1. E

    9.5kw Galaxy unvented heater trips RCD

    When water is turned ON the RCD TRIPS. 10 metres from CU, 40A mcb. 10mm Doncaster Cable. Changed to 50mcb and 25mm meter tails. still RCD trips?
  2. Z

    MCB trips ONLY when open in one go all lights together

    I have about 50 led spot lights + more light , all together is about 400w if I open them all in one go together, then the MCB [=6 am] trips immediately, but if I open them one by one I have no problems at all ! I tried to replace the MCB with another 6am and it did the same, but when i replace...
  3. V

    1960s Florescent light instantly trips mains RCD

    Hi all, first post! I'm currently restoring a Rockola jukebox from 1964 and I'm very nearly there, there's a problem with one of the florescent lights which I can't seem to get my head around, one of the three florescent lamps the entire house out as soon as you switch the thing on. The...
  4. M

    Domestic RCD trips when street lights come on, but ...

    Hello everyone, This is my first thread, and with English as a second language, I hope I can get you all trough my post without losing anybody. So, as the title states - my current problem is as follows; My neighbors just moved into their newly built house. One big house, separated into two...
  5. N

    Siemens RCCB trips even while inductive motor is off

    Good day everyone This is my first thread here, and I'm writing because I have a problem which I'm not sure how to solve. Since its company money, I just want to make sure that the conclusion to the problem is correct. We have an autoclave that works at 121 celsius to sterilize with steam. Its...
  6. A

    Domestic Heatstrip THE3200r Trips Switch

    Our sparky has just installed 2 x Heatstrip THE 3200 strip heaters (13A Max Each) which keep tripping the switches in the power board. We have checked the cabling (20A Max Each) as well as the Power board (50A) to ensure capacity. Reading the manual the guide recommends hardwiring the heaters...
  7. P

    Domestic RCD trips every morning between 08.00 and 09.00

    I live in rural Italy. You get to chose your max KW here and pay accordingly. Most home have 1.5-3.0 kw, I pay extra for 5kw. I am at the end of the low voltage lines, one of only a few on this circuit. I constantly have voltage problems, according to my fluke multimeter it can go from 190v to...
  8. R

    Domestic RCBO trips different RCBO

    I've just change a CU and installed RCBO's. There is a 32a SP RCBO suppling a ring final circuit. There is a 6a SP RCBO radial lighting circuit. When the 6a radial circuit is energised the 32a RCBO trips. With the 6a dead the 32a stays in. I expected to find a shared neutral but there is no...
  9. L

    Light fitting trips one RCD, but not if connected to a different RCD

    Hi, I have a lighting circuit which trips the RCD, I’ve got pared back so that if I take one brand new light fitting and wire it directly into the consumer unit with a brand new cable - and still the RCD trips. If I remove that wire from the consumer unit and put a 3 pin plug on it, and plug...
  10. B

    Ground floor lighting trips out mcb

    Hi everyone, My first post but straight in with a couple of issues. I'll start with a 6amp MCB that keeps tripping out relating to ground floor lights. For your info: There is 10 x 3w led recessed lights in Kitchen, 8 x 3w led recessed lights ,plus a main central Led light (approx 100watt...
  11. M

    Domestic Strange Earth Leakage Trips

    I have an odd situation in that I get random earth leakage trips which happen occasionally when I turn off an outside light. I have a standard split board, half earth leakage protected, half not. Trips happen maybe once every 50 times that outside light is switched off, never when it is...
  12. M

    Mcb trips but tests clear

    Evening all Let’s see if anyone can solve this one. Recently wired a new extension. Today connected up ring circuit to 32amp mcb, all relevant dead testing done ir +999mohms and ring continuity.28 .28 .48. So all good turn mcb on and pop it trips off. Rechecked testing removed sockets just to...
  13. Stephen

    New electric cooker causing power to trip at fuse. The fuse is reluctant to flick back on after.

