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  1. E

    I recently planned to reply to a thread but was, informed "I did, nt have enough privileges" to respond. How do I gain these "privileges?

    I recently tried to respond to a thread only to be informed "I did, nt have enough privileges" to do so. How do I gain such privileges?
  2. Midwest

    Another Hot Tub Thread Part 2

    Following on from the last two more technically debated threads: 32A supply for Hot Tub of a PME supply Another Hot Tub install I posted a question, in the last one, but didn't get a reply, so starting another one. Hope the Mods don't mind. So posting my question again, slightly edited. I’ve...
  3. littlespark

    Follow on from retro switches thread

    A few examples of my mates taste in decoration, and what he drives around in... .
  4. Dan

    Electricians and Electrical Work During COVID-19 / Coronavirus Pandemic (Public Weekly Thread)

    Electricians and Electrical Work During COVID-19 / Coronavirus Pandemic (Public Weekly Thread) Firstly, Hi lads and ladies. Apologies it has been a while posting here. @Lou and I have been checking in every now and again to catch up with some things. I have 101 unread messages and 1,160...
  5. happysteve

    Imperial gland - thread size?

    I need to replace this mess with a switch fuse (not the socket, obvs). The pyro is imperial; IR is low(ish) but above the minimum. Estimated age is about 60 years. The only things I'm missing are a banjo and a locking nut. I'm pretty sure I can get a 25mm banjo on to fit, but what thread were...
  6. T

    Another outdoor power thread... seems the time for it!

    As usual – I preface this with the fact that I will be engaging the work of an electrician to do this.. however, I like to get my head around the works beforehand. This will NOT be a DIY job – I’m nowhere near skilled enough to contemplate such a thing… but with that caveat in mind – humour me...
  7. Baddegg

    Following on from eicr thread..

    Started writing up the report this morning and reading through my notes..... What would cause an rcd to fail the test at the board, passed x1/2 @ 0 and 180 fails x1 & x5, so testing directly at the rcd but it passes at 6 sockets I tested at?....had it before where it passes at the board but...
  8. Lou

    Advent Calendar Comp - WINNERS THREAD!

    We're gonna post all the winners in this one thread. I'm a pen freak. So those who care, the names have been written in a 1967 Parker Duofold pen, with ink-pump cartridge (a really special pen to me). So I insisted Lou got some of that in the video lmao. :D :D So here goes...... And the...
  9. Dan

    Good Morning Thread - Come say good morning, tell us what you've got on today. :)

    We have this thread on and it's just been restarted because the old thread had 20,000 replies and 500,000 views. And there were 700 pages. Started to lag a bit on slow connections. I think we had a bash of this before, but I can't find the thread, so thought I'd start another...
  10. Lou

    (Pictures Thread): Poor Electricianmanship? Pictures of poor electrical installations you find on your travels

    Poor Electricianmanship? Pictures of poor installations you find on your travels. @Megawatt suggested this for codebreakers. I thought I'd throw it up in the main electrical forum for all to use. So this is a public thread, so please, no personal details of where the install is, and no naming...
  11. Dan

    SATURDAY NIGHT TUNES THREAD (27/09) - Beatles theme? - others also acceptable mind

    This is the actual beatles youtube channel if you want to follow it. They've gone in hard closing other tunes down on YT and taking over their income from them if they have left them. As it's 50 years promo thing. It's not them getting rich out of it all mind. It's the record labels and...
  12. Dan

    This is the 116,000th Thread :)

    Thought I'd get this in there.
  13. Dan

    Sharing and providing electrical (or Gas Plumbing) advice online - Discussion thread

    So this has been posted in the following forum categories:- American Electrical Forum - Canadian Electrical Forum - Australian Electrical Forum -...
  14. Dan

    FIXRADIO Tunes Request Thread (And DAB Radio Recommendations Thread)

    FIXRADIO - Tunes Request Thread - The official unofficial tunes request and shout-out thread. This isn't something we've organised with FIXRADIO officially. So it's the unofficial official tunes request thread. If you really really want a tune on, use the usual...
  15. Dan

    Similar Threads shown at the bottom of the thread you're reading - is back

    Similar Threads shown at the bottom of the thread you're reading - is back. But thanks to those who contribute to the forum by way of Upgrading Their Account to a Subscribed Member it is now using the all singing all dancing enhanced searching feature, rather than just using the thread titles...
  16. Dan

    Canada Country Flags: Thought I'd done this thread but maybe not.

    Okay, so we have some country flags knocking around. Depending on the screen size of your device, will depend on where they show and how often etc. Really small screens will see them less. iPads and Laptops and Notebooks will see them in all places I've set them to. On your mobile, if you turn...
  17. Lister1987


    The aim is simple and 2 fold To give an easy meabe of clearing out clutter that once was in use and now has no use to the owner To ensure that tools/equipment/literature that can be used by our sector gets as much useas possible Theres a few rules to ensure smooth running of the thread: Once...
  18. littlespark

    90's bands and nostalgia.... from another thread.

    Rather than continuing on the other thread which was something about dodgy MK fakes.... I had same Mk1 fiesta, but mine was "Sunshine Red".... or orange, as my gf, now wife, called it. It cost me double what yours was, so it must have been twice as good. Even back then it had 16 valves...
  19. Leesparkykent

    Pics of dogs thread.

