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  1. H

    Curious problem - no power to switched toilet extractor fan

    Our toilet extractor has, or so I thought, been failing (delayed startup, bit intermittent) for some time, and yesterday it finally stopped working. Vent-Axia Silhouette 100T. It's going to be a bit of a pain to replace, so I though I would check the connections first just in case. Imagine my...
  2. R

    Ecovent toilet extractor fan

    Ladies and gent I need your help . So I came across this extractor vent in my school . One is in the Male and female toilets . Both of them are not working at all . Am tempted to buy new one but like to figure out what going on here . I opened both the extractor fans and find something...
  3. buzzlightyear

    now i have seen it all

    traveling home by train from me jolly's sat down on the seat ,looking trough the window ,now their was a toilet in the compartment near to where I was sitting .a nice new train .where the bog had nice sliding doors where you open the door by pushing the buttons and walk in .close the door...
  4. gazdkw82

    13A socket outley (downstairs toilet)

    I'm currently in the middle of gutting the downstairs toilet. It will only have a toilet and a small cloak room sink. I plan to have a mirror and x1 2 gang socket outlet for the misses to straighten her hair because she refuses to do in the bedroom because there is no mirror. Is this deemed...
  5. S

    Japanese Style Toilet Electrical Supply

    Evening chaps, I have to connect a new toilet (before anyone says it, for a client with more money than... sense/toilet roll?) Before seeing it I presumed SFS on a RCD protected circuit, however it comes with a pre-fitted molded plug and integral 10ma rcd unit further up the factory fitted...
  6. L

    Emergency light in toilet

    Hi, The ladies toilet where I work had three lights off last week. I replaced the lamps in each fitting and two work but the last one didn't. It is an emergency light and is the last light on the circuit if that helps. I looked above the ceiling and they are all individually plugged in to a...
  7. C

    Hand dryers in toilet area

    Hand dryer in a disable toilet,states on hand dryer instructions needs to be 1.500 m away from sink,it’s impossible due to design of toilet. Hand dryer spec from architect & metallic,is it really necessary to fit it that far away.
  8. A

    Low level distribution board located in toilet.

    Hi Guys I need your thoughts on a job which I’ve been asked to quote for. This is a commercial shop and I’ve being asked to install a toilet and hand basin right next to the distribution board. There is a cupboard around the distribution board however this is low-level. Would this meet...
  9. gazdkw82

    damp - downstairs toilet resolution

    Iv decided its time to sort my downstairs toilet out. Its wall pappered and it has damp all around the back wall under/around the sink and toilet. our house is 1930's so its not cavity wall. the toilet is situated at the front corner of the house next to the front door which is north facing...
  10. T

    Disabled Alarm at Caravan Park

    Has anyone been involved with the installation of a disabled alarm in a building remote from a occupied building. I'm carrying out electrical works to a remote shower block in a caravan park,as an after thought the owner has decided to install a disabled toilet/wet room in the block. He has...
  11. FatAlan

    Cats on paper!

    Anyone tried the cats on paper test? If you have cats you should be well aware that as soon as you place a bit of paper on the floor they will come and sit on it.
  12. M

    Domestic other trades

    ok so... 2 things i have seen 1: putting a toilet and a sink in the same room as the consumer unit.. room must of been 2 meter squire.. any one else think that's weird? 2: go to do a job adding some new leds..... i see the ring circuit clipped to the brick wall..then dot and dabbed with...
  13. S

    Industrial Fused connection unit in a toilet block

    Hi guys just wondering if someone can help me out here. I've been asked to install a metal hand dryer in a toilet block but the fused connection unit for it will fall within touching distance of the sinks.I've had a look at the regs but I'm still a bit unsure.Will the FCU need to go above the...
  14. uksparks

    This tickled my feathers

    Hi, I saw this today in the public toilet at Desford Birdland, really nice place by the way, but couldn't resist taking a photo of this in the toilet. Really good place, loads of birds, the lot, excellent for everyone of all ages. TROPICAL BIRDLAND the extension lead went under the door and...
  15. O

    Domestic Socket outlet in a toilet?

    Hi all, just wondered if there is any specific guidance in the regs with relation to socket outlets in toilets? Just in the process of doing a full rewire and the client has requested a socket in an outside toilet, ( new one on me and god knows what they want it for but hey, who am i to pry! )...
  16. the pict

    Some advice on altering heating system

    Hi Guys Some time back we added a toilet and kitchen to one end of the house to make a self catering one bed holiday let, the existing system is an oil fired combi for the lot basically 3 beds 2 lounges, 2 kitchens 2 shower/ bathrooms the boiler is a turkinton 90/110, I intend to split the...
  17. T

    Domestic light switch in toilet

    Can you have light switch in a toilet if there is no sink in there just a toilet, I think it should be moved out side but just checking
  18. M

    EICR coding

    Hi guys After advice doing EICR report on a welfare set up on a building site I am after advice on my coding welfare set up is on a tn-s protected by 100ma main rcd tripping out at 42.3ms at x1 I have some covector heating circuits on a c16 mcb but zs is to high for the c16 what code would...
  19. B

    Question about Fuse Box in New Build

    Hi There, I'm in the process of buying a new build from Barratt Homes in North East England. Upon looking round the show home the fuse box was located half way up the wall inside the store cupboard under the stairs. However after looking around the plot we are interested in buying, the fuse box...
  20. 5

    Domestic Converting storage room with mains in to toilet

    Hi can anyone give me some advice on this. Ive been asked to convert a storeage room into a downstairs cloakroom for a diabled family member but the room contains the mains intake and meter for the property. Could this be boxed off or would it have to be moved?
  21. P

    rcd or not

    Hi all going to a job in a church hall today the guy has asked me to install a disabled alarm for toilet also hand wash heater and a also a light and radiator all in the toilet all will be on fused spur so fixed equip my question is do all these need to be rcd protection its from a 3 phase supply
  22. C

    One-way or two-way bathroom switch

    I intend to replace the ceiling pull switch in my bathroom following a water leak from the flat upstairs which caused water to flow through both my ceiling light rose and the bathroom pull switch causing the light to now flicker in the bathroom. I have replaced the ceiling rose but the light...
  23. S

    Fused spur in toilet

    Can anyone tell me if there is a reg for fitting a fused spur in a toilet cubicle for a saniflow pumped toilet ? i.e is the minimum distance going to be 300mm ?
  24. G

    Socket in toilet

    Hi Guys, Can anyone assist, been doing PIr's on static caravans recently and came across this one. Van has a separate toilet which contains a basin, the owner decided it was a good idea to install a double socket next to the toilet which feeds a bar heater installed in the hall next to it...
  25. E

    socket in a toilet

    hi all new to the forum got a call from someone earlier today asking if i can put a socket in a toilet for his washing machine for him my question is is it legal?
  26. kevyn

    Crossover Switch

    Hi all, Does anyone here have any experience of how to fit a crossover switch for a generator? Have just got a job in to install one for a toilet block boiler as they nearly lost it with the bad winter when the power went off. Going to have a look at the job today so will post some more...
  27. T

    Shower Room to Utility Room conversion

    I have a shower room on the ground floor at the rear of my house. The radial circuit to the shower is 10mm cable protected by a 40A MCB, due to the distance to the shower room from the CU. I'm looking to take the shower unit out of the room and convert the room into a utility room, to house...
  28. Y

    Switch in downstairs toilet

    Hi guys, am doing a first fix for some other sparks, and just checking if its okay to put a switch in a downstairs toilet, which is just the toilet and the sink. The switch will also be more than 300mm away from the sink basin. Thanks!
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