1. D

    Fike Twinflex pro fire alarm install

    Hello have few questions first can i even do this i am looking to install a Fike twinflex pro fire alarm system in my home i have gotten the ok from my housing association to do this but am i allowed to do this by law i have been looking into it and have seen most systems need design plans...
  2. bigspark17

    Twinflex xpro engineering code.....

    Does anyone have the engineering acces code for this panel if you could post/pm me it would be amazing. Thanks
  3. B

    Fike twinflex fire alarm install

    hi guys I’ve just installed a Fike twinflex, last fire system I done was a few years ago now. And I didn’t need a laptop to Commission, I’ve just finshed it all and ready to Commission but the manual says I need a laptop with File software is this right??? I don’t really want to do another...
  4. P

    Testing Fike Twinflex Multipoint heat detector with Solo 460

    I am having trouble testing an installation with several Fike Twinflex Multipoint detectors set to heat mode. I have a Solo 460 heat tester which works fine with Apollo A1R detectors but not with the Fike detectors. I think the reason may be that the shape is different - it looks as if the hot...
  5. P

    Auxiliary sounder on Twinflex pro panel

    I am replacing an old Fike Twinflex panel with a new Twinflex Pro panel. The old system had an auxiliary sounder but there seems to be no where to attach it to on the new panel. Any ideas?
  6. 1

    Twinflex Fire Alarm Zone Fault Comes And Goes

    Hi all, I am not an electrician, I am a tenant in a building where a Twinflex fire alarm system is installed. I have seen a thread on the subject in this forum so I thought I would ask if you have any thoughts about the following matter. For more than two weeks now we have been experiencing a...
  7. A

    Domestic Rafiki Twinflex 8 Zone Control Panel - Fault

    Hi, We have a Rafiki Twinflex 8 Zone Control Panel in our residential building which is showing an orange fault light and beeping continuously. Can anyone recommend what the issue might be? See attached a photo of the control panel. Thanks.
  8. H

    Fike Twinflex call point question.

    Hi. I have a Fike Twinflex system with a 402-0006 manual callpoint as the first item in the chain, followed by 8 sensors then another manual callpoint 402-0006 at the end of the chain. The callpoint at the end of the chain is set to eol end of line and its red light flashes as i would expect...
  9. Z

    twinflex fire alarm call point

    the digs i am staying in has had a problem with 1 of the call points so i have disconnected the call point. what i need to know is can i fit any make point back or would it have to be the same make? thanks and atb zak
  10. M

    twinflex fire alarm fault.

    Hi, needing some advice with a 2 zone twin flex fire alarm panel. The panel is showing a power fault which is obviously the batteries as the voltage is only 19volts, but the panel has also shows a fault. See attachment.
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