1. T

    Trouble with a new 3-way switch

    Struggling with adding a 3-way switch. I have a feed with 2 wire, a 2 wire to the light, and a 3 way ran just to my new switch in one box; a simple over head light, and my second switch box with just the one 3 wire. My question is how exactly to wire at each switch, all I seem to get is power...
  2. gutterball

    nic log on

    anyone else having trouble logging into nic. just getting a holding page
  3. hey-hey-my-my

    Trouble with charging a large 12v battery

    Hello! I recently upgraded the 110ah battery in my camper van for a 260ah AGM one. My solar panels (200w via MPPT, soon to be doubled) struggle to keep up with my consumption, so once a week I hook up the battery to mains using CTEK's 5A charger, which supports AGM batteries but is not...
  4. P

    Aritech CS450 "Trouble" light on keypad

    I have a Aritech CS450 which has been working fine for a number of years. All of a sudden the "Trouble" light came on the keypad. I checked the logs and it showed "Fuses", so I checked the fuses - all ok did a walk test - all ok Tried an engineer reset - no different - light still on The...
  5. A

    Trouble changing light switches

    Hi guys. I'm having trouble changing my light switches. There are 2 sockets next to each other that power 2 separate lights. One has 3 wires but the second has no neutral wire. I can get the first switch to work but not the second
  6. Midwest

    Danfoss TP9000 trouble shooting

    Ok I give up. In my new build, been having trouble with the above & heating. Heating has been staying on outside switching periods, e.g. in the middle of the night. Got onto developer, and whilst waiting for them contacted Danfoss, who suggested it was faulty TP9000 (TP9000 was turning on...
  7. Nitram

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) Having trouble with getting a JIB/ECS card

    I have been working for one main contractor as a subbie for about 5 years (hoping to go on the payroll eventually) until they went bust last year. I got my 2360 pt 1 and 2 and 17th 1st ed. and try as I might I found progression impossible given my circumstances. I find myself in need of a...
  8. J

    Danfoss CP715 SI Timer Trouble

    Please bear with me while I try to explain this..... I have a Danfoss CP715 SI Timer which is no longer "talking to" my Flexicom Glo-worm boiler. The display is on on the timer, all the lights come on when I switch either the water or heating on via the 1hr buttons or the daily programme...
  9. C

    The Trouble with GEO

    I just wanted to share our recent experience with Green Energy Options, manufacturers of GEO monitors. Our last two installations have involved fitting GEO III equipment and on both occasions, there has been a problem with their equipment out of the box. Whilst they have replaced the defective...
  10. S

    16mm T+E for Loft Extension, (en- suit shower. )

    Just wondering if any sparks out there would have any obligations or concerns about a proposed installation for loft conversion,, ( see drawing for details..).. Hear loads of conflicting theories about cable sizing for showers , some of them are borderline at best... and different...
  11. S

    Bosch 10.8 batteries

    Does anyone else have trouble with the plastic retaining clips breaking off? I have real trouble with the multitool. I think the vibrations nacker them. Getting real fed up replacing good condition batteries.
  12. dansk

    Mcs renewal

    Just had a four hour mcs audit for my renewal, all went well, except for a couple of non conforms, and a strong word of advice, anyone not doing wind cals and structural calcs are going to be in trouble, and they can make you go over all your installs and carry out calculations. I was ok on...
  13. Amp David

    Alarm system for the van

    Can anyone advise on a van alarm. Do others have them or just rely on fitting uprated locks and guards?
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