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  1. Lucien Nunes

    T5 8W tubes - unusual failure rate - is it the tubes?

    The lighting on my boat includes about thirty T5 8W 12" tubes in conventional 12V fittings of good make (mainly Labcraft) with HF inverters, taking one, two or three tubes as required. For over 25 years these have worked more or less flawlessly; the only outright failure was when water got into...
  2. N

    Fluorescent tubes for older fittings

    Although I am C & G qualified and fully trained as a spark I am donkeys years out of date and wish to ask this question. "I have a two 4 foot 40 watt fluorescent fittings in my kitchen which now need new tubes. There appears to have been changes in the size of tubes with which I am unfamilier...
  3. E

    Fluorescent to LED replacement tubes

    Got a few 4'(1200mm) fluorescent tubes with ballast and starters. Although the lumen will be lower using LED, I assume the ballast and starter is by-passed. Also assume to use the SMD range of LED tubes. thanks
  4. V

    Choosing replacement ballast

    Hi all. I have two bathroom cabinets which each use two T2 15W fluorescent tubes. Each tube has its own ballast which are pretty expensive to replace and go about every 12 months. Just wondering what ballast would be able to replace both of these, or if anyone can give me some ballast calcs to...
  5. F

    Convert Kitchen Flourescent Tubes With LED Strip Lighting .. Advice

    Hi, I currently have 3ft of wall cupboard then a space for the cooker hood then another 8ft of Wall cupboard. Both wall cupboards have fluorescent tubing beneath and are controlled by a single mains wall switch. I am looking to replace these with LED strip lights. Is there any advice on the...
  6. T

    Twin florescent led tubes confusion

    Good afternoon all, I have a set up of two tubes wired together so that both tubes need to be working to make it all work. They run off the old fashioned fluorescent tubes. Electro magnetic ballasts. I've bought Fusion T8 led tubes, 45mA 9w 300 900lm 4000k 04/16. These work fine. When...
  7. C

    LED Fluorescent Light Fitting - Standard Fluorescent Tube

    OSRAM - 4058075000988 - DAMP PROOF 1500 1X LAMP HOUSING IP65 | CPC UK - Says its pre wired for LED lamp. Can anyone tell me if it will take a normal (older type) tube? Thanks
  8. dedzyyy

    Domestic LED Tube Lights

    Hi all, This is a really noobie and arty farty question that I have. I want to make a hanging LED tube light sculpture for my new home, similar to this: Using fluro tubes looks like a major pain in the ass, so I have come across these Christmas lights: Link: 20/30/50cm LED Meteor Shower...
  9. A

    Are these light fittings ok for use?

    I got some free fittings from an office clear out recently and was thinking of using them in my small office. My question is will they be ok for use? One of the twin ones says to only use one tube but I really want two in there. Is there any obvious reason why the sticker should be on there as...
  10. F


    Been asked to price to replace 150 fluorescent tubes in a workshop. High up lights but I will provide a cherrypicker. Was thinking about a day for cost's etc but really cant make my mind up. Its a big guess
  11. simpson93

    Led tubes vs fluorescent

    Good evening guys I cant seem to find any led tubes that give out the same light output as fluorescents Anyone can point me in the right direction in particular looking for A 4ft led tube with 3k lumens+ Seems to me there's abit of a con where the manufacturers are saying 50% saving etc but...
  12. D

    LED inrush

    I'm going to look at a job this week at a warehouse which requires replacing all the existing 6 foot twin fluorescent fittings with LED versions. They've requested the fittings are kept as they're relatively new so will look to bypass ballast etc. Not sure on the number but it'll be a few dozen...
  13. O

    Testing fluorescent ballasts?

    So my old mans garage has various fluorescent fittings (inc a few he got secondhand from work during a renovation) asked me to come have a quick look as the RCD was tripping when they switched on but not immediately pulled various starters and tubes, ended up pulling all the starters and tubes...
  14. i=p/u


    Yo elec tec bulbs and couplers. anyone done and jobs recently in fitting out shops with leds , do you think a 1200 x 300 led panel would replace a 2 x 35w t5 ? how accurate is the data sheets to actual installing them? if you can add to this post , be my guest . Ty from a well trained...
  15. happyhippydad

    Is there a tube holder made for LED tubes T8?

