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  1. R

    LED Head torch batteries

    Has anybody thought of a decent battery pack for a head torch , I have tried a couple of cheapie head torches in the past ,but not good , I now have a Lenser which is good , but battery life is poor , runs on 3 x aaa batteries , just looking at the idea of a belt mounted battery pack with cable...
  2. TomTrundle

    Xpelair humidistat, timer bathroom fan installation

    Hi Everyone Going to fit a fan with Humidistat tomorrow and just looked at the installation instructions. Following the manufactures instruction.. which will be in keeping with the 'Regs'. If the fuse blows in the DP switch, the lights will be off as well!! Is that acceptable? I'm thinking that...
  3. S

    Led Head Torch

    Hi All, AS i am new and the 1st time on i have a simple one, could anyone recommend a decent cheap LED head torch, all feed back would be appreciated. After been in the trade for over 20 years i feel my eyes are going as i need a torch to see. martin
  4. G

    Recommend a LED torch, similar to....

    ....a Thorsman Lightstik II. Light output in fantastic, Li-ion battery lasts ages before a recharge is needed and has a handy hook on the rear. All that said, we've gone through four of them in the past 12 months and now our local Electric Centre is refusing to purchase any more for exchange...
  5. J

    WANTED cheapest 10.8 bosh triple set going....

    anyone got this for sale or know any good online price for the two drivers and torch and pref the L-box too cheers
  6. P

    Dewalt xrp 18v

    Surplus now and the brand new body has only been used once. I could have said brand new but would rather be honest. it comes with a case and two batts from the old style xrp that fit and work perfect with it. can`t g/tee how long the batts will last etc but they seem to hold a decent charge...
  7. G

    Which Model of LED Lenser Do People Have???

    Seeing as peeps keep saying how good the little fella's are, I'm going to have to get me one. But I dont know which one so any reviews you have on a particular model please chaps. :D
  8. L

    Anything better than the Dewalt flexi torch ?

    Before i sell off my dewalt kit... I was thinking about keeping what i think is the best torch i have ever used for work. With a good charged battery it goes for hours. I changed the bulb to a LED version for even better life and it has a nice scratch free lens! it can put a spot on a house...
  9. Hawk81

    Blackberry phone

    Just got a new Blackberry torch phone and was wondering do any of you guys have a blackberry and what do you think of it? Do you use the BBM? and do you view the forum on it and if so what way? ie the phones own browser or opera mini or another method?
  10. G

    Which phone....

    How do. So, I been waiting what seems like forever for an ip4 to arrive and am still being messed about. Been looking at the Blackberry Torch as an alternative, does anyone have any comments on this handset in comparison to the ip4??, or any other models that do the same kind kind of thing...
  11. P

    dewalt xrp set

    i have a 18v xrp drill, circular saw torch and two 2.0ah including charger for sale. the torch needs a new bulb i think but no one near me stocks them so i can`t be sure it is just the bulb. the drill has just had general use and the circular saw has hardly been touched at all. i will post pics...
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