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  1. S

    Tips on getting cable through kopex

    Hi guys does anyone have any tips for getting a 40-50m length of 10mm earthing conductor through a run of 20mm Kopex? Many Thanks
  2. happyhippydad

    A question about how current travels through the real earth?

    When testing Ze on a TT the only connection between the line and the earth rod is the actual ground. When you do a Ze is it actually sending a small current through the actual ground from the earth rod at the house to the earth rod at the transformer? Also, related to the above, I have 2...
  3. T

    contracting through Thames Water

    Hi all I've got an opportunity that has come up regarding contracting electrical works through Thames Water, this will be working on their private pumping stations replacing control panels etc and providing reactive call outs for power and pump failures etc. I used to work on these jobs...
  4. W

    Domestic Question. Signal for hot water not getting through

    Hi all, 
 After boosting the hot water for probably too long on our pulsacoil thermal storage, the circuit breaker was tripped and I saw that the timer unit had melted through. 
 I got a replacement unit and have installed it and flicked the circuit breaker switch back on. The water seems to be...
  5. Bobby34

    Circuit passing through Bathroom zone

    Hi guys and girls, So im fitting a new ring final circuit (I did advise a radial) in a newly built extension. the least disruptive way of feeding the cables to the extension is up into the ceiling void and along through the 1st floor bathroom floor (The client has had the common sense to not...
  6. D

    Drilled through 30am cable powering oven and hob

    So... a bit of a faux pas happened the weekend... i managed to drill through the 30amp mains cable that goes down to the oven and hob. flashsgl - https://ibb.co/Q8Bf6jX Anyone know the best course of action short of channelling the wall out and rewiring the whole thing? Kind regards Dan
  7. spamwize2

    IR testing through transformer

    Hi all need some help, I've got a panel to test 400vac to transformer but after step down 110vac, do i megger it all at 1000v or just ignore transformer and megger at 250vac?
  8. K

    Domestic Trouble threading Doorbell Wire through an existing hole

    Hi All I have tried to wire in a doorbell and I'm having trouble getting the wire through the hole on the inside to the outside and vice versa. I know the hole is at an angle and no matter how much wire I feed through it doesn't seem to come out the other end. I made the error of pulling out...
  9. happyhippydad

    Increasing Zs readings on a ring as I progress through the house.

    I have just fitted a new consumer unit into a house which previously just had a fuse box BS3036 with no RCD protection. Whilst doing the testing the Zs readings were not as expected. They are around 1Ω throughout the house but at one socket they are 3.7Ω. The customer states this was the socket...
  10. littlespark

    Self employed through C.I.S? Any benefits?

    As some of you guys and gals might know, I have been self employed for a couple of years now. I send my books to my accountant who files it with HMRC. I've been approached by a company who will be working on a local hotel in the near future and I was wondering if it was going to be worth my...
  11. S

    Amps carried through air

    Hi everyone, Watched a programme recently on TV, a young man was on top of a train (not advised) and the power lines above him carried 10,000 volts. He got too close and it jumped through the air and got him. Thankfully he lived and made a decent recovery. My question being, is it even...
  12. diyterry

    Two cables through conduit

    Morning, hope your all well. Is it okay to run a 2.5mm and a 1.5mm cable through the same 20mm conduit?
  13. R

    Trace wire through my house

    Hi, I am removing my room thermostats as i'm going "smart heating" and need to trace the wire from the room stat downstairs back to the heating control in a cupboard upstairs so it can be removed from the circuit. I'm thinking all i need is a simple tone generator / wire tracer like the ones...
  14. Andrew Beveridge

    Domestic E7 with 2 meters (on/off peak), but current only goes through one?

    Hi folks, We moved into a new flat about 6 months ago and have realised we're being billed for all of our electricity at the expensive "all day" rate - despite having a very large "Thermaflow" electric boiler which is designed to draw tons of power heating up water overnight to use throughout...
  15. cprfenom

    2 external lighting circuits fed through 1 SWA cable

    Evening, Although I cannot see a specific regulation can anyone come up with a reason why someone could not run 2 line and 2 neutrals with both circuits fed from the steel wire? To verify this would feed 2 number lighting circuits down one path, but I.e 1No 5 core swa. From a cost point of...
  16. A

    Domestic Lighting circuit through airing cupboard

    Hi I am running a new upstairs lighting circuit and need to find a route down to the consumer unit which is in the cupboard under the stairs. The easiest and least disruptive route would be via the airing cupboard, in trunking, then under the floor from which I can drop down through the ceiling...
  17. I

    Run power to kitchen Island - pyro cable through ufh screed - East London

    Hi, I have an open plan flat and want to get power to a kitchen island. I really want to avoid getting it through a pole from the ceiling. It's a new build approximately 13 years and has under floor heating. I believe it is electrical under floor heating, and from making a drill hole under a...
  18. J

    Advice after drilling through electrical cable above plug socket

    Hi all, I have stupidly drilled through the same electrical cable TWICE 1 inch apart. This is above a twin plug socket which obviously now doesn’t work. The holes are about 1m above the socket. As a temporary measure I was going to connect the wires individually with Wago connectors but the 2...
  19. sham

    looking through previous certificate and have a question about disconnection time.

    On a domestic inspection and testing certificate or conditional reports, I always put maximum disconnection time permitted by BS7671 as 0.4 sec. I've been given a testing job for an HMO property and on the previous conditional report, the maximum disconnection time of 0.4 sec is only given for...
  20. 7029 dave

    Pull through then.???...........