    I'm not actually fitting any LED tubes but I like to be prepared! I cannot find any LED tube holders for a T8 LED tube, they all seem to be for fluorescents so you would have to remove the ballast and also replace the tube holder sockets. Surely there must be an LED holder? One of the threads...
  16. C

    Commercial Trouble-Shooting 2x18W Flourescent setup

    I agreed to take a look at shop sign for a shopkeeper friend. The fitting apparently stopped working form one day to the next. I have checked the following. 1) 240V getting to the fitting. 2) Both starters work fine in another fitting 3) Buzzed all the way round wiring loop with tubes/starters...
  17. i=p/u

    Led replacements

    Is there a replacement led for t5 35w tubes, I know I could if searched but I like to ask like minded people.. And hello they for lighting a shop are the meeting expectations? Any experiences welcome i was going todo this job a year ago but we held off
  18. sparks1234

    Led lighting

    bit of food for thought really I have heard that if you change the wiring in a fluorescent fitting to take an LED lamp, you effectively become the manufactuer of the fitting and as such should sticker the fitting up so if the local choppy comes to replace a lamp he doesn't stick a normal lamp...
  19. F

    Domestic Parallel wiring Fluorescent tubes basics.

    Hi all, I'm trying to build a wall of 6ft fluorescent tubes, creating an effect similar to this: I'm looking for a way of achieving this effect, spending as little as possible as I can't afford fabrication. I've been considering buying...
  20. N

    LED vs Fluorescent

    Hi all, I have been asked by a local community centre for some advice changing some faulty 6ft strip lights to LED. As far as I can see 6ft LED tubes are Twice as expensive as replacing a ballast and tube but half the wattage (i.e. half the running costs). does anyone have any experience with...
  21. T

    Led T8 tubes

    Hi guys, Ive got some left over T8 led tubes from a job, changes were made and they decided to have down lights instead, but i had already ordered the tubes (doh). They have been sitting in the garage for ages now, so i thought id see if anyone was interested before they go on ebay. They are...
  22. S

    Led tubes help

    Took down a 6 ft light fitting and replaced it with a 5ft LED twin fitting, I had to change the MCB from a 6a to a 10a MCB because the 6a keeps tripping off, Is there a big start up current on LED tubes?
  23. U

    Commercial LED fluorescent replacement tubes

    I have a customer who is trying to reduce his electricity bills at his shop, lighting is the biggest load with multi tube fluorescent fittings in the main shop area I have been looking at the possibility of replacing the fluorescent tubes with LED tube replacements but have some doubts not...
  24. S

    LED Tubes is there a standrad wiring format?

    I'm working through converting flourescent fittings for LED tubes. A few have already been done previously, ballast and starter removed (used as a fuse holder instead) and P&N to one end only. The diagram with the tubes I have say P at one end and N at the other. I've been trying to get some...
  25. G

    Lumens per circuit watt? As per Architects!!

    Been pricing up a veterinary practice the lighting as per the specs and drawings state: "Lighting - To achieve an average efficacy of 85 lumens/ circuit watt using T5 fluoresecents with high frequency ballasts." And thats it. Cracked out the newlec catalogue and the LEF figures for t5 lamps...
  26. F

    led problems

    been replacing 35w flurocents 4ft to led type been in bout 2 - 3 months and now tubes are burning out so stripped down to investigate the driver is 75v dc but have gone faulty as the out put dc voltage is 300v hence why the tubes are burning out has anyone had or herd of similar problems
  27. jason121

    Solar Thermal

    Is solar thermal a waste of money ? Just been doing some calculations regarding 1 x Evacuated tube collector 15 tubes and twin coil tank 180l with 96l solar storage connected to gas boiler 104m2 bungalow South facing. Savings made £27 per year approx install cost £3300.00 payback 122 years ??????
  28. S

    retrofit LED lighting into T8

    Hi, Does anyone have a diagram for a typical 600x600 4 lamp modular fitting and how this is best modified to take LED lamps. For a ballast fitting it seems usual that two lamps are paired using 1 ballast and a choke and then a capacitor is common to all. Obviously the ballast is bypassed and...
  29. W

    Testing Flourescent Tubes and Starters

    Apart from starting with a working 2' T18 batten fitting and substituting the tubes and the starters are there any other ways to test these quickly. Currently I have removed 86 tubes and starters from the 2 by 2 T18 fittings ( 4 Tubes, 4 starters only 2 chokes )!! As these are about 6 years...
  30. K

    LED Tubes

    I have recently relamped an office with retrofit LED tubes, the fittings now have no gear and are wired just live one end and neutral the other. The 6A breaker trips on ooccasion but the circuit current is less than an amp. Where do I stand on insulation testing the circuit do I need to remove...
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