    I know it’s been done before but it was ages ago....we’ve had a lot of new members since so I thought I’d start a new thread. Here’s a few of my Rottweiler from today’s walk along the beach. She’s just turned one so still a pup, they don’t stop growing until around 2.
  20. littlespark

    Where's the sticky thread for old stuff?

    Doing a little job in my local pub:- changing double sockets to ones with USB chargers built in and 90 or so portable appliance tests... I came across this old man in the cupboard. and its 30A little brother on the opposite wall. 2 out of 3 fuse carriers missing from inside so incomplete.
  21. happyhippydad

    Just found this thread from a few years back!

    Found this thread from a few years back, made me smile! There's a few of those names now disappeared, still a few left though:) Putting some faces to the names!!!!! -
  22. T

    Re suspended ceilings thread and the mess in it, before and after

    Just a little update as @marconi expressed it may be interesting to see before and after on sargasso sea of cables above ceiling.
  23. happysteve

    What's this, and where can I get one (immersion heater nut/machine screw thing)

    Off a Backer immersion heater element. Unlike others I've seen, rather than having a long threaded rod with a nut on the end to hold the cover in place, the threaded rod does not extend beyond the cover, and relies on this sort of female machine screw thing to hold it in place. Which is missing...
  24. T

    Hi Admin notice to me is "you have insufficient priveleges to post on this thread"

    So looking at a thread and it says the above in General chat-off topic, it appears I am not priveleged enough to reply on it?... In particular this thread; Hi there, not sure on what catagory this goes into -...
  25. ChelseaNick

    Another oven thread (hopefully with a difference)

    We've had to replace the single oven and discovered that both single oven and hob were hooked into the same terminal strip which was massively overloaded. We've now installed an induction hob with is plugged in to a plug socket on the isolator switch for the oven. The problem we have now is that...
  26. P

    Repairing a damaged back box thread.

    It looks like the upstairs in the house has had some electrical work done in the past and I've been left with a couple of blanked off back boxes. On one of them, the cover plate is loose and looks a little unsightly. While attempting to tighten the screws up, I found the threads on each of the...
  27. PiesRus

    Me! PiesRus the thread must contain at least 20 characters

    I'm just trying to introduce myself but it looks like I'm having trouble with intro - ing myself I tried . But this web site isn't friendly. Anyway! Good evening my Friends and Ladies & Gentlemen. I have been sparking for 30 odd yrs and I still think I am an apprentice in many respects. I...
  28. Electron

    Damaged thread on lug of metal back box

    Can anyone suggest a way to fix a damaged screw lug on double socket back box?
  29. M

    Past thread search can it be done

    is it possible to search for older threads I am interested in a post from June this year?
  30. O

    The number plate thread ...............yes really

    Spotted this today: Feel free to add ones you see!
  31. T

    Not sure how me last thread went down

    but if anyone can help me solve this little problem Id be greatfull Light needed in a room -Drilled into concrete ceiling and put what I have no idea what it was called now into the whole. Found that the 8 ml drill bit the matey said id need was a bit of a tight fit to get this raw plug shall...
  32. D

    Consumer Unit Feed

    I've got an awkward job approaching where the consumer unit is to be relocated due to a semi-detached house being knocked into one. It's currently fed via a kmf & 16mm t&e, with a seperate 16mm earth. When the consumer unit is relocated, this wont be long enough, and even if it was this would...
  33. Pete999

    Pete's Videos Working at heights, no problem
  34. mwigham85

    Fireproof Supports in escape routes.

    Hi Guys, Does a hallway in a dwelling class as an escape route for this Reg or is it just shared access escape routes that this Reg covers? thanks
  35. FatAlan

    Adding sockets to RFC

    Want to add two double sockets to one of my ground floor RFCs. Was initially thinking that it would have to be a FCU to a spur. Would it be better practice to just incorporate them as part of the ring? Sockets will be running a TV and either PS4 or Xbox depending on what FA junior is in to. Not...
  36. B

    Pictures needed

    Anyone got any pictures of before and after work need some for my college portfolio Cheers
  37. T

    Hello from a n00bie

    Hello from a n00bie, looking for advice with some electric heating and hot water. thanks
  38. 2

    Going self-employed as a domestic electrician.

    Hello everyone, I need some advice. I am a 61 year old apprentice served electrician. I have been " in the game for 45 years ". Mostly I have been employed by companies in the commercial and industrial side. After a recent illness and a lot of thought I've decided I don't want to work for anyone...
  39. Dan

    Update: Total number of thread views shown on forum homepage! WOW!

    If you visit the forum homepage (HERE) on a laptop/pc or tablet in landscape view, you'll see the total number of thread views for each forum category. Note that this isn't the total number of actual hits. As once you've viewed a thread, it wont keep counting you if you refresh the page.
  40. Pete999

    Buying a quote

    Hi Folks, don't know if I have this information right or not, hence my question. My Lad (Camerabloke) paid a visit today, and showed me something interesting. Someone on the net posted a "buy a quote" thread, it seems this thread or post whatever you want to call it, not to sure where it came...