1. J

    Wagos in trunking

    Would it be against regulations to put wagos into some maxi trunking to extend cables for a board change?
  2. S

    Technical advice required - metal socket or plastic? / Trunking?

    Hi all Recently my company (I'm just an employee) moved into a new unit and have installed some shelving, the BigDug kind. We've had plug sockets located above (2) each unit to provide power. This was done by the electrician so that's all good. I need a plug socket on each shelf (5 in total)...
  3. B

    Electric shower using trunking

    Hi, not done many showers 9.5kw shower, clipped direct, 10mm cable, 40amp MCB no issues the thing I wanted to ask was, there was existing feed too small so new cable all newish tiles so going to run some 25x16mm trunking now do many shower have any knockouts on top? Or will I have to make my own...
  4. M

    Industrial Classification of Busbar Trunking

    Hi all! I was having a bit of a to do with a colleague of mine regarding busbar trunking. We both agreed during our inspection that a busbar deserves it’s own test sheet as it is a method of distribution which each “tap off” denoting a separate circuit. However I argued that the ‘Zdb and...
  5. ThatMatt72

    Domestic Meter Tails in Galvanised Trunking...Is that a thing?

    Hey all, Excuse the ignorance here but I wonder if you lovely folk might have any opinions or better still be able to point in the right direction in the BBB. I am being asked to move a CU from its current position, behind a fitted kitchen, under the sink and totally inaccessible, except to the...
  6. E

    Commercial Trunking CPC Continuity.

    Hi Guys, an old existing 25mm - TP & N SWA Supply cable is glanded (No Banjo) to a 3" Metal Trunking end cap, & the remainder of the circuit cables are contained in the same trunking forming the CPC back to the Distribution Board. With a method 2 continuity & an insulation test, can you be...
  7. gazdkw82

    Conduit and mini trunking cutters

    Any recommendations? Or best to stick to separate conduit and trunking cutters?
  8. P

    Trunking in house (18th edition)

    I admit to not taking too much notice of the 18th edition changes as I only took my 18th exam last week (no excuses I am not a good spark like most on here). I have a flat to do that needs the lighting circuit rewired, but being the ceilings are like concrete and the owners don't want major...
  9. Simon-0116

    Lighting trunking - plastic lid

    Doing a lighting upgrade on a commercial workshop using existing 2" metal lighting trunking. Some of the trunking is mounted lid to the top, some lid to the floor. Now in my understanding for 18th all cables need to be secured with adequate metal fastening. So with the lid down trunking...
  10. C

    Kopex inside metal trunking

    Hi all, New to the forum, question regarding Band 1 and Band 2 segregation... So on a site I'm working on, installing access control system. Now the access control panels have designated metal trunking for all relevant cables being low voltage. The trunking is directly above the panels. The...
  11. R

    Chemical fixing or Resin fixings to secure trunking

    Hi Have a job on a very old historic building and the architect is asking for the trunking ( white plastic 25x 40) which is horizontal for about 12m to be secured by chemical / resin fixings This is not something I have come across before,have used resin fixings before for a rawlbolt type of...
  12. H

    Mini Trunking tips and help

    Hi Been using quite a bit of mini trunking recently with a variety of different bends but can't seem to get the hang of it properly, my works doesn't come out as neatly as I expect and I've had to go over and over it to get it looking decent. Anybody have any tips when cutting mini trunking...
  13. Sparksaflyin

    Screened compartment trunking

    Anyone come across screened compartment trunking before? If so is anyone aware of any specific reg governing the use of this, in regards to length of run allowed for lv cables in elv side?
  14. T

    Fire Rated Clips In Trunking

    Hi all, From January 2019 when we are doing an EICR, how would you tackle trunking which has no fire rated clips in it which is in an area where there could be an issue regarding the cables falling in the event of a fire? Would you advise to retrofit the clips in the trunking? Or state that...
  15. S

    Induced Voltage LED / Steel Trunking

    Just fitted some 10 Low Bay Led all wired in steel trunking. Have just noticed my volt stick light up on 3 cables that are not even connected to anything. Gets volt meter out and I've got 38v on it. Seems a hell of a lot. Anyone else found this with LED power supplies
  16. Iain Kay

    Which route would you take here for trunking at CU?

    I've been looking at a route to run mini trunking (16x25) from CU to a cupboard and from there on to another room. Got most of the route planned in terms of getting from the room to the cupboard and from the cupboard to hall ceiling. Now I'm looking at options to get from the ceiling down to...
  17. T

    Fire rated clips in trunking

    Had niceic guy out today and has advised that behind kitchen units i dont need to fit fire rated clips in trunking. I was under the impression that they were to be fitted in all trunking? Any thoughts?
  18. R

    Band 1 / Band 2 Cables in Trunking

    Hi, Just wondering on thoughts for complying with Reg 528.1 "... a Band I circuit shall not be contained in the same wiring system as a Band II circuit ..." The current setup has steel trunking running around the walls with conduit coming down from here for network points and plug sockets etc...
  19. Rick Ellmore

    Trunking, Ducting capacity

    Hi Guys and Gals, I'm looking for some help, I am looking to find some info on cable carrying capacity of conduit, trunking and ducting in accordance with the IEE Wiring Regulations for my NVQ but I cant seem to find the info in the BS7671 or the OSG? anyone have an idea where to look?
  20. Nobbin

    Chasing in and trunking?

