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  1. S

    Perfect PIR

    Just wondering if anyone has ever come across a perfect PIR? Nearly had one today, but a busbar point without a rubber topping stopped it. All tests where fine though, and that and no rubber gromits in some back boxes. So not a major deal.
  2. G

    Use of Pyro in a boat yard. Existing installation

    In a small boat yard, two lighting poles are fed with two core pyro the outer sheath being pvc covered and buried in concrete. Both poles are connected in parallel with each other. A single metal clad waterproof switch controls both poles. The feed to the 1st pole has gone down but the pyro to...
  3. R


    just been asked to do some tests for a friend of mine who has a problem of when ever the electricity is turned off by the REC when the supply returns it trips some of the MCBs ive done all the normal tests that would be carried out for a 17th edition EIC for all of the circuts in the house but...
  4. S

    am i aloud to install a 9.78 kw system over 3 phase (so 3.26kw a phase) under g83

    am i aloud to install a 9.78 kw system over 3 phase (so 3.26kw a phase) under g83 as under g83 you can only install systems under 4kw also is a 3780kw system the largest i can install as 3780 % 230 volts = 16.4 amps
  5. A

    Domestic Bench-type Sockets for a Kitchen

    Part of a new kitchen installation will be against a stone wall, so there's no opportunity to install wall-mounted sockets. An option is therefore to install a bench-type socket on the worktop. Having looked at the MK Pinnacle and Centaur President solutions, they look rather commercial and I...
  6. P

    Questions regarding TN-S system and RCD

    Hi all, Please excuse an amount of ignorance in this, only 15th ed trained and been out the game for a while. I am currently rewiring my house, with advice from 17th ed but not completed the course yet. We have a TN-s system which at a guess is 40+ years old. Recently our supplyer...
  7. SRE

    Black Panel Help Please

    I'm looking for a cheap black panel to go in a conservation area (to belnd with slate) Romag a bit too expensive for my client - any suggestions???
  8. J

    pressure switch

    Guys I am looking for a 3 phase pressure switch with unloader and half inch female inlet. Would prefer one which will take my gauge but not fussy was quoted £240 plus vat today. I think the guys at it can anyone help with where to get one in a hurry.
  9. ste mac

    Periodic testing questions.

    I have a few questions about a periodic inspection and report given to me recently by a letting agent. the property was built in the early 1970's original Wylex BS3036 CU. Just wondered what you guys would code these items as: 1. no mains powered interconnected smoke detection to to comply...
  10. S

    ZE at board/earthing alternatives

    Hi there... Couple of questions for you experts. Still learning.....:o Been to a factory today... It has one main incoming board and 55 distributon boards scattered around there factory... They asked me to fit/wire a couple of socket outlets under one dist board. Which only uses the...
  11. N

    LED's in Skirting

    I've been asked to look into lighting in a customer's skirting. Now a quick look through JCC's catalogue comes up with their range of Eltino lighting which at 20mm deep seems perfect. The only issue i can see is the transformers are built into a 3 pin plug. The idea is to have these on a PIR...
  12. C

    more pirs

    evening all! when doing a pir, iv got a cooker switch above a cooker, now i know this doesn't come under bs7671 but under building regs, so my question is, what and how do i go about commenting on this? does it get a code?? cheers in advanced guys!
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