1. Lister1987

    Thread for telectrix

    @telectrix , should be able to reply to this so you'll have your own thread.
  2. T

    Trimming voltage.

    Client of mine has himself about 195w of RGBW LED strip and a controller rated at 288w (24v) 😆 What's the easiest way to bring it in line, stick a 0.1 ohm resistor in line? Do all 4 elements of RGBW strip ever get used at the same time?
  3. OnlQQker

    The Gardening Thread...

    Well, what with everything going up in price at a great rate of knots, March is the perfect time to start planting some seeds. Saving Vegetable Seeds For Next Season -
  4. erergwerg

    Replacing pull cord thread

    Hello, I'm trying to replace the switch for the shower I'm not sure what to buy. Can I pick any pull cord switch from Screwfix? It is a Bristan 8.5KW electric shower Will this 45 amp be ok? Thanks in...
  5. littlespark

    Adverts within thread posts

    On some threads, where there are a large number of posts, there are adverts inside posts. (Might be in between?) but at least they are forum sponsors and not some random clickbait. Again, I’m not sure if this has always been like that, or it’s by design. Neither of these issues are massive...
  6. Lou

    The Yorkshire Thread

    This thread is to celebrate all things Yorkshire - the best county in the land. Scraps, Fruit cake and cheese, Yorkshire Puddings and of course Tea!
  7. A

    Turbo actuator won't work, new actuator been fit! So much info inside thread

    Losing my mind with my 2008 Audi A6 3.0 TDI Fault code 3348 for turbo actuator, clear the code, instantly comes back Turbo and actuator has been swapped for a new recon unit from a specialist, pre-calibrated Turn ignition on, the inlet manifold actuators self test sweep, but the turbo...
  8. S

    Trailing 16A blue 3 pin plug/sockets with a 20mm thread.

    Have been looking for the above and seem to find only a stuffing gland type entry.Yet,most wall mounted units come with a 20mm thread built in.Thanks for any help. Regards...
  9. T

    another career change thread... sorry

    Hi all, apologies for another thread, I've done a search of the site and there's loads of info on here, but I'm finding bits here there and everywhere so thought id ask in relation to my situation. I'm looking to leave my current employment, which is well paid, but I've had enough. I'm looking...
  10. Micktw68

    Unable to “un” respond to a thread. One for @dan.

    Was going to respond to a thread, decided not to, but unable to delete or remove the reply text box. What am I missing? deleted cookies etc.
  11. S

    MyBuilder and other Electricians support thread.

    Hi THIS POST IS FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE OF BRINGING LEGITIMATE ELECTRICIANS TOGETHER WHO HAVE PROFILES ON MYBUILDER RatedPeople AND OTHER SIMILAR WEBSITES. Please kindly DO NOT post if you don't seek work this way. I get the alot of my work on the online tradesperson website. As...
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