    I've been on a few jobs where a previous installer has chased in some 25mm trunking instead of the 25mm oval conduit that I would normally use. I don't like capping as it's a bugger to send new cables through. Just wanted peoples opinion of best practice when it comes to mechanical protection...
  21. G

    How do you guys do angles in trunking

    Hi all, Was just looking for some best practices around using plastic mini trunking. How do you guys join trunking on corners of walls that are not right angles so you can't use the normal pre made bends. I mean I've got a vertical wall and that has got a bend of about 30 degrees in in...
  22. M

    I want to shorten some dado trunking but can't work out how

    I have about 3m of dado trunking in my office (brand unknown) providing sockets and phone points which my electrician brother-in-law fitted about 15 years ago. Sadly he has passed away and I now want to shorten the trunking at one end to push a tall cupboard back against the wall. I can see that...
  23. R

    Am2 exam question bonding cable tray/ metal trunking?

    Hi everyone, I am sitting my AM2 exam a week today and was wondering if the metal trunking, cable tray etc needs bonded back to the MET in the board? Will you fail if its not bonded or will it be a minor? Anyone got any ideas? Thanks.
  24. D

    Mains distribution upgrade work, 3 phase,old isolators, steel conduit & trunking providing CPC

    Hello everyone I'm picking up some remedial works from an EICR fail in a commercial property. Its a 3 phase supply with old steel conduits , trunking & coupled metal equipment, that provides the earth to the various locations. At present the earthing is insufficient, every earth in the...
  25. A

    galvanised trunking segregation

    just a quick question about galvanised trunking in a commercial setting with regards to an assaignment ive been set by my college. i have got a run of trunking running from a plant room in a car garage which will carry pvc singles for sockets lighting etc, alongside this i have to get 4 cat 5's...
  26. B

    Cable Factors for trunking

    Hi All, Anyone know the cable factor for 150mm LSF cables for installing in trunking? Table E5 in my OSG only goes up to 25mm!
  27. J

    New User - Help Required Sourcing Mini Trunking End/Stop Cap

    Hi All Members 1st Post as a new member. Can anyone Please advise where I can source a 16x25 end/stop cap as shown in photographs Kind Regards. Jag.
  28. S

    Cable de-rating for trunking

    Just doing a re-wire on a community hall/scout hut. There's a actually a surprising amount of cable gone into a 25 x 10 m one storey building. 6 x 3kw heaters, sockets everywhere, water heaters , LED Panels, downlighters etc etc. All cable runs are being done in the loft space and due to the...
  29. S

    Phases in dado trunking.

    Hi all and thanks in advance for any replies. I was wondering if whether when having more than one phase inside a dado trunking are you required to mark up the trunking with a 400v marker/label like you would at a multi gang light switch?? Cheers
  30. W


    Hi Just looking for some advice. I've had a new supply and meter fitted on the outside of a building. The supply is for a new consumer on the first floor. The meter tails for this have been run down the outer wall. What trunking would you use to protect these? Many thanks
  31. B

    Meter Tails

    Hi. I've recently moved into new house. The meter box and consumer unit are installed in cupboard underneath the stairs, however they are approx. 1.5m apart and the tails are surface mounted. Should they be encased in trunking so as to protect them from damage. Thanks
  32. Rocboni

    Lighting trunking

    So workshop with perimeter 75x 75 galv trunking, with overhead lighting trunking suspended from rod with hangers, lighting trunking is quite a bit higher than the perimeter trunking, how do you link the two? Would you use an internal bend and flange it down onto the trunking at either end? Or...
  33. H


    hi just wondering which brand of trunking do you guys generally use. would you say all trunking is the same? i usually get the stuff they have a tlc or screwfix and to be honest don't notice much difference (except tlc trunking is in 3m length whereas screwfix can be 2m) is there any trunking...
  34. B

    Electrician Electricians Required - Scotland

    Electricians Required call Brian Taylor on 01698324664 or email [email protected] Long term contract opportunity with Global Infrastructure Service provider with £100 million plus turnover! Working as part of the internal mains division, running new connections to multi domestic sites across...
  35. L

    Reference Methods??

    Hi there, I was just looking to find out what would be the most appropriate reference method to use. the distribution circuits leave the fuse board in 3 meters of trunking, then onto basket most of the ciruicts at lower lever then come down the wall in conduit which has been pre installed in...
  36. C

    For sale, Telemecanique USED lighting trunking

    Just removed from site. 19 x 2mtr lengths Telemecanique KBA 25EA402 lighting trunking. 118 x 3mtr lengths Telemecanique KBA 25EB403 lighting trunking 9 x Left hand Feed units Telemecanique KBA25AA4 105 x Telemecanique KBC 16CF21 Tap off boxes 36 x Telemecanique KBC16CF40 Tap off boxes...
  37. C

    Telemecanique USED lighting trunking.

    Just removed the following from site , 19 x 2mtr lengths Telemecanique KBA 25EA402 lighting trunking. 118 x 3mtr lengths Telemecanique KBA 25EB403 lighting trunking 9 x Left hand Feed units Telemecanique KBA25AA4 105 x Telemecanique KBC 16CF21 Tap off boxes 36 x Telemecanique KBC16CF40...
  38. H

    Cabling Ideas

    Hi, I've got a job coming up that involves networking an underground office. The walls cannot be chased and the Ethernet sockets need to mounted on the wall. I was thinking of running the cable in trunking but I don't think it'll look professional, then thought of using conduit but not too sure...
  39. Arktosik

    Reference methods

    Hi Metal trunking or metal conduit's sitting on tray? What do you think? Thanks
  40. P

    Consumer Unit Change - Back Entry

    Hi Guys No doubt this has been asked before, and the answer is already out there somewhere but I'm tired and the job is tomorrow so please bear with me. Existing CU is back entry, spaced off the wall by an inch on a couple of vertical battens in a tight wooden cupboard. I'm intending the same...
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