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  1. S

    How to properly test an RCD

    .....and there's plenty of humour on this thread Ben, forget your multifunction tester when it comes to RCD's. Use your multi meter, push the RCD button, and check that both poles have opened, and check the type and rating of the RCD. Job done, Regs complied with. The only truly useful...
  2. J

    Tools for a trainee

    Hi guys, ive just started training and wondered if you could give me an idea on some tools it would be worth me buying for my first year as a trainee, and also what would be a good make of tools for me to purchase ? Thank you very much J
  3. Marvo

    Steel conduit wall thickness

    I'm hoping a few of the older members might remember this. I need to know what the standard wall thickness used to be for the very old type threaded steel conduit (20 and 25mm equivalents). I'm guessing the diameter and wall thickness was in imperial sizes so I also need to know what the...
  4. S

    Switched live in fan

    hi, Just reading through 'Connections' (ELECSA's magazine). Found an article saying it was aright to use the green/yellow for a SL in a class II fan if you sleeved it both ends with a brown sleeve. They cited 514.4.3 which in my book refers to PEN conductors saying it overrides 514.4.2 (thou...
  5. M

    House alarms

    Tried to get into the alarm section but think I need to post more. Any one in the Southend on Sea area want to give me a quote on a wired alarm for my house. I have a few things I want from this alarm but will discuss that later.
  6. Elmer BeFuddled

    Bathroom Fans, Fuses and Isolators. A follow on

    Following on from a recent thread. My head started to hurt after someone posted (and I can't find the thread now, so I'll just have to quote what I copied, credits to whoever wrote this.). Being a 5ww I couldn't quite get me head around that so, as a picture is worth a thousand words, I drew it...
  7. W

    Shower in Summerhouse 40m From CU

    Hi sorry if this is not the correct section. i am after some advice I need to connect a shower in a summer house approx 40 mts away from the main house cu. the shower I have is 8.5 kw but not on connected yet,what size cable do i need please
  8. bigbaddave

    pulling main fuse

    I ain't seen one of these posts for a week or so I'm sure you will be missing it.. Pulling main fuse.. It's ok to pull if the following conditions are met right?? 1) its a Tuesday 2) its 9:32 3) your customer is called Doris 4) you have pink underware on 5) the attached seals do tricks
  9. D

    Can I sign off work

    Lads, I passed my 2391 a couple years ago I'm a time served JIB electrician and halfway through an HNC, can I sign off a condition report for a house I rent out and have tested.
  10. I

    Trainee Section

    Hello, Sorry if this is in the wrong section feel free to move and correct if it is :P, also i apologize to Dan as i did want to send this via Private Message but due to my low post count it wont let me private message anyone including the Mods/Admins :(. I received a email stating my thread...
  11. M

    Adding identifing ledgends to the Report Post and Multi-Quote icons.

    Is it possible to have identifying legends added to the 'Report Post' and 'Multi-Quote' icons as they are probably under used as currently displayed. Identifying the 'Report Post' icon in particular will hopefully have the beneficial effect of reducing the abuse posted by a minority of users...
  12. N

    Thermistor protection in 3 phase star wired motor

    Hi all just installing a 3 p extractor fan and in the instructions which are in broken english it says it needs thermistor protection would this just be wired back to the dol starter and wired in line with the contactor circiut ai through the thermsitor relay( which i presume is normanly...
  13. lurch

    Domestic Memera 2000 RCBO definitive answer

    Hi I have seen a couple of posts on this subject but they go back a bit and dont appear to have a definitive answer. I have a MEM Memera 2000 CU, where I need to provide RCBO protection to the lighting circuit to cover some additions I have made in the bathroom. There is already a Eaton 16A...
  14. G

    Domestic RCD for outside protection

    I have just recently bought a house which i am currently doing up. the consumer unit is a split load type with 1 rcd feeding the upstairs and downstairs sockets. I noticed that they have used the old cooker 6mm cable to feed the shed outside (t+e!) which I know needs changing to armoured and I...
  15. D

    Downsizing a cable mid-circuit

    Seen this mentioned on a thread about cookers on the main forum. Someone asked about splitting a 10mm cable into 2 6mm cables to feed the oven and hob, but has been told it's not compliant. Could someone point me in the direction of the regs about this one and some info on the theory behind...
  16. 1

    Fed up with working in the dark?

    If you do Domestic only and after some decent lighting then I can highly recommend the tripod units offered by Screwfix. For 22 quid I must say they're the mutts nuts. So much so I went and bought a second unit on the following day. They stand approx four feet high, balance nicely over...
  17. R

    Rcd or not?

    Do you guys use RCD'S on solar pv supplies or is a mcb and D/P switch sufficient?
  18. B

    bit of an iphone genius

    hi all dont know if ur like me that since having an i phone it feels like its is now part of my toolbox of sorts .. anyways i came across this gem of an app some may know of it some may not anyway the app is called dropbox and it allows you to keep all documents pdf / word etc into a app that...
  19. F

    Bosch DMF 10.

    Evening ladies, anyone got one of those Bosch DMF 10 metal stud and voltage indicator tools?? Was thinking about getting one, but wanted some feedback before i splash around £75 for one. Cheers.
  20. S

    !...to Trust a Trader or not to Trust A Trader...that is the question..!

    Hello Each... My mate and his missus paid £4000 for a patio, a very very badly laid patio. He got the number for these chaps out of Trust a Trader (TaT). These chaps even turned up at his work demanding extra monies and they had a big argument in his work car park and even threatened to go...
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