1. M

    triton caselona 2 Issues

    Hello All, I recently bought a property and needed some informaton about Triton shower in our bathroom. Any help would be highly appreciated. I have triton caselona 2 and it operates with pull cord. The problem is that the stop dial does not work. So you pull the chord on and then you can not...
  2. Davehaywire

    Seeking new work mate /workbench portable

    Hi im looking to replace my old b&d workmate I have read reviews on the new b&d workmates and they don't seem to be very well made can anyone recommend any work benches they have experience with that are sturdy before I waste my hard earned cash thanks
  3. M

    Triton T200 RE Shower

    The Low Pressure Warning light is on and we can only get cold water out of it. I suspect its a faulty sensor in the 'base' unit but as its so old, no one at Triton is old enough to remember them! Has anyone any experience of them & how to fix them? I really dont want to take the whole thing out...
  4. T

    Shower Triton Bezique 1 part worn - advice ?

    Have Triton Bezique 1 shower Small part has burnt out, not sure if its replaceable. Top left of 'can assembly' see picture I had a similar problem with another shower 4 years ago, replaced parts & still going strong :) T file://localhost/Users/ChapmanFamily/Desktop/photo.JPG
  5. S

    Domestic Power shower wiring

    Hi wonder if anyone can help me with some conflicting info I'm getting. My daughter has recently had a triton belize power shower replaced by Triton appt engineer. This shower replaced a previous Triton shower several years old. No RCD was fitted to the circuit when the new shower was fitted...
  6. A

    triton biarritz 2 power shower

    Hey people got a client and his triton biarritz 2 power shower has packed in i know the solenoid packs up on these but the rest of the internals looks pretty poor Is there any where I can get one of this new ? I can only find different models and I'd rather just have a direct replacement if...
  7. S

    Triton Opal Shower 10.5kw.

    Hello I have a shower which functions ok except the stop button keeps failing so I have to switch it off from the isolator switch. I just wondered if anyone knows where I can purchase a stop button or even repair it. There is a rubber bit at the back of the button which keeps has fallen off...
  8. B

    recommend a shower pump?

    I know this isn't a plumber's forum but...... can anyone recommend a reliable pump to feed an electric shower? (currently gravity fed from a tank and doesn't have enough pressure) Positive head, single impeller of fairly low power (1.5bar+) is fine but this is for my own house so I want...
  9. W

    8kw Shower....

    Got a customer that doesnt want a 6mm shower cable upgraded to 10mm but rather downgrade her shower to 8kw Anybody know were to find a decent not to price 8kw shower?
  10. I

    digital showers

    has anyone fitted or used one of these?
  11. I

    triton as200x power shower like for like

    hi there fitted a triton as200x power shower (gravity fed) today to replace exactly same model that was not working at all. Carried out initial testing on electrical circuit for minor works cert all well, isolated cold/hot water feeds from cold and hot water tanks, removed verey badly fitted...
  12. M

    Domestic Shower choice

    Hi Guys just a bit of advice please,can anyone recommend a decent shower, whats the difference between a 8.5kw shower and say a 10.5kw,would you get a better flow from the 10.5kw,or doesnt it work like that could someone please explain. Its going to be wired in 10mm cable with a rcbo...
  13. R

    9kW shower?

    Does anyone know if any 9kW showers actually exist other than the Mira bloody Sport?! I'm really after a 9kW shower for about the £100 mark or less. Anyone got any ideas? Cheers.
  14. R

    Removable shower piece

    Anybody know how easy it is to get the removable little corner sections for showers? Is there anywhere that flogs them, or is it best to go straight to the manufacturer? Are they even likely to help? A bit of back stroy: Are you a Napit regisetered spark working out of Wirral? Did you have a...
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