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  1. U

    UK What transformer is required for this adapter?

    Hi all, I hope I’m posting this in the right place, please give me a kick if I’m not. :) I have attached two photographs. Can anyone please tell me what transformer I need to buy to be able to use this item? I have seen transformers for sale in various places, most of them are for 120 to 240...
  2. C

    Ohm value of transformer

    For those of you who work with onsite MV-LV transformers, does anyone know the line to earth ohm value of a transformer? I'd like to include that in the loop impedance path. Similarly when stepping down LV to LV. View: https://Upload the image directly to the View: https://Upload the image directly to the
  3. M

    UK Question for Experts - Step up / Step down transformer?

    Hi everybody, I am writing to ask your expert opinion. I bought online a disc repairing device (JFJ easy pro) to be used on my music cd collection. Unfortunately I made a mistake and didn't notice it was a US version (110 v) and it came with a US 3-pin plug as well. I live in the UK and I notice...
  4. J

    Transformer question

    Hello, I wonder if somebody could help me to work out the transformer wattage I need for an American rotary tool I bought? I’m looking to buy a transformer to be able to use the tool in my UK house socket and don’t want to fry the tool on first use! The tool is 120v (60HZ) and 1 amp- am I...
  5. L

    UK RCBO intermittent tripping advise??

    Hi Guys Just installed a RCBO board to replace an old Wylex consumer unit that had Bs60898 MCB's fitted and an RCD main switch customer supposedly hadn't had problems in the past (not quite sure thats now true) when I carried out the EICR I found a problem on the outside garden lights, so...
  6. D

    Replacing 2 Wire Doorbell Transformer W/ 3 Wire... Questions.

    Hello, I had a 2 wire doorbell transformer that I needed to upgrade in order for my Ring Pro to work correctly. The old transformer had 2 black wires and one was connected to a black wire and the other was connected to a bare copper wire. The new transformer has 3 wires (black, white and...
  7. M

    Step Down Transformer from Receptacle - Expected Results?

    Hello, I have a 125/250v - 50amp twistlock receptacle in a 3phase building (so, 208v between hots). It's a 4-wire receptacle. Currently, when needed, I split the phases/hots to attain two lines of 120v, each capable of 50amp current. If I installed a knock down transformer (208->120) into the...
  8. N

    Ring Pro Transformer in CU

    I currently have a Ring transformer wired up and working. The original door bell had its on transformer that was next to the CU and the wiring was used from that for the Ring setup. I would really like to get rid of the additional box, as its in my hallway and i already have the CU, house alarm...
  9. M

    Carrol & Meynell isolation transformer

    This is for lab use where I need a transformer with a known level insulation and appropriately tested. I have now sent 3 messages to: Carroll & Meynell - Transformers for industry - Isolation Transformer, 230/230V, 3kVA - CM3000/230 -...
  10. M

    delta transfomer current

    Hi All, anybody know the formula to find current on delta transformer?
  11. A

    transformer inductance

    Hi I tried to simulate the smps fly back conv. in "Psim" app but i didn't understand what's the difference between Lm (magnetizing) and Lp(leakage) , and for that , i got a very inefficient results .
  12. I

    Lost transformer for Christmas lights and need help finding a replacement. Thanks :-)

    Hi I'm not an electrician and have no idea when it comes to electrics. I have some Christmas lights at home and have lost their transformer. Here is the information on the wire: lamp type max 6w (334 x 3v/0.048w) transformer: input 220-240v- 50-60Hz Output:24 Vdc 6VA They are the ones that...
  13. M

    Transformer from a Xpelair heat recover unit

    Hi all So my Xpelair Xcell 150 heat recovery unit stopped working on the slow speed. I've taken it to bits and it looks like the transformer has gone, but it's an odd beast. It looks like a normal multi tap but I can't work out how the primary and secondary coils work, the only transformer I...
  14. S

    Nest voltage question on Transformer

    Hello all, I'm in the UK and I'm looking to fit a 'Hello Nest' Doorbell. In the setup instructions it includes the attached screen shot (nest-screenshot.png), asking what the Voltage and Power rating are on your transformer. My current doorbell is mains powered, (see other attached file...
  15. S

    LED Transformer

    I have 2 separate LED Strips as pelmet lighting in the kitchen. One is about 50w the other 25w. I have a 100w transformer which came with no instruction. It has 2 outputs on the 12v side. See picture. Do I use one of these outputs for each of the strip lights. Or do I use just one of the...
  16. A

    Self Lm of transformer

    Hi. What is the range of self induction (magnetizing) of ferrite trans, specially the smps one ? Is it greater than the steel trans ?
  17. A

    Transformer specs

    Hi . I started to use Psim to simulate the smps but i dont know the specs (rs rp ls lp lm np ns) of ferrite transfo . I tried; rp 1ohm rs 0.1 ohm lp 220u ls 5u lm 0.1m but the circuit was extremly inefficient ☹️
  18. spud1

    PAT testing transformer plugtops

    When PAT testing is it necessary to carry out insulation resistance or load/leakage on a Class II (Dummy earth pin) transformer PSU type plugtop? (e.g. phone charger, monitor PSU) Or is just a visual inspection needed?
  19. U

    What building can I put 3-333kva, single phase distribution transformer?

    What building can I put 3-333kva, single phase distribution transformer?
  20. R

    Undersized low voltage transformer?

    I've just moved into a place that has low voltage halogen lights in the kitchen. I had a look at the installation and I see they are running 6x20w G4 halogens off a single DA-E60 transformer - specifications for the transformer shown below. I measured the amperage draw of the light bulb at 1.8A...
  21. P

    12 volt catenary lighting transformer?

