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  1. happyhippydad

    Understanding what this means on the megger 1731

    I am in the process of hunting for another difficult fault (intermittent tripping RCD, absolutely no faults showing on any circuits and only 2mA fault current in Main earth). My question does indirectly relate to this... perhaps. When testing the RCD with my megger 1731 I am not getting a...
  2. qaz

    Domestic trying to understand 3 phase motor/capacitor installation

    I'm a qualified mechanic but always tackled small electrical jobs without incident. wonder if i can get some advice re a 60's potters wheel. it consists of : -a 220-250 volt 3 phase, c/s 50, motor -an largish oval capacitor [with a resistor between the 2 contacts] some distance away from...
  3. happyhippydad

    Understanding cable zones.....

    Cable zones are vertical or horizontal from an accessory. I was wondering how this is affected by accessories that are not visible? In theory you could have a cable going horizontal from a socket above kitchen worktop and then down to a socket below worktop which is hidden behind the washing...
  4. happyhippydad

    Understanding the new regulation regarding Main Bonding.

    Regulation 411.3.1.2 states .... Main bonding conductors shall connect to the main earthing terminal extraneous conductive parts. It then goes on to say... 'Metallic pipes entering the building having an insulating section at their point of entry need not be connected to the protective...
  5. M

    Understanding the electricity supply to my house (pole, underground cable, meter box, etc...)

    Partly cos I like to know everything... Partly because I'm a geek... And partly because we're going to have some electrical work done on the house which has made me curious.... I'd like to know more about the feed to my house... The power lines come to us through the garden and reach a pole...
  6. happyhippydad

    Understanding 411.3.4, RCD's for lights.

    I just wanted to make sure I understood the new regulation above. I am about to replace some ELV downlights with mains voltage, do these now have to be 30mA RCD protected? At present they have 100mA protection and the earthing is TT. Cheers.
  7. C

    Emergency Lighting - Understanding

    Kindly refer the attached Image. There are 2 Places at which I can give reference signals for Emergency lighting. 1. At MXC 2. At LTC (Unswitched & Switched) What is the difference between the above two? why there is a need to provide input at two different locations?
  8. G

    Understanding the common wire

    Hi, I’ve asked this question to people I work with but have different answers, so thought I’d try here. What is a common wire and what does it do? Thanks.
  9. K

    Help needed with understanding IR

    the problem question I have states: "the following line to earth values were recorded for six circuits in an installation. What would be the expected overall value when measured at the origin and what action should be taken, if any?" I understand that an IR reading higher 1 ohm is a pass...
  10. happyhippydad

    Understanding and using a TV splitter.

    Evening all.. In the past I have used one of these for splitting the cable for terrestrial TV: This time when I fitted it the TV (at the new TV aerial socket that I had fitted) did not receive a signal whereas the existing TV still did. I removed the new coax cable from the splitter and...
  11. happyhippydad

    Understanding the Heatmiser thermostat..

    Morning.. I bought the Heatmiser PRT-N thermostat to replace my standard analog thermostat. My existing thermostat has a PL, SL, N. I believe I should have bought the PRT, not the PRT-N. :oops: From the pictures is it possible to use this thermostat as in the wiring diagram for picture 3...
  12. happyhippydad

    Understanding minimum CPC requirements?

    My assessor said that the minimum CSA for a Main earthing conductor for a TT was 16mm. I questioned this as I thought it was 4mm. Regulation 542.3.1 states every earthing conductor shall comply with section 543. Section 543 refers mainly to the adiabatic (reg 543.1.3) or reg 543.1.4 (table...
  13. J

    Understanding breakers and RCD, un-vented cylinders

    Hi I'm a Plumber and heating engineer and a new member to your forum. I have a basic knowledge of electrics but I'm curious about how breakers and Rcd's work and whether they prevent fires. My basic understanding is the breaker trips if more power is been drawn than is safe and an RCD...
  14. A

    Understanding lighting contactor

    Hi guys, I'm new on here, I'm a level 3 apprentice, most of my experience is commercial and domestic, my boss has just taken on a large industrial job, in which we are testing and rewiring everything, first we are doing the lights, we will be fitting some lighting contacters, which will run...
  15. N

    Help Please, Circuit understanding (basic)

    Hi all, Just wondering if I could grab a hand understanding this circuit, or more specifically what each individual part is/what it does? Thanks for the help
  16. G

    Understanding Zs values

    Can anyone help me understand Zs values. In the On-Site-Guide page 60 Table 7.1 under the heading Maximum cable length, it states if Zs < 0.35 ohms for a TN-C-S system you can have a cable length of 107m In BS7671 page 58 Table 41.3 it states the Maximum Zs for a 32A CB to operate within...
  17. D

    Domestic Fixed Ring in Kitchen - Wanted to check my understanding

    Hi all, I've just been talking with a kitchen fitting company as we're currently looking at (surprise surprise) getting a new kitchen. Anyway, we are wanting to add in a dishwasher, and also replacing the existing freestanding fridge/freezer with two separate under counter ones. I've tried to...
  18. Test-Meter

    Understanding and Implementing PAT - Bradford

    Hi All, Seaward Electronics are running a free half day PAT Testing workshop in Bradford on Friday morning if anyone is interesting in attending. This workshop will give those attending an introduction to the subject of PAT. The workshop will look at the legal requirements and standard...
  19. G

    Understanding Earth/Shock

    Hi I am studying to become an electrician. There are a few things I do not fully understand regarding shocks and earth and I cannot find the answers to some of my questions. Can anyone help me understand the following points regarding a standard TN system. 1) If you are in a loft or a 2nd...
  20. GMES

    Understanding Rcds

    GMES submitted a new resource: Understanding Rcds - $ page Document on rcds work Read more about this resource...
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