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  1. M

    Disconnection Times Again! Fig 3A4

    Looking at Fig 3A4 Type B 60898 unless I'm getting it wrong once we In*5 our device there is no way of telling if our disconnection is 10s or 0.1s unless im missing something although this seems quite important??? as our Disconnection time needs to be at least 0.4 seconds and for doing our...
  2. Gavin John Hyde

    Advertising and cutting back in these times

    This isn't about the pros and cons of the various job lead and advertising sites. Had an email from checkatrade saying that during April and probably future months you can either pay a reduced 50% monthly fee or become associated member which means you won't appear in general search results but...
  3. gazdkw82

    Tough times. A little help

    If anyone is local to Leicestershire and is struggling to buy eggs, feel free to message me. I have ducks and hens and will gladly help anyone who is struggling.
  4. Pete999

    How times and practices have changed

    During the later days of my apprenticeship and early days as an Electrician, I was sent to report to the Electrical Foreman on the site of the now Hilton Hotel in Bath, my task "Bond all the Bathrooms on the site H to C to Bath with no testing in those days, got quite fast at it towards the end...
  5. D

    18th edition RCD max disconnection times!!

    Hi all. I am seeing different figures here all over the net, table3a (p363) states a 30ma RCD has a trip time of 300ms max. So at 5x is the maximum 60ms? I seem to recall 200ms and 40ms for a 30ma and these are the figures I am seeing over the net... Please I just want the correct figures for...
  6. C

    HORSTMANN VMK 7D SRS economy 7 times

    I really hope that someone can help! I've watched some YouTube videos and searched online but nothing really helps. We have a Hortsmann VMK 7D SRS, in a rented property. What I need to know is: * What time is the cheaper rate (economy 7) set for * Do we get an extra cheap rate boost between...
  7. B

    Rcd trip times help

    Hi have 60947-2 Main Switch with added 61008 with settings for mA and mS, now come to test and it’s set on 300mA with delay of 0.5 so 500ms, now what I’m wanting to know is: 500ms is the maximum tripping time for a S type RCD, so what’s the point in having more settings as this has a variable...
  8. B

    RCD trip times

    Hi have 60947-2 Main Switch with added 61008 with settings for mA and mS, now come to test and it’s set on 300mA with delay of 0.5 so 500ms, now what I’m wanting to know is: 500ms is the maximum tripping time for a S type RCD, so what’s the point in having more settings as this has a variable...
  9. S

    Mitsubishi colt

    Hi, my daughter has a mitsubishi colt 1.1 litre 56 plate. Her car beeps 3 times and then changes the radio station. This has baffled me. Does anybody have any ideas please. Thank you.
  10. C

    Maximum Disconnection Times

    What is the reasoning behind having a 0.8 disconnection time for up to 120 volts Uo, but it then jumps to 0.4 seconds as soon as you go over it? Wouldn't it be better 0.8 seconds for 150 volts Uo and under, 0.4 seconds 150 volts and over Uo?
  11. D

    How times have changed...

    Back when I started out a simple board swap to a nice new plastic 16th Ed split board would set you back £400 all in including labour , maybe even a bit less. I have just seen a quote from a well know utility provider for a consumer unit change for £1656.82 WOW
  12. G

    Disconnection times, some clarification

    Evening, just revising for 18th update course and wondered if someone can just clarify something. (I might just be confusing myself, too long staring at the BBB) Reg 411.3.2.2 ii) does that also include luminaries? I understand 411.3.4 applies. Do notes 1 & 2 of 411.4.4 mean that the use of an...
  13. Pretty Mouth

    Short circuit disconnection times

    Could someone shed some light on the following please? 411.3.2.1 implies that the 5s / 0.4s disconnection times only apply to earth faults. I've not found anything else in the regs that suggests they apply to short circuits. 435.5.2 says faults should be disconnected before the fault current...
  14. S

    RCD disconnection times on 2018 forms

    Evening all, happy Friday! On the new forms there is only one column for RCD disconnection times. I understood you would just record the highest of the 5x readings but on looking around to confirm I found this article on Professional-Electrician: "The model forms in Appendix 6 have been...
  15. C

    Commercial Max disconection times

    Having a debate on site as to disconection times on a TN system, does the 18 addition say 0.4 up to 32amp and 5 after and 5 for distribution circuits?
  16. M

    air bag light comes on at strange times

    My niece has a 2004 Mazda Tribute with a strange air bag light problem. She can make a 40 mile round trip without the light coming on if there are no high load devices on, but if she turns on the heater or lights the air bag light comes on a few seconds later. To me this means the problem is due...
  17. J

    Domestic Changes to the requirements on recording RCD disconnection times

    Hi everyone, long term visitor to the forum but first time posting a question... be gentle This question is with regards to the changes to the 18th edition certificates, which only require one disconnection time recorded. When recording the highest value taken when carry out RCD tests, Reg...
  18. Blehstor

    Tachometer reading four times as normal

    Hello everyone. I installed a new instruments panel with a tachometer for my old car (Fiat Uno) the board is for a Fiat Palio but the connections are the same and the panel fits perfectly. The only problem is the tachometer, it displays 4000 rpm when the car is turned on but idle, and goes all...
  19. happyhippydad

    Tripping times for a 100mA RCD?

    Could anyone confirm if we test 100mA RCD's at x5? There is a lot of information on the web that says you only test at x1 but Table 3a in appendix 3 clearly shows a max disconnection time for a 100mA RCD at x5 to be 40ms. Thanks all.
  20. a-z electrics

    Car chargers coming...

