Aico 3000 Range
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  1. Y

    What temperature do people set their UFH floor thermostats at?

    I have basic UFH (electric) in 10 zones. Thermostats are old and are pretty useless. Playing around with home automation systems and sensors. (Home assistant on a docker) some sonoff switches and sensors. If I have the heating on for 2 hours the ground floor tiles can reach 28c. Starting at...
  2. Hellengeek

    What should someone do if they see their electrical socket sparking when inserting a power plug?

    What should someone do if they see their electrical socket sparking when inserting a power plug?
  3. Dan

    120 members deleted their accounts on there since we had the option

    120 accounts deleted since having the option. That's not bad. No bans I don't think. Once was extended for life. Can't say who. And 8000 I removed for not logging in for 2 years. So our new figures is under 15,000. We had 3000 login over 30 days. That's not bad. 20% of users.
  4. O

    Anyone go their email addresses?

    In Wiring Matters which arrived today: Just thought it would be handy to send them both links to a variety of threads on the 18th edition
  5. KEV 1 N

    Lovely old Isolator found in Cellar

    Found this in the cellar of an old house in Durham... The neutral is fused so I’m guessing it’s “really old” Any body know roughly the era it would be?
  6. oracle

    Why do test equipment suppliers use the xxth edition to plug their stuff

    There is no such thing as an 18th edition tester. The Regs are for installation requirements only The standards for test meters are BS 61010 and BS 61326 and other specific standards but NEVER BS7671
  7. O

    The IET - protecting us or their profits

    about fake books: Electrical professionals warned of fake IET Wiring Regulations on sale - The IET -
  8. N

    Daddy and/or mummy job hunting for their child

    I seem to see more and more posts either on Facebook, Indeed or Linkedin in which parents are doing the legwork for their child in respects of looking for work. When did this start happening? As an employer I can think of nothing worse than a parent approaching me instead of their child. To...
  9. Sparksaflyin

    So who’s done their 2396?

    I’m assuming the answer is quite a few of you? If so what did you think of it and how beneficial do you thinks it’s been to your career and overall knowledge?
  10. Daniel Oake

    Guide for DNO supply, installers - worth a look to someone.

    Stumbled upon a guide that the installers and maintenance teams adhere to, contains codes for reporting etc, might be interesting. Scroll down to Page 8 onward.
  11. wsoppitt

    ERG FACILITIES, what are they about, do i take on their work or not.

    Guys and girls, just interested to know if any of you have any previous history of dealing with ERG FACILITIES based out of southend on sea. They keep ringing me to see if i would be interested to undertake local contracts for them. Obviously being sceptical have always refused , tho i am...
  12. M

    Determining if their is a potential difference.

    Hi guys I asked this question on a recent thread abd was referred to some earlier posted videos but this didnt give me the answer i was looking for. My question is this. If you have something metallic in a property that isnt plugged in...say for arguement sake a metal pole that came out the...
  13. Chizzle

    Electricians Mate Hi to all, Looking for some work as a electrician mate and someone to take me under their wing

    Hi my name is Chaz based in Hounslow London. I have just recently completed my studying as a domestic installer. I know its not as good as the whole collage learning. Im 32 years of age currently working full time in a totally diffrent industry but looking for a fresh start and new career. My...
  14. Marvo

    Anyone else buy their wife/girlfriend a powertool for Christmas?

    Got wifey one of these for Christmas. I thought it was a nice present, she does a lot of craft work with stone and glass so she was very excited to get it but most other people that heard about it ranged between very sceptical and downright up in arms;
  15. Pete999

    P.P.E. anyonegot a Decent PPE outlet in their area (not intended to be an advert)

    Had a look around my local store yesterday, some very god deals on wor wear, safety equipment, and you get free chocky bars even if you don't buy anything, well worth a visit if you have an outlet near you BACCA is the name
  16. Spoon

    DNO price for moving their service cable & meter.

    Hi People. Please can you help. Yes I have tried a search but all I have found is that their web site should give a price. Anyhow.. enough waffling. A friend is going to convert their garage into a bedroom. The DNO supply and meter are in the garage. The hubby want to move it to the outside of...
  17. S

    Anyone on here getting their van resprayed this week?

    Moment jilted woman spray-paints her serial cheater boyfriend's van -
  18. S

    Auction sites & their rip off's

    A friend asked me to pick up & check out some stuff he'd bought via an online auction. Only 3 items all in original boxes, so I stupidly picked them up today :mad: 1) A set of jump leads all nicely packed: Open them up to find no Croc clips attached to the wires, 1 of the Black clips missing &...
  19. Midwest

    RIP Pc Keith Palmer

    RIP to Pc Keith Palmer. Said to see him and other people lose their lives in another senseless attack. As a species, it sees we put little value on life. “..each bloodletting hastens the next, and as the value of human life is degraded and violence becomes tolerated, the unimaginable becomes...
  20. E

    HV AP + SAP Training

    Looking at doing an AP course as i'm keen to get into the O&M side of MW scale solar, I'm after some advice from people in the HV industry. There are a couple of City & Guilds accredited courses around but do they make you employable? Has anyone done one or put staff through one? If you are...
  21. rolyberkin

