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  1. Energy Storage Train - A new kind of energy storage

    Energy Storage Train - A new kind of energy storage

    Frank Sesno reports on ARES, a new technology that uses weighted rail cars and gravity to try create an efficient solution to the intermittency of solar and ...
  2. pirate

    Train fares increased again...

    I see a lot of chat about the recent fares increases. I seldom use trains, and due to my location and my concession card, I never pay full rate anyway. I checked today's fare from Glasgow to Edinburgh, £13.10. Last night I bought a plane ticket from Gatwick to Menorca, £20.16...
  3. B

    29 Year Old Wanting To Train As An Electrician

    Hi peeps Im currently 29 and wanting to change my career to become an electrician, can anyone please help on how this can be done at my age, the problem is i'm in full time work and need to be in full time work while training...is it possible to get an apprenticeship type of deal or does anyone...
  4. UKMeterman

    The aftermath of a large SWA cable tied to a bridge snagged on a passenger train....

    An SWA feeding a signal box was cable tied to the cable tray on the side of a footbridge at a railway station. A train passing through the station snagged it and it went ping and recoiled down the platform.... Report 06/2018: Passengers struck by a flying cable at Abergavenny (Y Fenni) station...
  5. J

    Would you give up being a train driver to be an electrician?

    As title says, what's the life of an electrician like, money, work load etc
  6. M

    Career change - Train to be electrician - any advice?

    Basically as the title of my thread says. I've pretty much always been self employed, work at the moment is quiet and I have no actual trade so I'm looking into training to be an electrician. Over the last few years I've worked with builders, roofers, industrial refrigeration installation and...
  7. T

    Run a toy train set using solar pv

    One for any geeks on here. We are looking to open up a showroom for our renewables products and looking for ways to make it family friendly, At an exhibition a couple of years ago I seen a solar PV company running a toy train set using a couple of solar panels and a bright light. I would like...
  8. D

    Train4Trade Skills, legal action

    I am in the process of Taking legal action against these people, I would like to here from as many of you who has a grievance against them, the more of you we can get together the more chance we have in succeeding you can email me at [email protected]
  9. J

    train 4 trade

    i have been in the trade approx 20 years and was an apprentice.Due to the fact of not being able to keep my pants up i had to give up the apprentiship to earn more money.Having passed c+g parts 1 and 2,and my am1, i was employed as an electrician by various companies.Then the recession hit and i...
  10. M

    Copper Testing.......What is it or has the relevant person got it wrong?

    Been offered a PTS shift this Sunday to do some copper testing at a small train station near where I live. The only thing I can find on copper testing is what the doctor checks for..........lol Does anyone have any idea or give me a heads up of what to expect? Or has the bloke got it completely...
  11. L

    train 4 trade skills

    about 4 months ago i decided to take a full scope electrician course with a company called train 4 trade skills. i wanted to know if anyone in the forums here is with the same company and taking a similar or if not the same course and how they are finding the course.
  12. R

    train 4 trade skills

    dont know if this is the right place for the thread but oh well i just had an interview with train 4 trade skills and to be hoinest it sounded too good to be true just wondering IS IT TOO good to be true and if you guys went through the commercial route? thanks ROB
  13. S

    Train 4 Trade Transfer

    Just a quick question. If you have enrolled and paid for a" Train for Trade" electrical or plumbing course and do not start it, is it possible to sell it or get a refund? Is it transferrable? Any advice would be appreciated. Regards Steve:)
  14. W

    Train 4 trade skills

    ok ...so im doing a course with these people ....and am getting on well and enjoying streaching me grey matter.... what i want to know is 1 Does anyone have any first hand experience of this company and how did they find it ( im aware of the obviuos pitfall of ending up standing on the...
  15. A

    Train 4 Trade Skills Good or Bad?

    Hi all I have just had the sales guy around from T4TS for my interview to see if I was acceptable or not for the course. I'm not sure why or as he said there were only so many places and want to make sure that the people signed up are capable of completing the course. Personally it just sounds...
  16. A

    Testing the water

    Hi, I have currently been tinkering around in the house installng some new lights, even fitting a new light in the attic. I currently work in retail, which at the moment is taking some hits with the credit crunch. What I really am asking is your industry suffering from the ecomony problems...
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