    Hi all. Thank you all in advance for your help and advice. I was hoping to get some help and advice on a cooker issue I'm experiencing. My cooker is "brand new" and I recently had it installed by my father inlaw (competent tradesman although not an electrician) The cooker is brand new but...
  14. M

    Domestic Similar places in two circuits causing trip

    I have two line wires coming out of the top of the 'Sockets' B32 MCB. One of those line wires connects to 3 sockets in the bedroom and the other wire connects to 5 sockets in the living room. Each socket takes two line wires, one to power the socket and the other to pass the current onto the...
  15. Deleted member 111795

    Electrician Electric shower trips after 5 minutes

    Hi I've seen a thread on here (which is what brought me to this forum) where someone had an issue much like my daughter has. The shower works fine for a few minutes, but if she's washing her hair and takes a little longer than usual, the shower trips the MCB. Is there an electrician on here...
  16. V


    Hi all OK..did a cu change yesterday .. old wylex with an external rcd for a new amd3 dual rcd cu. This morning the customer rings to say the shower has tripped the rcd. Turn up on site..and the rcd that has tripped is not the one that the shower circuit is on.! So i check for crossed over...
  17. B

    liftmaster trips RCD when using open command?

    I have gates with liftmaster sub 300m underground motors. 9 years old and worked like a dream. Now used internal open switch last friday and after 3 hours when I switched to close it TRIPS the RCD. Did some trouble shooting and tracked it to motor 1. Hooked up this motor to power supply, its...
  18. M

    Garage consumer unit rcd trips out

    Hi all , i am new to these forums so please bear with me. I am needing some advice on what to replace for this fault. I have a relatively new garage consumer unit made by MK . 5 way unit. It has five seperate mcbs and one rcd. I have six flourecent lights. Each on a separate switch. But two of...
  19. Nick Grant

    Grill Door Trips Breaker

    Hi, Bit of a strange one this, our oven of 8 years is causing the power to shut off when ever you open the grill door. Everything is fine with the Oven and the hobs. If the oven is still switched on at the wall (Red Switch) and the grill is turned off on the oven, it still trips the electric...
  20. K

    Fault on domestic home wiring

    110v from switch to switch (see attached picture), tn-cs system with 30mA RCD in Place, trips fine when tested at 100% and 500% customer complained of getting shocked when touching both switches at once but doesn’t trip with this fault, have a few theories, but any suggestions?
  21. J

    Turning on light trips at fuse box...?

    Hi there I'm having a bit of a difficulty re two sets of lights on the downstairs that keep tripping the fuse box when I go to turn them on. The story.... I was asked to take down 4 lights for a house move and replace them with basic ceiling roses, simple enough, yeah!!? Lights all down and...
  22. G

    Hydroboil trips mcb ???????????????????????????

    hyrdoboil trips mcb? Element is 2.4kw ohms test was 23 Ohms and IR was 300 odd. Had disconnected element from thermostat and power did not trip but element seemed perfect
  23. A

    Two Lights One Switch Trips Or Blows Every Time

    Hi All! I'm currently trying to add some lights into my garage. I brought a pair of LED fluorescent style lights but am having trouble with them. I've managed to get them to light up but every single time I switch the light switch it either blows a fuse or trips the breaker on the board. I...
  24. H

    RCD trips a few minutes after lights turned on

    Hi all, I am trying to diagnose the following problem. After coming back from holiday, we noticed that our RCD keeps tripping a few minutes after our kitchen lights have been turned on. If the kitchen lights are kept switched off, then everything is ok. The lights were GU10 spotlights...
  25. C

    External RCD trips Consumer unit RCD

    I have an external RCD unit to protect outside lights. This trips intermittently, when it does it also trips the RCD in the consumer unit. If I test the external RCD with the trip switch, it trips and also causes the RCD in the consumer unit to trip. I have tested the circuit and the tests are...
  26. P