    Bought a new little Cudis metal DB the other day.. on the circuit labels they now have CAR CHARGER.. the first of many I'm thinking! Have many sparks fitted any of these yet and what have been your experiences? I've done one for myself, just like a new cooker circuit really. I believe the...
  21. R

    Disconnection times for finals

    Just received a completed test sheet from an installer on a TN system with the max permitted disconnection time column filled in for the lighting circuit and 20A heater circuit as 5secs, surely 0.4
  22. P

    Disconnection times help

    Hi all just a little bit of advice at the company i work has just had a condition report done and they have marked down excessive zs for a 63a type d breaker but they have put it at 0.4 disconnection time it is a permanent fixed compressor I thought this would have been 5 sec it also has a b.s...
  23. John Lundrigan

    I'm confused about Type C Breaker Disconnection Times

    Hi All, When I consult Table 41.3 for a Type C Breaker rated 16A I see s max Zs of 1.37 Ohms. However this value is defined for both a 0.4s AND 5s disconnection time. This is obviously correct so I am missing something. Fig 3A5 also shows the table 0.1s to 5s. Can anyone explain please...
  24. haptism

    RCD testing times BYB vs OSG

    Happy new year folks; just been looking at trip times as i need a photocopy for a client. Anyhow, in the OSG (page 112) for a general RCD, it states "with a leakage current of 100% the device should open in less than 200ms". However in the BYB (Table 3A, page 318) the table says device should...
  25. DomB78

    TYPE C RCBO Fails to trip on 1 Times RCD Test

    Hi Can anyone help ? Recently fitted 2 separate Eaton 32a Type C RCBO, on the RCD test it fails to trip on the 1 times test and gives result as >400ms. It trips fine on 5 times test in 7.1ms. Using Megger 1552. They are fitted on 2 new 6m2 radial circuits with Blue commando sockets. IR results...
  26. Dave Jenkins

    Why are the RCD trip times for I and 5I 300ms and 40ms

    Is there any particular reason why the trip times for RCDs at I and 5I are the values they are (300ms and 40ms). Is there some particular medical reason why?? I'm just curious, no particular reason but may weave that into the conversation next time I'm in the pub!!
  27. T

    Just had to post this! Western power replace main fuse twice and it popped both times

    Called to inspect power completely off. As title suggests main fuse had popped and DNO said call an electrician. You will not believe this job! The boxes are rotting away. The cables full of verdigree and corrosion. Soaking wet. All at a chinese take away. The cellar has no light. The only way...
  28. Pete999

    Workwear how times have changed, what do you wear to work?

    Just harping back to when I started, herringbone jacket, flannel shirt with matching tie, bib and brace overalls an polished shoes, bits of bog paper stuck to your face where you cut yourself shaving in cold water, catch the bus, get to the office to find out what your next job was, none of this...
  29. G

    Newbie from South Africa

    Hello everyone. Just a heads up, English is not my native language. I rely heavily on the the spellchecker to help me correct my words. So some of the words may not have the meaning that I intended. I am from South Africa, a white male, 44 years old and one of an identical twin (we shared one...
  30. Lou

    Marks Electrical Services

    Marks Electrical Services offer a complete service in both domestic and commercial sectors in Cambridge and the surrounding areas. Run by Dean Marks, a Cambridge man with 20 years of experience, Marks Electrical Services will undertake to provide quality workmanship that you can trust. We pride...
  31. Edtwozeronine

    Homework help

    I'm looking for the section in my on-site guide that covers disconnect times for circuits over 32a. In my regs class my homework features a circuit with a type B 45a RCD. EDIT: oops never mind I now see it says anything exceeding 32a must not be more than 1 second. I thought there was a more...
  32. polo1

    Exceeding max adjusted Zs on a board change.

    Testing during a board change, a RFC on a 32A 60898, with rcd protection, you find that the max Zs is exceeded by 0.1 ohms using the no trip setting on your mf tester On the EIC do you - A) simply record the actual measured value B) record the actual measured value and note the position under...
  33. polo1

    MEM 63A, 30mA revs, A63HE

    Hi all, I'm looking for the above. Not keen on fleabay, can anyone assist? RCD obviously & sorry for the two pics!
  34. F

    Failed indicator stalk

    Good morning, everybody. I have just registered on these forums in order that I might seek some advice re a car electrics issue. I am not an electrician so I have not bothered introducing myself on the welcome page. Hopefully this is acceptable. I am trying to help an elderly friend get his...
  35. A

    Becoming self employed - is it really that easy?

    Morning all. Woke up and realised I've just about had enough of being cards in. I'm working for a great company and I get payed a decent wage but I can't stop thinking how easy it looks going it alone. I get quite a few emails and phone calls from recruitment agencies asking me to do contract...
  36. S

    joined at last meaning to do so for years

    my name is Steve I am a maintenance manager at a plastic injection moulding company and have been doing the job for 25 years I started as a young apprentice technician in the late 70s and followed that with a 10 year spell in the REME now I deal mostly with service and inspection of plant...
  37. Pete999

    Connections 60 years

    According to the NICEIC who posted an advertisement in 1966, they make a point to householders that it take 5 years to train as an Electrician, the same as it does to train as a Doctor. The organisation also introduces measures to ensure that rural district councils are aware of the benefits of...
  38. L

    Cable bending radius

    Hi, Is anyone got a table that shows minimum bending radius for cable. I wanted for HV armoured cable bending radius calculation? Regards, Laxmi
  39. Y

    Switching a fan...

    Afternoon chaps, Currently workingOn the design for a reasonably up market hotel. The clienthas decided upon having baths in the bedroom, Partitioned off by a half heightwall (It’s all the rage, apparently). We require vent for above the bath and Iwas trying to figure the best way to switch it...
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