1. Z


    Hi I am Australian, but living in the UK, I would like to do course in Electrical Installations level 2 and 3 including the NVQ and any other essential qualifications need to get an Electrical licence. However in the future I may decide to move back to Queensland, Australia. I have be in...
  2. T

    old lightolier track compatibility

    Hello, I'm wondering if tracks that were installed 15-20 years ago, but maybe are even older, can accept modern fixtures, and if yes, what kind. I think, but am not sure, that the brand of the track is "Lightolier". I have some pictures, which I can make available, if someone thinks s/he might...
  3. P

    Suggestions for Cable or track lighting systems.?

    So someone has asked suggestions as how to upgrade lights in a small narrow kitchen in a new build. The kitchen has a low ceiling - albeit subjectively (the guy is 6'7" and at the moment only blocks the light from the one pendant where ever he is in the room). Obvious choice would have been...
  4. L

    Fast track courses

    Afternoon chaps, I'm thinking whether or not to go back to college. Having previously completed 2330 level 2/3 + 17th edition over 6 years back, I have forgotten alot of the theory. Are there any colleges/ centres to fast track and complete level 2+3 within a year? Im currently working couple...
  5. C

    Power track in offices

    Giving a hand to some sparks on a real nice job..but.. Anyone fitted the power track system,bus bar & the plug off’s to sockets. It states they are 3 metre lengths,if over then these leads need to be fused. It’s a 63 amp system,with a 40 amp Rcd,also plug in 1.5mm flex,can’t get my head around...
  6. telectrix

    Greatest Track of all Time.

    as title, what do members revere as the greatest. here's mine.
  7. Zdb

    IET membership - ECS fast track

    Has anyone signed up for IET membership via the ECS fast track route? Fast Track your Application - I am trying but can't make heads or tails out of their...
  8. SJM1995

    Trainee Recommend a fast track C&G 2365 Training Provider

    Can anyone recommend a training provider to get C&G Level 2 and Level 3 2365 Qualifications in South-East London/ Kent area? Ideally looking for a provider that can do the course full time in the space of 16 weeks~. I've seen the likes of Not A Chance who offer this course, but are currently...
  9. J

    I get it, FAST TRACK courses are more than frowned upon.......BUT;

    Good avo people, As the title states; I know I'm going to be the victim of negativity and stone throwing here but I would be extremely grateful if you guys, the professionals and experts, could shed a touch of light on this subject for me. I have read sheds loads of posts, forums, stories, etc...
  10. S

    Commercial LED Track Lighting or LED Batten?

    Hi I'm looking for a lighting system which will illuminate a wall which faces onto a dimly lit corridor and has artwork on it. The length of the display is approx 7ft and the height is 4ft. I have read around at the options and would really appreciate some feedback on this before I speak to an...
  11. simpson93

    Track light compatibility.

    Hello all, As the title suggests Just a quick question about track lighting compatibility across different brands (single circuit). I'm mainly looking for any brands which are compatible with acorn robus track lights. I had bought a Knightsbridge to compare the two, however, the connectors on...
  12. A

    How to wire a 4 gang dimmer for track lighting

    I just can't get my head around wiring up this switch. This (see image) is a 4 gang 1 way dimmer switch for LED lighting. 3 of the buttons are to control a 3 circuit track light. (The fourth button is for a separate light we can leave out of this problem for now.) From the 3 circuit track light...
  13. toplightco

    Electrician Replacement Track Lighting Charing Cross Road Shop

    Installation of new suspended lighting track in established gentleman’s outfitters in Charing Cross Road. installation contractor required. Potentially two other shops as well. Contact me for details.
  14. Midwest

    Track Lighting recommendation

    Never installed the stuff before, but considering it for a new property we've bought, where I can't trash the ceiling without her indoors getting the hump. It will be for the dining room part of a kitchen diner. I've seen there are loads of retailers, but it seems that apart from cheap tat...
  15. toplightco

    Electrician New Installation of track lighting in Barber Salon - Covent Garden

    Installation of new suspended 8m x 2m lighting track in established Barber Salon in London WC2 - installation contractor required. Contact me for details.
  16. N

    Help getting back on track

    Hi Back in the day i got my C&G 236 pt's 1&2, but then didn't go on to the next stage as it was hard finding a job as an electrician and ended in the job i am in now. Job i'm currently in is going through a bad patch with people being let go every year, so i'm looking to pick up (all be it 20+...
  17. GBDamo

    Tips required for fault finding on track lighting.