    Garage wireing

    im in a brand new build and paid for mains into the garage, I've discovered the builder has spurred off the back of one of the front room sockets, through the back of the wall to an external junction and to the consumer unit in the garage. If something causes a trip in the garage The consumer...
  27. H

    Oven Element Quick Question

    Neighbour having an issue with oven. Will work fine for so long and then it trips off the RCD. RCD resets but oven will not work after that for a day or two. Neighbour seems to think it's been since her husband cleaned the oven. I suggested changing the element but would be a bit of a gamble...
  28. L

    Hello! Need help :-)

    Hi there, I've joined this forum to see if I can get some help with an electrical problem I'm having with my home. We've already had two electrical companies out to have a look, and they've both been stumped! We have a Honeywell CM927 Wireless heating control system, and about half the time it...
  29. N

    Mig welder

    Hi guys, I've gone to a job and the customer has a 5-5 split Rccb board, and there shed is wired from a 32amp mcb. But when the welder is in use it trips the RCcb the welder is brand new. What could be the cause? Cheers
  30. D

    Generator tripping

    I'm not a sparks.. but I'm hoping for a bit of advice for an animal rescue charity in kent.. Their generator fine on 110v but as soon as it's switched to 230v it trips even with no load... any ideas please?
  31. L

    Cooker Circuit

    Hi all, Had a call from a fellow sparky on the way home tonight. He has wired in a new cooker circuit to power a new range master cooker. 10mm radial circuit back to board via an isolator. Board is a BG split load board with 2 x RCDs for each side. Cooker circuit on a 32amp MCB. When the...
  32. M

    Rcd tripping

    Quick question to all ive got and Rcd that trips out randomly through the day. Split board and the Rcd covers shower and sockets. With the shower breaker off an the other 4 socket breakers on, the Rcd will trip when u plug a tester in. However when u turn them all off a test each circuit...
  33. E

    RCD Problems with a twist

    Hi, I am having ongoing problems with Rcd in clients house. It is worth pointing out that I am living and working in Spain. The problem is continual nuisance trips when there is a power cut (there are loads when the weather is bad) the rcd is tripping when the power goes of,so it appears that it...
  34. G

    RCD Trip x1 test no reading

    I was called to an office in a field today (tt system) The led lights and sockets (separate circuits ) still have power when switched off at the switches ( lights on dim and socket neon half bright) I did a ze test at the board and had to replace the earth rod. The reading at the board is...
  35. V

    30mA rcd trips at 17mA when submain connected mcb is on...ok when submain mcb is off

    Hi all Ok...been to a job today with a random tripping 30mA rcd its a bit of a full on a undertakers.... 3p cutout feeds 3 main switches...1 for a workshop db...for a flat over the undertakers...1 for the undertakers.... from the undertakers mainswitch...we have a swa submain to a...
  36. T


    Hello... Got a call from a. Customer saying when ever they plug in there 2kw heater it trips... So One shal think the heater is faulty. I told them to unplug it and turn the rcd back on. they rcd then restet... I thought over load may be a issue but she said she unplugged everything. She then...
  37. S

    RCD trip out

    I've been called to a job for a friend as his swimming pool pump keep tripping the RCD, it took me a while to work out how the other electrician had wired it but of what I see, it's a bit of a mess. I'll do my best to explain for the pool I can see 3 MCB's used 1st is a 6A type b in to a time...
  38. P

    RCBO keeps tripping - without explanation

    The wiring in the house is split into separate circuits each with their own RCBO for 3 for lighting (separate for ground floor; upper floor; and basement) 3 for power (again as above) 1 for cooker 1 for shower 2 for fridge/freezers The problem exists only on the ground floor power circuit...
  39. E

    Domestic Strange RCD Problem

    Afternoon all. I've got a problem with an RCD tripping that I can't get my head round. Upstairs lights are tripping the RCD. I switch off the MCB, but still tripping. So you'd think it was an earth/neutral fault. Nope. I remove the earth and the neutral from the board, and it trips on Live...
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