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  1. R

    Hi, new to the forum - looking for advice on thermostats

    Hi all, I was pointed over in this direction from the plumbing forum for advice on thermostats. I have a couple of wall-mounted Calorex dehumidifiers in my workshop which have built-in 2kw heaters to keep the dehumidifers working in cold weather. The Corgi remote thermostats supplied for these...
  2. JC Heat

    Upgrade your old underfloor heating thermostats

    Just for your information, to conserve energy consumption with your underfloor heating, it is a great idea to replace your old thermostats with the programmable thermostats. With this kind of thermostat you would be able to set the timer to go on and off at certain times of the day. With this...
  3. Gavin John Hyde

    Underfloor heating thermostats

    I tend to run a mile from underfloor heating as its a pain in the backside to put right if it goes wrong. Got a regular customer whose old manual thermostat has died, power goes to it, but nothing else, its dead. Tested resistance of the heat mat and the values pretty much same as paperwork when...
  4. PJElectricalSW

    2 Wire 'Smart' Thermostats. Who makes them?

    Hello All Does anyone know of a manufacturer that supplies a volt free mains switching battery powered smart thermostat ? or just a better looking programmable thermostat than a Danfoss TP5000? Google is not my best friend trying all the combination of keywords possible. Thanks, Pete
  5. S

    Swapping thermostats

    Hi there! I’m trying to swap a wired Lifestyle P111 heating programmer with a Netatmo thermostat. The Lifestyle has a blue, red and yellow wire and the Netatmo requires only two wires. I think I need to isolate the blue and connect the red and yellow to the Netatmo, but any advice would be...
  6. C

    Vaillant Home Combi 35

    Hey, I currently seek some information such as a wiring diagram. The heating system is a 2 zone valves, with a thermostat (battery operated) upstairs and downstairs. The plumbers changed the controllers that Vaillant first supplied as they were costing around £150+ each, so they changed to 2...
  7. W

    Panel/Convector heater?

    Have a customer with no heating at all in 2 of her bedrooms ( No gas supply also ) both rooms are around 6 x 3 meters .. Any suggestions for a decent panel/convector heater that will heat these rooms adequately?
  8. R

    Domestic Underfloor Heating Issue

    I've recently just installed a floorwarmers UFH system. Consists of two cables and two IB-TR8100 thermostats (touch screen types). Installed as instructions detailed. But now when powered up the floor temp just reads error which indicates (from instructions). The is the same with both units. Did...
  9. S

    Digital Thermostat

    Please could anybody recommend a accurate digital thermostat that would display the present temperature of the room and also obviously what I have set the boiler to fire up. My present old honeywell thermostat doesn't seem to be very accurate and could do with changing. Thanks
  10. C

    Wiring for Central Heating Controls

    Hi All, :eek: I have to first fix some heating control cables, mainly to thermostats, and the heating guy's have all done a magic trick and vanished - so I have 3 programmable thermostats to wire for, my main question is - do the each of the thermostats run seperatly back to the wiring centre...
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