    The track in question is Eutrac single circuit (i think) and the offending fitting is hung from one of these. EUTRAC - There are three pendant fittings on this one particular section of track; the one either side of...
  18. banny07

    DLR Track Awareness ticket

    Hi Guys. Does anyone how to get DLR Track Awareness ticket? I have searching web but could not find any information. Thanks
  19. A

    Help Finding Concord:Marlin Track Light 12V Fitting

    Hi There. I've got a customer who has commerical track-lighting in her kitchen. One of the fittings has gone and I'm having trouble finding a supplier to get a new one. One told me it's discontinued. The fitting brand and model is: 12V 50W Concord:marlin 2028566 MK60 QT12. It's for 230-240V...
  20. A

    Suspensions for track lighting

    Hey guys, I'm looking for some suspension kits, i have a photo of what we currently have but need another 10, the guy who got them has left the company and i cant get hold of him to find where he got them. Our usual wholesaler doesn't recognize the part at all. Does any one have anything...
  21. A

    Domestic DIY Track & Time Evaluation System

    Hello, consider me a totally newbie, and one which may be jumping in at the deep end! But, I am looking to build a time capture unit. I want to start small, and work up to more advance. So to start small, I am looking at building a LED box with 8 digits (minutes, seconds, milliseconds) which...
  22. M

    Am I on the right track for what I want to achieve?

    Hello guys, I'm new here and so I apologise if this has been asked a thousand times, however, I would like direct advice and to check that I am on the right path. So, I'm currently working full-time in something I am finding pretty enjoyable, but I have always been interested in becoming an...
  23. L

    Looking to get pts! Any help be very helpful!

    I'm JIB electrician in London looking to get on the crossrail currently in ilford/Romford, seen plenty of adds online for electricians needed but having no joy getting on a course due to sponsor, if anyone has any information on how to get pts please help, I've contacted the agency's that posted...
  24. T

    Low voltage track suggestions for boat installation

    Hi there. I am looking for a lighting track system to install on a Dutch barge I am renovating. Must be low voltage. The electrics on the boat will run directly from deep cycle leisure batteries. Size is paramount, ideally track itself will be no more than 15mm wide, as I'd like to hide it...
  25. A

    Track lighting for a kitchen

    I'm looking to stick some track lighting in my kitchen, downlights would be ideal but pretty much mean ripping the ceiling down and starting again so looking into surface options. Does anyone know of any domestic solutions? I've fitted multi-channel systems before but they were all quite bulky...
  26. H

    Hi all, mature trainee here...

    Hi Lads, Glad to have found this site could definately do with the experienced sparkys in here... Just let you know currently coming to the end of the c&g 2365 level 2 fast track running approx a year.... hoping to do the level 3 2365 @ optima. ect in west bromich, anyone had...
  27. B

    how to find your phone

    Apple has had the "find my iphone" app for a while now. The news is google has now introduced this for android phone. seems you can locate it on google maps and even ring it from your desktop. be aware if installed it can be used to locate you...
  28. polo1

    iGuzzini commercial track lighting

    I'm looking for a UK supplier for the above. I've Googled without any success (though I don't have a good track record finding things on the web!). Anyone able to assist? Specifically I'm trying to source metal halide track 240v fittings. Thanks.
  29. N

    Led track light transformer or alternative fix

    Hi Guys I fitted four 12V track light kits today that a customer had supplied , they came as a kit i.e 3 heads, track and tranny .I supplied the 5w led bulbs and found out they wouldn't work properly as the tranny needed a minimum of 35w to work , I know silly mistake but the previous JLS ones...
  30. R

    Replace bathroom ceiling rose with track lighting

    Hi all, new member here so be easy on me. I'm looking to replace me existing ceiling rose pendant fitting in my bathroom with a short (700mm length) of track lighting, 2no. spotlights to be used. I've bought the new items from Ikea, a power connector, track, and the spots (Ikeas365+ Sanda)...
  31. W

    What's that light called??

    Ok, bit of a silly one here, but what are the lights called where you span them from wall to wall with wire which is low voltage and have down lights along the wires? Trying to find them so any links would be great!
  32. N

    London Underground advice!?

    I recently passed my Lucas assessment and I'm a newly qualified electrician. What is the best way to find work on London Underground? Or which agencies should I join? I'm looking for work as an electricians mate because I come from an domestic installation background...any advice given...
  33. S

    Underground cable to workshop

    Hi I am planning to put a cable out to a shed to setup a workshop in there. I use a lot of wood working tools (band saw, lathe, planer thicknesser), plus welder and grinders. Ill also want a lighting circuit. All single phase. The cable has to go about 10 m underground and will go under a...
  34. J

    Socket power rail

    Does anyone know what that new dado track system is called? It is like a bar you mount above, or below a work space and you can simply just click sockets on at any point and slide them where you want? Like a lighting track with the clip on lights?
  35. D

    Floor Box sockets

    Hi all, tried to ask this in a bit more of a convaluted way so will keep this one simple. Customer has 150 flor boxes pluging into various busbar tracks via unfuse tap off leads. A few of the floor boxes only have 1 twin socket and we have been asked o upgrade these to have 2 twin sockets in...
  36. J

    best way to keep track od small jobs

    Whats the best way to keep track of small jobs? Alot of small jobs are hard to keep a track of to weather you've been paid or not. Especially if you are doing 4 or 5 jobs a day! Any ideas for making it easier? Thanks, Jason
  37. back_ache

    3 circuit track

    I am thinking of putting some three circuit track in a local bar, but from my initial research the suppliers I have found so far assume you have deep pockets! Has any come across entry level 3 circuit track and accessories? If so could you recommend where to buy it from. So far I have look...
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