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  1. Spoon

    Doing a "Search" on the foum and what I put down in the search.... Tell me now my title is too short

    Very silly question. I want to search for a whole phrase.... e.g. Welcome to the forum When typing that into the search it searches for each individual word. I have tried putting the search in speech marks "Welcome to the forum". but with still the same result. What am I doing wrong...
  2. B

    PME supply query (and bulk out the title)

    Hi all, I've been surveying 12 blocks of flats today with a view to doing full eicr's on the lateral mains and landlord lighting supplies. All the main services terminate at a Henly distribution board with no cut-out or main fuses. See pic, I've done very little on pme supplies and wonder if...
  3. LeeH

    The BRB. Title spoiled by having to use 20 characters.

    I will skip over the Pete\Tel jokes... :mevilrun:
  4. Bob Geldoff1234

    17th Edition exam quiz

    For anyone studying their 17th Edition exam here's a quiz to help. Also experienced sparky's can try it and post their scores on here! 17th Edition Bs 7671 Quiz - http://www.proprofs.com/quiz-school/story.php?title=17th-edition-2382-online-exam-simulator
  5. B

    Who is the best Electrician in the UK?

    I have met many electricians, some of who appear to be good and some of who clearly don't have a clue. My question is: Who is the best Electrician in the UK and how can this person hold this title?
  6. uksparks

    Wanted: 13th and 14th edition

    Hi, As per title, if you have a copy of the 13th or 14th edition of the regs, would be happy to buy it from you for say up to £30 a copy if you have one?
  7. E

    Solar Generation Graph - Real Time

    Hi All..... I've finally got my Pachube feed looking something like presentable... please feel free to view it at http://api.pachube.com/v2/feeds/24681/datastreams/1.png?width=600&height=450&colour=%23f15a24&duration=3hours&legend=3 Hour Plot&title=Solar Generator -...
  8. S


    Hi everyone, I just made a website http://ajgraham.co.uk for my company in Plymouth. Would anyone like to give any feedback? :eek: Andy
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