    Anyone any idea where I can ideally get an identical or similar replacement transformer for this (used for 12 volt catenary lighting). Any suggestions appreciated
  22. UKMeterman

    Anyone want a 11kv 1MVA transformer

    Hi, I have spotted a 11KV 1MVA transformer on an auction site, buyer collects..
  23. J

    din rail mounted bell transformer - earth?

    hi i've bought a hager st303 din rail mounted door bell transformer and a 2 module wylex ESE2 enclosure for it to fit in. i was going to run this off a 3A FCU. i can't see any earth connection on the transformer from the photo - it haasn't arrived yet - and there's nothing to earth in the...
  24. Megawatt

    Will isolation transformer absorb in rush current and not the generator

    I have a 10,000 watt surge and 7000 watt running capacity on a 240/120 vac generator. Now this is a theory I have electric heat with 10,000 watt heating elements. When the heating elements kick on it bogs down the generator to the point I have to kill the heat. The question is if I bought a 15...
  25. M

    Secondary Transformer Circuit Breaker

    Hi, I'm just curious about what will happen if I use an MCB lower than the calculated current rating. I have a 1kVA 220v stepdown to 110V transformer, calculated downstream MCB current rating would be 11.3625 if i'm right I multiplied the secondary current to 125%? what will happen if I use a...
  26. A

    LED Lights - Transformer and Lights getting very hot

    Hi All Help... I have a strip of SMD 5050 LED lights - plugged in to a 12v transformer - and both (the LEDs and Transformer) get very very hot to touch. They take about an hour to slowly get up to the high temp - and sit there at that high temperature. The strip has been cut from a 5m length -...
  27. T

    Trainee Step up and Step down transformer

    Why is Delta star transformer used for step down transformer and star delta for step up transformer? According to this book, Electrical Power Systems By C L Wadhwa
  28. B

    Industrial Control transformer

    Had issues with a 240v to 120v control transformer not supplying power to 2 cooling fans. Both fans were connected to transformer via X1 and X2 wiring. X2 wiring was not bonded to ground initially. After bonding X2 to ground, fans would run. Any explanation would be great.
  29. J

    Switch before or after transformer?

    Hello- I'm planning to install a bunch of LED lights in my kitchen cabinets. The idea is to have a small LED strip turn on automatically when opening the cabinet door. I've found a 12v LED strip that can be cut into 30cm long sections that will be perfect for my application, along with some...
  30. S

    Hazardous areas - control voltage transformer earthing -

    I've been in an ongoing debate regarding earthing of a control transformer and i'd like some other opinions. 690 primary, 120v secondary supplying control circuits (contactors/DC convertors etc), the neutral is tied to earth - My issue is the location that it is tied to Earth. As far as I know...
  31. captaincaveman

    Do MR16 Led bulbs require a LED driver or a transformer?

    Hi guys, Quick question regarding 5x MR16 (Gu5.3) Led bulbs in downlighters. The customer used to use halogen but has moved over to LED. They had stopped working due to a faulty 12v transformer I've just replaced the transformer with a constant voltage driver (1-25w) but with any more than 3...
  32. L

    Domestic Please the end of my tether with transformer/Ring

    Hi guys, Really hoping for some simple advice after a 2 year battle with my Ring Pro doorbell. To cut a long story short, and spending £ on several plugin transformers and multiple replacement Pros, I have decided to use the 24v bell transformer supplied from Ring. So, (and excuse incorrect...
  33. S

    Trainee LED transformer advice needed

    Hi, I’m wanting to remove two plug sockets that are labelled 12v only linking two strings of led 15mm spot lights. I would like to replace them with in line transformers and hide under the fireproof downlight covers in the loft. One plug is 6v 500mA DC leading to bathroom led lights x6 (2watt...
  34. N

    Domestic CAn I wire 12v downlighter transformer into dimmer circuit?

    Hi all. I've bought couple of LED tape kits which come with a 3pin 12v transformer. one of them is now wired into a simple circuit which is a single on/off switch and works great. the second set is to go into another room, again single switch but this time it's a dimmer not toggle. The kit is...
  35. C

    Transformer Neutral Grounding

    Should the neutral of the transformer be provided with separate ground rod or can it be interconnected with earth bar which also connects the transformer frame and other equipment frame grounding. Is it correct as per the European standards? ( See the attachment)
  36. spamwize2

    IR testing through transformer

    Hi all need some help, I've got a panel to test 400vac to transformer but after step down 110vac, do i megger it all at 1000v or just ignore transformer and megger at 250vac?
  37. E

    Wattage or Amperage of Transformer

    I have seen a transformer rated at 10,000 watts with input voltage of 110v and output voltage of 220v. Can input voltage of 110v and wattage of 100 watts produce the output of 10,000 watts? What determines the amperage or wattage output of a transformer? The voltage input/output formula is...
  38. M

    Increasing supply, does DNO transformer look excessive?

    Basically customer currently only has a 100A 3 phase supply, which is rather overloaded. Also has a 120KVA generator for a 55KW motor. Im trying to get a larger supply so everything will run off the grid and not overloaded. Ive spoken to the DNO in terms of trying to get a 400A supply. DNO...
  39. D

    Industrial Inspections and testing HV/LV transformer.

    Does anyone can recommend company or person from East Sussex which can do inspection and testing for transformer HV/LV ?
  40. W

    will LED's work with this transformer?

    Hi, I need to replace some kitchen lights that take G4 pin bulbs. I'd like to switch to LEDs but not sure if the transformer fitted will be too much power? Please see image and these are the bulbs I'm looking at: WOW - G4 LED 3W Bulbs Capsule Bulb Replace Halogen Bulb AC / DC 12V 48 3014 SMD |...
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