  21. Pete999

    Just been lookng through some jobs What do you reckon

    Electricial/Handyman £16,500 per year Tram Driver £21.00 plus per year Reckon our trade has been reduced to that of a DIYer? Kin scandalous
  22. W

    Blown through the air? (Mail Online Article)

    Not sure if anyone's seen this article, apologies if someone's already posted about it.
  23. DAvid Prosser

    Extractor fan through a timber frame wall.

    Hi any one got some advice on putting a cooker extractor hood discharge through timber frame house wall. Reason I ask is that I use to work (labourer) on timber frame houses a long time ago and think there could be some sort o guide lines related to going through the timber wall and membrane ...
  24. Gary Tollison

    Conduit through brick wall

    hello. Dejavu for some folk, but here’s the scenario: My house is two-storey brick, my shed is 10’x3’ (odd size I know, but the back yard is small) made entirely of wood, no metal at all. The gap between the house wall and shed is 300-400mm. At present there is no power to the shed, so I have...
  25. W

    Cables through drilled joists

    Hello peeps, just looking for clarification on my practices here . In the past , I have taken many cables through the same hole drilled in a joist . Mostly lighting and smoke detector cables , not heavily loaded ones , but on site , time is sometimes critical. Have I followed " normal practice...
  26. Pete999

    Cables running through accessories to feed another circuit.

    There was a post yesterday, can't recall the exact one. I'll start by saying I wouldn't do it and never have, there were several reasons and answers that, although they provided some sort of response, there was never any definitive proof as to whether it was against the BS 7671. Now I don't know...
  27. T

    Seperate circuit passing through light.

    We are rewiring a stair lighting circuit and the door entry supply passes through one of our light fittings which is a seperate circuit from the lights. Is this ok if it is marked up at the DB?
  28. Q

    Drilled through wire sheath, advice to make safe until after Xmas

    Hello, I drilled a hole late last night after a long day and stupidly didn't check the wall directly under the plug socket (I know). The RCD tripped and it appears to have just exposed the copper wires, just the sheath is damaged (pics attached). From a bit of googling it seems there is no...
  29. G

    Earth spike , through wall?

    Hi all, Just fitted a car charger , I need to put an earth spike in but having trouble siting it, the main consumer unit is on the garage wall , directly behind it is earth as the garage is set into the hill if you know what I mean so if I drill through the wall I will hit the mud, is it ok to...
  30. R

    Garage electrics - running cable through garden

    Hi, I have asked an electrician to install electrics in my house's garage. I'm happy with the electrical work he has proposed and quoted for, but I wanted to check his approach to running the cable to the garage. A armoured cable will exit the house through the meter cupboard on a side wall...
  31. Gemma

    Bizarre Wiring And Readings Through Upstairs Windows

    Hi I don't know if anyone can help, but I'm very grateful to anyone who can provide input. I won't go into the full story, but my windows upstairs appear to have an electrical current running through them. It's only the windows upstairs. They also set off a radio frequency detector. Even if...
  32. A

    getting a cable through a conduit

    Hi, I am laying a patio and have a 38mm corrugated conduit going across the ground ready to be covered in scalpings, it's 7-8m long but it doesn't have a pull cord though so I was wondering what's the best way to get cable through it. The cable will only power a small foundation pump. Thanks
  33. Taylortwocities

    How not to run cables through insulation

    Just saw this. Great demonstration of how NOT to install insulation round electrical cables. No consideration of the CCC of the cable. Sorry pete, I know this is your job, really.....:D
  34. S

    Drilled through cable in wall, can I fix? (Photo)

    Drilled through cable in kitchen wall, tripped the fuse box. Switched back on and everything works apart from the cooker hood. I've called electrician and explained, given me a quote of £120 plus VAT. Is that reasonable? Is this something I can fix? If so, how? I have basic electrical skills...
  35. leep82

    remedial work after an EICR was carried out on a residential property

    Today i have been carrying out some remedial work after an EICR was carried out on a residential property. Aswell as the list of remedial works to be carried out i also had draft copies of the EICR which was carried out in November of last year. When i started to read through the list of...
  36. B

    Mounting CCTV camera on steel/corrugated cladding

    Hello fellow installers. I have just been to see a potential customer who works out of an industrial unit. Now the external of the building has steel cladding or as some call it corrugated sheet metal. Now I plan on installing some Hikvision bullet cameras on the external, and have never...
  37. S

    Anyone fill the gavity where the tails enter

    Hi all, I had my assessment the other day and shown him a job with a replacement board. The tails ran up in the cavity wall from the meter box below on the outside of the house and in from the back of the cu, he said that I should seal the hole in the wall where the tails come through into the...
  38. Connor Mennell

    Pre Attendance Test 1 - Health & Safety Trades Gateway

    Anyone done this exam? I'll be sitting it my second time on the 15/3 and my god it is impossible. So many ambiguous answers and things where i just wasn't sure (even tried referring to my notes!) Can anyone offer help/advice to get me through this stage, due to personal problems im half way...
  39. Soulsurfer

    Zone 1 dual fuel towel rail ?

    So I have a client who requested a towel rail fitted at the end of the bath on wall, opposite end from shower (fixed) and taps and so is right bang in zone 1. Never fitted any before unless in zone 2 at least, OSG seems to okay it but through flex outlet, but I'm thinking it would be really...
  40. Pete999

    Pete's Videos KIN WHAT

    There's something I never knew if you bend a wire it makes it hard for the electricity to get through OMG

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