnt work

    An old customer asked me if I could sign off another contractors work that was carried out in their property, so that they could achieve Building Regs sign off. (They used a main contractor for the whole build hence why we weren't involved). I let her know how part P works with self...
  20. T

    any work about

    Ia anybody busy ? solar PV qualified electrician wants work. Been offered £95.00 per install on new builds 3 panels DC wiring only boards mounted no testing. Sounds good eh! forgot to mention that £95.00 is between team of three.
  21. i=p/u

    bit of you knowledge and love for the tools

    looking at laserlevels here and was wondering if anyone has bought the new dewalt laser level? and anywhere you seen at good price at moment?? think the new 1 is 88k
  22. M

    Napit only 8

    Im with Elecsa but not really doing much thats notifable.(Subb'in and coming under there's) Rang Napit think i just as well go on the only 8. You ve got to be employed and cant be a sole trader to get only 8? Whats the point of offering it!!!!!!
  23. S

    poole dorset install jobs start asap start asap

    £500 per day 2 man teams required imediate start tel 07866 777 474 Mark
  24. S

    Stroma Certification Scheme Stroma

    So...... has anyone joined? Looks favourable. 430 odd for NIC bit less for ELECSA or NAPIT 245 for STROMA same end result (you're legal and can notify - THATS IT!) ?
  25. P

    New career skills advice and feedback

    Hi guys i'm 25 and have been looking a retraining as a sparky i've done some research and have a grasp of the basics I had a meeting with a guy from new career skills today I've been offered a place on their course it will cost me £6795 I am aware that colleges can offer this sort of thing alot...
  26. T

    New job just got told i loose £20 less a day because my I'm just out of my time

    got inducted at a new job today its an underground job in london My agency they told me my rate when i got there and filled out all the forms i got pulled to the side by one of the companies supervisors doing the induction...because my Gold card was so fresh he asked me how long i have had it...
  27. H

    old trip switch

    Hi fellas, been to look at a job this afternoon where whenever the lady plugs in her hoover the old trip switch trips,its one of those old brown ones with the yellow switch.its not a fault on the hoover because i plugged mine in and it tripped again,is it because the switch is getting tired or...
  28. IQ Electrical

    Formula help for students/trainees

    Here's a little 'Formula Wheel' with some of the more common Power/Voltage/Resistance/Current formulas. Might be handy to keep in the back pocket for anyone learning or forgetting!
  29. K

    Annual periodic assessment by Eddie Bassett

    Yippppeeeeeeeeee got my 3rd year NIC assessment at 1pm today with Eddie Bassett ! never had him before but all seem friendly enough ! oh crap i've run out of hobnobs ! let you all know how it goes ! Kung.
  30. K

    Working away.

    Due to work away next week, lodging in a travelodge. Any tips to help me along the way? Its a first time. I think I've packed everything but theres bound to be something ive missed that would help me!
  31. L

    How Much Does NICEIC Cost?

    Hey, How much does NICEIC cost for Domestic installer or approved installer? Ive looked at Nappit and seen its £576 for a new start up fee. When looking on the NICEIC website i couldn't find any prices just an application form to fill out where a rep will phone back. Cheers
  32. G

    PFC with Fluke 1651

    Hi Guys I use a Fluke 1651. When testing Loop Impedance the tester calculates Prospective Fault Current by diving the measured mains voltage by the Loop Impedance and it displays the result at the bottom of the display as Ik PFC, I was wondering if this method that the fluke uses is the same...
  33. sythai

    Marquee... temporary installation

    Hi Chaps... Just a quick one, have got a couple of marquee temporary installs coming up this summer... new one for me, so just doing my research to make sure i get it all right. Am I correct in thinking section 711 of the BRB is the one I should be looking at ? Any advice welcome if anyone...
  34. S

    20 meters of 25mm 4core SWA for sale!

    20 meters of 25mm 4core SWA for sale! anyone intrested? in lancashire for pick up. spare from a job i did but im never going to use it so thought id give it a go on here. no drum included just coiled up nicely, never been used. any not stolen haha
  35. P

    solar p.v containment earthing

    can anyone confirm does the containment on the d/c side of the p.v installation need earthing as per norm.reason im asking is someone at work mentioned it should be left not earthed which i find a little hard to believe.
  36. C


    thats it the form and check is gone, just waiting to here now! scary times!! p.s guys how much paperwork is there when ya own your own!!!! coming out my ears!!!
  37. S

    Elecsa assesment Monday, only registered yesterday!!

    Hi all, I have my elecsa assesment on monday morning, i done the registration stuff online yesterday and they called me back a bit later in the day saying they had a free slot on monday morning, as i was a bit on the spot i said yep thats fine.:confused: Well, hopefully it will be but i was...
  38. G

    Tip guards wanted

    Guys, Got my ELECSA coming up and finding it very difficult to find replacement tip shields for my Fluke T120 voltage and continuity tester. Anyone got some for sale or web address I can use? Cheers.
  39. R

    To few circuits

    Have just been asked to do a PIR, took a look at the board but it only has 3 circuits, sockets, cooker and lights.....This is in a two up to down...........
  40. S

    the new am2

    hi, i have just done my am2, which is the new version. i was never given a lot of information before hand so i will list done the equipment you have to install, this might help some people who dont know what to expect or never had any decent information given, like my self. s plan heating...
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