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  1. FatAlan

    Adding sockets to RFC

    Want to add two double sockets to one of my ground floor RFCs. Was initially thinking that it would have to be a FCU to a spur. Would it be better practice to just incorporate them as part of the ring? Sockets will be running a TV and either PS4 or Xbox depending on what FA junior is in to. Not...
  2. Dan

    Movies And Cinema Thread - Favourite Films And What's On?

    Movies And Cinema Thread - Favourite Films And What's On? advice reviews and feedback 2017 Dan said: ↑ Aren't we all lol Who really owns all the time and money. Click to expand... U know that!!!! God what was that movie about buying time, I know 'in time' with... Movies And Cinema Thread -...
  3. Dan

    Dry cutter thread....for use with polished porcelain

    Dry cutter thread....for use with polished porcelain advice reviews and feedback 2017 Morning chaps! I have been lurking on here for a while now, gathering bits of information and opinion on how best to complete my DIY jobs. I can't thank you chaps enough. My latest has caused me... Dry...
  4. Dan

    The Tilersforums.co.uk Show Us Your Work Thread - Tilers Pictures

    The Tilersforums.co.uk Show Us Your Work Thread - Tilers Pictures advice reviews and feedback 2017 NEW THREAD: http://www.tilersforums.co.uk/threads/tilers-forum-show-us-your-work-thread.64188/ I thought it was about time we had a thread dedicated to all members of Tilers... The...
  5. B

    Pictures needed

    Anyone got any pictures of before and after work need some for my college portfolio Cheers
  6. Dan

    It's back - football thread advice, reviews and feedback

    It's back - football thread advice reviews and feedback 2017 The football season starts this weekend which means less weekend work and more boozing...... Who do we all follow then and how do you think your team will do this year, I am a Wigan fan and... It's back - football thread Are you a...
  7. T

    Hello from a n00bie

    Hello from a n00bie, looking for advice with some electric heating and hot water. thanks
  8. 2

    Going self-employed as a domestic electrician.

    Hello everyone, I need some advice. I am a 61 year old apprentice served electrician. I have been " in the game for 45 years ". Mostly I have been employed by companies in the commercial and industrial side. After a recent illness and a lot of thought I've decided I don't want to work for anyone...
  9. Dan

    Update: Total number of thread views shown on forum homepage! WOW!

    If you visit the forum homepage (HERE) on a laptop/pc or tablet in landscape view, you'll see the total number of thread views for each forum category. Note that this isn't the total number of actual hits. As once you've viewed a thread, it wont keep counting you if you refresh the page.
  10. Pete999

    Buying a quote

    Hi Folks, don't know if I have this information right or not, hence my question. My Lad (Camerabloke) paid a visit today, and showed me something interesting. Someone on the net posted a "buy a quote" thread, it seems this thread or post whatever you want to call it, not to sure where it came...
  11. S

    Mystery wiring - seen anything like this before?

    Hands up, I'm just a domestic spark, but the gym where I train wants to put in a boxing ring and these are in the way. The cable is sheathed and I haven't taken the whole thing to bits but I've never seen anything like these twenty terminations. Apparently the building, which is on a racecourse...
  12. G

    Spur from Ring Final Circuit

    My last thread was taken down due to copyright reasons, I think it was because I scanned a page from the wiring regs and posted it. Can anyone tell me if this circuit design conforms to regs?
  13. T

    Light bulbs blowing and crazy wiring..

    I'm hoping to get a bit of expert advice on a problem I have with a friend's wiring. Initially I was asked to take a look at a three-bulb light fitting that was regularly blowing bulbs. I took the fitting down from the ceiling to check for loose wires and found that several came out from the...
  14. Pete999


    Glad it's all sorted, nearly had a breakdown lol lol
  15. Dan

    test new thread

    test new thread
  16. G

    Help with shed wiring

    hi I am going to re-wire my shed as it's a mess I have installed a c/u see picture .ignore wiring in it . That's just me playing about fitting cable in it to see how it's done What I now need to know is how I wire everything up . I have attached a drawing of how the set up wants to be . Could...
  17. Jurgster

    British sparky working in Germany

    Hi, I have decided to ground this thread to whine about practices of Germany's best made sparkys. I repeatedly discovered that I am challenged with the German mentality of so called competent electrical installation or electrician's. Let us see how much resonance will come. I just hope that...
  18. D

    EICR IR bad readings, any advice?!

    Hey, An EICR was under taken again on property. Insulation Resistance results on at 500V. All results in Mega Ohms LIGHTING L-N 34.80, L-E 2.05, N-E 33 LIGHTING L-N 2.47, L-E 2.97, N-E 2.81 UP POWER L-N 78, L-E 72, E-L 69 DOWN SOCKETS L-N 16.30, L-E 15.41 N-E...
  19. W

    New Member

    Hi Everyone! Looking for some help on this forum. Thanks
  20. Pete999

    Steel Conduit

    I was wondering last night, or should I say wandering, when I were a Lad working with steel and Galv conduit, I distinctly recall the Electricians I was working with always gad me filing the ends of couplers, locknuts etc and also removing the pain from entries into steel enclosures, I know in...
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