1. J

    Steel conduit in tight spaces

    I need to run a length of steel conduit. One end it will connect into a standard 25mm BESA box, on the other end, it will go into a sharp elbow. The conduit has to thread through a hole in the floor that is very close to the wall. If I thread the conduit through the hole and then place either...
  2. Pete999

    Things must be getting tight in the training arena

    TS4U are offering a prize if you apply for the 18th I think
  3. Pete999

    Pete's Videos Nice tight connection there boys

    Not sure if I have done this one before.
  4. J

    adapt boxes in garden

    morning guys What do you guys normally do for a swa supply down to a garden office- where the customer doesnt want the swa viewable inside- so swa needs to be made off outside and then cores coming into the back of the consumer unit. I know I could use a ip65 plastic box as I have fly banjo'ed...
  5. Andy78

    Old MK Sentry

    Not having much experience or knowledge of working with MK gear I thought I would ask a question of those more au fait with MK. Have a job coming up where RCD protection is required for alterations over three circuits. The existing MCBs are MK LN59 BS3871 type 2. Does anyone know if a modern MK...
  6. M

    Domestic Light stopped working, rest of house is fine

    Hi Its my fisrt post on this forum so id like to say hallo to everyone willing to help with my situation as i cant afford an electrician to come in and have a look at in my house. So the story is I came in to my bathroom switched the lights on and just moment after light appeard its gone. So i...
  7. S

    Help needed re starting/building up business

    Hello all I'm posting on behalf of my husband because I want to help him with his business. He really wants to go it alone having worked sub contracting for a while for various contractors. He had thought about working on sites but he cant get an ECS card because he hasn't got an level 3 NVQ...
  8. RCD-joe

    Jobs in Glasgow

    Anyone know of any jobs going in Glasgow . Place used to be full a jobs but everythings water tight now any help would be appreciated guys
  9. W

    Domestic Hager RCD faliure

    Hi all, I had a Hager CD282U 80A RCD fitted to a Tenby consumer unit. Yesterday I had the electric oven on, the computer, plasma and was playing loud music through the AV amplifier. The sockets went off followed by a buzzing from the consumer unit. The sockets then came back on, each socket in...
  10. K

    Worldwide ring mains

    Quick question here, does anyone know if any other countries use ring mains reason I ask, I have made a proto-type socket where you can do your continuity checks and r1+r2 tests WITHOUT taking the socket off. i don't know how much more money and time to spend on this idea
  11. R

    board getting warm

    Hi just installed new Mem3 TPN board for storage heating. Suprised to find board warming although clamp test shows only 80ish amps per phase on the brown and the grey. The black is unbalanced drawing only about 35ish is this the reason? Would welcome any advice please. Thanks
  12. P

    Continuity Testing

    Hi, I having a problem with the readings I'm getting whilst doing continuity tests. The readings tend to fluctuate up and down, starting at say 1.90 then going up to 2.8 then back down to 2.3 for example. Is this a problem with the meter? or does it point to a problem with the cable under...
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