    Quality Of New Build Electrics

    Done some work recently on a local new build estate (Countryside Homes), the standard of electrical work is dire (mind you the build quality is shite also), is this normal on new builds? In the house I worked on today the consumer unit looked like spaghetti junction, there were two holes in...
  22. C

    fire alarm

    Just wondering how you guys are getting around installing fire alarm systems. We used to Cable & connect,with the older systems,analogue,now it's all addressable we can't strip out or reconnect new detectors without calling a specialist. They come along,charge what they want,after you've done...
  23. Leesparkykent

    Local Heroes....A British gas innovation listening to Absolute radio today and this advert caught my attention....Has any one signed up to it? Having the British gas badge attached to it could be a good thing as its known they charge a premium.
  24. Leesparkykent

    In association with.......

    There's a firm near me, seem to be doing alright about 5 or 6 vans on the road and a shop front.......Any way pulled up near the high-street to pop into the bank and ended up parking next to one of their vans and was looking at their sign writing. NICEIC stickers all over the van and noticed in...
  25. S

    Walsall Housing Group

    Hi, Walsall Housing Group are currently looking to recruit a number of electricians to join their in-house services team. You must be fully qualified and have experience in completing ECR's. Check out their website for full details. Salary in the region of £31,500 per year with company van...
  26. D


    I keep seeing jobs around that need ECS card, and years on the job! EAL Periodic Inspection, Testing & Condition Reporting of Electrical (2395) LCP Initial Verification and Certificate of Electrical Installations (2394) C&G2377-22 In-Service Inspection & Testing C&G2382-12 17th Edition Wiring...
  27. S

    Tado declined support for 3-relay heating system

    Good morning all, I trust you are well. I am looking for an electrician who can help install 2 x Tado Smart Thermostats and their extension kit in a residential property in Kent. The problem is, I bought the products directly from Tado and purchased their installation service but Tado turned...
  28. C

    NAPIT Certification Scheme NAPIT OR NIC

    Hello guys I am really conflict as to who I should go with as i am looking to go it alone this year. Napit are cheaper and less fuss - however the brand is not recognized that well Napit appear to be allot easier to start off with because they only want to view one job, they also seem...
  29. H

    Electrician Electrician Full Time PAYE

    We are a new company which has been setup as part of a larger group company. We have an ongoing contract with guaranteed work for the next 3 years, and probably much more. We are looking to recruit a full time electrician cards in or PAYE from the beginning of February. They must have...
  30. happyhippydad

    REcommendations for a 'quality' 150w or 200w LED floodlight?

    Hello all. I have been in discussions with my client with regards lighting for her horse manege for some time as the client has been changing their mind quite a bit about how many poles to have down each side, whether to have 2 x 150w per post or 1 x 240w p/post etc etc. I have given lighting...
  31. sparksburnout

    A Moral issue?

    Been asked by a local pub to look into/improve some space heaters in the "smoking shelter". Seems a bit irresponsible to me this day and age, just wasting the earths resources trying to heat up the atmosphere while some people attempt to hasted their demise. What do you think, I thought...
  32. S


    Hey guys Looking to go self employed in the near future and need to get a good cv in order. What do people look for on a CV? My english is terrible if I'm honest so could do with a good template to go off if any one knows any good ones? Thanks for the help guys
  33. Adie moore

    do the DNO have a duty of care

    went to a house today, it was a tt system with no rcd protection anywhere. Ze was 143ohms, Zs on a socket ring was a bit better. mcbs were old bs 3871 push button conversations. thing is, the overhead supplying the house had been replaced about 4 years ago, nice new service head ripe for a PME...
  34. C

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC 1st visit

    I have a few jobs put together for my first visit. I just want to see how you guys have played this in the past because 2 of my sample jobs are new circuits and DBs for friends which are notifiable . I will be notifying building control through what will hopefully be my new NICEIC approved...
  35. Dan

    German Market Lorry Incident

    Live: Berlin lorry attack kills 12 at Christmas market - BBC News - Terrible news. RIP. Thoughts go out to their families and friends.
  36. GMES


    Just a case of curiosity really, but I have noticed a lot of regular members that use the forum on a daily basis leave their Avatars blank ( No Picture ) and was curious why so thought I would create a little poll. I personally recognise a lot of members by their Avatar without the need to look...
  37. Leesparkykent

    BG Nexus Pearl Nickel

    Does anyone know if they make a 4gang switch in this range? Just had a quick google and cant find one cheers.
  38. A

    Help needed please

    hi, I am after some advice. I have a catering van. The electrics have been done (sockets and lights) but I don't have a clue who can now certify it to make sure it's safe?? Any advice is much Appreciated
  39. P

    Heating on ring main against regs?

    Had a call from a landlord today they said they had had a new boiler fitted and the installer said the heating was taken off the ring main and was against regulations. Maybe not ideal but can't see as it is against regs.Anyone know if it's a oil or gas regulation. Cheers
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